Top 5 Signs You Work Out Too Much

There is nothing better than enjoying a good, hard workout. It gets your blood pumping, it makes you feel refreshed, and surprisingly, you feel as if you have had a burst of energy after you are done. But, did you ever wonder if you did too much?

I have felt that way a few times… usually when I am trying to get out of bed the next morning and find that I am stuck. Not because I sleep on a fly trap or anything, but because my muscles are so tight that I can’t even move. Usually this results in a few minutes of screaming until my husband pushes me off the bed and I have no choice to move since I am now laying facedown on the floor. (And for some odd reason I have forgotten to turn off the alarm and with my lack of ability to move, it is still going off!)


The List

So, I have devised a list that will help you decide if your workout is too much, and maybe you should ease down a little bit.

  • 5. The fifth way to tell that you have been spending way too much time at the gym is when you have completed every single machine and are now going back in rounds. You have been at the gym since opening time and have found they are finally trying to kick you out… maybe because it is closing time. You have spent the entire day at the gym, and have seen each and every person come… and go… before even finishing your own workout!
  • 4. You have started to invite friends and family members to come to the gym with you so that you can use the hot tub for an evening party. It is a Bring Your Own Alcohol Party, but you require them to put clear alcohol in a water bottle so it just looks like everybody is just drinking water. (Disclaimer - I don’t recommend practicing this habit. Gyms usually frown on bringing alcohol into the establishment and you might end up losing your membership!)
  • 3. You are now receiving personal phone calls at the gym because people know that is the only way to get a hold of you. They may have tried to get a hold of you by calling your cell phone, but because you are too busy working out, you either don’t answer, or you have it put away in a locker. Either way, family and friends have found this to be the easiest way to contact you.
  • 2. You have started doing walking lunges everywhere you go. It doesn’t really matter if you are walking around your local Walmart or if you are just walking to your car, you are doing walking lunges, all in the name of getting in shape! And, if you find yourself standing in one position, you will randomly break out into air squats.
  • 1. The top reason you know you have worked out for too long… you have finally decided to stop wasting your money on rent! After all, if you belong to 24 Hour Fitness, you never even have to leave the gym. (Disclaimer - Not all 24 Hour Fitness are actually open 24 hours. Therefore, if you would like to belong to this club based off of that schedule, check your local area for hours and club availability.) Therefore, the extra money you are spending on rent can be brought down to just renting out a storage unit. After all, if you are never home, does it make any sense to spend money having one!

Does it sound familiar?

So, if you fit into even 1 of these 5 signs that you spend too much time at the gym, or even worse, you are a perfect match for all 5, you might be prone to Exercisitis. Exercisitis is when you have overloaded yourself to the point of almost being allergic to exercise.

If you feel you are in need of help, or if you know anybody else who is in danger or reaching extreme levels, call 1-800-Exe-cise  ext. 2much.

Disclaimer: If you are reading this article for any type of fitness fact, you are going to be disappointed. The number to call for help is fake; and if you do reach someone, I apologize because it is purely coincidental. I do hope, however, that this article will either encourage you to spend a little more time at the gym (or just working out) to stay healthy. But, I would also encourage people to avoid overload, which can lead to damaging results such as injury and exhaustion.

Exercisitis is a real ailment, better known as exercise-induced anaphylaxis. However, this term is also from data provided by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America in 1989. While overloading can be dangerous, I am not a doctor and can not comment on whether it is true that excessive exercise can lead to an exercise allergy. However, if you have more current knowledge on Exercisitis, please feel free to leave a comment below and share with the rest of us. This article was intended for fun and humor and I don’t plan on doing any further research. Thank you for stopping by.

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Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America

This is why I like having my treadmill at home. I can look at it, and think "I need to walk 15 minutes 3x a week says my Dr. cos my cholesterol is um, like 400 or something"

But I also got all the info from my blood work in the mail today, as you know I had eye surgery last Friday. It says everything is perfect, except that cholesterol stuff. Then it says I can opt for medicine for that. Sooo.. the pint of Oreo cookie ice cream looks way more appealing after I read the letter I got today, and my treadmill looks less appealing. So, I decided to have a bottle of champagne and make mamossa's while I'm working on my next hub lol!

Besides, ew, like I don't want to sweat, and that's like... WORK. I went shopping and it was work, although I'm in love with my new stuff. lol. My back hurt and my feet hurt so it had to be exercise. The treadmill will have to wait lol. ;)

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

Ha ha - I had ice cream today... I figured I deserved it after the workout I had. My triceps hurt so bad I feel as if I knocked both elbows into the wall. I also was sweating so hard, I was curious as to whether or not my Ipod would still work with excessive water damage. I don't know what my cholestrol count is and I don't plan on having it tested. I hate going to the doctor so an exercise a day while hopefully keep them away... ha ha

I have a total gym but it is in storage so that doesn't do me a whole lot of good. However, even when it wasn't in storage, it still spent more time collecting dust than actually getting used.

BTW - if your feet hurt and your back hurt from shopping, either it must have been exercise or you bought to much! LOL

DaNoblest profile image

DaNoblest 5 years ago from California

I know people like this! It seems to become an obsession after awhile and they are never happy with how they look even though they put me to shame =\

Literary Geisha profile image

Literary Geisha 5 years ago from Philippines

lol! you're right... 2much!

quite an amusing hub... although i actually thought this was going to be something about "overtraining".

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

@DaNoblest - Those people put me to shame too... Although when I was at the gym yesterday, it amazed me how many people really didn't know how to use half of the machines. They spend more time sitting on it talking then actually working out. They must live at the gym too... lol

@Literary Geisha - I might do an actual hub about overtraining later, but yesterday I was just in a funny mood. It popped in my head and I was like... that's funny. I should write that ;)

DaNoblest profile image

DaNoblest 5 years ago from California

I'm sure it is like you said...why pay rent when you can live at the gym.

FeliciaM profile image

FeliciaM 5 years ago from Canada

Enjoyable to read...and funny! Too true!

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

Thank you - I am glad you enjoyed it! :)

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Why does this remind me of someone very close to me, who is a work out junkie? I am a bit lazy, even though I go to the same gym, and some exercise is good, but too much can be borderline obsessive. I will recommend this to her, and it will be fun getting her reaction. Great hub. :)

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

Thank you for recommending my hub... I look forward to hearing about her reaction! :)

Genna East profile image

Genna East 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

"You are now receiving personal phone calls at the gym because people know that is the only way to get a hold of you." Lol! Uh, you've been talking to my friends. :) Well done, Barber.

ghomefitness profile image

ghomefitness 5 years ago from Chicago,IL

So what are you trying to say? Fitness can be a addiction like anything else. You have a nack for painting a funny picture.

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

@Genna East - I must have ran into a few there while I contemplated throwing a party in the hot tub... lol!

@ghomefitness - it definately is an addiction... but at least it is kind of a healthy addiction! LOL

What Is Q profile image

What Is Q 5 years ago from Tennessee

Hey, this is great, because you gave me an idea. I'm moving next month and I was planning to live in my car, but now I'm thinking a 24 hr gym. Do they have showers or will I have to use the hot tub? If I have to use the hot tub, do they have any sort of policy, or is clothing optional? I'll have to check out some places around here.

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

Hmmmm.... I would assume they have showers. But I wouldn't know for sure since I belong to LA Fitness. Check out your local clubs for sure. Although the hot tub is probably with clothing... not like jeans and T-shirts but at least a swimming suit of some sort of type.

Good luck on your move... hopefully it is rather painless and you can get a good rent lease at 24 Hour Fitness ;)

Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

I got to worry about this problem as much as worrying about the sun going supernova!! But that other side always is a possibility. I still concentrate on avoiding too little physical activity. Time to get up from the computer and go for a walk...

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

I have a bit of an obsessive personality. When it comes to working out I go through phases. All of a sudden, I really just want to live at the gym. Today, I spent 2 hours... and I cut my workout short. LOL I have to watch that! :)

sueroy333 profile image

sueroy333 5 years ago from Indiana

Congratulations... you made it onto the "Hubpages likes this so much they're going to post it on everyone's facebook wall" post... thingy!

Funny stuff, Barbergirl! I especially like the picture you painted of getting up.. or not getting up in the morning.

I'm reading this with my leg propped up due to a broken toe (from Tae Kwon Do) and a twisted knee (from moving to the sitting to standing position)

Exerciseitis can be complicated at times by combining it with gettingolderthandirtitis.

There is no cure... but a whisky and coke sounds like a nice band-aid!

Loved this! :)

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about your broken toe and twisted knee... I think I injuried my back the other day getting dressed. It is a hard when you suffer from gettingolderthandirtitis. And a whiskey and coke sure sounds good right now... even if it is morning! LOL

TheManWithNoPants profile image

TheManWithNoPants 5 years ago from Tucson, Az.

Great hub! In the old days I lived at the gym, but now I bust it and get out. It's not a social place for me. I got into that for a while and it was very non productive stuff.

You need to get this on Letterman kid! Up, useful, and funny ..


barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

Thanks... I don't usually do the gym socializing thing either. I find I get a better workout if I go by myself and just people watch! Although, I still workout for probably about 2 hours at each session. I guess that can be thought of as living at the gym if it is a 2 hour workout each time.

Do you have Letterman's contact info. Maybe I will just have to send it too him! :) Thanks for the lovely compliment!

Leighsue profile image

Leighsue 5 years ago

I guess this is a problem I will never have.

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

I am glad you will never suffer from this huge problem. I myself just got back from a 3 hour trip to the gym. Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time there. But, I guess I like it, so it is a little justified. I think we should just change the days to having 27 hours so I don't lose the time to do everything else! :)

sophie_allen profile image

sophie_allen 5 years ago from Washington D.C. USA 20002

Great hub and really funny. :) I only spend an hour to an hour and a half in the gym and I only use the treadmill. I actually feel good already with just an hour of exercise.

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

@Sopie - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Working out just feels really good. I feel good after an hour or so, but I feel so good I just want to keep on going. :)

poshcoffeeco profile image

poshcoffeeco 4 years ago from Cambridgeshire

Very amusing hub I enjoyed reading and chuckling to myself.

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 4 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

@poshcoffeeco - Glad you enjoyed it... I had to laugh because when I wrote this I actually was a little obsessed with working out... ok - so maybe I didn't need to have people call the gym to get me... but I was going overboard. It does bring a good chuckle though thinking about it!

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

Shared and tweeted this funny hub. I am still smiling! Haha! Working out at the gym can feel really good but an hour is plenty of time for me so far with our Silver Sneakers classes at 24 hour fitness. Never thought of using the hot tub for group parties! :)

Crystal Tatum profile image

Crystal Tatum 4 years ago from Georgia

Well, I definitely don't spend too much time in the gym! I don't think I'll ever be accused of that.

I'm glad you did address exercise addiction in this hub, because it can be serious and even fatal. Good job.

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 4 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

@Peggy W - As most people know I love working out. I had a gym membership and because it just didn't make sense to spend the extra money anymore we were forced to get rid of it. I actually do miss it and I am sure if I got another one... you might have to leave a message for me at the gym! :)

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 4 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

@Crystal Tatum - I was actually having a conversation with someone about obsessive exercising and it is actually just as bad as having an eating disorder. Funny, because for awhile there I was walking a thin line because of how much I actually worked out. That being said, it isn't that exercise is bad and for those who are training for something in particular, they need to be training for long hours. On the other hand, those of us that are average - an hour a day is probably just fine!

Tom 3 years ago

I love your fantastic article! Will follow your hub.

Go here and read this one

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 3 years ago from Hemet, Ca Author

@Tom - Awesome - glad you enjoyed it!

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