Trampoline weight loss

How to lose weight on your backyard trampoline

Did you know the trampoline can burn 3 TIMES more calories than jogging?

The trampoline is actually the second fastest calorie burner on the planet (the fastest being the 'fast skipping' performed by boxers to shed a pound before going in the ring).

Your backyard trampoline is in fact a highly technical piece of exercise equipment that can burn calories, tighten muscles, increase bone density, drain your lymph system, iliminate cellulite, and even give you a face lift in the process. Indeed, it has been described as a "miracle exercise".

But before you go running out to the garden to bounce around, read some trampoline weight loss tips from Fay Roberts, Online Trampoline Coach.

She has thousands of online members who are learning her unique and easy trampoline moves - and many are losing weight, getting fit and toning up.

Lose Weight on your Trampoline

Just 10 minutes a day could accelerate your weight loss dramatically!

To lose weight on the trampoline, you need to be trampolining correctly. Put simply, you should be out of breath after just a few minutes of continual trampolining!

First Learn your basic moves.

They are:

Bouncing • Tuck Jump • Straddle Jump • Pike Jump • Seat Drop • 1/2 Twist Jump • Full twist Jump • Half Twist to Seat Drop • Seat Drop Half Twist Out • Swivel Hips • Front Drop • Backdrop • Back Drop half Twist Out.

These are basic trampoline moves and you need only learn 5 of the moves to begin your exercise routine.

You can get a free ebook explaining all of these moves at:


You then need to put a few moves into a trampoline Routine.

The only way to lose weight and gain the Full Benefits of Trampoline Exercise is to do routines. If you are performing each move correctly, you will be tapping into your core strength by simply pulling in your stomach muscles while performing simple trampoline moves in a routine.


Pike Jump

Seat Drop

Tuck Jump

1/2 Twist Jump

Seat Drop

1/2 Twist to Feet

Straddle Jump

Front Drop to Feet


Pike Jump

Seat Drop

Swivel Hips

1/2 twist to feet

Tuck jump

Front Drop to Feet

Straddle Jump

Back Drop

1/2 Twist to Feet

Each time you learn a new trampoline move you can add it to your routine and keep your exercise regime more interesting.

You can get a Trampoline Routine Download Report if you go to the top right hand corner here:

Performing routines for just 10 minutes a day, will ensure you burn calories and if you also watching your diet, you can expect quite dramatic weight loss.

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fay roberts profile image

fay roberts 8 years ago Author

Please feel free to ask questions by submitting a comment here.

chantelle mawdsley 8 years ago

I've been searching forever for a trampoline routine and here it is. . .thankyou so much!

could you tell me which exercise's would benefit most my butt and my stomach

thankyou :)

fay roberts profile image

fay roberts 8 years ago Author

This is a great question. It's not WHICH trampoline moves will exercise butt and abs, but HOW you do them.

All the basic moves should be performed while pulling in your tummy and squeezing your buttocks. Try for yourself. Get on the trampoline a do a few simple moves. Then do them again using your Core strength by pulling in your tummy and squeezing your buttocks. You will go higher, and look much neater AND you will be working those muscles.

Also, A front drop followed immediately by a Tuck jump means you need to pull on your tummy muscles hard. A backdrop half twist out also targets your obliques (abs).

When trampolining, you can 'target' almost any area. For instance, use your arms more by making fists and trying to jump as high as possible (controlled).

The best thing about trampolining is that it also targets the back muscles by default. Good back muscles give you a wonderful posture that helps you 'bring in' your tummy muscles and tuck your bottom in, making those areas look far more in proportion.

Thanks for the comment. I am going to post some more exercises on my blog with video next week.


Tendai 8 years ago

this is more so a question how much weight can u lose from jumping on a trampoline

Kelly  7 years ago

How do you improve arm muscles??

Fay Roberts 7 years ago

Simply Trampoline! You have to use your arms to trampoline. Arms are real important. Try doing several "swivel hips", and do 10 bounces with your arms held above your head. Somersaults use arms aggressively too.

Stick it all in a routine and the trampoline exercise Every single part of your body - toes, cheeks and forehead - and Yes, Arms too.

Annette 7 years ago

Won't your skin get saggy? all that gravity?? =(

fay roberts profile image

fay roberts 7 years ago Author

Contrary Annette, it does the opposite. As you jump down, gravity pulls your skin down. However, skin is one big MUSCLE, so it tries to stop the gravity suddenly pulling down, and contracts. This has been researched and I have read the report. Trampolining gives a mini face lift and helps with wrinkles. For more info on how the trmpoline make you look and feel, try Dan Millman - Body, Mind and Soul. He believes the trampoline is good for all three of those things. He is 64 and doesn't have saggy skin! He is also a world champion trampolinist (1964).

Berny 7 years ago

Hi Fay..I started in Aug.09 as I needed something to improve my lymp glands. I did some research on my own and found the mini Tramp was the answer and more. (I am a walker) I have found it to be so beneficial. I to am 64. no saggy skin. and my bode is finally starting to improve in areas I find "aha"! I find a need to improve in the height of the jumps. appreciate all the input here.

Emma 7 years ago

okay im 12 and im like 140 pounds (2stone) and i soo need to loose some weight its horrible looking in the mirror and seeing a fat girl. Anyways how many pounds ( or stone ) will i loose if i went on the trampoline evryday for 70 mins

Trampolines Man 7 years ago


I once tried this and didn't really notice a difference in my weight, I'm now thinking of buying a new trampoline to try it again and wondered in a rectangular trampoline is better or easier?

Many Thanks


TAylor 6 years ago

Which exersizes will help to get skinnier thighs

Tavia_person/grl 6 years ago

if u don't have a trampoline could you just jump in place/around?

Anna 6 years ago

how many times do i need to jump too lose 1 pound???

yep eppp 6 years ago

me like to jump on trampoline it is a fun way to exercise

Holly 6 years ago

Hi Fay,

I have tried several links for your e-book and am getting a web page advertising your site for sale. I was wondering if you have an updated link or if you could email me the ebook. I have seen several of your routines listed, but don't know how to perform the moves. I'm hoping your ebook will explain each move. Thanks.

lauren13 6 years ago

hi can u tell me what trampoline exersize help me to lose fat on my stomuch adn thighs thanks

bidata 6 years ago


If trampoline involves jumping - can jumping help? without the trampoline..

Brenda 5 years ago

this is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

ally 5 years ago

my mom says i should start looking after my weight, im a 13 year old, im 165 and i weigh about 52 kg. is that too much?

jenna 5 years ago

how much should i jump for to lose 1 kilo a week? and what kind of exercises would be good for it?

laniela 5 years ago

Hey! Great! im kinda young but i have a huge unproportional butt! Will jumping on the trampoline get rid of that!??

Thank yahh!

Jim 5 years ago

How much do i have to jump to lose 1 stone?

tiffany 5 years ago

hi please can you tell me how many calories you would burn in 10 mins if you did those routines?

Melody 5 years ago

Where can I find routines for indoor mini trampolines??

Michael 4 years ago

And what would be great to burn love handles?

incredulous 4 years ago

This is ridiculous. This has to be the most inefficient and dangerous physical fitness advice I've ever heard. Skin is NOT a muscle you con-artist, everything on here is suspect. I hope you get sued.

Hopeful 4 years ago

Are you still single?

Fay Roberts 4 years ago

Yes, I am a con artist! Thank everyone who got me $20,000 so I could go and buy a car! :)

Leah 4 years ago

Hi, can you not just do normal jumping on trampolines. Wouldn't that help lose weight either? I have a small one & I can't do much of the routines. Thank you

Katy 4 years ago

Dreadful attitude Fay and not professional - sorry

journey 4 years ago

katy - that above comment was not Fay herself - you can tell because it is not bolded like her previous comments.

And this exercise is not ridiculous, it works, especially for people who need and want to be easy on their joints. Jumping the trampoline has done amazing things for my body including toning abs, buttocks and shedding weight all over - without any other exercise. Skin may not be a muscle but it is highly elastic tissue and forcing it to work by way of jumping up and done actually does tone it very well - that's why women who dont wear bras and force their breast ligaments to work to support their own breast actually have higher sitting breasts - the bra makes the ligaments lazy.

Anyway - the trampoline is a wonderful aerobic exercise and feels wonderful!

Georgina 4 years ago

what's the best routine to lose weight QUICKLY.

webbjrs 4 years ago

How many calories do you actually burn doing this in 10 mins? We have been using ours & doing very well but have not been adding the calories burned because we just don't know how many. Hope you can help :D

Kylie 4 years ago

I am a gymnast, so obviously I am very good at trampoline, do flips and stuff work as well as these basic jumps? Thanks(:

Johng816 2 years ago

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