Viewing Support Groups As Alternative Medicine

Support groups are another alternative healing strategy that has shown dramatic success in treating diseases, especially cancer. A research study in Sweden found that women who participated in support groups for cancer lived eighteen to twenty four months longer than those who did not attend. More importantly, long time survivors of terminal diseases belonged to support groups. How do support groups work? The emotional bond of a population of people that share an emotional or physical aliment is so strong, the positive energy and discussion felt within the group transcends to the mental health of the member. Subsequently, the mental health is transferred to the physical side and better health is the result. The interaction between mind and body is evident and the patient survives the crisis longer or completely.

The great thing about support groups is, again, they are at little to no cost. Even diseases such as drug addiction and alcoholism have support groups that give a group a common bond that transcends conventional medicine. Groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous gather sometimes several times a week to not only meet the schedules of their members, but also they realize that the addiction does not just go away because there is no meeting scheduled. Most support group will even assign you a support person who can be your coach while getting through the medical ordeal. These people have either survived the medical crisis or have made a major breakthrough and they can help the struggling group member through times of depression, doubt, or worry

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