Hypocapnia (Low CO2): Very Common in Modern Man

Carbon Dioxide: The Missing Chemical

By Dr. Artour Rakhimov (www.NormalBreathing.com)

Modern people believe that CO2 is just a waste gas to expel from the body. Decades of medical research suggest the opposite. Consider oxygen transport and breathing regulation. What drives respiration in humans?

Most people think that breathing control is due to our drive for O2. Meanwhile, carbon dioxide CO2 (carbon dioxide) controls respiration in people. This breathing control is done through monitoring CO2 concentration in the arterial blood and brain using certain chemoreceptors. Human desire for oxygen is many hundred times lower. For instance, if the O2 content in the ambient air is increased four-five times or by 20-80%, our breath pattern will remain unchanged. Conversely, if CO2 percentage in the atmospheric air is raised only by 0.1%, our respiratory pattern will instantly increase. As a result, the human body is many dozen times more perceptive to CO2 alterations.

Moreover, apart from breath regulation, CO2 health effects are numerous. Some effects of hypocapnia (low CO2 in the blood) are: normal immunity, release of O2 in capillaries (the Bohr effect), stability of the nerve cells, dilation of bronchi and bronchioles, blood pressure maintenance, repair of alveoli in lungs, weight monitoring, control of blood sugar, sleep control, dilation of arteries and arterioles, regulation of pulse and some other vital effects.

However, millions of present individuals promote the naïve fantasy that CO2 is a toxic and poisonous substance. These people also think that large involuntary breathing (or hyperventilation) enhances body oxygenation. Hundreds of medical papers have found that chronic over-breathing DECREASES oxygenation of tissues due to hypocapnia.

The situation with respiratory regulation is different in sick people. As it was found out by Soviet principal physiologist KP Buteyko, sick people breathe much more than the standard. There are indeed tens of physiological papers that have proven this claim. Dr. KP Buteyko also discovered that in ill patients, when they become sicker, the oxygen urge becomes more powerful in breathing regulation.

The core cause of this defect in the sick is their low tissue oxygenation due to over-breathing. It is a principle of physiology: the lighter we breathe, the more oxygen our cells get.

Buteyko also originated the Buteyko breathing reconditioning system for treatment of hypocapnia. The key goal of the Buteyko method is to diminish the respiratory activities using breathing reconditioning exercises and by dealing with abnormal lifestyle factors. Oxygen Remedy is another novel therapy that is based on the Buteyko method lifestyle factors.

Hypocapnia: Key Factor and Cause of Deaths in the Severely Sick

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