Understanding the Vicious Cycle of a Panic Attack

Why Do I Suffer From Panic Attack

If you suffer from panic attack, I am sure you would be wondering why it is happening to you. I have suffered from panic attack in the past and myself wondered about the same question - "Why am I suffering from panic attack where as others do not". Since I did not get the answer immediately from the people I knew, I started to research on this topic more and more to get some answers to this complex question.

As I researched more and more I could come up with some answers which seem to explain this problem reasonably well. Later on I also found that many people also agree with this explanation. Let me try to explain the reasons behind panic attacks in little more details below.


How Panic Attacks Can Become a Vicious Cycle

Panic attacks can strike suddenly but there is always a history behind a panic attack. Let us try to understand how a panic attack happens and how it can in turn cause future panic attacks also. Many people tend to worry a lot and develop a negative mindset. The worry can be real or imaginary. For example many people have a bad phase in marriage or job which can cause worry. While some other people suffer have a habit of worrying about any small thing.

Fight or Flight Hormone

If you have a worry habit and keep on worrying it will cause anxiety. When you suffer from anxiety some hormones will be released as a result of this worry. For example adrenaline hormone is release which prepares the body to face any dangerous situation. Body needs this since primitive times when dangers used to be present more commonly human beings needed to be prepared for any danger. This hormone prepares the body for fight or flight. Which mean the person should be ready enough to either run away or fight the danger.

The symptoms of adrenaline include sweating, rapid breathing, expansion of the pupil of the eyes and pounding of the heart.

The Effects of Fight and Flight Hormone

The symptoms caused by the adrenaline hormone being released causes more panic since the person being affect is not able to understand why such symptoms are happening. When this happens to you, you would panic even more and would cause the symptoms to flare up since the panic hormones are released even more. This causes panic attack.

When a panic attack happens once the person is filled with fear about the next attack and becomes more tense and anxious. This increases the chances of panic attacks even more.

Visit a nature park to calm down
Visit a nature park to calm down | Source

How to Deal With Panic Attacks

The most important step for would be to understand panic attacks. That itself will help you to face the panic attacks since you would know that it is nothing to be feared, rather needs to be understood. That said, still an important thing remains to be done. You need to eliminate your underlying anxiety.

Try to understand your symptoms, start observing yourself for any anxiety and at that moment relax yourself. You can do some extra activities such as visit nature parks, indulge in some hobbies, laugh more with friends and family, take part in some group activities, practice yoga.

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Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

Marcy Goodfleisch 3 years ago from Planet Earth

You've done a great service here, by explaining how panic attacks affect people. They are indeed very real. I know this hub will help many people!

Voted up!

nilendub profile image

nilendub 3 years ago from Moline, US Author

Thanks a lot Marcy for the encouragement.

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