Total Gym XLS Review

What is the Total Gym XLS Trainer?

The Total Gym XLS Trainer is the flagship offering of Total Gym's range of products. It is an all-around machine that combines the major features of a full home gym into a single machine that aims to help a person build strength as well as sculpt his or her muscles.

The machine addresses all of the major muscle groups through its various features like the squat stand and the pulley/cable system. It's a very compact machine so it doesn't occupy too much space. In this review, we are going to look into the machine so you can determine for yourself if it's the suitable fitness machine for you.

The Good

The very first thing you'll notice about the Total Gym XLS Trainer is its simplicity and compactness. You wouldn't think that you would be able to do dozens of exercises using the machine. But you can and that's the beauty of this trainer. As we mentioned earlier, it does not occupy too much space. You can easily fit it in an area in your home or office. It can also be easily folded up for convenient storage. In essence, the machine works like a full gym. Starting to use it is also a breeze because it comes with an introductory workout which will show you everything you need to know on how to operate and use the machine.

The workouts and exercise opportunities that the machine offers are of high-quality. These exercises focus on body strengthening and muscle sculpting. You can do over 80 exercises which will fully address most of the muscles in your body. If you are a fan of cardio and strength training, this machine is perfect for you. The package also arrives with very helpful workout DVDs. You can watch these to learn more about the many exercises that you can do. Additionally, you will also get a nutritional program and meal plan as well as an exercise wall chart so that you can track and measure your progress. The Total Gym XLS is also user-friendly. Whether you are an experienced fitness aficionado or one who is just starting out, you will greatly benefit from the exercises you can do with this fitness machine.

The Bad

The most common issue that people encounter with the Total Gym XLS is with regards to its perceived sturdiness. Although the manufacturer claims that the machine has a maximum capacity of 400 lb, those who have used the machine doesn't seem to agree. This 400 lb capacity is doubtful and may be an exaggeration. The machine strains and creaks a lot when in use even if the person using it doesn't weigh much. The wheels and supports of the machine creak when used by not too heavy persons. This brings a question to the machine's perceived sturdiness.

The machine also makes a lot of noise. This is in conjunction to the straining and creaking discussed above. This is definitely something to be concerned about especially if you want to exercise in peace. Or if you are going to use the machine in a place where noise isn't tolerated. This could mean that you can't take the machine to your place of work as it might cause disturbance. What's worse is that there doesn't seem to be a remedy on how to contain the noise.

Another flaw is the difficulty in trying to alter the resistance of the machine so that it will be suitable for certain functions. Sometimes, more than one person will be using the machine and this might require adjusting and altering the resistance of the machine. Doing these adjustments are often difficult to do.

The Verdict

For sure, the Total Gym XLS has its own shortcomings but these are dwarfed by the machine's features that are very efficient in strengthening the body as well as sculpting the muscles. It has lots of functions, easy to operate and friendly to all levels of fitness enthusiasts. In conclusion, it's a machine every person who wants to be fit should avail of.

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