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Find out if you quality for a free NHS eye test

If you fall into any of the categories below then you are entitled to a free NHS eye test.

  • Aged below 16, but up to 19 if in full time education
  • If you are receiving income support from the government
  • Your name is on the Tax Credit NHS Exemption Certificate
  • You have a HC3 Health Certificate
  • Pension Guarentee credit
  • Aged 60 or over
  • You are diagnosed and recognised as having diabetes or glaucoma
  • Advised that you may be at risk of glaucoma
  • You are registered as partially sighted or blind
  • You are currently receiving money via job seekers allowance


If you do not qualify.....

Vision express are currently offering up to 50% off on all eye tests. This is a great deal which means you can get your eyes tested at a great price. Leaving bad eye sight to deteriorate further is never a good thing, and poor eye sight should never be ignored. Look after your health and take advantage of one of the offers available to you today.

Or this...

Have you ever considered Laser Eye Surgery? If so then you might be surprised to find that there are also some great offers for this too. Optical Express are currently offering half price laser eye surgery. It is worth some consideration, and there are many benefits. Including:

  • No Glasses
  • No Contact Lenses
  • Enjoy Sports again
  • Convenience Factor
  • Confidence

Visit Optimax Half Price Laser Eye Surgery

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