Vibrational Healing Energies

Science has proven that all matter and materials consisting of atoms are in a constant state of motion. Energy in motion inside all matter down to the subatomic level. All forms of matter are made of tiny atoms called protons, neutrons, and electrons. Everything is vibrating from inanimate objects to animated objects, from all life, people and even certain locations on the Earth.

Auras are a form of electromagnetic vibrational radiation emanating from a person, object, or location. Everything in the known universe seems to vibrate at a precise vibration. It is believed that all thoughts, actions, color, and sound all have a specific vibration frequency. Even the human body immune system is effected by different degrees in vibration.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem”, wrote about that everything is energy and vibration. That aura light is connected to our state of health, emotions, and thoughts. He asserted that anyone with practice can send positive energy to themselves , others, and situations to improve the quality of life.

Can the average person see vibrational energy or the aura itself?

Psychics like Edgar Cayce seem to be able to see it with the naked eye. Mediums can sense the negative and positive energy around people and places. But the best way to see an aura today is by Kirlian photography. Kirlian photography, named after the Russian electrician Semon Davidovich Kirlian. Semon Kirlian made the discovery in 1939 but this type of electrical photography was well known to physicists and electrical engineers many years before this. Nikola Tesla also created Kirlian-like photographs 75 years before they became famous.

Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 –January 7,1943), an American electrical engineer, physicist, and scientist, was a world-renowned inventor in groundbreaking technological discoveries. Tesla knew that high electrical voltage could produce “aura-like photography” before the 1900‘s. Tesla was an underrated genius who understood high frequency technology and high voltage energy. He was an expert at understanding vibration and resonance.

Tesla knew that everything ever existed has a frequency and possesses a unique vibratory rate which resonates with the heart of the universe. Tesla invented all types of oscillating machines including the Tesla Personal Oscillator which was to promote health and well-being, but just before his death, Tesla was working on Photographing Thought. Tesla was greatly aware that the power of thought, vibration, and resonance energy were connected, and could be enhance for constructive purposes.

Can we raise our vibrational frequency?

Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of Eastern and Western wisdom, has often spoken of practical and inspiring ways to raise one’s vibrational frequency to a state of love and ecstasy. Letting go of ego and relinquishing the need to control, will create a spiritual awareness of enlightenment full of bliss, love, happiness, and abundance. Meditating and focusing on healing energy opens yourself to others and will benefit everyone.

Vibrational medicine or energy healing is factual on a scientific level. Harmonious flow of energy within the body produces a healthy person and any imbalances creates illness and death. The famous psychic and healer, Edgar Cayce, spoke about seeing auras and understanding their meaning. Two of his books, “Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Colors“, and “Edgar Cayce on Vibration: Spirit in Motion”, are excellent works on how vibration and auras impact our world.

In conclusion, the study of vibrational energy is an important one because it links our connection to a much higher source. The vibrational creative force in the universe is both true in physics as it is true in the spiritual sense. To regenerate, heal, and reconnect to the true vibration of the universe. To understand other dimensional planes of existence that vibrate at different frequencies, and to fully comprehend the nature of all things in relation to each other. We are vibrating energy souls in a vibrating co-creating universe. Our world is not solid but thoughts only solidified. Creation is happening every millisecond and the best possible force we can benefit from is of course the most positive creative force of all: love.

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UrsulaRose 4 years ago

Enjoyed reading this well-written and informative hub article on a subject matter that I find most interesting indeed. :)

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TS Garp 4 years ago Author

Thank you, I find this to be a most fascinating subject too. Thoughts and vibration do so much more than just physical action.

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