Using Your Unconscious Mind to Beat Gangstalking and Electronic Harassment

Conscious Thought Avails You Not


Conscious Thought Avails You Not"

You can get ANYTHING you need done accomplished by simply listening to the "ahhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,ahhhhhhhh" frequency instead of the other if you DON'T THINK ANYTHING TO YOURSELF(and wear earplugs so you cannot be disturbed by outside noises). Anything you consciously think they can SEE and then twist into something awful. Just by thinking nothing while listening to that "higher Frequency"(or really great music), you can zoom through any activity like a ball of "greased lightning".

The SECOND you think anything, you get detoured into concepts associated with what you are thinking about by things like: similar-sounding words (which are obscene and lead to really disturbing pictures in your mind). No conscious thoughts, no obscene add-ons, a job easily well-done (and you can put some force into it like anyone OUGHT to be able to do!) The Buddhists call this state of superior-performance "no-mind", "oneness with the void", you are in the world and doing stuff, but you are not of it. There is NOTHING for them to grab a hold of when you think this way.

Buddhist ways I've found useful in "breaking the spell" of modern-day "thought-hangup-stress-outs" are statements like: "The thought of the thought of the voidness is the key" or "I see that I am blind........and I see the blinding light in everything, but I forget". This pulls your mind onto a different subject which isn't TERRIBLE, like most of these hangups you can get stuck in are. They speak of the conscious mind having NO ATTACHMENT to the action you are doing. One way that helps is to pretend to yourself that you don't know what you are doing. You still will be able to accomplish the task because SOMEWHERE DEEP DOWN, you know how to do it, but this place doesn't have to be accompanied by any conscious thought whatsoever. This "Mind-Jacking-Cult" cannot get down there and seize hold of your mind where action is performed without "ATTACHMENT(expectation/annoyance)." You are just doing something that is necessary, like breathing.

The same goes with who you think you are. In my optimal state of mental/physical performance, there is absolutely NO CONSCIOUS thinking about who I am for them to twist (usually into something feminine). You aren't going to forget yourself, the essence of who you are is translucent and not really subject to change. It's like having eyes but no face. By THINKING OF YOURSELF AS NOTHING, YOU CANNOT BE MENTALLY-HIJACKED BY THIS BUNCH or made to feel AS THOUGH YOU ARE SOMEONE/SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT! You can also pretend to be someone else (in your mind). It's like having a fake psychic I.D. This projection doesn't correspond to the YOU they are's like putting a decoy where you normally keep your physical self-concept. The "machine" won't be able to access someone who is thinking of him/herself AS THOUGH they were someone/something that is not their actual self!

You always exist, your DEEP self who is down in that special place "without shapes or words" can always merge again with an activity you enjoy (but look out for these suckers..........when things just "don't seem right", get out of your verbal/pictorial imagination and into self-perceived no-mind). These guys actually gave me the Indian name "Sees you coming"........quite a compliment. Look for ringing in the ears!

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MOEFLATS profile image

MOEFLATS 4 years ago Author

I've got to say that you have a correct outlook on drugs. They hit me until I ran out and then they kept going. I did better than most times because I did not let them use guilt as a backdoor entrance to my mind.

Emmanuel Kariuki profile image

Emmanuel Kariuki 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

I am concerned about the drugs. They could have a long term harmful effect, probably worse than the stalking. What about changing neighborhoods every three to four years. They'll catch up with you sooner or later. This added to I-pod and keeping very busy in your hobbies just might help.

MOEFLATS profile image

MOEFLATS 4 years ago Author

Man, you were right about de-patterning. I've just got back into my lifting/cardio routine after a severe attack they pulled on me when I ran out of anxiety medication. The key is never take too much and know in your heart of hearts that you have the strength to overcome the mind-control......even without medication. The drug known as Abilify is very helpful in the recovery process because it shuts them out somehow. Same with Zoloft. Serotonin helps fuel the self esteem and overcome their attempts to get us "down". Clonopin is especially useful when taken with Abilify, but being as it caused me such grief, I recommend caution. I still use it -- I just don't rely on it to vanquish this external control phenomenon.

MOEFLATS profile image

MOEFLATS 5 years ago Author

I've learned to get a kick out of "being beamed" with music on. I just remember that : it's my mind and I can control what happens in here. The energy can be molded into a positive experience, especially with a positive attitude and GOOD music.

MOEFLATS profile image

MOEFLATS 5 years ago Author

For that "mind-jangling hum", put on some music. The I-Pod is to me one of the greatest invention on this planet! There are 2 components to electrical "beaming": one feels electromagnetic. It makes your mind much more open to WHATEVER YOU HEAR. By listening to music when this happens, you relate to the music and NOT whatever they are trying to "program" you to be.

MOEFLATS profile image

MOEFLATS 5 years ago Author

This is for Emmanuelle: YES......having music on and focusing upon the music, actually living to the music make it possible to not only shut out the cr#p, but energize you and enhance your day! Try a combination of Abilify and Ritalin. This medication-combo really helps!

Emmanuel Kariuki profile image

Emmanuel Kariuki 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

It is sad to hear that such things happen in a democratic world where everyone should be free.

I have seen these things here also, but mainly they use visual signals like people crossing your path all day everwhere wearing red. It's to say "we are watching your every move." This may be accompanied by comments that sound like normal talk to others, but you will know you are the target.

sometime back, a fellow would talk loudly in a bus but at the end of the conversation he would insert just one word (very normal to others) but I would know I was the target.

Can listening to a favourite radio station or mp3 player with earplugs help to keep the mindtwisting activity far in the background?

akasolia 5 years ago

hey 'seesyoucoming' like the name and the information. There are techniques that work in there, like earplugs. Other things I want to mention are just addons to what you've already said. There is this idea of covert rehersal. It is useful to do for me when I am feeling overwhelmed or fearful. The ringing in the ears is very interesting. In 'project artichoke' the military and university researchers that worked for them tried to use hypnotic suggestion in order to override basic directives (thinking basic directives are peoples basic drive to do what's in their best interest). The mind-jangling humm that I experience in my own home is different than any other hum I experience anywhere else. I believe that it may be harmful and connected to subliminal hypnotic suggestion meant to overwhelm basic-directive. Furthermore, direct hypnosis and substance use has been used on my husband myself and our unborn child by these sociopathic animals; it's one of the reasons I think it's more likely that the hum is connected as a subliminal mind "control". The covert rehersal as well as trying to stay away from the hum and stick to a schedule helps. Don't let them 'depattern' you, this makes the effect of mind "control" more powerful.

So basically I think it's important to validate yourself and who you are because, just like you said they are trying to mess up your sense of self. Yes, they are liars. Yes, they are exagerators. It helps to remember who I am and remember my victories and what I love, and what I hope, and what I want, those help me stay strong. It has helped me stay strong throughout the torture.

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