Top 10 Tips to loose weight

Not another diet plan again!

These tips are things I have learned through my experience with weight gain. I used to be able to eat what ever I wanted when ever I wanted and I would not gain a single pound. Then I turned 28 and I started putting on weight. I started developing a "beer gut" and my face was noticeably more round. However, I was not worried at the time. However, in the last 3 years I have gained 40 pounds. I never really noticed until I literally popped a button on a pair of pants. That's when I realized I was fat and needed to loose weight. I changed some of my habits, did some research and have started loosing weight. Now I have not done anything drastic like starve myself. I have just made little changes like walking to the bar instead of driving and drinking drinks with less calories at the bar. With out further adieu here are my personal Top Ten Tips on Loosing Weight

Top Ten Tips on Loosing Weight

  1. STOP EATING FAST FOOD!!!!! This will make a big difference in your health, your weight, the way you feel and your wallet. Most people don't realize that the average value meal at a fast food joint is over 1000 calories. None of those calories are good healthy calories. After a few weeks of not eating fast foods you wont even want them anymore and after a few months Fast food will actually make you sick if you eat it. I understand everyone has busy lives so if you must eat on the run I suggest subway. They have very healthy selections and if you throw all the vegetables on there it becomes a very well balanced nutritious meal. Familiarize your self with there menu items and try to get one of the lower calorie/lower fat selections.
  2. Eat More Often. Yes eat more often. Instead of eating two or three large meals a day eat 5 or 6 smaller meals. Eating smaller meals more often can help to boost your metabolism. However, the meals should be healthy not candy bars and soda.
  3. Stop Drinking Soda and other sugary drinks. This includes drinks full of high fructose corn syrup. Its still simple sugars and you don't need all that sugar. Most soft drinks are loaded with sugar not to mention the other chemicals and additives. Drink water if you can but if you must have something with taste drink teas. Especially green tea. Teas are loaded with antioxidants. Look at the labels and try to find ones with simple ingredients and no sugar or natural sugar. Lipton makes god all natural tea.
  4. Make a Grocery List Before you go food shopping make a list of what you need and stick to the list. This way you can better plan healthier meals and stop buying junk. make out a rough plan of your meals and some healthy snacks to help make a good grocery list. But you must stick to the grocery list. Don't buy food just to buy it or because it looks enticing. Buy what you need and that is it. This will also help you save money
  5. Make Small Changes in Exercise This is really easy and everyone has heard it a million times but no one ever does it. Just park a little farther from the entrance to the store. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk if its close enough to walk. Even better ride a bicycle to run your errands or even to work if you can. Not only will this help you loose weight it will save you tremendous amounts of money that would have been spent on gasoline.
  6. Remove Junk Food Get rid of all those cookies and candies and unhealthy snacks in your house. Give them to friends. If you can;t give them away (It can be awkward trying to give people half eaten bags of cookies and chips) eat them slowly in moderation until they are all gone and do not buy anymore. Once the junk foods are gone from your house there will be less temptations. And if you do feel the need to snack there will not be any junk food for you to snack on.
  7. Chewing Gum and Granola Bars Chewing gum is an excellent diet aid. If you feel hungry just put a piece of gum in your mouth and most of the time the hunger will subside. Most gum can be found in sugar free varieties and has very few calories. But when you absolutely need a snack granola bars are healthy, tasty and satisfying. I recommend the special k bars. The great thing about gum and granola its small easy to carry and you can take it anywhere you go. Its also cheap
  8. Eat Dark Chocolate Yes you read that right. Eat small amounts of dark chocolate. This should be done in moderation. The darker the chocolate the better. But be careful chocolate is high in calories. It is also high in antioxidants and flavonoids. Both of which are believed to help keep fat cells from accumulating in the body. However the best part is you get to eat chocolate. But moderation is the key and it has to be dark chocolate. I suggest eating no more then a half ounce a day.
  9. Find a Hobby A hobby can help you get off your butt and become more active. It also fills free time. Most people snack unconsciously while they are sitting on the couch watching tv. If you have a hobby you wont be sitting in front of the tv snacking. Even if you take up a hobby such as knitting you will be less likely to snack because your mind and your body will be occupied.
  10. Stick to YOUR Plan This is the hardest part of loosing weight, getting in shape or accomplishing any task you set out to do. The other 9 items are easy to do compared to this one. It is really easy to get side tracked. Especially in the beginning. Don't get discouraged because you don't see results the next day. Set goals for your self and stick to them. Follow your plan. If you get side tracked get your self back on track. The easiest way to do it is one goal at a time.

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Jersey Jess profile image

Jersey Jess 6 years ago from USA

Great hub, thanks for posting, I bookmarked for later. =] Now I got to stick to this list! :D

Jesusjohn78 profile image

Jesusjohn78 6 years ago from Ohio Author

Its hard to do especially with the busy lives we all live. I hope you are sticking to what ever program is working for you! Thanks for the comment!

Jesusjohn78 profile image

Jesusjohn78 3 years ago from Ohio Author

I wanted to edit this with some new information but instead I decided to include it as a comment. I have not been happy with my weight for a while. Today is 12/13/12. About 2 weeks ago I started looking at what I was eating and drinking. I eat decently healthy and eat what I want. But I realized because of the fruit juices and teas I was drinking I was drinking anywhere from 800 to 1500+ calories a day. Crazy right!! SO I decided to stop buying them. I have just been drinking tea I brew at home. I don't add sugar or anything to it. Just plain old iced tea from tea bags and occasionally a glass of water. I have not changed anything else. Absolutely nothing else has changed. I don;t exorcize or do any new activities. Surprisingly I have lost about 8 pounds. I was shocked. Just food for thought....cheers!

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