Best Exercises for Seniors- How to Stay Strong in 50+

Up and Down Exercises for Seniors

Up and down exercises are meant for those who find difficulty in walking & jogging during rainy season & also for the people who cannot go for Jim. These are simpler exercises which give the same effect as that of walking, jogging, treadmill walking & cycling without the need of any machines. For this we just need an 8 inches long stool & a long bath towel. If stool is not available these can be done in staircase steps.

Up and Down Exercises Advantages

Up and down exercise as the name implies is an aerobic exercise done in moving up and down. They burn up calories faster than in trade mill, cycling exercises. If we walk through a treadmill for 20 minutes at 7km/hr, nearly 170-200 calories are removed from our body.

The following are the 5 exercises which have to be done to burn 210-230 calories.

Step by Step Guide for Up and Down Exercises

People of any age can do this exercise but the prefernece is given to senior peoples but those who are suffering from arthoporesis & knee pain should not try this. Before doing any exercise warm up should be done. Starts with jogging at the place you are standing, rotate both the hands back and  front. Take a deep breath. Repeat these for 5 minutes and  start the exercises.

Step 1 : - First keep the right leg firmly on ground, and then place left leg on top of stool. Place bath towel parallel to our elbow.

Step 2:  Then breathe out raising the towel to the maximum. Take a deep breath & return to the initial stage.

Then keep your left leg firmly on ground & place right leg on top of the stool. Then slow breathing out raise the towel up & downs done before. Take a deep breath & come back to the initial stage. While doing this stretch your body.

Step 3: As done earlier keep the right leg on stool & towel parallel to the elbow.

Step 4 : Then raise the right leg from ground & balance the body on left leg. At the same time tries to bring the left elbow perpendicular to right leg. Left hand should come parallel to shoulder. Do this in opposite direction.

Sometime at first you may find difficulty but after constant practice it will become easier.

Step 5:  It is a simple exercise. Place left leg on top of stool. Keep the towel at a distance, at the same time raise your leg from ground.

Step 6: bring back the towel calmly to down & place the left leg back to ground.

Repeat this for 10 times using right leg also.

Step 7: A small change in the above said exercises are done here.

Left leg should be kept firmly on ground & right leg on stool. Place the towel at your shoulder level. Elbow must be at a height of shoulder, keeping near to your body.

Step 8: Then bring elbow to your shoulder level & balance body to stool. Do this again & repeat the same in opposite direction,

Step 9
: Keep right leg on ground & left leg on stool. Repeat the above said exercises.

Step 10 : After keeping the left leg on stool stretch the towel to the maximum & bring right to the stool. After coming straight keep right leg on ground & return to early stage. Repeat this for 10 times & do it in opposite direction.

Flexibility and Stretching Exercises for Warm-Up and Cool-Down

The above said 5 reps are to be done once at a week. At first do exercises for 2 days  and take rest for next day? This is to avoid the body pain. Next day these are to be done again. Continue for 4 days &take 1 day rest. Repeat for 20 days then increase the number of exercises.    

When we start 2nd step of exercises after 1st, take 2-3 minutes rest. After gaining stamina rest time can be reduced to 30 seconds to 1 minute.

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tmgonzalez profile image

tmgonzalez 6 years ago from Northern CA

Great information. It's so important to keep exercising as we age. My grandfather exercised religiously and live to be nearly 100. I hope many folks will read this and take it to heart.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi tmgonzalez,

People should understand the importance of exercise in thier health. The aged people can stay more active with this. I too hope that many will be benefited through this hub.

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