What is Underground Wellness? And Who Is This Sean Croxton Guy?

Sean Croxton grew up in Alameda, California. He was very active in his youth, and was an avid basketball player, but unfortunately fell into the trap that plagues so many American children: processed foods. While he was in pretty good shape growing up, he decided that he wanted to improve his physical conditioning in his senior year of high school, and got into weight training, which he has continued ever since.

At the age of 17, Sean moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State College, where he earned a degree in kinesiology. After college, Sean began to apply what he had learned when working with clients, but was dismayed to discover that all of the conventional methods he had been taught did not yield the results he and his clients desired. No matter how deeply he buried himself in the textbooks he had been taught to rely on, he (and his clients) were left wondering what they were missing.

This frustration, along with the mentorship of Todd Durkin - who was the first person to hire Sean in the health and wellness industry after college launched Sean on his quest for alternative answers and methods. Todd Durkin (former NFL quarterback) is a personal trainer, motivational speaker, and author, as well as the owner and director of Fitness Quest 10, a cutting edge fitness and training center in San Diego, CA.

Sean literally threw himself into furthering his education, reading every book he could get his hands on that would help him fill in the blanks left by his college education. The more he read and learned from Todd Durkin, the more he realized that there was more to health and wellness than he had ever thought possible.

This quest for information eventually led him to Paul Chek (founder of the C.H.E.K. Institute), who first introduced Sean to metabolic typing, which is now a staple in Sean's practice. The information that Sean was exposed to through his contact with Paul Chek completely changed the way he though about health and wellness forever.

Some of Sean's other mentors and influences include Dr. Mercola (founder of Mercola.com), who's mission it is to help everyday people take control of their health with accurate information and alternatives to "conventional" medical and nutritional beliefs. Sean also follows the teachings of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people with scientific validation of natural and ancestral nutrition, health and agricultural beliefs. Sean attends all the seminars he can at Price-Pottenger and takes the classes the offered there repeatedly. Sean follows the teaching of David Getoff, a VP at Price-Pottenger, especially closely. He is a naturopath and certified nutritionist.

Another mentor, and friend, of Sean's is Reed Davis, clinical nutritionist as well as founder and health director of San Diego Natural Health and Fitness Center. He coined the phrase Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, which means investigating the underlying causes and conditions related to many health complaints. Reed specializes in looking for clues in a patient's symptoms and health history and various diagnostic tools to help discover the root cause of a health issue, rather than focusing on addressing the symptoms.

Sean's mission (and the mission of his practice, Underground Wellness) is to help more people to start to think for themselves when it comes to their health. One of the biggest problems Sean has found when treating patients is that most of us are trained to never question our doctors or their advice. One of Sean's favorite quotes is "Question authority and think for yourself," (Timothy Leary) because he firmly believes that if more people took this advice to heart then they would be much, much healthier.

Underground Wellness came into being after Sean discovered YouTube one day and decided to put up a short video on nutrition. He found he could reach a lot of people this way, continued posting videos on various health and wellness topics, and eventually Underground Wellness.com was born. The purpose of Underground Wellness is to educate. Sean has been an avid reader his entire life and loves educating himself whenever possible. That love of education, combined with a lifelong interest in health and wellness and a frustration with the lack of knowledge he sees in the world are ultimately what drove him to create Underground Wellness. Sean loves gaining new knowledge and information, and then passing that knowledge on to others, helping people to educate themselves so they won't continue to automatically believe everything that is being promoted in the world today, but to start to discern for themselves what might or might not be good for them and their bodies. Sean firmly believes it is important to educate as many people as possible, so that more people will have a greater understanding of health and wellness, and in turn spread the truth even farther.

In the future, Sean plans to take Underground Wellness to new levels, expanding the reach of the program and bring more information to people. Sean one day plans to host a daily radio program and talk show that will allow him to bring health practitioners and experts from across the nation to one place, where they can share their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of anyone who is ready to listen.

Sean consults with Underground Wellness clients all over the world, doing some personal training, but focusing more heavily on diet and lifestyle coaching. By looking at the details of a client's diet and lifestyle, and analyzing things like stress levels, sleep patterns, and the functionality of a client's digestive and other systems, Sean is able to help clients discover the underlying issues that can be impacting their health that conventional medicine simply will not address. There are many, many variables that can influence a person's health, and Sean strives to help his clients discover some of those variables to address the issues his clients face. The key is to address your health by testing different aspects of your lifestyle, rather than guessing at which pill you should take.

To learn more about Sean and about Underground Wellness, you can contact him through his website at UndergroundWellness.com. We also encourage you to check out his YouTube channel for many informative, current, relevant, educational and entertaining videos!

Thank you to Sean and Underground Wellness for having the passion and the courage to share this information because many people are afraid to stand up and say these things for fear of how they will be received. We need more people like you to get this message out to people to clear up the many misconceptions that are both getting and keeping people sick in our society!


James 6 years ago

Nice article.

Lynne and Chad profile image

Lynne and Chad 6 years ago Author

Thanks James!

Dr. Chris Mohler 6 years ago

Wow. yeah, great article. I have become increasingly grossed out by all the processed foods that we have in America. They are slowly killing us off, not just because of the packaging but mostly because of the toxins and such that are put into them.

ian 6 years ago

Hey man, awsome I'm on the same page. Have the same passion to inform the public. I'm reminded of a quote I once read " It's a pity that ignorance isn't painful " If you get what I mean. I believe it's our duty to get the truth out there....I agree God is smarter than us.and all the answers are out there in mother nature if we look. Keep up the good work.God bless you sean.

Utah Valley Oral Surgery 6 years ago

thanks for the article! Its nice to see altruistic people like you sharing information for the rest of us! Great work!

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