Warts and Homeopathy

Shed those unsightly warts with homeopathy


There are some diseases and maladies where homeopathy works marvelously. Rather some problems are such that only homeopathy can render relief. One such problem is warts. Warts are disfiguring skin malady that occurs more frequently in middle age or old age. But cases of warts are also seen in children. These annoying and unsightly warts are cauterized by dermatologists. But they keep recurring even after cauterization is performed.


This is the reason why homeopathic medicines are preferred mode of treatment for warts. As with other ailments, homeopathic doctors see the patients of warts also with an individualistic approach and treat individually. Though certain homeopathic remedies like Thuja top the list when it comes to warts, not all wart cases need Thuja. The doctor who understands these minute differences from patient to patient can treat warts or any other ailment successfully.


Warts can occur anywhere on your body. They can occur on your face, hands, neck, buttocks, or back. For genital warts, the treatment obviously varies as the tendency to form genital warts goes into syphilitic tendency. The miasmatic background is very important while treating warts homeopathically. Actually warts come under sycotic miasm predominantly. This is the reason many sycotic remedies like Causticum and Thuja are used more frequently than others.


The warty excrescences are removed by aptly chosen homeopathic remedies. But the doctor must treat the individual to alleviate the tendency to form warts in future. And this can be done by using good constitutional remedies considering the physical, mental, and emotional nature of an individual. Only an expert doctor can do this after a thorough history taking and clinical examination.


If you mis-believe that homeopathic medicines are slow to act, you should see a case of wart. The pendulous warts literally fall off after treatment with well-chosen homeopathic medicine. No wonder homeopathy is said to be a substitute for surgery. When surgery like cryosurgery for wart is advised, many homeopathic physicians have given wonderful results to avoid surgery!  

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Ben 7 years ago

I never saw a homeopath with a stetoscope ;-)

Dr. Shreya 7 years ago

@Ben- Hi Ben. It's really strange that you have not seen a homeopath with a stethoscope. Homeopaths have sound knowledge of clinical medicine and they have to do necessary clinical examination in order to verify the health status of a person. If they fail to do it, they have no right to be called as doctors!

rahul 6 years ago

she is right....

vipin 21 months ago

Face wart madison

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