Treatment For Sciatica - Discover 3 Methods Of Treating Sciatica At Home!

While all the doctors will probably just tell you to take some pain killers, give you an injection or recommend you to do a surgery – I want to tell you that there is another way! Home methods of treatment for sciatica are very effective and will help you to relieve the pain quickly! Let's start…


Treatment For Sciatica – Helpful Exercises!

There are two exercises which will help you with sciatica:

Stretches – The purpose of these exercises is to stretch and loosen the piriformis muscle to relieve the pressure it puts on the sciatica nerve and get rid of the pain! This muscle is located in the buttocks area as you can guess. To stretch it – sit on a chair, put the ankle of the leg that hurts on the knee of the other leg and the bend forward till you'll fill a strong stretch in the buttocks are!

Strengthening your lower back muscles – it's very important if you have a herniated disk. To strengthen the lower back muscle you need to do the reverse thing from abs exercises – lay on your stomach, raise your chest up from the floor and remain there for few seconds. Repeat it at least 10 times and do this exercises 2 times a day!

Treatment For Sciatica – Massage

Everyone use massages for fun, sportsmen use them to loosen tight muscles every week. When the piriformis muscle presses the sciatic nerve you have to do everything you can to loosen it as fast as you can and massage is a great way. It has to be performed exactly in the buttocks area and it may hurt a little bit but it's worth it!

After a massage you'll feel a pain relief but it's not over yet – do it every day at least once to prevent sciatica from striking again!

Treatment For Sciatica – Herbal Remedies!

Most people don't really believe that there are any herbal remedies that can work for sciatica. Maybe you'll also be surprised but there are few things that you have to add to your daily diet to relive sciatica pain:

Bromelain supplements – bromelain works excellent for inflamed muscles and relieves the pain in very short time! It produced from pineapples, 100% natural and has no side effects!

Magnesium – I'm not expecting from you to eat magnesium, but the foods which contain it. Magnesium is responsible for relieving muscles from spasms, so it's naturally helps to loosen the tight muscles. Peanuts are excellent in that case and work great. Eat around 50 gram of peanuts a day to supply your body.

All these remedies are great and always work, but in most cases it's not enough for constant sciatica pain relief. Sciatica can strike back and you don't know when and where. Discover now how to get rid of sciatica forever and get back to your normal life as fast as you can!

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