Wanna lose weight? Tips from a personal trainer


Most people are looking to lose weight.

Some are looking to improve their physique, tone up, or target specific body areas.

A select few are looking to improve their overall health.

The truth is, people who are looking to improve their health overall are the people that will most likely have success on all areas.

A person should think about their body as a whole. One part does not operate better without the rest. While we all want to lose weight, look good and have a flat tummy, those are not things that will happen with minimal effort.

One hundred years ago, people did not need the services of personal trainers. They did not have access to quick unhealthy foods. Most people had attentive family members who forced children to eat healthy. Usually, the food choices consisted of what was available nearby. Children would get home from school and help on the farm, or at the job. Everyone was living generally healthier lifestyles. Technology changes things. We are heading in new and exciting directions. Why not arrive there in good health?

Here is a brief collection of the best advice a personal trainer has to offer. Each subject could be expanded on and fill entire pages, or novels. This is a quick reference condensed version.


Diet – Nutrition

There are a lot of diets out there! But, it is easy to understand why. Studies show that 85% of losing weight and being healthy relies on a person’s diet. This means, if you go to the gym every day, you are probably not going to get anywhere if you eat unhealthy foods. This is where the diet fads come in. Some promise immediate weight loss. Some make other outrageous claims. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This does not mean that all famous fads are completely bogus. It just means that they are not the best options. Even this author has fallen for some of the tantalizing suggestions offered by some of the more famous diet fads. They did provide a means of immediate weight loss. However, I was compromising my health, and I wasn’t satisfied.

If you are looking to improve health and lose weight, it is best to find something that works with you. Consult a doctor or dietician as well (if funds are available). If funds are not available, there are a lot of health forums online. The best I have found is sparkpeople.com. It is totally free and people are noticeably knowledgeable.

There is so much knowledge to be had in the area of diet and nutrition. A person can go anywhere and get tips. However, the best ones I have found are usually recommended by dieticians and doctors alike. The first and most unanimously appreciated by professionals is implementing a food journal. After 30 consecutive days of writing down everything that goes in the mouth, a person will realize a lot about themselves. They may see eating patterns. They may recognize food weaknesses. The result is always positive. If it takes six months or six years to follow a food journal for 30 days – keep trying and don’t give up.

On the topic of a “bump in the road” so to speak. Dieticians recommend that a person does not beat themselves up over eating the wrong things as long as long as it is once and a while. The secret is to eat a wide variety of foods. Eating some bad ones won’t cause the world to end if a person is maintaining a desire to eat healthy most of the time. The food pyramid has changed over the years, but it can be a great guide to eating healthy. It may not be easy immediately, but nothing worth having is easy.



There are a million exercises to improve the body. However, there are just as many myths that even some personal trainers will continue. A lot of personal trainers will perpetuate exercises because it sells more equipment, gym memberships, or even their services. Even though any regular movement of the body is a good step, it is best to find the most effective exercises.

Variation is the key to long-term results. Try something new each time and remember to have fun. Working out multiple muscle groups at once is the best way to achieve faster noticeable results. Something as simple as a push-up works the arms, legs, and abs. Yoga is another option for more muscle groups. It is important to keep proper form while working out as well. Proper form prevents injury, and it improves the production of lean muscle. It takes about 12 weeks for the world to notice the fabulous body developing, so keep trying.

If you are clueless about exercise, there are plenty of classes. There are personal trainers. Or, many people in your everyday life that are looking to improve their life. Find a friend and set up times to meet anywhere a workout can go. There are people on meetup groups or even craigslist that are seeking workout companions. The only thing holding us all down is our own motivation.

Finally, if a person decides to go with a personal trainer, research them. With a computer and about $200 anyone can be a personal trainer. This author is a personal trainer (and willing to expand on any subject as requested. Feel free to leave a comment or email me and I will help as best as I can). So, make sure that you get a person who motivates you and gets results.


General Health

When a person has taken the mental steps to make improvements, take time to research and understand the body. There are some health issues that may cause a person to not lose weight despite all the correct efforts. There are a lot of conditions that cause a person to be unhealthy. If you feel as if you may have a condition that is preventing optimal performance. Make sure to have a discussion with your medical professional. The doctor will do tests that can determine if there is anything undermining your success.

There are other problems that may be hindering a person’s ability to be the best they can be. Sleep is of utmost importance. The less sleep a person gets the less likely they are able to improve. Lack of sleep causes the metabolism to slow down. It causes motivation to dwindle. And, sleeplessness can cause hunger. A person who is tired is more likely to eat when not hungry and is less likely to make smart food decisions. Even if a person makes smart food decisions, the lack of sleep will prevent how the body uses the nutrients. A lot of the nutrients will be stored to simply stay awake instead of being used properly. This can quickly cause excess fat storage.

Another commonly overlooked problem is alcohol consumption. It is fine to have a drink here and there. But, regular consumption can cause weight gain, even with healthy eating and exercise. Alcohol is stored in the body as an immediate energy source. As a result, the body holds on to the empty calories until they are needed. The rest of the calories are saved until after the alcohol is gone. This can quickly cause weight gain.


There is a lot to consider and understand when trying to improve health. The best laid plans can always go astray. During this time it is the most important to keep going. Don’t ever give up. Stay positive because good things come to those who work. If needed, make a list of motivations to keep going. Maybe a list of people who rely on you to be healthy, or maybe a “bucket list”. Maybe it will help to think about the person you want to be. There will always be bad days. There will be days that make you feel as if you can’t go on. Wayne Gretsky said it best – “We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take”. You won’t know what you can have until you get it.

Don’t feel like you have to go out exercise until you puke, and then eat only liquids to lose weight. Who wants to live like that? Every plan should be one that a person can live with for life. Start small and work your way to health. Immediate gratification usually comes at a price. Don’t risk your health. Make one small change a day and work your way into better habits. In no time, you will be on the road to your goals.

It takes four weeks for a person to notice their body changing.

It takes eight weeks for friends to notice.

It takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world to see how fabulous you have become. Don’t quit!!

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very nice hub and understandable words

very nice

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Thank you very much for the kind words!

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