Under Arm Whitening Tips for Women

Steps and Tips

little pads
little pads
gently rub
gently rub
Skin lightening
Skin lightening
Natural way - potatoes
Natural way - potatoes
Natural way - Vinegar and baking soda
Natural way - Vinegar and baking soda
refrain from wearing tight dark tops
refrain from wearing tight dark tops

Women's Tips in Whitening Their Under Arms

You guys has been asking me on how do I keep my armpit from being dark,

So the first thing I wanna do is to show you my daily under arm routine and the second thing is to show you tips on how to naturally lighten your under arms. It is gonna be fun and I hope you gonna do this at home as well.

Alright, let's get started.

The first step in my daily care under arm routine is very important I need 1 piece little bathing pads in my shower at all times and what I do this is soap and water I just gently bathe away any left over deodorant just any build up from the day off. I need to get rid off because it is one of the main causes of under arms darkening and odor. Then, after my arm pits are surely clean I grab my razor. Now, I shave instead of wax because I have thin hair but I have a new blade on my razor at all times to change it probably once every week and a half I would say. Then after that I make sure my under arms are completely dried off no wetness using my deodorant.

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips if you are suffering from dark under arms.

* Waxing - why you have dark under arms it is not because it is dirty but because there is a lot of thick stables and it is giving illusion of dark under arms. Waxing should get rid of that.

* Another option would be feel for a skin lightening find over the counter of any store. But if you are afraid of the chemicals, there is a natural way to actually light discoloration of your under arm, the Potato. You can try it before bed or whenever you can daily to see the improvement actually works really well.

*Another tip you sought might not doing it. You might wanna try something powerful and you can actually find it home like vinegar and baking soda. After cleaning your arm, rub some vinegar on it or we can actually create a baking soda paste just mix it with water and simmer it until it is pastes. Rub it under arms and let it stay for ten minutes or so and speaking of baking soda it is actually a natural deodorizer if you don't want a deodorant. And since you are doing a little extra to get your under arms clean, also you gonna notice that your under arms wont produce bacteria and getting it clean as possible.

*And lastly, try to refrain wearing a skin tight dark tops because this can cause irritation and also cause darkness. Try if you can wear looser tops that don't rub against your under arms more often.

I think that is the last one and just comment if you guys want more.

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 3 years ago

Interesting article. I do believe baking powder can make those dark areas lighter and also help deodorize. I prefer the natural remedy to all those chemical products sold over the counter.

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