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How to lose weight safely & effectively?

Have been battling all those weight gain issues for almost everyday? Have you ever dreamed of having a nice and sexy body to flaunt with that beautiful dress at the mall? Have you been tired of hearing all those hurtful words because of your body weight? Wanna fit in that wedding dress and be a lovely bride for your hubby? Wanna tone down your body and be ready for the summer fun? Well, if your one of them, then this blog is especially made for you. I am going to share to you a true story about weight problems.

A friend of mine is just like you. She has been fighting all her weight issues from the day she started to think that being on the lighter side is much better in our society. Why? Most people tend to notice you when you are pretty and skinny than plain, ordinary women. Admit it or not, having sexy body is important. So because of this, she decided to do something about it and end all those gaining weight issues and started to think on how to lose weight effectively. I asked her, what's her beauty regimen? What made her loss weight effectively, especially nowadays that a lot of products in the market are being advertise all stating the same promise that everyone is talking about like; how to loose weight effectively or reduce weight in 7 days or weight gain be gone in 18 days. So she shares it with me and now is the time for me to share the secret with you.

Here are the some of the basic steps on how to loose weight effectively:

!. Make a plan for your weight loss goal.

Loosing weight is not easy if you have no plans on how to achieve it. Plan it out. Buy a dairy or journal and use that as your bible and blue print of your weight loss goal. Plan as to when you will start and when you must achieve it. Then, voila, that journal will be your daily watcher as to how good or bad you did everyday. It will also serve as your daily watcher, as to what you eat that day; how heavy you are that day, etc. Just always remember that the journal is for you weight loss plan. So everthing about your goals must be jotted down in that jounal. This will keep you track of your success in your goal.

2. Of course, exercise daily for at least 30 minutes .

Exercising daily is very important not just to our plan to lose weight but to our body entirely. Without exercise, our body will definitely deteriorate slowly without us even knowing it is happening. We will be surprise one day that we have some serious illness that can't be easily cured. Exercising helps in preventing serious diseases. It also improves our body stamina, strengthens and tones our muscles, bones and ligaments; enhances flexibility and of course controls our weight. End result will be a better quality of life.

So wake up every morning and put on your running shoes and exercise suit and walk or run outside. Go to the park or walk for 30 to 45 minutes in your subdivision or neighborhood and feel that sweat coming out of your body. You don't have to do extrenuous exercise to loose weight. Walking everyday will do the magic. You may do this at night after work but do use warm clothing in order to generate heat inside your body to sweat more due to cold condition at night.

3. Eat more dark green leafy vegetables and fruits.

All green leafy vegetables are the most concentrated sources of nutrition. Why? It helps to slow the aging process or prevent age-related illness due to the presence of Vitamin E. It will also prevent cancer because of their higher level of antioxidants. Studies shows that eating dark green leafy vegetables for three or more times a week has proven to significantly reduce the risks of stomach ulcer, colon cancer, lung and breast cancer. Not just that, Vitamin E in dark green leafy vegetables protects our skin cells from radical damage.

4. Avoid eating too much carbohydrate and choose wisely.

Carbohydrates are one of the main types of food. Your liver breaks down carbohydrates into glucose (blood sugar). Your body uses this sugar for energy for your cells, tissues and organs. They are called simple or complex, depending on how fast your body digests and absorbs the sugar. You get simple carbohydrates from fruits, milk products and table sugar. Complex carbohydrates include whole grain breads and cereals, starchy vegetables and legumes. Complex carbohydrates and some simple carbohydrates provide vitamins, minerals and fiber. Products made with refined sugar provide little nutrition. It is wise to limit these products.

Why? Eating too much carbohydrates would mean too much storage of blood sugar in our body that will eventually turns into fat if this sugar was not used into energy by our body, Thus we are storing to much energy because we consume carbohydrates than what our body really needs. End result? Weight gain.

5. Control your Carbohydrate cravings or sugar cravings.

So what we should do to loose weight effectively due to these excess fats stored by our body? Or how can we limit too much consumption of carbohydrates? Do you binge eating when it comes to your food addiction? or sugar addiction?  Honestly speaking, the best answer, is self discipline. You have to control yourself.How? Find the root cause of those food cravings? According to studies, one of the main reason to too much cravings is emotional eating. Yes, depression triggers our senses to eat sweet foods like chocolate, candy, etc. Another is self-discipline because eating too much carbohydrates, especially the bad ones, will make you gain weight fast. But how can we do this if it is really hard to control especially when we crave for sweet cakes, pasta, cookies, pastries, etc? (These are my questions to my friend.) Find a natural supplement to control your cravings or natural substitute for your carbohydrate or sweets cravings. (My friend reveals her secret, the product made from natural ingredients that help her control her cravings.)

6. Drink a lot of H2O or water daily.

Always known that our body is composed of 70% water. Our body uses water to cushion our body joints. It also removes the toxins in our body that we daily intake and ingest in the air. It also acts as the delivery agent for oxygen and nutrients throughout the cells in our body. Helps regulate body temperature and prevents blood pressure from dropping to critical levels, lowers incidence of UTIs or urinary tract infections, stimulates the immune system and a lot more to mention. Hence, drink at least 3 liters per day of water always.

7. Always remember your primary goal.

Nothing will make you achieve your desired goal if you always forget about it. Then how will you be able to remember your goals then? Goal setting is the answer for your success, Always set your mind for your desired goals. How? Write your weight target pounds in a stick on notes. Then stick it on places in your house that you mostly go to like in the refrigerators, furniture or couch, lamp shades, side table or laptop desk. Thus, this will always remind you.

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