Want to build your confidence, use meditation

Meditation is an effective method to build your confidence. The way to build self confidence, get peace of mind and keep you calm by meditation is an old method. Meditation just gives you relaxation and help to assemble and handle your mind effectively, indirectly but closely it affects your struggle to build the confidence. I suggest others to try meditation to get confidence because this method to build confidence greatly helps me in building my own, I have sharing all this just because I have tested these ways by trying them on me.

How to meditate?

Don’t worry you don’t need to try some special type of meditation, it’s the way you want, whenever and wherever you want, meditation for the purpose to build the confidence is just simple and need to be comfortable and easy to apply for everyone.

how to build confidence, how to gain confidence
how to build confidence, how to gain confidence

Choosing the position to meditate

No specific position required, just position in which you feel comfortable and relax is required. Many of times I had tried meditation, to build my confidence, on chair, often on bench, several times in lawn but I avoided meditating on bed because there I feel sleepy and goal of mediation stuck behind, may some of you also face this type of problem.

Positions I adopted mostly are according to location and environment, I found for the meditation, especially in those positions which give me comfort and relaxation because I know I need to be relax in practice of my mind so I will be able to build my confidence.

Choosing the environment to meditate

No specific here too, no matter where you are, in office, in lounge, in lawn, in car, just make your mind and body ready to meditate. One thing to keep in your mind, in choosing the environment for meditation, to achieve your goal to build confidence, that there is no disturbance and noise.

Time for meditation

Meditation time must be more then 10 minutes and less then half hour, because too short or too long time minimizes the results.

What to do with your brain during meditation

Now comes to mind situation you need to meditate such that it helps you to build your self confidence, keep your mind free think about just you,

First think about your current problems, give them a solution in your mind,

Then try to get rid of any disruptions, keep yourself cool and calm,

Try to feel more happy and positive,

Try to give yourself a feeling of freeness and pleasure.


If you are feeling good then come to the meditation’s main part to build your confidence.

Think about the places where you feel unconfident,

Think about the person, who degrades you,

Think about those you think ideal for you to build confidence,

Think about how to set your confidence and maintain it at different situation.

Be free, don’t take it as a load on your mind it’s just a fun and feeling of relaxation a tension free time you give to yourself, try to enjoy it as this is your time (the valuable thing) you are giving to yourself

Think everything you want to think, you want to imagine and want to get, it’s not to be live in fantasy but it’s the way to explore yourself, as you explore yourself you automatically the solutions of your inner problems.

When you try this method you automatically start observing results, it’s an easy, comfortable method to build your confidence.

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