My Lite N Easy Diet Review

Lite n Easy- What is it?

I wrote this review to share my experiences as a Lite N Easy diet customer. I am not affiliated with the company in any way, I am just a normal customer who needed to lose a few kgs.

Lite n Easy is a weight loss program in Australia where the food is delivered to your door, ready made, with all of the cooking done. All that might be required is a quick heat in the microwave of certain items. It includes all the food that you need for the meals that you have selected, portioned into packages which are marked with the date and time to be eaten.. Some items are refrigerated, some of it is frozen, whilst a few items are suitable for storing in your pantry. However, it is not necessary to be at home when the food is delivered. If you leave instructions for the delivery driver they will leave the items somewhere on your premises such as a car port or garage, stored in a insulated container packed with dry ice.

What are the Lite N Easy options?

Options vary from state to state but usually include a choice of meals which contain differing amounts of calories. For instance, for QLD Lite n Easy customers it is possible to pick between a 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie diet depending on your weight loss requirements.

There are also options about the number of meals included within your plan. Plans include 7 day breakfast, lunch and dinner, 5 day breakfast, lunch and dinner for those that prefer to eat normally at weekends or for special events, as well as 5 and 7 day Lunch and Dinner only options.

It is also possible to order Dinners only, as well as soups, mini meals for children and desserts.

The Lite N Easy Taste Test

I ordered the 7 day full Lite N Easy plan, in other words, food that included breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days as well as snacks. I opted for the 1200 calorie plan as I was only trying to lose a relatively small amount of post baby weight and wanted to do it quickly.

The first thing that I noticed upon opening the box was that there was an awful lot of food in there for one week! I am normally a grazer, but I eat big meals too. Nonetheless, I certainly didn't feel that there was any scrimping on food. What I did notice was that certain items were quite small i.e. the bread rolls that were included were smaller than ones we have at home.

When you order your food you are offered choices about the meals that are sent. This was great for me as there are a few things that I really won't eat. Everything I got though was actually tasty, often better than I could have cooked myself. Examples of dinners included Chicken Tikka masala, Traditional Roast Beef (with all the trimmings), chicken Enchiladas. Without exception they were very tasty. Lunches were things such as sandwiches and fruit with a muesli bar or popcorn for an afternoon snack. For breakfast I mainly had the cereal options although there were cooked options each day if that is your preference.

The one thing that really surprised me is that I didn't get hungry. In fact, on occasion I almost had to force myself to eat the snacks because I wasn't hungry. I don't normally eat a lot of breakfast but pig out later instead, and this helped stop my constant snacking.

Also, the food really was good. My husband got cross a couple of times and wanted to switch his normal meal for mine. I didn't let him!

Lite n Easy Pricing

Pricing varies by state and by the meal plan selected. For my 7 day full Lite n Easy plan, which included all of my food all pre prepared and delivered it was $128. Whilst that seems like quite a bit it is actually less than $20 a day for all my meals- and I didn't have to do any cooking!

For less expensive options 7 dinners are only $69 dollars, soups are $15 for 5 and desserts are only $8 for 4.

Did I lose weight on Lite N Easy?

Of course, I am only one person so this is extremely unscientific, but I did lose 5 and a half pounds in the 3 weeks I was on the Lite n easy diet. I had planned to lose 5-7 so that was perfect and I did slip up a few times with the odd glass of wine!

So for me the program worked, but most importantly it was painless. I never felt deprived like I have done on other diets and it was extraordinarily convenient. I probably couldn't have afforded it for months, but I did choose the most expensive options, I'm sure I could have compromised somewhere if need be. All in all, I am surprised to say that this is a diet that really works.

If you want to read about other weight loss methods I have tried read my other hub Diets That Work To Help You Lose Weight

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John 4 years ago

Great review.I have been on the program for 4 weeks now and find that it is the easiest way to lose weight that i have been on,do not have to think about what to eat,all meals calorie controlled,I am on the 1800 plan since I exercise quite a lot 8-12 hrs a week.Would recommend this to anyone seriously wanting to lose weight.So far lost 7 kilos only 5kg to go for my goal weight of 73kg.

rhnda kerr 6 years ago

wold like to lose abit more wait

elli 6 years ago

good review... i've used them before and found them to be an easy way to loose weight. I started on the 1500 calorie plan but just could not eat all the fantastic snacks so dropped to 1200. Was never hungry. I found initially I had to excercise quite a bit (get the metabolism going maybe?) but after a few weeks dropped back to excercising 2-3 times a week. Did it for 10 weeks and lost 8 kilos.

vicki stokes 6 years ago

that is an excellent review of the lite and easy program. I agree 100% with your interpretation and explanation. Dieting couldn't be much easier than that.

We used to "save up" our snacks like the pate - salsa - crackers and when guests came over served up "lite and easy" supper

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