Understanding About Reiki

Healing Hands

What is Reiki?

When I first heard about Reiki, I was curious to find out more information and understanding the concept of healing with your hands. What I have heard is the Reiki is tapping through our mother earth Qi energy and using our hands to channel the life force energy to another person for healing purpose. This method of channeling the Qi life force energy that can heal a person without the general concept of equipment or medicine. My first thought was that this is simply too amazing but it was said that hospitals use it for rapid healing of wounds and injuries in some countries. Not to worry as this is not a replacement of western medicine or consulting doctors for your ailments but take it as a quicker way of recovery from your sickness.

Healing Hands

Reiki has been taught by Reiki Master all over the world for those who are interested to acquire this healing skill. There are 3 Reiki Levels of attunements that you require to learn as to tap the energy source from the universal Qi energy as a healer. The simple explanation of the Qi energy is said to be similar to those who are practise Tai Chi or Qigong in martial arts skills. But Reiki is like a connecting rod between you and the person you wish to heal as you will tap the universal energy and then channeling it through your hands for healing. As you are performing this healing, you may experience your hands feeling hot or warm as the energy is emitting from your hands to flow into the person.

Hands Positioning

Learning the various hands positioning for healing a person through attending the Reiki courses for attunements. This course is conducted for individual person to allow their bodies being align to accept the Qi energy flowing through their hands for healing. The healer can be said as the middleman or as a tool to transmit Qi energy through the hands for the sick person to regain their health. The first level of attunement is getting your body to accept the universal energy so that you will be able to channel this energy through your hands for healing. The second and third levels of attunements will allow you to do remote healing and to be Reiki Master for teaching others and doing attunements. For those who are just interested in doing hands healing, you will just require to learn the first level of Reiki. You will discover the various hands positioning in different parts of the body to conduct the healing process. It is by placing both hands palm down with one hand on the upper while the other in the lower. This simply means the fingers of the other hand will be pointing to the lower palm of the first hand. You will need to place your hands in this position for at least 20 minutes to allow the Qi energy for healing. But when you have learnt the remote healing, you will not require to do these hands positioning.

Hands Healing Position

Universal Energy

The world itself has its energy like the magnetic field energy emitted by the earth core. Similarly to the universal energy, Feng Shui utilizes the Wind & Water that works in improving one's health and wealth. As you may not know, Reiki acts like having a middle man that will transmit healing energy through the hands of the healer. This simple principle of applying your hands to transmit Qi energy source through the gateway of a person and channeling the universal energy of healing force where it will be focus on the patient. This energy will begin to work on the patient and healing begins within the next 20 - 40 minutes where one may start to feel the hands getting warmer gradually. It is a treatment that is now widely used in complement with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or western doctor's medication.

Using Reiki Healing Hands is not meant to be a replacement of TCM or Western doctor's medicine but instead as a complement of healing the patient. It can help the patient for a faster recovery process as what we had experienced during the course of treatments.

Reiki Symbol

Reiki Symbol

There are various symbols in Reiki 3 Levels of mastering this skill where it will be used to apply during the healing process. These sacred symbols are visualized during the healing process and applying them when being healed on the patient.

What does it means to learn the 3 levels of Reiki? One has to attend a course where the person will be aligned with the Universal Energy to apply Reiki as a gateway to channel this energy during the healing process. So, by attending the course or learning it through our ebook of the 3 different levels, you will be able to be attuned. The attunement will get the person align or tap in with the universal energy and then you will start practicing the healing with your hands.

Once you are able to acquire the Master Level, you will be able to do astral or distant healing without being at the location. It will be through visualization method where you can project your energy to the location of the person who you want to heal.

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Kerry43 4 years ago

this was an interesting article, thank you. I have been thinking of doing one of these courses, but time is not on my side right now. I look forward to learning at some point though.


edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

Yes. I am using Reiki for daily healing. It helps my family members when they are feeling extreme pains. Hope you can master it as it is definitely useful at certain point of time.

krbalram profile image

krbalram 3 years ago from Bangalore

edhan ,i did'nt know much about reki before reading yout article .Reki is such a nice healing process that it does 'nt require any medicine,just your hands are enough.voting it up.

edhan profile image

edhan 3 years ago Author

Yes. It is great help when you are in need especially if there is extreme pain where you are in a situation.

It had been helpful to my family and I for all these years. The healing is based on using the Qi energy transfer through your hands.

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