Unknown scars of the heart

invisible hurt

Life is like a movies. Everybody is actors but have difference roles for their scene.when it become your life in this world it seem so surreal without options.. When children have to grow-up before their mind tend to shift into a state of disbelief of what is going on around their environment.As your mind is expanding from being a child in to adult way of thinking it more pressure on you. It already hard to just being a child. Children have so many things that they have to deal with. We are parent that should teach our children to love everyone even though it not returned. I feel like sometime the parent don't know how to teach their children because they were not taught basic skill to love unconditional. Good and evil can co-exit in the same space because one without the others we wouldn't know how to tell if it good or bad. If our children are our future than we are in trouble. We should teach them the basic living skills such as" reading, writing, math and if they understand don't tell them it ok to ask. Their pride will be their down-fall.. No question is dumb it become dumb when don't know the correct way do something. The reason our children need learn to know difference type of love so they want fall prey of giving them wrong ideas to serve their motivate It always people will tell you what you want hear and not what need know.


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