Vitamins- our dietary guardian angels

Vitamins are the protective nutrients against diseases in our bodies. Unfortunately the body cannot synthesize vitamins naturally hence the reason as to why we need to take them daily if we are to live long and strong healthy lives.

Ideally they must be supplied directly through meals in which case a daily serving of fruits and vegetables will help provide for the appropriate vitamins necessary for your body. While it is sometimes a challenge to ensure daily dietary provisions that is the reason why doctors recommend dietary supplements in the form of pills.

The problem with vitamins is that they get destroyed while cooking the vegetables hence the importance of taking dietary supplements regardless. Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C are water soluble this implies that water will dissolve these vitamins thus reducing the efficiency of their absorption. The rest of the vitamins which include vitamins A, D E and K are fat soluble meaning that they dissolve in fats. Therefore it is important to avoid cooking fruits and vegetables.

However in the case where cooking makes the vegetables more palatable steaming for 3-5minutes will ensure that the vitamins are preserved. Furthermore, the challenge with vitamins is that even daily fruit and vegetable consumption doesn’t guarantee absorbing sufficient amounts as required by the body hence the reason why doctors encourage supplements to complement dietary intake to account for the remaining quantities.

Thus whether you are taking your vegetables daily ensure that you supplement the remaining quantities with vitamin pills you are guaranteed of a healthy life for your self and future.

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MMMoney 6 years ago from Where U Can Make More Money

useful info thanks

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Rahe 6 years ago from Clearwater Author

You're welcome!I really appreciate it.

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