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Work Life Balance a Common Term

The term ‘work life balance’ is one most people are very familiar with. Numerous U.S. corporations have utilized programs to assist employees to strike an improved life balance through providing health club benefits, on site child care, additional time off for occasions like the birth of a child, and other benefits (of course, a huge population of employees is not offered these types of advantages). Despite all the awareness and attempts to bring better balance, US citizens are generally still are some of the most over-worked, and lead some of the most hurried lifestyles there are. With all of this talk of work life balance, why aren’t there greater changes in this area of daily life? The answer is simple; many of us talk about work life balance, but fail to implement the changes needed to actually reap the benefits of it.

The bottom line advantage of work life balance is about minimizing tension and stress in your lifestyle. Stress and anxiety can be very detrimental to a person’s overall health in many ways. Much of the anxiety in a person's everyday life tends to be work related. Stress can also come from non-work activities as well.

An individual may claim to have a work life harmony, but in addition to working a full-time job, there may be many pursuits with the kids, volunteering at community functions, exercising five days weekly, on top of the ordinary household chores of shopping, cooking, laundry, bill paying, etc. many times it seems there is just not enough hours to go around. For some, there is an illusion of work life balance in that they may have applied it to areas of their job, yet heavily load the side of non-work hours, thus creating still another form of being off-balanced, and stressed.

Accomplishing work life balance doesn't mean a person cram more and more activities on the lifestyle portion of your equation to balance out a high-octane work life. Accomplishing effective work life balance implies doing moderation as well as minimizing the stress in your life in both personal and work related sides of issue.

Rate Your Goals

To appreciate a functional work life balance, consider the following:

Consciously determine what is really important in your lifestyle, write those values down and rate them from most important to least important. Complete a cognizant, realistic assertion about where your main goals lie. Perhaps seek honest feedback from a good friend, relative, significant other, or spouse. Taking the initial step for the quest of a healthy work life balance means reducing the gap between what you desire, and what you actually do.

Use your calendar for appointments a life thing, not just work related. Include crucial individual routines into your schedule, to help you see a more realistic view of where the hours are being spent. Examples of what to plan include exercising, meal prep, meal time and cleanup, and kids' pursuits. Don’t forget to add to the calendar children or spouse events that require something of you.

Determine accomplishment based on outcomes, not necessarily hours. Those who measure success based on hours worked will tend to prioritize time over results which can create a situation that a person is likely to be less motivated to figure out ways to get more work done in less time. Avoid using time as your measure of success; instead use results produced as a more accurate measuring stick.

Streamline Like Tasks

Look for ways to streamline and cluster like tasks to maximize results. For instance, don’t check your email all day (if possible) as it can be a huge interruption causing you to loose precious time elsewhere. Carve out a couple times a day to do that task and complete everything related to that. Attempt to do the same with your phone calls, if possible.

Don't give in to peer pressure which in adulthood can easily translate into the “keeping up with the Jones’” thing. You will see many people around you that are workaholics and choose to be, but it doesn’t mean you must follow suit.

Realizing the search for a healthy work life balance includes doing some severe soul searching and coming to grips with your true priorities. Should you choose want to make alterations tackle the task head-on, to find that path to a more healthy way of life. You might be surprised at how your standard of living grows and how little it truly effects your career dreams.

Recognize when you need help and ask for it. A two parent working household may find simply hiring a housecleaner every other week or so, worth every penny to help achieve a better overall balance in life. So, what are some of your favorite tips to accomplishing a healthy work life balance?

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