Unexplained Skin Problems Becoming More Common

Many people in the world today have rashes, irritations, itches, and other types of skin problems that are unexplained. Even after a myriad of tests and other medical interventions they have constant or reoccurring skin problems that develop and can cause their life to be miserable. The most durable soul in the world can be brought to their knees when the itching and burning of their skin becomes unbearable and they can no longer maintain a normal lifestyle. Some of these skin problems leaves unsightly rashes, blemishes and even scars which can cause embarrassment and social dysfunction. Even other skin afflictions can cause the sufferer to become reclusive and stay away from others because their constant itching draws attention to the in public.

Though many skin disorders have been cured in most cases, there is a growing list of skin problems are ones that elude patients, doctors, and other specialist while the sufferer still scratches and tries different remedies to ease the pain and discomfort. Problems such as shingles, hives, cold sores, ringworm, eczema, Staph infection, acne, boils, scabies, and Morgellon's disease haunt the patient with terrible itching and scratching. Though many of these have been explained, the traditional treatment or cure does not help people in certain situations.

For example, though diagnosed with eczema, one patient did not respond to any of the cures or treatments for the affliction and was cursed to spend her life scratching and itching the dry patches until she was forced psychologically to refrain to going out in public or seeking employment. Because of a skin disorder, this patient was economically, emotionally, and physically stricken to spend the rest of her life in isolation, poverty, and pain. She could not receive government assistance and without insurance, she had to suffer with this painful illness until she died at an early age.

Why do dermatologists not partition the government to list skin disorders, especially unexplained skin disorders as a disability? Most are not life threatening and are more a discomfort than a disability in the government and the medical communities eyes. With this attitude, there are millions of skin sufferers that will not find treatment within the medical community and will not receive disability in which many of the severe cases deserve. Most patients will have to look for non-conventional methods in which to ease their suffering which could help and in a few cases could be detrimental to the problem instead of helping it.

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Martha Castillo 6 years ago from San Diego CA

Wonderful idea....some say that keeping our instestines clean will help with some skin problems.

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