The Causes of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can be caused by a variety of different things. While it can usually occur from trauma or an injury, it can also be caused by poor posture or strain from lifting over a period of time. Back pain caused by stress or strain has recently become very common with people who work at computers a lot during the day. Back problems caused through computers also occur in conjunction with neck pain as well as shoulder pain.

When looking at back pain, the majority of all cases are caused by either muscular irritation or joint dysfunction.  Both of these conditions can cause mild to severe back pain or discomfort and make every day functions difficult to manage.  Through correct diagnosis and proactive treatment/therapies, you can relieve or eliminate the pain altogether.

Muscular Irritation

Muscular irritation is usually caused by de-conditioning or overuse injuries. Strain, injuries from sports, car accidents, pregnancy, or other sudden or severe injuries can cause you to have back pain through muscular irritation.

Treatment for muscular irritation is possible through a variety of treatments like exercise or passive physical therapy; chiropractic work; massage therapy; or acupuncture. Many of the therapies undergone for upper back pain will include a lot of stretching and muscle strengthening in the back and the upper muscles.

Upper Back Pain through Joint Dysfunction

Your ribs are connected with the vertebrae in the spine by two joints that are attached to the sides of the spine.  Problems with these joints will cause you to have upper back pain and extreme discomfort.

Just like upper back pain caused by muscular irritation, often physical therapy or treatment is required to relieve or reduce pain.  Visiting an osteopathic physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist will help get mobility and reduce pain in these joints.  If you want great, lasting results with joint dysfunction related back pain, you'll want to do home exercises which stretch and strengthen the spine and shoulders.  Aerobic conditioning also will help keep a strong, healthy, and pain-free upper back. 

Combined with proper physical exercise and treatment, using pain medications can help if your pain is disrupting your day.  The most helpful would be anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen.  Joint dysfunction usually causes inflammation which is a source of your pain.


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