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My Experience With Laser Eye Surgery

3 Months later and my eye sight is back to how it was when I was a kid! It's great. Ultralase were extremely professional, helpful and it was clear to see that they are experts in what they do. I would recommend them to anybody.

Last year it began. The thumping headaches, the blury vision and the annoyance of having to squint constantly throughout the day. I had never experienced this before - it was a first. Why had my sight suddenly become so bad! Previously I had classed myself as someone with very good eye sight. I could read signs and number plates from further away than anybody I know. I thought my eye sight was invinsible and would never change from what it was.

In 2006 I started a job working on a computer for 39 hours a week. The first year or so was OK but as 18months passed I began to struggle to see clearly. I guessed it was because I wasn't getting enough sleep and I was clearly tired. So i left it another 6 months, before finally realising that my eyesight was deteriorating. I was lucky enough that my place of work offered to pay 50% towards my glasses and provided me with free eye tests. I took them up on their kind offer and started using glasses.

The problem was that I was far too clumsy with them. I would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on - Literally. I had scratched them within just 3 weeks of having them and i felt very uncomfortable wearing them. So i decided that I should try wearing contact lenses to see if this would work better for me. I found the contact lenses very expensive as I was paying around $30 a month just to wear them! And my workplace wasn't offering to pay 50% of this one unfortunately! This is when I then made the decision to look into laser eye Surgery. I had heard it was a really pain free and simple treatment that resulted in wonderful eye sight. I searched through the internet and found many places offering the surgery. There was optimax, optical express and ultralase - these seemed to be the big three.

I decided that I did want to go with a company that is very professional, trusted and recommended in this field so I eventually decided to get the treatment done with Ultralase. Within 8 weeks I'd had my assessment appointment and surgery! I had lasek treatment to correct my long sight issues. The first couple of days were slightly painful, and definately a little uncomfortable, but i could see my eyes improving almost immediately so I had decided that the pain was most definately worth the gain. Now I am very happy with my eyesight, its back to how it was and I appreciate it a whole lot more. I will look after my eyes now.

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