Walking a complete exercise

No gadgets or training required! Just get yourself a pair of good shoes and walk your way to health and a cheerful state of mind.

Exercise is necessary part of our daily life. It is a must and essential for a healthy and a fit body. Today exercising is in vogue because all of us want slim and toned bodies. If we are over-weight, we dream of seeing excess flab melt away. Jogging, swimming, aerobics, and many newer ways are being floated as the ultimate answer to losing weight. Walking is one of the ways to do it.

Walking is easy and safe:

There are many reasons why walking can be considered a classic exercise. There is no refuting the fact that walking is easy. Since the time Homo sapiens assumed a standing posture, our body has adapted itself to walking. Each of us walks from the time our first steps give a divine pleasure to our parents, when we are around one.

We rarely experience any exertion during normal walking. Walking is unusually injury free.

Walking is aerobic:

There is a rhythm in our walk. Without perceiving it, we need to do a fair bit of balancing during walking. Rhythm and balance are the basics of aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises help, but walking may be a better and easier alternative.

Walking is inexpensive:

Walking does not need any expensive gadgets, what one needs is a pair of good, comfortable walking shoes. Walking shoes need not bear a fancy label. They should fit well and be adequately padded and hence comfortable, that's all.

Even Old people can exercise:

Everyone in the family can do this exercise. Age, sex and diseases( infact some diseases need walking) are no deterrents to walking. Old and young alike can walk to remain in shape. All can walk together, an evening or morning walk at least twice a week, for all members of the family can go a long way in having a shapely family and shaping strong family bonds.

Walking may be good for patients with heart and lung diseases. There may be a slight restriction on the sped of walking and the distance to be covered, but both can be progressively increased. Walking helps the heart to pump better and work better. Cardiac efficiency improves. It may help in lowering blood pressure and control of cholesterol levels. There are studies to show that regular walking increases the levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) in our circulation. These HDLs are good for the heart.

Walking reduces weight:

Walking is a good exercise to burn fat and reduce weight. It is not as hectic as swimming or running, hence can be done over a longer period with better effects. To reduce weight, the distance and sped should be increased slowly over time. Walking should be done regularly, diets alone will not help, some form of exercise is necessary and that some form may be had from walking. So walk, control your diet and see your pounds tumble off.

Walking improves muscle power and tone:

During walking you have to carry your own weight and maintain a standing posture. There is an unconscious need for a balancing effort. The muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen back and upper limbs are all put to work. Due to this overall exercising effect, the complete body becomes fit, toned and trim. Muscle flexibility increases.

Walking a stress buster:

Walking is an ideal way to relieve stress. It relaxes and reactivate our tormented nerves. Slow walk perhaps in a garden or lawn, especially with one's beloved, can definitely alleviate the effects of an exhausting day at home or office. So friends, walk and be happy and live a longer, stress free life.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) endorses walking as a good exercise. According to the WHO, " A walker loses weight, lowers cholesterol, reduces conditions associated with hypertension, slows down the ageing process, increases strength, flexibility, balance, strengthens bones and increases stamina." All very important essentials of a healthy life.

Walking is simple and easy and a cheap way to become fit and maintain fitness, it is a physiological and medically correct way to lose fat so that one retains an athletic body for life. It may also help to keep away diseases like hypertension, and their after-effects.

So friends, walk now and walk long.

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Jean's Corner profile image

Jean's Corner 8 years ago from Harrisburg North Carolina

Good article. So many people think that walking does no more than take you from point A to point B.

Beautiful horse? Yours? My daughter has horses, and by default I have become a HUGE lover of horses. I look forward to talking with you in the near future.

Happy Hubbing.


eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

Thanks a lot,I love horse like anything, hope to have one like that, but now only images.Why don't you recommend to your daughter to present me one;-). Even i look forward to have a chat with you LOL. Look into my other hubs and offer your comments,that would be a Jackpot to me.

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