Types of Antioxidants

Seven Types of Antioxidants

There are Seven types of antioxidants useful for human beings :-

1. Vitamin A (2997 I.U.)

It helps to :-

  • Improving immunity
  • healthy eyes, soft and supple skin, stronger bones and teeth
  • Preventing calcification/kidney stones, muscular weakness, acne and certain forms of cancer
  • Helping in the repair and replacement of old tissues
  • Delays ageing
  • Lowers cholesterol

2. Vitamin C (90 mg)

It helps in :-

  • Protecting skin from UV damage
  • Providing resistance to infection
  • Promoting iron absorption from food, maintains healthy collagen and controls blood cholesterol
  • Increasing sperm counts esp. in smokers

3. Vitamin E (15 mg)

It helps in :-

  • Improving skin conditions
  • Improving appearance of scars
  • Protecting the body’s membrane
  • Maintaining healthy blood vessels
  • thinning blood in body

4. Selenium (55 mcg)

It helps in :-

  • Maintaining healthy hair, skin as well as eyes
  • Promoting normal liver functions
  • Increasing male potency
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease as well as cancer
  • Improving mental fatigue and anxiety

5. Manganese (2.3 mg)

It helps in :-

  • Ensuring healthy bone structure
  • Maintaining nervous system
  • Absorption of calcium

6. Chromium (35 mcg)

It helps in :-

  • Maintaining proper blood sugar levels
  • Maintaining cholesterol levels
  • Act as anti-depressant
  • Regulating stomach hunger
  • Protecting DNA and RNA
  • Boosting immune system

7. Zinc (11 mg)

It helps in :-

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving stress levels
  • Preventing and shortening the duration of cold
  • Reducing appearance of acne
  • Providing antimicrobial action in the Gastro-intestinal tract

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