Triple C-Skittles-Robo Trippin-Tussin-Dex: If You’re Hearing These Terms You need To Pay Attention

If you have noticed lately that many stores are keeping your favorite cough and cold medicine behind the counter there is a legitimate reason for it. Our youth has found yet another way to experiment with substance abuse.

There is a new ‘high’ and if you’re hearing the terms Triple C, Skittles, Robo Trippin, Tussin or Dex, you need to pay serious attention. All of these terms refer to using cough and cold medicine or cough syrup to get high. ‘Triple C’ specifically refers to Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold.

What causes the high? DXM.

At dangerously high doses Dextromethorphan acts like PCP and ketamine. For many years this substance has been as a safe and effective cough suppressant found in over-the-counter cough medicines. But these days, some teens are abusing this substance and causing serious damage to their bodies and minds. They think because it's found in over-the-counter medicines that it must be harmless, just an easy and safe way to get high. This is not true!

What Happens?

The effects of abusing DXM vary with the amount taken. Common effects can include confusion, dizziness, double or blurred vision, slurred speech, impaired physical coordination, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, rapid heart beat, drowsiness, numbness of fingers and toes, and disorientation. As well, the appearance of stiff joints while walking (an almost zombie like walk) is a little known side effect that I have unfortunately learned from one of my children.

People who do Triple C, Skittles, Robo Trippin, Tussin, or Dex describe different "highs" ranging from mild distortions of color and sound to visual hallucinations and "out-of-body," feelings of detachment from the environment and self, sensations, and loss of motor control.

At high enough doses, DXM alone can suppress the central nervous system and if that happens the brain can stop telling your lungs to breathe. As well, extremely high doses of DXM can induce a hallucinatory state which can lead to "accidents" that result in death.

In this day and time it is so very important for parents to notice even small changes in our children’s behavior. Our kids are becoming more inventive with ways to ‘escape reality’. If you notice any of these symptoms, hear any of these terms or see that your cough medicine is disappearing, take it seriously. You could be saving a life!

First Hand Look At A 'Triple C' Trip

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donnaleemason profile image

donnaleemason 8 years ago from North Dakota, USA

Thanks for the heads up Lacy.


lacyleathers profile image

lacyleathers 8 years ago from US Author

Most welcome!

summer 7 years ago

I saw a girl on the steve wilkos show, and she was 15 years old saying that she did skittles. When I looked them up, this is what I found. I am happy to now know exactly what the signs are of use. Thanks a bunch!

The girl took 28 and overdosed by the way!

lacyleathers profile image

lacyleathers 7 years ago from US Author

Most welcome!

Skittlesalltheway 6 years ago

Ok. It's not as bad as yal make it out to be as long as we r not ODing then it's completley safe and there's a lot worse drugs out there then coricidin or tussin. Justt be thankful ur kids r on this instead of heroin. Plus DXM is not addictive. So just let's kids be kids and don't worry no one has died from it.

lacyleathers profile image

lacyleathers 6 years ago from US Author

Skittlesalltheway you need to 'come down' and recheck your facts!

evankanski 6 years ago

i done triple cs a million mother fucking times and nothing has happened to me,by the way u can get robitussin cough gels and ziczm cough max which is pure dex so u don't have to worry about the other chemicals

OhCalmDownMommy 6 years ago

dxm isn't that bad it's skittles, triple Cs, cordicin cough and cold.. whatever you want to call it.. that are bad because they have chlorpheniramine in them. i used to take dxm it's pretty fun but it's not addictive like xanax or something. 12 people have died in the last decade from pure dxm, compare that to alcohol. you've probably got some booze in you're pantry, don't you?

skizizles 6 years ago

lol im high

skittles 6 years ago

People just need to calm down. Ya DXM can be bad if you abuse it. But so is alcohol and that is still legal. But if you are responsible about it, and aren't a fucking retard about it, I don't see a problem at all.

jeff  6 years ago

I am @ the doctors office right now with a son that has been addicted for 2yr. These drugs are highly addictive and destructive to the kidneys, liver and can send you into cardiac arrest. I have also watched my once happy son go into a deep depresion due to he's dependency on these pills. I have a wife of 20yr my high school sweetheart and two other boys, this has not only taken the last two years of his life but his family has sufered greatly as well. Oh and by the way not only is this a deadly drug but my son has serious acid reflux that has been connected esophagel cancer. So if you do notice changes in your child or find empty cold pill wrappers, and they will hind them old toy box, under the bed or in the box spring you will have to look. They also take when you think they have gone to bed, go in and check on them ask them "do u want to go somewhere with me tommorrow and if they can't answer you striaght you may have a problem. Don't let it happen to you!

jeff  6 years ago

I am @ the doctors office right now with a son that has been addicted for 2yr. These drugs are highly addictive and destructive to the kidneys, liver and can send you into cardiac arrest. I have also watched my once happy son go into a deep depresion due to he's dependency on these pills. I have a wife of 20yr my high school sweetheart and two other boys, this has not only taken the last two years of his life but his family has sufered greatly as well. Oh and by the way not only is this a deadly drug but my son has serious acid reflux that has been connected esophagel cancer. So if you do notice changes in your child or find empty cold pill wrappers, and they will hind them old toy box, under the bed or in the box spring you will have to look. They also take when you think they have gone to bed, go in and check on them ask them "do u want to go somewhere with me tommorrow and if they can't answer you striaght you may have a problem. Don't let it happen to you!

vt 6 years ago

it is that bad. ive been on this for 3 years, overdosed so many times and three nights ago was fighting to breathe, to fucking live. it has killed people, it will kill more. i did all the research, im morbid that way. it gets out of control. i started at 12. that year i never took more than 15. then stopped for a year bc i could feel myself slipping. the next year, it was 2 boxes, 32. this year. it was 3. 48. i took 48, three days ago, within 3 hours. its a damn miracle i made it. and im in so much pain not being on them. my heart rate wont go down, i cant breathe, ive been sleeping 24 hours. and all i want is to be on them so i don't have to worry if my memory will come back, if my friends will come back, if i'll wake up not in a cold sweat, if my lungs will stop hurting and my ribs as well. who would want this? really fucking consider it. i lost everything, trying to be numb and happy for everyone. i lost control. i finally stopped bc i watched someone call the cops on me as i left the store id stolen them from. somehow, i didn't get caught and arrested. i broke down, i let myself feel.

LAboy13310 6 years ago

GO CORICIDIN. i wish they had some here in costa rica. man ive had so many trips. jaja If it feels good it must be to good to be safe.

samuel gibbons 6 years ago

my name is bushy

VanillaGorilla 6 years ago

About to take them for the first time. Been doing research on the drug cause I am not a junky. I was concerned about taking 8 after reading how many other people take feel ok about doing it now. If you get addicted to drugs your just weak minded, I have experimented with a lot of drugs and not addicted to any of them. But I will let you know how it goes.....POP POP POP

John doe 6 years ago

Addicted 11 years live a nice life never been to the hospital kinda have had my own relapse from quoting several times but I don't really care if I do every choice I've made is my own. I dint do other drugs never really been a fan of drugs tried weed but just feels like it puts you down. All in all dxm hasn't made a big impact the most I've taken at once is 18 and I wouldn't go over that.

Yeah you 6 years ago

This is just another page for over protective moms to complain about how we aren't the families that they had in there day! Welcome to 2011 you cant stop what you cant control...

Mr Wilson 5 years ago

the high from triple C's is like feeling high off weed, tipsy/drunk from alcohol, and dreaming all at the same time .

This feeling changes as your dosage increases. i popped 12 for my very first time , and I've never had that exact high from the first time ever again .

dosage increased from 12 to 14 to 16 to 18 to 20 (all a once) , then randomly popped 25 all at once .

the feeling overall is indescribable , the high was extremely intense and fun , BUT my mind was constantly racing, viewed the world completely different , had minor hallucinations , uncontrollable double vision , demonic dreams , and hours later during the high i had strong paranoia of dying from taking to many pills.

woke up that morning just fine . . .

never did that many again. that was last summer 2010 , and to this day when ever i take Triple c's i always pop 16 all at once, about once every 1-2 weeks.

for me the high lasts about 3 to 5 hours, unless taken with weed. The high is intensified and lasts ah bit long

careful when smoking weed and pop n c's tho. if you pop c's and wait till your high comes (bout 1-2 hours) and THEN you smoke weed , your practically doubling your dosage.

if your not an addict or familiar with highs , i highly suggest not taking a box (16 pills) and the hit the bud UNLESS you smoke RIGHT after you pop the pills. if you take an entire box of c's and the wait till the high comes and THEN smoke weed , the intensity of the high can be/is uncontrollable .

I've witnessed someone act out mental and physical trips that they could not control . . .

Triple C's is a powerful , fun , and dangerous drug

Mama Lou 5 years ago

You kids are all totally stupid and in denial. Cough syrup is dangerous. You just don't want to hear it. Kids die from this stuff. It has happened here in our town. I can tell you first hand about it. My son had a bad seizure - no pulse, no breathing and he was turning gray. Luckily for him we were home and got an ambulance here right away but I had to start CPR myself. A total nightmare. Had he been tripping with any of you kids he would have died because your heads would not have been able to cope. Then he went into total liver failure all because of this harmless robo crap. While he was in the hospital the Dr. talked to us about the possibility of need for a liver transplant. He was 18 yrs old. He nearly died but we were lucky he made it. And do you know how stupid he is? He is still doing either cough syrup or the cold pills. I KNOW that we will be burying him at a very young age. Guess you kids have no ambition for any kind of future.

Corie 5 years ago

Ittl put hair on yer balls

Boss 5 years ago

Hha.nigga I just got some so im gettin high thursday night cuz I ant got work on friday so yeah

tay 5 years ago

I'm 15 and I love em. The trip is soooo good!

radiantcola 5 years ago

My son almost died tonight. My only child. The only child I will EVER have. My heart. A "friend" stole the medicine from the CVS and told him to take 20 to get "that good high". They called me while I was on the highway in rush hour traffic - thank God my best friend and I were on the other line of the bluetooth to talk me through that harrowing journey to the ER. My son's heart was beating so very quickly the doctor and nurses did not leave the room for the first hour because they were afraid he would go into cardiac arrest. MY ONLY SON ALMOST DIED TONIGHT. He was so frightened and disoriented. He kept telling me he loved me, that he was sorry, that he couldn't feel his legs or fingers...that he was scared to die and he didn't want to die....

Shane Janssen 5 years ago

i took 20 on saturday and had a great trip i few scary moments tho....all you got to do is get thru it your not gonna die. sure its possible but it aint gonna happen. the same shit that every parent has said happened to my could barly breath rapid heart beat...most ive taken was 52 god damn did i trip told me in the morning i was smoking a bowl in the haha but all in all great trip never take in school. first time i took 16 i took them in school cuz i didn't expect them to be that power ful but yeah some crazy shit nigga i just recenly came down from my trip on saturday i took 20. if you don't sleep youlll keep trip in will come in waves ive hit ever plateau shit was intense....

billyboy 5 years ago

In 2002 I took a lot of trip c's. Normally 8-16 a day. Found out about platues and wanted to push it to the limit, took 102 pills and left planet earth for 5 hrs. I remember bits and pieces, but mostly having to expell nothing but pill caseings the next day, painfull. Anyway, shortly after, maybe a week or two, I got heart palpitations one night. I decided it was due to the pills and stopped taking them. So they aren't addictive, if your child says they are addicted to them, they are looking for your attention, but aren't actually addicted. I was 19 in 2002, and fully aware of consequences.

Dorian 5 years ago

hehehehe I was using caugh pills called dexofan :D In europe it was the best moments in my life ;D this tablets played a big role in my personality . . . i was un confident and had many issues with my self, but after being hight many times i find my self actually, and i don't think any of the times i had it was mistake, it was good expirience, few people puked up after using it, but i never did i could control my self very well. . . usually i was out on public under this tablets and seems like noone notice much. my mind was more cleaner i felt confident and everything seems so understandbl there was few steps of being high usually it worked after 40min, first 1h or 2h seems a bit deezy and i usually felt my self cute and seems like everything was soft and i just liked to be around friends, after i could sort my mind out, and the last step when u felt not afraid of anything, mind was clear and u felt confident, but u really need to learn how to control your mood if u will start be sad it may become strong feeling. that's all .. . .nothing bad. didn't felt headaches as after alcohol. . . . sadly they banned it :( I`m in USA now for a few weeks and i think i should try this stuff here? wich one i should pick? and what dosage ?

P.S. sorry my english is bad. ha ha

trololol 5 years ago

hi im 12 and what is this?

ka 5 years ago

I was introduced to triple c's when I was 17 I am now turning 19 I've been doing them almost everyday since then I started off taking four then worked my way up. My old friend introduced me to them because otherwise I would have No clue what they were. I am taking over 100pills a week right now and I can't wake up for college because they make me sleep so damn much. I've o.d on them about 8times the first few times I didn't mean to but the rest I did on purpose but my family found me in a desire. I have secures when I take to many of them now. My head has been hurting extremely bad lately. I've had friends o.d and go to the hospital and their brain was bleeding. My ex gf o.d and almost died she was very lucky. My family has been researching what these pills do t Lol try to get me to stop and I won't get help for it because I feel like I'm not addicted. But I've stole money, looked on the ground in a parking lot for extra change just to buy the pills.I've stolen the pills before. Now that I've read things on it and I read slot of people's comments on it saying it's the best high ever which honestly it is. But some people can become addicted to them and I don't think it's cuz ur weak minded. It's just because everyone's different and their bodies react me I believe I am addicted and now it's starting to scare me because III feel like I can't get off them yeah ppl say just quit don't buy em well it's not that easy for me and I don't want go go to No rehab and sound like a looney. I'll find a way to stop. Well I seen everyone else was posting about these so I figured I would.

Daytoni 5 years ago

Hello, let me tell you about myself. I am very experienced with drugs, I have done weed, shrooms, extacy, prescription drugs, freeon (air conditioner) I've huffed, injected, puffed and popped.

I have never been addicted to anything, until I did freeon. But I'm talking about Tripple C's, Robotripping, NyQuill, I've done it all.

Now, I started out with 4 because I thought they were sketchy. But I liked it, alot. So I took 8 the next time, then 12 then 20 and so on. Every experience is different. It can be magical and heavenly or demonic and horrifying.

I started in the summer, and it was cool. I loved doing it with my best friend. Then school came around and I would take 20 and forget what the hell I was doing. I lost days of my life to CCC's that I will NEVER get back.

I've been doing these for at least 6 months straight. These make it hard to talk for days after your trip. You feel retarded. I feel stupid. Now this may be a result of the freeon too, but after I do tripple C's it is hard to think, talk and walk.

Now that I've made a promise to someone. "I'll quit CCC's if you quit meth." I think that I am addicted. Everything reminds me of them, and I just want to feel like that again. Once you experience life with drugs, there is no life without.

Stay safe, please.

sleepy 4 years ago

I'm 17 and my friend and I have been on skittles for about 3 weeks straight. There were probably only a few hours that we weren't on them in those 3 weeks. We'd even take them at school which I liked better than home alone, because I always had bad trips home alone and well I hate school. I have a boyfriend who's in the army and is stationed in another state and I miss him so much and at first taking skittles was just fun but then I started taking them because it made me not think about missing him and other things going on in my life. After the first week some close friends started getting worried and told us we should stop. After 2 weeks we decided we should stop but we didn't. Today we decided we really need to stop. I feel like I'm having withdrawls already I'm not sure if I am though. My body is sore, I'm shakey, my head hurts, I can't concentrate, I'm feeling pretty depressed, I can't really eat much either, my heart beats kinda fast sometimes, I'm paranoid, and I feel really dehydrated. I've actually felt dehydrated since I started taking them. Basically, I feel like shit and I don't know if I'm addicted or if ill do them again but I hope not. I've never been addicted to anything in my life and I'm pretty scared. But I think I've got a really strong mind and I don't think I'll get addicted but I really fucked up these past few weeks and a lot of people are worried about me. I haven't overdosed. The most I've taken is 19 I think. Almost every day I would smoke weed with it too. Twice I smoked laced weed while I was on skittles and I felt like I was dying and it scared a lot of people. My vision went away and I couldn't feel anything at all, I was basically unconcious but I was still moving and falling and trying to talk. That was the scarriest thing that had ever happened to me. Anyway, if you do try this stuff, be safe, make sure your weed isn't laced, I would not take a lot because I always had bad trips when I took a lot, and DON'T LET YOURSELF GET ADDICTED it will fuck up your life if you let it take control. I'm not going to let that happen to me. I doubt I did any permenent damage to my body within these 3 weeks. Oh and my legs are extremely sore mostly my calves, and they do make you walk kinda funny and slur your words and give you crazy eyes. I'm just gonna stick to smoking ganja, the natural stuff, and you should too. Take care of youself. Be smart. I really am scared, not even for me, but for my friend.

sleepy 4 years ago

Oh and also today I think I had a panic attack but I'm not sure because I've never had one before. Also, I'm really irritated. Every single time I've gotten them, I've stollen them since I'm not 18 and can't legally buy cold medicine in CA. Anyway, my family doesn't know I've been on them, neither does my boyfriend. I told my sister the first time I tried them but I didn't tell her any other time because she got mad. My dad and sister did get a little suspicious sometimes when I was acting strange but I'm usually really good at hiding the fact that I'm on something. My friend told his mom and sister that he smoked weed that was laced with meth because he didn't want to tell them the real reason he was acting weird obviously and because they know he smokes weed. But anyway I suggest not smoking weed at all when you're on skittles just to stay safe because I don't want anyone to feel what I felt those times. And if you know you're addicted or even feel a little bit addicted tell someone that you know cares about you a lot, and they will help you get through this. I'm so glad that I have such great friends looking out for me.

sleepy 4 years ago

OH and I've also started hearing sounds that aren't there this week, another reason I'm stopping. I heard creepy alien space ship kinda sounds and also dubstep kinda music playing but really low and scary, and a bunch of voices from what sounded like the news pplaying over eachother but I could never make out the words. Okay now I'm done. :) lol sorry I just want you all to know my story and what I know about skittles.

ifneoghjmeign 4 years ago

People who are against skittles, especially parents, need to stop blaming kids or friends of their kids for this. Kids will be kids and they will do drugs no matter what you can do about it. If you were our age in this generation you might be doing drugs too, and don't say you wouldn't because you really have no clue. The fact is reality sucks and getting high is fun as fuck. You also shouldn't get mad at your child. They need support and if you just get angry at them they're not gonna try to stop. Let them know you're worried and you love them.

matt 4 years ago

Try doing a little more research before writing an article. The drugs behind the counter contain ephedrine, the chemical used to make Methamphetamine. The drug you are talking about in this article is Dextromethorphan. Dextromethophan containing cold medications are not held behind the counter, but most stores require you to be 18+ to purchase them.

anomunous 4 years ago

I took 16 on saturday. I was completely gone, I couldn't feel my body, when I talked or atleast tried to talk I sounded far away from myself, I couldn't stand, and I echoed. My heart was beating extremely fast, and my boyfriend said he could hear it from across the room. It was scary and fun at the same time, I remember very little of what had happened. I weigh 114, I thought I was dying but I was just f*cked up.

jackie 4 years ago

im high

lizardking 4 years ago

i took 16 skittles yesterday, best day of my life

indeed 4 years ago

Tripple cs are a harmful drug. But not as harmful as most people make it out to be. I've been taking cs for a few months now, since November, and the high is remarkable. The only.symptom I've experinced that I haven't seen on here yet is how slow time appears to pass. 5 minutes feels like hours and an hour feels like days. Oh, and the best way to trip on these drugs is to listen to dubstep music.

Eidus 4 years ago

How could you kids be so stupid? What's wrong with your parents? You need to be educated on this issue instead of being rebellious. I'm a nurse and see kids brought in regularly after taking these products. It's pure stupidity...nothing else. If your life is so boring that you hafta get high to feel worthy...why don't you get a job or volunteer somewhere. That'll give you a feeling of self-worth...that's the best feeling in the world. These comments tell us a lot about what kind of parents you have. I've raised 3 kids and they all turned out with good educations and careers without doing drugs. One is a doctor, one a teacher, and one a nurse. So if you still have any brain cells left after taking these drugs...wise up and get off them and do something worthwhile with your life.

Brandon 4 years ago

A lot of you people are really stupid on here. I've taken dxm probably over 300 times and have never felt like I was going to die etc. (I have taken much higher dosages than the people in the comments say) This drug is not something I'm proud of doing and I tried it to see what it was like. I wouldn't recommend that anyone take this drug. As much as I do like it, it is still a harmful drug, like others such as alcohol. one bottle of dxm is pretty much equivilant to taking a few shots or more of alcohol. All in all, I don't see the big harm in taking dxm small doeses on the rare occation, but that's just my opinion. Oh and to the comment above me, I'm not stupid nor do my parents have anything wrong with them. I'm well educated on this and I never took it to be 'rebellious.' Oh and what so you haven't taken drugs before out of pure boredom? (Including alcohol!) People being taken into the hospital after taking dxm shouldn't be doing it to begin with. If you take Cough syrup with dxm only, there should be no problems. Also, to anyone who happens to read this DO NOT TAKE TRIPLE C's. It is known to cause brain damage, among other problems.

PillPoppa 4 years ago

Yo. I started taking 8 triple c's when i started, then i took a whole box. I didn't really feel like i was goin to die, i felt dead already . like a ghost. im sure i was having an OBE, but it was awesome. really trippy shit.

Tiiffany 4 years ago

Oh my god... I took triple cs atleast a hundred times.. I had some crazyyyy ass times on them , The first time i took them i took 16. It happened when two of my friends stayed the night at my house. Both of them have taken them before and suggested to go to cvs and get some. Before that day , i have never heard of them before. So we went to cvs and they stole them. When we got back to my house we ate a little bit, then took 8 of them . After half an hour we started feeling like we were in some kind of dream. Walking on clouds and such so we took 8 more . We got picked up and went to a party , Smoked and drank. and decided to get picked up to go to somebody elses house. We were sooooo messed up , it was crazy . We were outside waiting on our ride, and a cop pulled up next to us. He asked why we are out at 3am , i told him that it was my house and we were waiting on someone. So he asked me if my parents are home, i told him no they are on vacation and that my sister is home. Of course he wanted to talk to her and pulled up in the driveway. He told me to go knock on the door, so i did. Nobody opened the door. He asked me again , i thought you said you lived here? That's when i started tweaking and yelling at him saying , no i didn't? Lol. Then somebody opened the door and we ran in the house,. He left after talking to somebody at the party. we then snuck to this school climbing fences and shit to meet up with our ride. Wen we got to the house, we felt like we were in some kind of dollhouse.. Or cartoon. Idk, You cant really explain it. it was amazing tho , and we took them for like 2 weeks straight

Joseph 4 years ago

ccc's are the shit, its my favorite drug of all time, I used to take 32 of those skittles, I used to hallucinate hardcore, it was cool, but I quit, at the end its not worthit, Ive been caught stealing them, and being high on them, its really cool, if your going to do it, do it every ounce in a while, not every day, have fun

dyanochik 4 years ago

I agree!!!! IM trippin nuts right now... its the most awesome thing ever!!!! and I smoke a TON of weed and TRIPPPP ERRYDAY ERRYDAY CANT SEE EM CUZ THA SKITTLES IN THA WAY REAL NIGGA WHAT UP?!? NIGGA I TOOK 78 I repeat 78 Trip Cs In one single day before nigga!!!!!!! CAN YOU SAY TRIPPIN BALLS MY FRIENDS???????? TRIP ON MOTHERFUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!

Didge profile image

Didge 4 years ago from Southern England

NICE hub!

fred 3 years ago

go to the minecraft server, it has the best plugins! XD

Dakota Leahy 2 years ago

I am flying on these things right now. Im a mess. im transgender im recently married and I was trying to understand how my wife loved this stuff. now im down the rabbit hole. its wonderfull. even how hard to type it is. its amazing. this high. I need her I want her out of jail and this is how I feel closest. I haven't heard her voice all year. when I was in the court room I would mouth I love you to her. she would mouth she loved me back and then I would mouth back I love you more. now im at my inlaws house high and scarred wanting her, using her drugs to feel that shes here. I want to be down the rabbit hole wit her so bad. I need her to be in my life with me. I need my wife back soon please. she is so pretty and she is so clean. I love her to death even on triple c's

kota 2 years ago

I count money every day, and now I begin to understand, that this high is really calming I feel like im one with everything im reading

lacyleathers profile image

lacyleathers 2 years ago from US Author

Wow... I missed a lot of comments and I'm sorry for that... I was taking care of my ill mother who is now have to put it down to see what is really happening! Some of these comments I can't approve as I Do Not approve of DXM.... I wish you all the best... look for help!

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