Tumblr Weight Loss Community

The "Community"

Ah, good old Tumblr. Home to thousands of weight loss blogs, but then again, a lot of websites are filled with hopeful dieters. So what makes Tumblr different? The fact that everyone is like a family. That's right, it's not just a "community". It's a family. How does this work? Well, like any blogging site, on Tumblr, you can follow fellow bloggers. Thereafter, their posts will appear on your dashboard (another blogging site staple). Additionally, Tumblr gives its users a chance to "reblog" and "like" posts, photos, etc. This reblogging is what makes Tumblr so unique. If you see a post that appeals to you, you can "like" it, and it will save in your "liked posts" forever, or you can reblog it, which means it will appear on your blog for all your followers to see on their dashboard as well. See what I mean? This interconnection...that's what it's all about. 

The types of photos found on Tumblr.
The types of photos found on Tumblr.


Of course, as with everything in life, there are the popular blogs. Except what's different is that these blogs deserve to be popular. The people who own these dedicate their lives to a healthy lifestyle. Two of the most popular blogs:

  • matchstickmolly.com
  • findingthinagain.tumblr.com

Some other popular ones:

  • justfivemore.tumblr.com
  • blogilates.com
  • healthiereveryday.tumblr.com

Whatever these girls do, the rest of the Tumblr community is sure to follow.

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Cassey 5 years ago

Thanks for featuring me! Are these supposed to be linked by any chance?

Audrey 5 years ago

wow, thank you so much!

Cindy 5 years ago

you guys should include jenn next time too (how-to-be-a-skinny-bitch.tumblr.com), i love her :)

Stephanie 5 years ago


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