Make Healthy Choices If You Want To Be Skinny!


Diet? No! Healthy Choices YES!

Losing weight can be a lot easier with a few minor changes in your life. I like to call this making healthy choices that lead to healthy living. Just few simple lifestyle changes can result in a unwanted weight dropping off of you. Better yet is this:

By making healthy choices your body will adjust permanently to your lifestyle unlike crash, designer diets that seem to result in yo-yo weight loss and gain. I guess you could call a lifestyle change a "diet" but healthy living people rarely have to go on diets. They remain healthy, fit, and at a weight they are comfortable with.

5 Healthy Choices You Can Start Making Right Now!

  • Eat Smaller Meals Made of Whole Foods If you have a hard time remembering which ones are "whole foods" think of it this way. Foods that are made of one, natural ingredient are usually whole foods. Fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats, along with nuts and seeds are great whole foods.
  • Work Out 3-4 Times Per Week You don't have to become a gym rat, either. A half hour walk every other night will result in enough calorie loss to help lose 1 pound per month. Couple that with the whole the smaller meals of whole foods which digest and burn off easier than processed food and the weight loss can actually increase to 1 to 2 lbs per week!
  • Drink Lots Of Water Drinking water makes the body feel fuller and aids in digesting what the body already has in it. A well hydrated body also has better looking skin and better muscle functionality.
  • Drink One Cup Of Coffee Or Tea A Day Too much caffeine is bad, yes. However, a cup of coffee at midday (like at lunch) will kick start the metabolism as it is just getting ready to slow down for the day. Get it going and the calorie burning continues longer.
  • Get 7 to 9 Hours of Sleep Tonight Adequate sleep will result in a better overall functioning body. Muscles repair and mend during sleep. The body rejuvenates. The mind becomes sharp. You need sleep. No doubt about it.

Just Another Bullcrap Diet Article Right? WRONG Just Make Healthy Choices!!

You're wrong and you have to do yourself a favor and try this for 21 days. Do these 5 things for three weeks and you're sure to see results. Remember: No cheating for three weeks.

Don't starve yourself, just eat 5 small meals of whole foods a day. Walk 1/2 hour every other day. Sleep well. Drink water. Have a cup of coffee or tea, daily!

It will gotta' believe and start making those healthy choices right now!

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