Treating arthritis with natural remedies

Arthritis is a very common and chronic degenerative disease that affects millions of people every year. Modern medicine classifies arthritis into different types relating to specific symptoms. There are many types of arthritis, among which, the most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Some of the main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain, stiffness, painful swelling and inflammation.

Treating arthritis from the perspective of natural remedies does not differentiate much between the different types of arthritis, but rather classifies the treatment in to three different modes. The main focus of this article is to deal with arthritis from the perspective of Ayurveda, a very ancient Indian medical system.

A brief explanation about how Ayurveda approaches the subject of arthritis helps a lot in how a patient understands and deals with this disease in her/his daily life.

Ayurveda deals with any health issue according to three different humors. The three humors are Vata , Pitta and Kapha . Each of these humors represents a combination of two of the five primary elements. Vata is dominated by space and air. Pitta is dominated by fire and water. Kapha is dominated by water and earth. Each human physiology is unique and all the three humors are at work in any physiology, but the dominance of any of these humors varies from person to person. Accordingly, the choice of herbs and mode of treatment is specific to any disease arising to imbalance in any of these three humors.

People affected with this disease live mostly in cold, windy and damp weather. One of the main internal causes for arthritis is a chronic weak digestion along with improper elimination. Food that is not digested properly turns into toxins. A healthy elimination system dispels these toxins in a timely manner. Due to improper elimination some of these toxins stay in the large intestine and from there find their way to the joints in the body.

General mode of treatment

  1. Strengthening the digestive system through the use of pungent herbs such as dry ginger, black pepper, mustard, cloves, and cinnamon. It is recommended to include spices in general when cooking. Garlic and onions are also highly beneficial. Regular exercise is recommended to stimulate the digestive system. It is also important to avoid heavy food.
  2. Improve the elimination system through the use of herbs and herbal compounds. Triphala (A combination of three Indian dried fruits – Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki) is an Indian herbal compound which is very good to improve elimination. The advantage of Triphala over many other laxatives is that it cleanses and acts as a tonic for the colon at the same time.
  3. Using herbal compounds to dispel toxins deposited in the joints. Herbal compounds like Triphala Guggul, Yogaraj Guggul and Mahayogaraj guggul are highly effective and necessary for people following a natural remedy.
  4. External application of Medicated oil or sesame oil to help loosen the stiff joints, dispel toxins deposited in the joints and reduce pain.
  5. Light yoga exercises are very helpful to maintain a proper physical functioning.

Specific treatment

Vata type of arthritis involves lots of pain, dry skin, stiff joints, deformed joints, constipation, insomnia and lower back pain.
People having this type of arthritis need to take care of the following:

  • Protection from cold and windy weather by dressing adequately.
  • Regular steam bath and application of heat.
  • Massage using warm sesame oil or medicated oils such Mahanarayan oil and Narayan oil.
  • Intake of guggul compounds as mentioned in the general treatment section above is highly recommended.

Pitta type of arthritis involves inflammation, fever, swelling, loose bowels and sweating.
People having this type of arthritis need to take care of the following:

  • Avoid heating therapies
  • Consume more bitter food and bitter herbs such as turmeric and guduchi
  • Massage using sesame oil or medicated oils such Chandan Balalakshadi oil

Kapha type of arthritis involves swelling, edema, heaviness, and possible mucus in stools and chest.
People having this type of arthritis need to take care of the following:

  • Avoid damp areas
  • Regular Sauna and heating therapies
  • Use hot spices like cinnamon, mustard and dry ginger
  • Massage using warm sesame oil or medicated oils such as Narayan oil

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Lepetitchalet profile image

Lepetitchalet 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this information. I am a yoga teacher for many years and now find I suffer from arthritis in my hip joint. Yoga asana ( postures) have lessened my pain, so I will try your Ayurveda herbs too.

iomdcfnvjd 3 years ago

You created some decent points there. I looked on the internet for that issue and located most people may go along with with the site.

rohit kumar 2 years ago

When the temperature of the atmosphere falls, the blood vessels that carry blood to the joints constrict, because of this fall in the temperature of the blood also will be reduced in that part and this will stiffen the nerves thus causing joint pain.

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