What Benefits Vitamin Water for your Health

Vitamin Water

I really like the Idea of Vitamin Water it seems really good.and healthy. The bottle makes the water even seem more wonderful. The taste is great for almost all their flavors. But some times I just not sure if its really good for me or if Its just false hopes. This water taste great and they have flavors for all sorts of things but does it really benefit you to drink a lot or is it just a gimmick to get money out of your pocket. Me personally I love the concept and also like this drink. I like am currently drinking Power-C that has dragon fruit and vitamin c+taurine. I not a heath nut but I wish I was so I could know what the heck I am drinking. I think its wrong sometimes to pay for water period since you can get it free most places and you already pay for it at home on your water bill. If I am going to pay for water than it should be flavored or better yet have some vitamins so I can get some benefit out of it.

I love to drink water when its cold out of the faucet but sometimes I get scared of water when I am in a different city and I force my self to by bottle water. I usually get flavored water or Vitim water because it least I am getting Vitamins. Water can cost from $1 to 4 dollars just for something we always got for free. I know the water in the faucet is probably more safe than the water in bottle. Just think do you really trust these companies with your health or are we all just blind or programed to buy what ever they sell us. I would love to know what you think about bottle water or vitamin water. Check out the Videos there are some big Stars behind Vitamin Water like 50 Cents the Rapper and Steve Nash and other NBA stars. Vitamin Water is big business and One of the better choices currently. I would rather buy Vitamin Water than just some water in a bottle that I had no idea what in it and if is just water from the faucet anyway.

Vitamin Water for your Health

Viatamin Water
Viatamin Water | Source

50 Cent - Vitamin Water Commercial

Kobe Bryant vs Lebron James Vitamin Water

New Vitamin Water Commercial - Celebs Train with Cosmonaut

50 Cent Drinks Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water by 50 Cents
Vitamin Water by 50 Cents | Source

Vitamin Water Poll

Which Water do you Buy Most

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  • Smart Water
  • Flavored Water
  • Purified Water
  • Distilled Water
  • Soda Water
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Steve Nash and Vitamin Water

Steve Nash Vitamin Water Commercial
Steve Nash Vitamin Water Commercial | Source

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    Different Flavors of Vitamin Water

    Pick your favorite Vitamin Water
    Pick your favorite Vitamin Water | Source

    Whats in Vitamin Water

    Health Facts Vitamin Water
    Health Facts Vitamin Water | Source

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