Analysis of Top 10 Alternative Medicines

Why alternative medicine is better?

In this fast paced world, more people are inclined several kinds of diseases and the busy schedule destroy the peace of mind. So, more and more people are turning to alternative medicine for solution. Alternative medicines are healing practices that do not come under the category of the conventional medical system. It mainly focuses on the over all well being of the individual in contrary to the mainstream medical system, which focuses on the disease. It is considered to have lesser side effects and more cost effective.

Top 10 Alternative Medicines

1. Yoga:

It is a system of exercise derived from ancient India. There are several forms of yoga and all of them involve various kinds of ‘asanas’ or postures. The functions of the asanas include developing flexibility, strength and balance. Some forms of yoga focus particularly on the breathing and hence provides peace of mind. It is believed that some of the asanas are beneficial in addressing specific health problems. But there is only minimal scientific evidence for this.

Ayurvedic medicine practitioners
Ayurvedic medicine practitioners

2. Ayurveda:

 This is one of oldest medical system and has been used in India for past five thousand years in treatment of various kinds of disorders. This system gives equal importance to mind, body and soul while treating the disease. Ayurveda uses meditation, yoga, massage, herbs and special diets for the treatment. Auyurveda gained popularity in United States after the works of Dr. Deepak Chopra in trying to combine this medical system with the Western medicine.

3. Crystal healing:

This kind of healing involves the use of crystals. The treatment lasts for around one hour and the crystals are used singly or in combination. During the treatment, crystals are kept around or above the fully clothed person for healing. The crystals are placed on the area of pain or acupuncture points. This kind of treatment is used to heal pains, both physical and mental, reducing stress and to establish deep relaxation.

4. Hydrotherapy:

 It is a kind medical treatment in which water is used to heal several kinds of ailments of the body. Hydrotherapy helps to balance the body metabolism. It is beneficial for people with physical disabilities, serious injuries and joint pains. There are several kinds of hydrotherapies like cold baths, steam baths, cold wraps, hot and cold sprays etc.

5. Acupuncture:

They focus on the pressure points in human body to deal with the healing process. The acupuncturist inserts fine needles in the required pressure points as part of the treatment. It can also be conducted in people with low immune system. This treatment method is used for mental illnesses as well as in joint pains, stress, headache, fatigue, tennis elbow and osteoarthritis.

6. Aromatherapy:

It is a treatment method where the plant essence is used to deal with the problem. The plant essence, which is molecular in structure gets easily absorbed into the human body. It interacts with the circulatory system and lymphatic system and undergoes natural detoxification process. Aromatherapy is now being frequently used in massage therapy.

7. Reiki:

The treatment method started in Japan. The power of energy is used to heal ailments. This kind of healing method is mainly used in dealing with stress related conditions. The treatment helps to restore the energy balance in the body and thus promotes healing. The treatment is also beneficial in relieving from ailments. The practitioner runs his hands above the body or lightly touches the body of the patient during the healing process to direct the energy towards the patient’s body.

Why do people go for alternative medicine-?

9. Naturopathy:

According to this branch of medicine, human body has an inherent natural process of healing. They mainly focus on the cause of the disease rather than suppressing the symptoms. The proponents mainly recommend a dietary change, exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, avoiding toxic substances, maintaining normal weight and following a healthy lifestyle.

10. Vipassana:

It is India’s one of the ancient techniques of meditation. It was found by Gotama Buddha. Vipassana is the transformation of one’s self through self observation. It gives great importance to the deep interconnection between the mind and body. The self observation helps in self exploration to the basic root of ones mind and body. This helps to remove all the impurities and attain full liberation. It not only helps to get relief from diseases but also from all sufferings.

10. Homeopathy:

 This branch of medicine was developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. One of the major principles of homeopathy is thatsubstance which produces desired symptoms in a healthy person will have the ability to heal an unhealthy individual. It is good for the treatment of minor ailments such as the common cold, earaches and flu. It is very popular in South America.

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Is alternative medicine better than traditional?

Alternative medicine has generally evolved from the cultural and historical aspects of particular regions rather than from any scientific basis. The practitioners of alternative medicine incorporate several kinds of treatment techniques like traditional medicine, spiritual aspects or folk knowledge in treatment of the diseases.

There are no hard or fast rules regarding the treatment. The measures taken depend on the individual practitioner and his beliefs regarding the condition of the patient. The safety of these medical systems has not been established and they are subjected to few regulations and scrutiny that mainstream practitioners are subjected to.

So it may be better to depend on the mainstream medical treatment in case of chronic diseases or severe injuries in contrary to the minor health problems.

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K.N.Devasenapathy 6 years ago

Medical doctors do take an oath when they graduate. I am interested in knowing how many of them really honor them?

It is known to themselves and also others.Let them not make it just a formality or let them not take that oath and insult it by not honoring it.

LongTimeMother profile image

LongTimeMother 3 years ago from Australia

I consider 'traditional' medicine to embrace old time remedies including herbalism, so to my way of thinking 'traditional' and 'alternative' are very similar because they don't rely on chemicals or synthetics. I much prefer to use remedies that are not directly linked to drug companies. :)

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Traditional medicines are always the best. They don't have any after effects. Thanks for reading the hub and commenting.

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