Weaning off Cymbalta: What Doctors Don't Tell You

What Happens When You Stop Taking Cymbalta?

If you're taking Cymbalta for depression, and are thinking of stopping your dosage, please read about my experience first.

Cymbalta worked wonders during my bout with depression. After one year of taking it, things got a lot better for me and I was able to cope better with stressful situations. My doctor and I planned to have me taper off the drug. His plan was to have me take the 60 milligram capsules every other day for about three or four doses, and then reduce to 30 milligrams. As things "got better," he said I should take the 30 milligram doses in larger intervals (every two days, every three days, etc.) until I could completely stop taking it. He said there is really no protocol on how to wean off the Cymbalta. "Each person is different," he said, and it all depends on how your body reacts to the reduction in dosage.

This is what happened to me.

Withdrawal After Stopping Cymbalta

I am now on my third week post-Cymbalta and I've basically been in a living hell. I've experienced severe headaches, disorientation, constant nausea, and flu-like symptoms (vomiting, fever, chills, sore throat, and diarrhea). I've had to talk to my employer about it because I have missed too many days of work, which has been embarrassing for me.

My husband decided to do a lot of research on what other people experience when tapering off Cymbalta. There are actually many websites on the Internet with people complaining about the same problems I've been having! Particularly, the Cymbalta Withdrawal Forums, where we read stories and got advice from folks who've lived the same nightmare.

How to Feel Better When Going off Cymbalta

The bad news is that people have varying withdrawal symptoms for differing lengths of time. However, some people have been successful at the tapering-off process and have enthusiastically shared their experiences. Two huge tips that seem to work for some people are the following:

  1. Getting a low-dose prescription for Prozac, which is also an SSRI but has a longer half-life than Cymbalta. Prozac also has very minor withdrawal symptoms when stopped completely.
  2. Do not wean off Cymbalta by taking it every other day. Cymbalta only has a half-life of 12 hours, which means if you skip a day your body basically goes into shock from lack of the drug. Instead, gradually reduce the dosage but continue to take it daily. This can be quite difficult because Cymbalta only comes in 60, 30, and 20 milligram time-released capsules. Please browse through the Cymbalta Withdrawal Forums for more information about other folks who've been through this.

Replacing Cymbalta with Prozac worked for me, and in about a month I was able to wean off anti-depressants all together. If you are a Cymbalta user, considering taking it, or know someone who is taking it please make sure you are aware of the potential withdrawal symptoms.

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qlcoach profile image

qlcoach 8 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

Thank for this honest hub about depression and antidepressants. All meds have side effects. Sorry to hear that Cymbalta is so difficult to phase off of. Feel free to see how I try to help others in new ways too. Sincerely: Gary Eby, author and therapist.

hot dorkage profile image

hot dorkage 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

Thanks this is truly useful information. I never even heard of this drug, Mostly prozac is what I've heard of.

Dawn Vandenberg 8 years ago

It was a relief to see someone else going through this "hell" and that I wasn't alone. I too thought of starting a Hub as it's easy as anything to have a doctor put a patient on the medication but not as easy to take them off. I was put on the medication not for treating depression but to be a pain reliever as I injured my back. After missing a dose and experiencing extreme dizziness to the point where I couldn't function I decided the risks outweighted the benefits and asked to be taken off. I was at 60mg and lowed to 40mg after 1 week and then to 30mg and eventially to the lowest dose of 20mg. After the month of weening down and 2 days of not having the Cymbalta in my system at all I had such severe withdrawal that by the 4th day of not having it in my system it was to such a frightening degree that my doctor put me back on 20mg. The list of side effects was so much longer than the side effects I experienced going on it and so was the severity. The withdrawals are scaring me and I have been finding out I am not the only one nor am I "going crazy". I am now so angry when I see an add for Cymbalta and discouraged the a doctor put me on it knowing full well it was a medication not intended for long term use. I have also been able to put terms with the things I felt, for example, the brain shivers. I was explaining them to people as a wooshing sound in my head like a fan. Other sites have recommended Benadryl which I take for allergies in the fall anyway and was thankful to find out it did minimize and took the edge off some of the withdrawals. I guess I am after successful ways of getting off Cymbalta safely and with the least side effects so that I can function for not just my children but also for my own well being. Thank you for the helpful information. It's funny how there are things all over the internet from the people representing Cybalta on getting on it but nothing to help those that need to get off it. It's a drug made to entrap people...so I wonder what the long term effects are. If the withdrawals and such a small dose effects peole the way it does what happens to those that are taking 120mg over longer periods?! Something to think about...I would but my brain doesn't function right now the way it should, thanks Cymbalta.

DZ 8 years ago

I have a question. Has anyone experienced severe mood swings/behaviors changes when weaning off of cymbalta? My husband has been extremely irritable and is becoming argumentative, he thinks everyone is out to get him and is becoming physical. He is seeking altercations. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I am running out of directions to get assistance. My email address is dmiscikowski@yahoo.com

ProfoundPuns profile image

ProfoundPuns 8 years ago from Maryland, USA

I am currently taking Cymbalta, not for depression but for anxiety. I haven't tried to wean myself off of the drug, but I know the extreme and sudden side effects from missing one day (forgetting, etc.). I get very strange and constant tingling in the tips of my fingers and even on the skin on my face. It disrupts my entire day and makes me feel sick. Perhaps these are the "brain shivers" you are talking about; I find the symptoms difficult to describe accurately.

I thought maybe the side effect was psychological, that since I knew I had missed a day, maybe I was making it worse than it really was. But it has happened SEVERAL times and I know now that it's a physical withdrawal symptom.

Thank you for validating my experience, and if I choose to wean off of the drug, at least I know I'm not alone.

Brigid 8 years ago

I have forgotten to take t Cymbalta a few times, or was unsure if I had taken it. All I had to do was wait until noon, and I also got numbness and tingling in my hands and face. Also had terrible mental depression.

My depression is not well treated with anything, so a year ago my dr. suggested increasing from 60 to 120 mg. Within a short period, I started to have a series (5) of sudden falls - straight forward and flat on my knees, hands and face. These may be, as they sound like, "drop seizures". At that time Cymbalta was only associated with dizzyness leading to fainting. As these falls were not like that, we did not attribute them to Cymbalta, but decided I should go back to 60 mg anyway.

Recdently the depression has been so bad, I again increased from 60 to 120, with some relief, however a few days ago I had the "drop seizure" again. I started doing research and found that now, Cymbalta is not recommended for people with seizures. My very first diagnosis was limbic system seizures.

Recently, even before increasing the Cymbalta, I had a good blood work up, and found myself to have low sodium. I have never hade this before, and it can be realted to increased seizures. Cymbalta is known to decrease sodium levels.

Also I take Cytomel, a direct T3, for non working thyroid. The cympalta caused a huge drop in my body temperature. (95.3) and I have had to increase the thyroid med. I have read that people taking thyroid meds need to be checked after taking Cymbalta for a while, and after any increase (and I guess decrease as well).

I want off the stuff, as low sodium can be fatal, and falling seizures are dangerous. (I feel nothing to warn me ahead of time - just like a drop seizure. I do feel it is helping levels of chronic pain and am afraid of how much pain I will be in if I get off. It does help the depression at the levels that cause increased seizure activity.

Someone told me a good way to get off is to be hospitalized so you can be IV medicated as you go through withdfrawl. Has anyone heard of this?

Here is a very good site for tapering off drugs. You get information on which meds increase or decrease absorption of other meds, as well as a very slow protocol. http://www.theroadback.org/

byee profile image

byee 8 years ago Author

I am glad people have found that there are others out there suffering as well. My doctor still insists that he knows nothing about these symptoms and that out of millions of people who take the drug, what is the percentage of this? 1%? 5 %? I don't know, but it shouldn't be treated as "insignificant", because people are suffering. I hope Eli Lilly can get some relief for us soon.

Been there...done that 8 years ago

I want to share my experience of coming off Cymbalta. While taking the drug for over 8 months it was time to come off. Things in my life turned around and I felt like I could have complete control of my life without the drug. However, coming off the drug was more than what I was expecting. I was taking 60mg per day. My doctor told me to drop 30mg for a week. I did that but had the "brain shocks" that were killing me. I divided the 30s into 15mg and took that everyday for 1 week...then every other day...then every two days until I came off the drug. Things got better very quickly. For the "brain shocks" take Omega 3 - the fish oil...you won't have them anymore! I swear by the Omega 3! Try it!

sm 8 years ago

How do you go about dividing the capsules? can you buy empty capsules. My pharmacist wants the approval of my doctor blah blah blah and I don't have time for the nonsense. I'm not waiting for anyone's permission to get off this poison. Please tell me how to divide the capsules. Thanks so much

byee profile image

byee 8 years ago Author

sm, you can't really divide the capsules unless you find a compounding factory to do it for you (they are hard to find and expensive). I started from 60mg, then went down 10mg every two weeks. Cymbalta only comes in 60, 30, and 20mg caps, so I was combing the 30 + 20 to do 50, then used two 20s when I was taking 40mg. But now, I am on the last stretch--I went from 20mg to zero. My pharmacist confirmed that they cannot divide the 20mg capsule for me to make into 10s. It is a bit dangerous to even do it yourself (open the gelcap and do it yourself) because this is a time-released drug. I've taken other people's advice and take Omega 3 and Benadryl. I am definitely having symptoms but it's manageable. Hope that helps.

profile image

sadiemar 8 years ago


profile image

Mistymoo 8 years ago

A suggestion for the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. 20 Mg Prozac daily (check with your doctor first please), cleanse your body via aqua chi foot detox (removes toxic chemicals and metals from the body), infrared sauna (removes toxins through sweat), drink water and lots of it (filtered water with lemon squeeze is best, ginger tea (shred ginger, add hot water, lemon and honey to taste). This will help with nausea. Real old fashion black licorice will support your liver while detoxing. Also, go to your health food store and get a liver detox support and drink, drink, drink. Also, there is a detox tea you can get (try health food store or contact my sister's site below. She has a few bags. I've been through hell with cymbalta and previously Effexor and Paxil. Same debilitating symptoms. You are not alone. Good luck and know that it will end. My sister, Catherine runs a detox spa in Mission, BC Canada. There is some good info on there. The website is just being built so updates are coming NOONE should suffer this kind of living hell!. Missiondetoxspa.com

Kimber275 8 years ago

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over two years ago. It got to the point I needed some help. Against my fear of taking prescription drugs, I went back to my doctor. He put me on Cymbalta, which had just recently been approved for treating FM. It seemed to be helping and I was feeling great. I had started at 30mg and went up to 60mg. After being on for only 4 or 5 months, I missed two doses while I was away for the weekend. On the drive home I had terrible GI upset and was so nautious. I thought it was food poisoning. Once we got home I was very nervous, nautious, and uncomfortable. A little while later, my husband started a fire in the fireplace and I must have gotten a smell of dust or something, but it made me feel like I couldn't breath, a scence of uncontrollable anxiety came over me and couldn't calm myself. I started to hyperventilate, my fingers started to tingle, then up my arms, my head, my lips, my legs. I couldn't stand, my fingers cramped in and I couldn't move them. my hands were frozen. My husband called 911 and I ended up in the hospital. Come to find out it was all brought on by withdrawl symptoms from the Cymbalta. The GI upset, the anxiety, the hyperventilation which caused my hands to freeze up. I vomited at the hospital and had to keep making trips to the bathroom. They gave me an IV as I was dehydrated and gave me something to calm my stomach, took blood work and basically left me to take a nap. I felt much better when I woke up about a 1/2 hour later. I was fine the rest of night and went back to my doctor the next day. I decided to go back on, not having researched as much as I have been lately. I weaned back on 30mg to 60mg. Now I notice if I miss one day I get the head zaps. I have decided to start weening off and have started taking 30mgs now each day, the past two days, so far so good. I think. Although, I just started getting this ringing in my head.

I went to a holistic chiropracter for my neck and back and we started talking about my symptoms. I filled out a questionnaire and we were able to see that my adrenals and hypothalmus and sugar scored really badly. She gave me some homeopathis medicines to help regulate sugar, support my adrenal glands, omega 3, and some other vitamins. I can definitely tell a difference already. She said that this should help minimize side effects while weaning off the Cymbalta too b/c my system will be stronger and more able to tolerate. I hope she's right.

Another good doctor to check out for FS/CFS and just about anything is Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum http://www.endfatigue.com/. I definately reccomend his book "From Fatigued to Fantastic". He take the approach of utilizing what ever is offered that can help you, but his first choice is natural remedies. He even addresses heart condition, diabetes, etc.

Good luck everyone, and I don't recommend stopping cold turkey, the side effects can be too sever and damaging to your body.

Teresa McGurk profile image

Teresa McGurk 8 years ago from The Other Bangor

I was on cymbalta a couple of years ago, but I really don't remember whether or not there were side effects (although I know exactly what you mean by that "brain shiver" thing). All these meds. kinda make me angry, but I don't know what I'd do without them. I'm now on Effexor, mirtazapine, and Lyrica. I would really like to be able to detox myself during the next couple of years. . .

kim 7 years ago

Has anyone had severe sore throat while taking this medication or when missing a dose? I have had one since I missed a dose and all that I have read about it I talked to my doctor about weaning off and she said to take every other day and I can't get rid of a sore throat that is horrible. No strep or mono or cold symptoms, the dr can't find anything else wrong. I'm on 30mg and have been about 8 weeks. Please help I feel like I'm going crazy and my throat is killing me. Also it goes and comes, not every miniute of everyday. Motrin and tylenol help a little. Thanks

profile image

SarahMichelle 7 years ago

Once I ran out of one of my anti-deps and it WAS hell. I couldn't believe how badly I was affected from not having just one pill for a couple of days. Kind of scary how dependent I am on them...

Ginger 7 years ago

Thank YOU

I was wondering about the brain shivers! I was trying to explain them and all I could come up with was "an electrical current through my brain". I will try the suggestions given. Thank You

Hammerj profile image

Hammerj 7 years ago from Cebu City

Wow this article was very infomative to me...thank you...

Jane 7 years ago

I am about to go off of Cymbalta after 7 months on 60mg. The doctor told me to just go down to 30mg for two weeks and then off. I have one more dose of 30 mg and wondered how much Omega 3 and Benadryl to take to minimize side effects. I see that those have helped people but no one has mentioned how much of each to take and for how long! I am scared to death to take that last pill tomorrow!

EB 7 years ago

I too have been trying to get off cymbalta. So far I cant get past the third day.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 7 years ago from Lost in America

Hi, I've actually been thinking about writing a hub about both SSRI drugs and Generic drugs. I read that people were coming off of paxil were having to scrape a little bit off of each pill for a very long time to come off of it. What I don't understand is, if the older drugs weren't broke, why are they trying to fix them and use us as guina pigs. Don't get me wrong some new ones are good, but so far they are few! I'm sorry this happened to you. Try to stick with what you know is OLD, TRUSTED and they know the long term side effects!

random 7 years ago

YES! everyone else gets the brain shivers too! has anyone seen harry potter, when she is talking about these strange things that make your brain fuzzy and you can only see them with 3D glasses?! Is that not totally what it feels like? Thought i'd try to bring some humor into this, even though it's not humorous at all. Thanks to everyone that posts on here, I feel so much better knowing I'm not crazy for feeling electrical currents in my brain...and feeling continually nauseated....

Cynthia 7 years ago

I am also in the tapering off stage having finally figured out that really bad symptoms were the result of taking Cymbalta. I had taken other antidepressants and never* had such terrible side effects, weight gain, puffy face, numbness in my legs and hands/fingers. ANGRY also with 'doctors' who have act so detached from the entire pain-filled experience 'we go through' once we realize what this toxic Rx has been/doing to us. Now I taper by taking a 20mg capsule and pulling it apart and trying to keep the same amount "constant" each night (reducing 1/2) so from - 60 to 50-to 40 etc. but in the meantime, ringing in my ears, brain shocks, weird LSD kind of dreams = tho last night, for the 1st time, I didn't have the 'crazy dreams' so feel somewhat more hopeful. WHY is it that doctor's don't know/recognize these symptoms - ? and come to 'our rescue' and isn't it really a 'wake up call' to have experienced that: they just don't (want to hear it ?) that they have become just/factory robots, giving out Rx's to make MONEY and not caring at all what, happens to their patients that they are - supposedly there, to be caring for but rather just end up, not/caring about period. I think exercise and Meditation is KEY, total mindset-change is KEY...educating ourselves is a must, so that we never, ever fall into this *trap* again thinking: the doctor knows what's best. It's our lives at stake. The MD rakes in the $ from the Rx's he/she writes, pharmaceutical kick backs....etc. it's really a disgrace !!!!

kiwi 7 years ago

My Dr. is an idiot.

He basically wants me to go from 60 mg(I am on this now) to 30 mg for a few weeks and then to do 30 mg every other day and then stop. Which as far as I can tell is going "cold turkey".

I tried to stop (cold turkey)by myself a few weeks ago and thought I was dying. I felt like I had a really bad flu - headache, nauseous, body aches, light headed. Anyway I got scared because I felt so sick I decided I needed a Dr. to help me. But this Dr. is such an idiot and seems to know less than I do about weaning off of cymbalta. So I am taking cymbalta capsules and taking them apart and lowering my dosage on my own. You CANNOT skip days you have to slowly just keep lowering the amount in your system. I hope I can do this. I am in the meantime looking for a Dr. to help me. One that isn't an idiot!

Sexy jonty profile image

Sexy jonty 7 years ago from India

Very well written hub .....

very much informative ......

Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

Mirandi 7 years ago

Here is a great link that explains what "brain zaps" are. It may help a little to know the science behind this.


I am researching weaning off of cymbalta. Obviously, when I do come off the drug, I will do so under the care of my doctor. But, this blog and others I have read really help me to see what I can expect and what other people are going through!

greenwitchlove13 7 years ago

Thank you thank you thank you! Everytime I tell a friend or doctor about the brain zaps/shivers they look at me like I'm crazy. Ironic though. I have tried to get off of Cymbalta before and it was as you all say "Hell" I felt like I was in a hole sinking deeper. So back on I went. I am soooo scared of this stuff but more scared of life without it. This one works for me, keeps me sane but do the side effects outweigh the benefits?

Laura 7 years ago

Cymbalta has been really helpful for me but the poor night vision and dissociative episodes I was having on whilst it started to annoy me when I was still experiencing them after nine months or so. Mood-wise I was feeling confident and elevated , so I decided I would cope fine without it. I should note that I was never able to take more than 15mg of the the drug as my therapeutic dosage, because of the severe heart palpitations and tremor it gave me (I am SEVERELY sensitive to side effects of anti-deps- most probably because I have temporal lobe epilepsy and am on anti-convulsants for that, which can cause a heightened sensitivity to any other drug- SSRIs increase the risk of seizures in people prone to them, so Cymbalta, being and SNRI seemed a more logical option). So the whole time I was on cymbalta I had been doing the 'splitting capsule' thing as the lowest dosage available here in South Africa is 30mg.

Taking this into account, I'm a bit of a pro at splitting them exactly, despite feeilng like some sort of coke addict when i 'make lines' on a flat surface to redistribute into empty gel caps.

I decided that seeing I was on such a low dose that I could stop cold turkey- bad idea- had insane brain zaps, mood swings, body aches, nausea, panic attacks- you name it, i had it. Also the vivid dreams were pesky as I felt I wasn't getting enough 'restful' sleep and felt extremely lethargic during the day.

I then decided to take my normal 15mg dose every two days, which I did for two weeks and noticed far fewer negative effects. Headaches and the vivid dreams still stuck around though. However, as soon as I discontinued this, after two weeks of alternate days, I lasted about two days and then started to feel violently ill again, almost like a bad bout of flu. I caved and am now trying to stick on half of my 15mg dose each day for 2 weeks, after which i will try 'counting granules' as someone suggested earlier, until eventually i take 4-5 granules a day (probably around 1-2 mg) ,until i can come off completely.

I've learned that this drug seems to have an extremely long weaning period (I've been on a LOT of different variations of SSRIs and SNRIs, due to my low threshold for side effects)) and I'm just going to have to be patient- BUT the good thing is, that the more patient and meticulous I am, the more effective the weaning seems to be, so I am hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I think my saving grace is that I am on 1mg of Rivotril (Clonazepam) every night which is a secondary anti-convulsant /muscle relaxant to treat the Temporal Lobe epilepsy ; and this has a lovely tranquilizing effect that calms me without knocking me out for the count and seems to help brain zaps.

I also find that beta blockers (10mg propanolol) help with heart palps and tremor, as well as dizziness as this seems to be caused by hypertension (high blood pressure) due to elevated heart rate- beta blockers lower the blood pressure slightly so can eliminate this. Find out a little more about beta blockers online to understand their functional mechanism as I'm a bit too lazy to explain it, but they really can work wonders. Ask your doc about this.

I have been doing this without the knowledge of my psychiatrist as I know she will disapprove (I have a good relationship with her but she is a little prescription happy and would rather have me on more drugs than fewer- but I am in the priveleged position of having a father and brother who are practising physicians (GP and Surgeon)and they have helped with fighting the more base side effects and monitoring me.

Julz 7 years ago

I live in canada. And cannot get 20mg!... which sucks. I am a female that took cymbalta for post partum depression. It worked really well for me while I was on it. But now I want to get pregnant, so my doctor is trying to switch me to zoloft which is better studied in pregnancy.

I went directly from 60mg cymbalta to 30mgs cymbalta + 50mg zoloft. I did this for a week and it was fine.

Then I tried to drop the cymbalta completely, but still take the 50 mg of zoloft and was crazy dizzy and dirreahea nausea, fatigue. I had to spend a whole morning in bed clutching my stomach. With a little one running around it isn't easy to do!

I spoke to my pharmacist, who told me to do every other day of cymbalta, and on the "no day" by the evening I feel awful. I wake in the middle of the night with nausea. In the morning I take it and symptoms subside but take the morning to do it.

Any suggestions??

laurie parker 7 years ago

I have been taking Cymbalta for depression and body aches that may be contributed to fibromyalgia. I have taken many different anti-depressants that worked but you become immune to them. And coming off them was a piece of cake. I've missed one dose of cymbalta and feel like i'm going INSANE! I'm having terrible stomach pain, nausea,vomiting, the "brain-zaps" where my eyes feel uncontrollable, the sweats, then chills, and OMG the dreams or should i say NIGHT MARES i have are ridiculous. i wake up feeling like the stuff actually happened and my body hurts as though i was really doing the things in the dreams as in running, swimming, fighting, whatever. I get to were i'm half awake trying to wake up and see people that arent even there. it's just CRAZY! I missed one dose and i only have 2 60mg capsules left and cannot afford the 125.00 a month to stay on them. SO what's going to happen to me when i'm 3-4-5 days out of this medicine. I'm ready to go to the hospital and get some help because the dr's just arent' listening. I don't blame them totally because I don't feel they are made aware from the makers of this HORRIBLE drug. Wish me luck....i'm gonna need it.

Kappygirl profile image

Kappygirl 7 years ago

Well, after being on Cymbalta for over a year I have decided I MUST get off. I was previously on Lexapro for depression, but due to having some nerve damage in my back, my doctor suggested I go on Cymbalta to address both the depression and the burning in my back and shoulders. Like others who have posted here, I noticed that if I missed 2 days (not on purpose--sometimes I just couldn't remember to take it) that I would get a weird tingling/numbness around my mouth and my hands. I finally associated this with missing the Cymbalta after a few times.

After having this happen I started thinking I don't like this med if it makes me feel like this. I know you have to be careful missing doses of medicines, but this just didn't seem right. So I figured I would go every-other-day (I'm on 60mg). It was ok, but then if I missed a day or 2 I would feel even worse than when I had been taking them every day. That's when I knew for sure I wanted to get off this stuff. That's been about 2 weeks now. The past 2 days I felt so awful--I threw up this morning, the tingling is in my whole face and hands, my arms are having a "hot" sensation. And the buzzing in my head/ears is scary. Others have referred to it as "brain shivers". A thought came to me that instead of taking it every-other-day that I still need to take it daily, but at a lower dosage. That's when I decided to get on the internet and look up weaning off this stuff. That's how I found this site. I currently don't have a doctor because mine has left the practice and no one is automatically taking over her patients. She was a good, well-informed doctor; I don't know if she knew the problems with getting off Cymbalta when she told me to go on it.

Laurie Parker, I just glanced at your post as I was writing this (it was right above the comment box) and saw you talking about horrible dreams. I, too, have been having dreams that when I wake up I don't know if it was a dream or real! Totally freaky and scary. Especially when you dream about your mother who has been dead for 14 years, and you wake up and swear she is alive. This has been happening while taking the Cymbalta regularly and weaning off. This drug needs to come off the market.

anitthb 7 years ago

Have been on Cymbalta for 2 years. My weight has gone up 30 pounds. The nightmares, you have described sometimes as LSD type of dreams are terrible. Every, every night I have these. Never feel rested in the morning at all. Very scared to wean off. Have asked my doctor, he said we need to reduce my dose, currently 60 mg. Have called to ask for an appointment to really get started on the reduction. Again, why do the docs not warn about when you need to stop this stuff how hard it will be???

TP 7 years ago

After reading all of these comments, I can't believe how stupid I was before really checking about the side effects and withdrawal systems from this drug. After at least 4 years, I am now trying to ween myself of the drug. I am going on the 30 day plan I saw and starting to follow it to the "T". One thing, I am not sure of is that my doctor always told me to take my dose at night before going to bed. I found that in the morning I always wanted to sleep and sleep. It is very hard to get up sometimes, do you think it is from the side effects of Cymbalta and taking the dosage at night before bedtime. I can say that on the drug my mood is stable, not many mood swings. I am afraid how I will feel after weening myself off. Now, I also understand how I gained so much weight. My doctor assured me that Cymbalta did not put on weight. I guess that is not so.

byee profile image

byee 7 years ago Author

TP--my doctor told me to take Cymbalta in the mornings. I didn't listen to him at first and took it at night--it kept me up and I couldn't sleep! I also gained about 30 lbs. in less than 2 years. Good luck with getting off the drug...

TERESA 7 years ago

I'm on Cymbalta and I took my self complete off of it and my heart jumps and so does my body. But I was having terrible headaches and gained weight and cryed because I was miserable with the weight but I feel weird right now. I have been off of it almost a week. I feel better and I'm happy but don't like how it makes my body feel with my heart jumping and nauseau.

Jessica  7 years ago

I was on 60 mg of cymbalta for almost a year; about a week ago my dosage was reduced to 30 mg. Initially I felt fine, but I am now feeling symptoms of fatigue, nausea and diarrhea. These are symptoms I've felt before when stopping a drug cold-turkey, but never when weaning myself off a drug. I don't blame the medical professionals who prescribe the drugs - afterall everyone reacts differently to drugs and the dosages at which they're taken - but I would think that they would know more about the general side effects of the drugs they so willingly perscribe.

Sissy 7 years ago

I am a 43old female and have P.T.S.D. (from death experience at 17 in a car wreck) and I am very sensitive to antidepressants. I had tried 8 different types of SSRI’s and I was strongly encouraged by my therapist to keep trying. When I first took Lexapro I attempted to commit suicide. I have had suicidal thoughts, but never did I take it that far. I felt like I had no choice and my thoughts were very narrow in the moment. I have been on Cymbalta for 3 years now and I take 20mg in the morning. I have gained 40-50 lbs and no matter what I do, I cannot get the weight off. I also have a hard time getting out of bed and to make matters worse I have A.D.D. /Dyslexia. I have had all the usual tests done, although my vitamin D and iron levels tested extremely low. I do take D and iron supplements now, also I am a vegetarian, yes, and I do eat very healthy and exercise. I have not been re- tested, but I do notice if I do not take a B-12 sublingual tab daily, my lips and skin become dry. I take many supplements and too many to list here. If anyone would like a list of what ones I take, just ask. Please consult your doctor before taking ANY supplements! I do!

I am not a doctor, but I am college educated and have some knowledge concerning supplements. I do believe that life experiences and situations do affect how I feel. I have suffered from extreme insomnia after my P.T.S.D. (from a previous death experience at 17 in a car wreck) was triggered by a violent act. I have skipped my 20mg dose and hope for the best, I have restocked my supplements and I am even going to take fish omega-3 out of desperation.

I have heard that even after people have quit their antidepressant, they have trouble losing weight. I am relatively happy and I plan to get as healthy this year as I can. Does anyone here know about post Cymbalta, like, weight loss, energy, feeling like you again?

Andi 7 years ago

I have been on Cymbalta for a few years. I went from 60mg to 120 mg. Plus they put me on Seroquel. I had every side effect you can have from the Seroquel! I had never been suicidal until they upped the Cymbalta. I never left the house and was a zombie. I decided to take the bull by the horns and stop cold turkey. I did have some of the withdrawal. However it was nothing like the withdrawal I had getting off of pain killers and Klonopin! I feel so much better now that I'm getting off of Cymbalta. I did have anxiety, insomnia, tingling in my face, feet and hands. That is mostly gone now and it's been two weeks. I still can't sleep well but I don't care I know it will pass. I'm getting out of the house now and have more energy. Going cold turkey isn't for everyone, it's like taking the road to hell. Work with your doctor to get off of it. Hang in there it will get better. Just keep telling yourself you are not crazy it's from the drugs. Taking milk thistle has been a great help as it cleans the drugs out of your liver.

I feel like myself more and more each day even if I don't get the sleep I need. I have a lot more motivation too. I've been getting more done in the past three weeks than I have in the past three years! These pharmaceutical company's are a joke! Eat right, take your supplements, drink plenty of fluids, avoid caffeine and sugar, GET EXERCISE!!! I wish all of you the best and you can have the life you want!

Info Help profile image

Info Help 7 years ago from Chicago

I also experienced the severe headaches and "brain shivers". In fact, my husband has MS and those are a symptom that many people experience, so we went through all kinds of crazy testing because I thought I may also have the disease. It was horrible! I wish I would have known about this information before I agree to start taking that particular anti-depressant. Thanks for the great hub! I am a fan :)

Brooke 7 years ago

I had been on 60 mg. of Cymbalta for about a year. When things got worse back last April my dr. upped it to 120mg. I was on 120 mg. from April to Jan. 7th 2010. She weaned me from 120 to the 60 on January 7, 2110. I have felt like crap. Headaches, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, nausea. I was so glad I am no the only one. I can say the Cymbalta has helped me, but the weaning off process has been hell on me for the past 2 weeks. I literally feel like my head is going to explode. I was so thankful for reading everyone else's posts.

Sarah 7 years ago

THANK YOU for creating this hub! I am 1 week off of Cymbalta and having major withdraw. I am sticking it out, and finally spoke to my doctor today. He informed me that it takes 4-5 days for the drug to be completely out of your system and it can take UP to 3 weeks for the withdraw side effects to subside. Now, everyone is different and experience different things. I have definitely experienced major "brain shivers" as it has been called. I feel like my head is stuffed full of cotton!! I am having a hard time focusing at most tasks. I have had a few hot flashes, itchy nose and feet (such an add combination, huh!) I have had fairly bad body aches and CRAZY dreams!!! It has been a tough week, but I am getting through it. I am taking the advice of a few of you and starting Omega 3s again. I hope that helps the brain shivers. I think that has been the hardest thing to get through. Thank you again for verifying that I am NOT crazy!! This hub has helped greatly! Good luck to all of you! Hang in there!

Andrea Duque 7 years ago

My boyfriend has been taking Cymbalta for over 4 months now, and I m really scared... he s been getting drunk and partying more than before, also smoking Marihuana once or twice a week, and now he spends a lot of hours playing Xbox, he also dumped me... he says he wants to be alone. I think this medication has made him a Zombie, with no feelings and with disregard for his own life, he doesn t even care about his job very much.... I d like to know if anyone has had similar side effects... thank you so much. andreadukus@yahoo.com

Lisa 7 years ago

I have been taking Cymbalta for around 2 years now for anxiety and P.T.S.D. In the 2 years that I've been on it, I've gained 70 pounds and have no motivation or energy whatsoever! I wish that I would have known about this in the beginning, because truly the anxiety and other problems weren't as bad as looking at myself in the mirror and feeling worse when I see my "new" self. I missed one dose yesterday, had the crazy dreams, and headache that I've read on the other posts. I thought to myself "oh God, I need my Cymbalta," but around 3 hours after I took the dose, my heart started to pound and I felt worse! Also, I think I had a moment of clarity while off the med for such a short time, because I looked around my house and couldn't believe that it had gotten so dirty. I just don't care about anything while I'm on the Cymbalta; exercise, cleaning the house or doing things with my husband and kids just doesn't exist anymore for me. It's like I'm a zombie who goes to work and just sleeps all the other time. I know it's dangerous because of the severe side-effects, but I'm going to go cold turkey, take some of the supplements and Benedryl and just deal with the "hell." I'll repost again after I've made it through this. Wish me luck!

Mark 6 years ago

I'm sitting on a train right now on my way to work. I've been without cymbalta for 3 day cuz I can't get in touch with my dr .for a refill. I feel so wired this morning that I decided to research withdrwals this morning. I'm so glad I did cuz I thought I was going crazy with these Brian shocks and numbness! Been up all night cuz it feels like my throat it swelling closed when I start to fall asleep. I jump up gasping for air. Anyone else have this?? Thank for all the helpful info...

Jennifer 6 years ago

Hi. I am taking cymbalta for fibromyalgia. It has helped some... but not enough i feel to continue taking it. My doctor has worked me up to 120mg. and since i don't find it to be a miracle drug @ that dose i sorta want the drug out of me. i'm very diligent about my medication and forgot to pick up my refill once. i have to get my rx's in nyc and i live in ct. long story. so i had to go a fri-mon without it. and i felt like i had been hit by a bus. i didn't really believe my sister that it was from the cymbalta. but i guess it was. how in god's name do i wean myself off of 120mg? help?

lonelyinmymind 6 years ago

I am so glad that I found this blog. I kept telling my doctor about these "electric shocks" in my head from trying to wean off Cymbalta. Of course, she never heard of that. So I'm still taking them (not for long), SHE HAS TO DO BETTER THAN THIS DRUG. At least now I am armed with more and better ammunition when I go and see her again. Thanks alot for the blog.

little one 6 years ago

I have been on Cymbalta for probably 2+ years. I started at 60; went up to 120; weined myself back down to 60 and im going for a 30mg dose; then completely off. OMG- this totally freakin sucks. I feel sick all the time. It reminds me of when heroine addicts describe feeling "sick" without their next fix. The way I do it (which my doc did not like all that much) is that I open the capsules and take out the same small amount of balls everyday for a week--- get stabilized and start lowering again for another week. It was MUCH easier for me to go from 120 to 60 BUT now going from 60 down is absolute hell. My energy level in the morning is near none and unless I have to get up for work, id rather lay in the bed; my appetite is almost gone, though admittingly I dont mind bc I gained over 70 pounds on this stuff and not even my eating weirdly. I have horrid nausea and diarrhea and a soar throat. Not to mention the wicked traumatic dreams-- dreams stemming from past traumas and from worry about my boyfriend in Iraq--- then add the damn brain shivers and it is almost all i can do to power through this addiction! I am taking extra B12 injections to try and get my energy going and I am more determined than ever to get off the stuff. I am no longer depressed and still feel some periodic anxiety--- but I want to try and cope without the stuff to see how that works. Wish me luck and I wish everyone else all the luck in the world, too.

greenwitchlove13 6 years ago

Good luck little one! I hope you can make it through. If so let us know. You can give us hope. I have tried twice to get off of it and went straight back to 60mg and back up. This stuff sucks but the thought of living without it sucks worse at the moment.

Memchick 6 years ago

Over the past ten years I was on paxil primarily. I gained so much weight that I discussed switching to another anti-depressant w/my doctor. We first tried Wellbutrin because some people have lost weight on it. I couldn't tolerate it; stopped after just 4 weeks. Next came lexapro and still problems w/weight gain, continually feeling hungry, etc. Next camd the cymbalta, 60 mg. At first I was able to tolerate it rather well but then noticed that I was more irritable, had lots of negative (not suicidal) thoughts & would lash out at family first then even a couple of co-workers. I asked the dr. to just help me get off of it completely. Her suggestion was to stop Cymbalta one day & start Paxil 20 mg next day. I couldn't imagine it. So I came to the internet & found several people that weaned off of the Cymbalta by taking out 7 of the beads in the capsule every day. This worked well for me for about 3 weeks until the depression started, crying, body aches, tingling in right side of face, etc. I want so badly to rid my body of these drugs & see if I can go without anything & not experience depression. At one point a few years back I also had panic attacks. So today is a dr. appt and I will give her the update. I haven't missed any work due to this but it has been very difficult to go in & act like nothing is any different!! Will post when I have more info. I would tell anyone that Paxil is a "happy Pill" and I did great on it but I also gained 60 pounds.....which led to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar......I have to stop the madness!

Ainsley Harlan 6 years ago

I am a 24 year old women, and I was prescribed SSRI's, SNRI's and ADD medication after I was diagnosed with OCD and ADD at the age of 11 years old. I decided to wean off meds starting last Christmas with the ADD medication and now I am 3 weeks into getting off of the Cymbalta. I am experiencing mostly all symptoms mentioned above. How did people feel after getting off Cymbalta completely? Did symptoms reappear?

Jon 6 years ago

I too have been taking Cymbalta (60mg) for over a year now and decided to get off "this poison", as quoted earlier. Similarly with no plan in place I stepped down to 30mg and tried the every other day method unsuccessfully. The brain shivers and anxiety have caused quite a disruption in my life and I now see the addiction to the SSNRI is greater than the need for it. I have to say it, but marijuana has been helpful in easing the immense headaches, nausea, etc. Kind of ironic...It's too bad these addictive and severely mind and body-altering drugs are legal, but the aforementioned is not. Hopefully companies, like our government and Eli Lilly, figure out how to successfully make it profitable for them one day.

little one 6 years ago

Well, as you can see, I am now 2 weeks into cutting Cymbalta out of my life slowly. It is an absolute horrid experience! I mean that. I am 72 hours into no cymbalta and the sickness is similar to someone getting off heroine. I am sick, nauseous, vomiting, migraine headaches, soar throat, low grade fever, the brain shivers are absolutely horrid and when i have one, i lose my hearing for brief pulsing moments, i can hardly work an my energy level is diminished dramatically. It is all I can do to work and then come home. I find that the symptoms are a 24 hour deal but get worse around 2pm. Right now I am working, coming home and eating sleeping pills and trying to sleep through the withdraws. I hope to be better in a couple of days as I have read that it takes it about 5-7 days to totally leave the system. I am a bit scared that the side effects will last a while but Im not giving up yet. The good news is that my resolve is strong, the depression has not resurfaced and my anxiety has diminished as well. I will keep everyone update. The previous writer mentioned marijuana for the nausea and I am going to keep that in my back pocket. I seriously might need that help, eventually and just to 'feel better' as this illness and withdraw takes chunks of time to overcome! Ill keep this thread updated!

Mary 6 years ago

I have been reading all these comments because I too want to get off of Cymbalta. I take it for panic attacks. I took Paxil for many years then it seemed to quit working. I then switched to Lexapro and that worked for about 2 years then quit working. All these antidepressants seem to work for a while then I start having panic attacks again. I have had at least a 30 lbs weight gain since being on Cymbalta and the weight won't come off. I do take Omega 3 (fish oil) daily along with many other supplements and eat pretty healthy. Has anyone heard of the devise Alpha Stim? It is suppose to be able to help with panic disorder and many other symptoms naturally without having to take meds. Just curious. I am going to ask about taking Prozac while weening myself off the Cymbalta. I've read several blogs where that has worked for some folks. Wish me luck ... I'm gonna need it!

jen 6 years ago

I read all of these comments before I went off of Cymbalta. I have been taking some form of anti-depressants for many, many years. Cymbalta had been presribed for me for my fibromyalgia. Because of so many different reactions to the withdrawal, I did mine withdrawal under my drs. care. She did recommend weening myself off by taking it every other day and then half the dosage for a week. She said most of her patients had no problems coming off of the drug. In my particular instance, I have had no significant issues of withdrawal. I had some weird nightmares for a few nights. I even had a couple of violence to myself images for a couple of days. But I realized that it was just my brain throwing off the toxins of the drugs. After those few things, I have been fine. I don't feel any need to go back on the drug at this point. My fibromyalgia got very much better when I moved out of the mountains to a desert climate. Much of my pain was climate related.

Marlene 6 years ago

I am so glad I read all the comments above. It has greatly helped me to understand what I am going through. I decided to go cold turkey because of insurance reason. It has been difficult and scarey but I am happy I made the decision. So good luck to all of you and good health to all.

Mandy 6 years ago

I have just begun taking Cymbalta about a month ago and I am having a SEVERE sore throat. Tylenol and Motrin help maage it, but it won't go away. It's really effecting my everyday life. Has anyone else experienced this?

Vicky 6 years ago

I've been on Cymbalta for fibromyalgia for about 10 months. It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I was disabled for many years and now I can do whatever I want. However, the last couple of months my tongue has gotten big cracks on it and the taste buds have filled up with puss and protrude. It is very painful and I have actually been cutting the buds off with pointed tweezers because of the pain they cause. My husband found out on the internet that this is a result of liver problems due to too much medicine. Now I am trying to wean myself off the cymbalta. I have been on 120 mg. After missing three doses I already feel like my head is in a vice-grip, my eyes are blurry, and the light hurts them. Thank you for the heads up and the advice. I sure needed your help. I don't want to go back to being disabled but I don't want to destroy my liver either. It's quite a choice. Such is the stuff life is made of. Vicky

Julia 6 years ago

I'm 47 have been on Cymbalta for 3+ years (for PTSD/depression) and had my dose increased last Oct because of suicidal thoughts, I was hospitalized and they gave me Seroquel(sp?) too. I couldn't take Seroquel more than one time, it made me so fatiqued and "out of it" for more than a day, I couldnt' function on it. So, never took that again. The other day, I went to refill my Cymbalta (120 mg) and the bill was $450!! Plus, I have gained 30 lbs since being on it. So I decided to go off of it!!! I tried to wean myself (without Dr.). And I have felt AWFUL. I was sure I was dying!! So now, I am just not taking it anymore. I laugh all the time now, I have more energy than I've had in years, but I still get tired and sleep well. If this weight doesn't come off, causing high blood presser, etc... none of my clothes fit!!! I look like I am pregnant!! The Dr tells me this is just hormones and that I don't have a weight problem at all...but this is NOT me. The withdrawal symptom that got me was not "brain shivers" but a pain in my eye sockets whenever I move my eyes!! It's like a strong twinge. My brain does feel a bit "cottony"....but the pain from any movement of my eyes, that is horrible, and I thought I needed an MRI or something, or was getting MS, it is very scary!!! I also have a great amount of stiffness in my hands and feet each morning. I haven't seen anyone post anything about that though. But I am so glad to read the experiences here of others, so I am not so scared. Thank you soooo much!!!!

profile image

Josie65 6 years ago

omg! i am currently weaning off of the Cymbalta, i am on day 5 and feel like my head is going to explode, i toss and turn all night trying to find a way to make my head feel better...i went from 60 mg. a day to 30 mg. a day for one week, then i am suppose to go to 30 mg. every other day for a week, then directly to Prozac. I have missed 2 days of work because I am so miserable, there should be something to take along with this during the weaning process, i feel like i have just been dropped from a building a few stories! any suggestions other than waiting to hear back from my doctor? i want off the cymbalta because it is so expensive and i can't afford it any longer and there have been times when i have had to miss a dose or two until i could afford the prescription and the effects were horrible then

LaTonia 6 years ago

I just wanted to say that I went without my cymbalta for seven days once when my meds were late in the mail and I only experience irritability. I am ready to get off the med completely and I'm hoping things go well.

LaTonia 6 years ago

oh i found this at http://www.antidepressantsfacts.com/taper.htm

The Right Way to Wean Off an (SSRI/SNRI/SSNRI) antidepressant

How should I taper off and how long should I take to taper off?

Work closely with a doctor. Don't go off medication without medical supervision. The best way to minimize withdrawal side effects is to wean off the medication. By reducing the dosage in small increments, your serotonergic system can gradually take over it's own natural serotonin producing activity and slowly adapt to living without the drug. This process may take up to a year or longer. Some doctors are halving the dose every week or two. We do not recommend to taper off that fast. Nor do we recommend to skip daily doses. Taper gradually with an absolute maximum of 5% per week. When it gets down to the smallest dose, (10mg capsule), you can try "The Orange Juice Bit", "Cutting Tablets" or "Oral Suspensions-Liquid Preparations":

1. "Orange Juice Bit" pour a glass of orange juice

2. pull apart the capsule and stir into the orange juice

3. drink 9/10 of it and repeat this every day until the 7th day

4. the next week drink 8/10 of it until the 14th day, then 7/10 until the 21th day, 6/10 until the 28th day, and so on...

5. repeat the "orange juice bit" several weeks until you've totally come off your (SSRI) antidepressant...

Never ever use Grapefruit Juice. Grapefruit juice is an inhibitor of the cytochrome P-450 enzymes. These enzymes are known to metabolize (break down) (SSRI) antidepressants in the liver. Drinking grapefruit juice whilst you are taking an (SSRI) antidepressant can create a serious toxic reaction, because the chemical ingredient will build to toxic levels in the bloodstream!

byee profile image

byee 6 years ago Author

Josie, sorry to hear you are feeling miserable. The only thing I keep telling people over and over is to ask your doctor for 10mg of Prozac that you can take everyday (do NOT skip days!). You can't just wait to hear from him/her--make an appointment and voice your concerns. I know Benadryl and certain vitamins/supplements have worked for some people, but for me it was the Prozac that did the trick and I was able to get off of it successfully. Hang in there and don't be afraid to talk to you doctor.

Jaimie 6 years ago

I'm so glad I found this web page. I've been on Cymbalta 60mg for around 6 months and have been trying to come off it unsuccessfully. The nausea, spinning-sensations, headaches, aches and pains, diahorrea etc are so bad that I can't seem to come off. My doctor and psychiatrist want me on the medication but, I'm going to reduce the dosage myself by taking out the granules from the capsule.

Cymbalta has been good for my Fibromyalgia but, I've gained weight and am holding water. When I reduce the Cymbalta I start to lose the water that has built up in my system. I am so so fed up - previously I've been on Citalopram and Fluoxetine (Prozac). I'm just so glad that I found out about all the withdrawal symptoms over the net and the valuable info on this site.

The only problem is that when I come off Cymbalta, which way do I go? I don't mind being on medicine as long as I have control - not the other way round. What is Cymbalta doing to our bodies on the inside that most of us have a tough time coming off?

Take care all

Kim 6 years ago

I have been on cymbalta for about a year. Every time I miss a dose by 12 noon, I can tell. I have severe brain shocks, I call them. When I told my doctor, he acted like he couldn't understand why. I want off this medicine, but I am so scared. The withdrawls are not pretty and I can not stand the feeling I get when I miss just one pill. I am very upset that the doctor put me on this addictive pill. Has anyone contacted the Elli Lilly company and complained? I think something should be done about this medicine and people should be told how hard it is to come off it.

Jessica 6 years ago

I am on day 3 of no Cymbalta at all after taking 60 mg for 2 years and then 30 mg for the last month or so in an attempt to get off the medicine. I feel horrible. I have all of the same effects that people are listing: headaches, light bothering my eyes, the inside of my brain feels like cotton and moving my eyes from side-to-side makes me sea sick. Not to mention, the moodiness, lethargy, and nausea. It's awful. Thanks for making me feel less crazy!

JustCuff15 profile image

JustCuff15 6 years ago from Baltimore

Thank you so much for writing this hub. I, as well as many others, truly appreciate it.

I am being weaned off Cymbalta. I have been taking it for about 3 years, and my psychiatrist believes I have reaped all the benefits I can from this drug. She believes it has possibly affected my depression by adding manic episodes. Of course, I was never told that, "Yeah - one day there is a possibility you will not only have depression to deal with but also manic depressive/bipolar episodes from long term use of the drug." This would have been nice to at least know.

I was on as much as 120mg at one point. I have been taking 60mg for the past year. Then, there was a recent relapse of symptoms, and I was switched to another drug while being weaned off Cymbalta.

I want off of this drug desperately. I am supposed to be taking 30 mg in the AM & then 12 hours later in the PM because alternating 60mg one day then 30 mg the next was too hard. Crying spells, violent mood swings, etc. all are a part of the game of getting off this medicine. I have gone against medical advice & am only taking 30 mg every other day. I know you warn against this as well, but I need to cut the chain. The side effects, including "brain shivers," crying, and poppin' off at the slightest thing that displeases me, are rearing their ugly heads everyday. But I will get through it.

Again, thank you for your story. And I will add that it is a shame that we, the patients, are prescribed these drugs without knowing full well the possible consequences of coming off the medicine. We learn about the great things it can do, but as for everything else, we need to do medical research on our own. US health care system the best in the world? I think not, nor does the world.

Thank you, and I hope you're doing well now.

mb1527 6 years ago

i am now getting off the cymballta and going crazy. i feel like killing myself and am crying all the time. my husband hates me and does nothing but yells at me. i just was this all to end.

greenwitchlove13 6 years ago

I am officially weaning myself off the horrible little pil that controls so many of us! I have been working at dropping the dosage from 60mg to 30mg now for about 3 weeks. The brain shivers have not really been an issue but yea I do find myself being a little more sensitive than I should. It's hard but I am sooooo ready to be in control of my own life. I purchased empty capsules from my health food store and have split the pills myself so I can get down to 15mg and then 0mg.... one day at a time. I will keep you posted.

Cindy L.D. 6 years ago

I have weaned myself off Cymbalta, haven't had one in 2 weeks. Other than the occassional brain shake, I'm down to about 8 Of those a day, I feel pretty good. I'm on a low dosage of Clonipin when needed, a couple times a day. But here's the thing, I've been on antidepressants since the 1980's. NY Mag did an article on the miracle drug of Prozac and I showed my doctor. He wrote me a script and I felt great. But after a year or so I didn't so I tried a different drug. I've been on every antidepressant there is for over 20 years! Never a day without a pill! What the hell is wrong with me? I'm still depressed so why am I taking these pills? I'm starting to see the light, maybe I don't need these pills. Every morning I wake up less and less scared of life. And the frozen fear I experienced is gone. In the past 9 years I lost my family, two businesses and my house was foreclosed on. (Of course I'm a single woman!). Everytime I turned around it was BAM! I need the newest best uber antidep. around and I sought them out. And they never worked. I just want to be normal, is that asking so much? So far so good, but who knows, I just have to wake up every morning and see how it goes. Was it Churchill that said "when you find yourself in he'll keep walking"?

Cindy LD 6 years ago

What are these brain shocks? Any long term effects?

Hard to believe on all three.. 6 years ago

Okay...ready set GO.....First of all I would like to thank all of you for all the great information..I started taking cymbalta 10 years ago for fibromylgia..I was sighing in the afternoon...my co-worker brought it to my attention...told Dr...He added Welburten to the equation...on those two for about seven years...started feeling the pain of the fibromylgia again...added Lyrica..YES added...Now I take them all... How do I feel...Okay not great...Want off the cymbalta...didn't know it was so bad for you...moved from N.Y....to Fla...for better climate...Yes helps..Not 100%...I know what it's like to not have meds for 3 days...change a little...a bit edgy..yes light bothered me...was an addict 25 years ago...so know the withdrawl thing...this is worse...yes worse...please know I'll be praying for me...and all of you that need the help to kick this demond... Bless you along this path...

Tracey L 6 years ago

Hi all, I have been on Cymbalta for 6 months now - not for depression but cronic myofascial pain in my back, neck and arm. It has been great for ther pain but i have just missed two doses (accidently as out of routine this week) and I have never felt so ill. Severe dizziness, bad heart palpitations, cronic stomach ache and diarrhoea plus banging headache. I am supposed to be reviewing this drug with my doctor in Oct and after reading all your comments am terrified at the thought of coming off it. I want out now even if it means the chronic pain back. Just about to start a new job though and don't want to make a bad first impression. Wish I knew about the withdrawal symptons before I agreed to take it!!! Only know now because I was worried sick with how I felt and came across this website which I am sooo glad I did x

The grass IS greener 6 years ago

You mentioned prozac to lessen the withdrawal symptoms.

I currently take the supplement SAMe or s-adenosyl methionine. It is the wonder drug that paxil, zoloft, lexapro, and cymbalta weren't. I was even put on ritalin for a month to help with my energy and nothing happened. I've tried St. John's wort. Nothing. I've tried pure serotonin. I've tried vivrin (can we say psycho?)I've tried prayer. I've tried writing. I've tried jumping out of airplanes. I've even tried jumping into hell and back. Nothing. But there's something to SAMe.

I've been taking it for over a year now, and it is still working. No episodes. I also take ginkgo.


mirandapanda 6 years ago

Been off Cymbalta for 23 days now :) Having periods of anxiety, lightheadedness, spaciness, just blah. Dr. added 20mg of prozac and have been taking that for 3 days so far...when can I expect to feel better?

Kristy Lee Goss 6 years ago

I have been on Cymbalta for 5 years now since i was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. Last year I was on 90mg and I felt bloated, depressed?! lack of energy, no motivation or excitement in anything. Basically NO anxiety whatso ever. I felt like a dead person watching myself going through the motions of life. I wanted to claim my life back and so went down to 60mg. 60mg enabled me to go back to gym. I got a personal trainer and started to train for marathons every day. I run all morning and watch my diet eating no more than 1500calories a day. Despite this every month i gained 2 or more kgs! I went to specialists and tried everything. Last week wednesday I decided to go back to the dr. who prescribed cymbalta for help. Due to picking up 30kg in 18months while training and working with a dietician, i developed pre diabetes, and an underactive thyroid. I was in despair and when i spoke to this dr. he said that one of the side effects of longterm cymbalta use is severe weight gain.He knew this when he put me on 5yrs ago. at the time my sole income was from being a photographic model. THIS DRUG HAS RUINED MY LIFE!! anyway he put me onto 30mg for the next two weeks and then one 30mg pill every other day for two weeks after that. then he wants to target weight loss before i get diabetes. i am feeling sick, aggressive,and sensitive to light and noise. i hope it doesn't get worse but atleast when this is over i will start to lose weight and get my life back. I want people to know the side affects going on and getting off this drug before they embark on its usage. I do not feel my problems warranted this drug and had i know ANYTHING about it i would have refused to take it.

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greenwitchlove13 6 years ago

I am now at 6 weeks of weaning off the cymbalta! I am looking forward to not taking this stuff ever again. I am at about less than half my normal dosage and although I find my sensitivity even more increased that it had been 3 weeks ago I don't have a whole lot of horrible side effects. I used to get the brain shivers the same day I missed a dosage so the weaning must be working. I have been on cymbalta for about 4 years and I gained god knows how much weight. I too feel like I have lost all my motivation to do anything. For anyone in a position to get off of cymbalta DO IT and just be brave.

Kristy Lee Goss 6 years ago

Hey Guys,

This is the 9th day that I have dropped from 60mg to 30mg. First 3/4 days were a nightmare as I said before...brainshivers, upset stomache, headaches so bad I cant read or watch tv and sensitive to light, vivid dreams BUT all have started to subside and im feeling ok today. I FEEL ALIVE for the first time in 5 years. I have another week on 30mg then i start to skip days for the following 2 weeks and then OFF FOR GOOD. I am scared but i have decided to take one step at a time and not to think ahead of NOW this second or I fear I will lose my nerve. The good news is that i have even lost a kg without change in diet and exercise. I was prescribed cymbalta in conjunction with Molipaxin to treat obsessive compulsive order.While on the drug after 3 years all my obsessions died. IT will be interesting to see how i cope with my OCD without meds...i have already started having obsessive thoughts on 30mg but i can handle it infact I EMBRACE THEM BECAUSE IT MEANS I CAN FEEL AGAIN!!!!And like i told my husband I would rather be SERIOUSLY OPPOSED TO DIRT OR GERMS, have an overly clean house and kids with routines where i wash my hands too many times and only sleep on white and only touch certain fabrics or things that other people may have touched THAN BE ON THIS DRUG!!!!!!!!!!!! My problems did not hurt anyone and a psychologist could have helped me deal with this in one session. INstead it was too easily prescribed and i am now facing the consequences of that.I will fill you all in when i start skipping days which most of you are against but my dr. suggested?!


Mike 6 years ago

Hello all, I have been off Cymbalta completely for three weeks now and hell does nit describe hat I am going through even after weaning. I have the brain zaps, horrible body feelings like the flu, feel like I am going nuts, hot flashes, no motivation, - last week wasn't terrible but starting my third week it hit the fan. I feel like I cannot go another day but I do not want to get back on this horrible drug - somehow I have to see it through. Do not take this if you just have to - I would love to be a part of a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

byee profile image

byee 6 years ago Author

Hello everyone, thank you for leaving all your comments and sharing your experiences. First of all, I am very sorry to everyone who is still suffering from getting off this drug. I first wrote this Hub over 2 years ago and am still overwhelmed by the response.

IF YOU ARE IN REALLY BAD SHAPE, PLEASE, PLEASE, TALK TO YOUR FAMILY/FRIENDS AND DOCTOR!!! Even if you feel that they are somewhat unhelpful, at least someone knows your situation and can try to work with you. You do not have to go through this alone. Find a friend, find some online forums, just talk to SOMEONE who can help you hang in there until you can see the light. Keep a daily journal of your symptoms so it will help you explain to your doctor what you have been going through.

For those who have resolved to get off Cymbalta and take life by the horns: WHOOHOO!! I wish you the best of luck. I can tell you right now that positive thinking does go a long way, and you will get there!!

I am still having a little trouble with losing all the weight that I gained while I was on Cymbalta, but optimism, going on daily walks and getting some sun has changed my life. I swear the sun and getting some Vitamin D makes a whole lot of difference in your body! Also, I started taking a vitamin supplement that contains Green Tea, Acai Berry, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp and Grapefruit extract. It has made me more energetic during the day and has helped keep my mood up.

I don't want to throw more cliches on here, but really, being kind, thankful, and appreciative of the people and things around you really makes a difference, too. If you are depressed, it's more important than ever to try and force yourself to count your blessings and turn things around as far as your perception of yourself and the world around you. Feeling sorry for yourself doesn't help anybody. Look around--there are over 6 billion people in the world and you are just one of them. Everyone has their own problems to deal with, and you are no different. Just live your life, do your best, enjoy what you have and strive to be better. Take it one day a time, and I promise, things will get better.

Leo 6 years ago

YAY! i'm not alone. I know my co-workers have no idea why I have missed so much work trying to get off Cymbalta and Effexor. I am so glad that I can get off it and know that I'm not alone in wanting to do so. Thank you to everyone who posted their experiences--it helped me so much!!!

Robin 6 years ago

I have only been on Cynbalta for about a month and cant deal with the side affects.... I want to quit but now I am worried about withdraw... can anyone tell me if only being on it for a month (60 mg)3wks now.... will I go through any of this withdraw still?

Sherri 6 years ago

I have been on Cymbalta for about 5 years. I was on Effexor before that. I am currently taking 60mg. I have all of the withdrawl effects mentioned above because I'm trying to wean myself off by using the orange juice method. My problem is when I open the capsules and pour into the orange juice they don't dissolve. So, even though shake it, stir it, smash it, let it sit and slowing dissolve, some of the little beads still sit in the bottom of the glass. How can I get it to dissolve? Is there a better way?

I noticed someone was just taking out a few beads of Cymbalta. Would that be a better way of weaning of this horrid medicine?

Mary R 6 years ago

Thank goodness for this website. I have been on this drug for depression for two years and though I felt I wanted to come off it my doctor wouldn't help, so I saw another one who has helped by weening me off it,(from 60mg to 20mg). I have decided to take the matter into my own hands now and have gone "cold turkey". I am sometimes experiencing the symptoms described by others, but as this seems to be working for me I shall carry on now. I just want to feel myself again,- which I'm sure I shall. It's getting better!

Elby J 6 years ago

I am currently going through a 21-day weaning from Cymbalta to a new drug to be prescribed by my Psychologist. I started the weaning process this past Saturday going from 60MG to 40MG a day for the first 14 days. Then going down to 20MG for the final 7 days. My appointment with my Psych is two days prior to the end of the weaning process. So far I am not experiencing anything horrible like is mentioned in numerous articles and the above comments from other users, however, it is still early. My Psych is really worried that I may have a seizure because of the weaning, even though I have never had one before! Had a bad headache yesterday morning, but it stopped after a couple of Alleve. Also had a little nausea last night, but nothing bad. Not really sure at this point what is going to happened in the next few days, but I am expecting the worse. Still waiting on my counselor to contact me as my Psych wanted weekly visits with her also. Reason for getting off the Cymbalta is I lost my "even keel" with the drug and started to snap at everyone, as well as getting the feeling that I just wanted to get away from it all. My depression also started to jump up again, as well as the unexpected sobbing attacks. Anybody out there have any good stories concerning getting off Cymbalta and moving to a new drug? Would greatly appreciate it.

Mary R. 6 years ago

Still going "cold" and so far ok. However everyone is different so although it seems to be working for me, please be careful. I am at a good place in my life now, (after a very long period of unhappiness,) so it seems to be the right thing to do. I want to feel "normal" again, and I know I couldn't while I was on this drug. Was a bit weepy today, but I know it is the side effects of not taking it, so I can put up with it. Good luck to everyone, and do what is best for yourself.

Sarah 6 years ago

This is how I reduced from 40 mg per day down to 30 mg per day. I was taking 2 capsules of 20mg per day each morning at the same time each day for several years. When I started weaning down, I would delicately open only one capsule so that the grains are still in the capsule. I would gently tap out 1 grain on the first day and throw it away. Then I would close the capsule and take the medicine (2 capsules) as usual. On day two I threw away 2 grains before taking the medicine. On day three I threw out 3 grains of medicine. I would always quickly put the capsule back together before taking it. If you do this everyday, you get pretty good at doing it without spilling anything. (I usually tap out onto a dark smooth cloth. I would never save the grains that I took out because they might get moist, etc wherever I might have saved them. It wasn't worth it. So I didn't save them. Although each grain may not be exactly the same (Average of 9 grains per 1 mg approximately). The difference is hopefully negligible when done just one grain difference per day and picked randomly. If I reached a tough time (I didn't know if it was the change in medicine or just life in general), I would stay at a specific level for some days until things felt smooth again. The reason I went so slowly is because in the past I had dropped from 60 mg to 40 mg and I found that it was difficult and disruptive to go through. (Assuming the change in medicine was the reason) However, I didn't want to risk it again and so far my system has worked for going down gradually and consistently. Once I reached the point that I was taking out about 90 grains, I was ready to start taking only the 30mg capsules rather than the 2 20mg capsules. However, I let me doctor know that I wanted to reduce and it was ok with me and the manner I was doing it has been ok with him so far. Perhaps this technique might help others. However, I'm not a doctor nor knowledgeable about medicines.


elbyj 6 years ago

Starting day 6 tomorrow in the weaning process of Cymbalta going from 60MG to 40MG. To be honest, I feel great! I have slept better the past four nights than I have for the past 2-3 months. Still no nausea, balance issues, or mental issues at all. I fully realize I am still early in the weaning process, but I sure thought the worse would happen sooner. My doctor is concerned since I am a school bus driver about me blowing up on the kids, or even worse having a seizure while driving. Based upon what I am feeling, maybe I can make it for the next two weeks without anything major. Now the decision is going to be -- do I really need the drugs anyway!

lmm 6 years ago

I would like to get my mom off of her Cymbalta, Enablex, and cholesterol pills! Now I'm worried about what it's going to be like. The problem is that they are soooooo expensive. I'm thinking about switching her to Shaklee products which are natural and not as expensive. Maybe if I supplement her with the Shaklee she won't have as much problems weaning off. Or has any tried acupuncture while weaning off??

lmm 6 years ago

Ok, I did more research and I found this discussion very helpful. This link will bring you to an hour talk about how to help with depression and healthy diet. Some information may be helpful to the people posting on here. Some key ways to help with depression is to stay away from white sugars and white flour since they increase toxins in your body. People who are depressed have high levels of yeast in their body, one way to reduce this is taking garlic capsules. Things that can help you are soy products, Vitamin B,probiodics, good fats like fish oil capsules or fresh variety of nuts. Your diet can really effect your mood. If you have to many carbohydrates or bad fats in your body it actually does have negative effects on you. Consider changing your diets and exercise a little each week. Good luck!

kylee 6 years ago

I am going through withdrawl right now. I was taking 60mg then dropped down to 30mg. I am having the same withdrawl symptoms the previous writers have wrote about. I am trying to wean myself from 30mg to cold turkey and I am very nervous. This is a horrible drug, and I wish I did my research before starting it.

Peter 6 years ago

I have hopelessly watched my wife struggle with withdrawl symptoms as she has been weening herself off of Cymbalta. Can anyone tell me if and how we can join the class action law suit against satan incarnate as a pharmaceutical drug aka Cymbalta.

Elby 6 years ago

I am currently finishing up with Day 12 of going from 60MG to 40MG. This Saturday, I will begin the seven days of 20MG. So far nothing major with the weaning. Yes, I have had a couple of headaches during the time, one morning I felt like I was on a roller coaster, and I had a small anxiety attack. Don't know how the process is going to be with 20MG. It is going to be interesting. I already have the form ready to take to my Psychologist next week just in case she needs to document the need for me to be off the week.

Monique 6 years ago

So, I've read this at my husband's suggestion and am really relieved to find that I am not alone. I've been taking Cymbalta for about 2 years. I was prescribed Cymbalta to address side effects from another drug - the medical community loves to prescribe drugs to address side effects of drugs. What a cycle!

I've gone from 60 to 30 in the last 2 weeks and am going through every withdrawal symptom mentioned on this sight.

I don't mind going through this if someone could please tell me how long and what I'm in for. 2 weeks of hell? more?

Laura 6 years ago

My doctor just put me on Cymbalta for Fibromyalga. I take 30mg every other day. Have only been on this one week. This drug works great for my pain, but I am having tingling in fingers, feeling light headed and a terrible sore throat and cannot sleep. After reading all these posts and doing some research I am stopping this drug. Hopefully I won't have withdrawal symptoms because I haven't been on it that long.

Elby 6 years ago

Hey Monique -- maybe they took you to far down for the first phase of getting off the Cymbalta. Could have knocked you down to 40MG and then lower. Started my first day of 20MG this morning. A little nausea and light headiness so far, but that is all. Been fighting through the rest of the issus. Yes, totally agree with the medical community on their need to fix side effects of other drugs. Half of the medicine I take is to counteract the other half I take daily.

pam 6 years ago

So glad to have found this site. I was on cymbalta for 4 years (60mg) daily. I had to get off as I felt it had become toxic to my body. No energy and I mean NONE. I found no joy and I had gained major weight. Well today is 7 weeks after going off cold turkey. I had the luxury of not working and just became a bigger couch potato than I had been. I had the zaps terribly. I still have them slightly. I have noticed that aches and pains are magnified. Still not returning to the drug from hell and I wish all of you the best of luck.

natalie 6 years ago

wow. if i would have only known. cymbalta is the devil. i have been taking it for 3 yrs. slowly stopped working. i am now on day 4 of no cymbalta. pure hell is my only explanation. however, there is no turning back for me. will not ever go through this again. i hope i will be able to function soon. i have a baby girl who needs me.

when my brain is usable again, i will be taking action against this drug. no one deserves this and its time to be taken seriously.

Elby 6 years ago

Just saw my psychologist who agreed with me that I no longer need to be taking the Cymbalta or any other drug. We established the final plan for the next two weeks to wean me completely off the drug. Seven more days of 20 MG and then seven final days taking only 10 MG a day. Going to be fun separating those little 20MG capsules in half! Anyway, the three weeks of weaning has gone extremely well without any major or minor incidents. I am really going to enjoy being off this drug. Then after one month I can go back and get my primary doctor to take me off the blood pressure medicine which was necessary because of a side effect of the Cymbalta.

shelly 6 years ago

I am so glad i have come across this site to see that i am not going insane...it has been 4 days since my last demon pill and i thought that i could not cope anymore and was going to give up,but after reading everyones words i am not letting this demon take over my life i will fight it every step of the way.I will be giving this site to my gp as well so he will give informed information about cymbalta as i would prob. would not have started on them if i had known.Good luck everybody hope we all can get rid of this demon inside of us.....

xina 6 years ago

You have mentioned in your original article that you faxed your doctor 10 pages of what people said about Cymbalta. I have the worst doctor ever, she thinks she knows everything and refuses to acknowledge any pain or complaints I give, and I want to present her with the best irrefutable data I can get. I already tapered down from 60 to 30,,,

Chewie 6 years ago

Ive decided to quit cold turkey. My wife wants to have a baby and this stuff killed my sex drive. I've been off it for three days now and the brain zaps are starting along with the nausea and diarreah. I also noticed I keep grinding my teeth. I'm kinda scared. Don't want to be dependent on anything. Doc only diagnosed me with a mild case of chronic depressive disorder. Hope I get through it fast.

Lesley 6 years ago

On it now for fibromyalgia pains, though no doctor ever diagnosed me with this. No doctor could seem to help with the years of pain I had so one doc just said, let's try this. It does help with pain. I do not have depression. He said 1 dose a day was for anxiety and 2 a day for depression. Really? It does NOTHING for anxiety with me.

I want off of this and did go 3 days without the med because I couldn't get the refill in time. I started to feel jittery at the 3rd day. I want off of it because I need an anti imflammatory and I don't like that Cymbalta could increase bleeding possibilities. I also take hormones and I don't like that Cymbalta can counteract some of the benefits of the hormones. Then I read a side effect could be constipation and I have never had issue with that UNTIL NOW. AND suddenly I have GERD. I have only been on this since July and I think this drug should probably be one that should not be made at all.

Lori 6 years ago

I am glad to know I am so far from alone in this situation. I have been on Cymbalta for over a year for treatment of fibromyalgia. The side effects of being on the drug were starting to really become an issue and my husband and I want to try to start our family so Cymbalta had to go. My rheumatologist and I had devised a tapering off plan like described and I was ready to go for it. Living hell barely begins to describe it. After four days of torture and finally being sent home grom a big work meeting, I knew I had to do something immediately. I started shaking so badly, I looked as though I was vibrating. My brain didn't seem to want to cooperate and flu-like symptoms is an understatement. The world was moving in slow motion and I just could not stop the dizziness or haze. I called my Dr. on the way home from my meeting and he prescribed 10mg tabs of floxetine which I am actually excited about. That's why they tell you there are possible thoughts of suicide when coming of Cymbalta, you want to kill yourself because the withdrawals are so AWFUL!!!

Lori 6 years ago


GET OFF CYMBALTA!!!! Never again will I encourage anybody to take this drug. Don't do it cold turkey, whatever you do. Get the fluoxetine tablets, it's Prozac but you can ween slowly with no side effects. There are several other remedies (that I am trying) to help with the fibro. Natural supplements and other things that will not interfere with anything you else you have to take. I do not wish this withdrawal hell on anybody. I spent a month tapering off of those evil little pills and after 3 days off, I pretty much wanted to crawl into the path of a giant semi truck.

Jess 6 years ago

Thank god I'm not the only person going through this. I was in a similar situation to Lori that I was unable to get to the Chemist I've also been unable to get to a doctor and have basically gone cold turkey. I'm up to day 5 and the nausea, dizziness and headaches are not as bad but are still around. My suggestion to anyone who reads this is don't take cymbalta, the side effects getting on and off the pills are brutal. Exhaust all other options including natural before going on these tablets.

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Klezsinger 6 years ago

I am so glad I found this site. I have been taking Cymbalta for almost 5 years. It really was wonderful to be on. Took care of my fibromyalgia, hot flashes and depression. Now it's time to get off it. My husband has been telling me that my affect is dull and I've gained thirty pounds. I went from 60 mg to 50 mg for a week then 40 mg for a week then 30 for a week and 20 for a week without too many side effect. Yes I do have occasional brain zapps, headaches and dizziness but so far so good. It was at the 20 that I found this site so now I am titrating the dose by granules. The first day i took out 7, then 9,etc.. I am now down where I am taking out 17 granules. I am taking the Omega 3 that was suggested so maybe that is helping. Trying to get plenty of rest. I don't think I would have considered coming off except that my insurance company decided not to pay anymore because during one month before I met my deductible, I filled my prescription and the pharmacy aide asked if i realized how much it cost. I said yes but I have to pay out of pocket until I meet my deductible. To make a long story short, I had it filled 2 days before it was suppose to be filled so my insurance company didn't put it towards my deductible AND they don't acknowledge that I took it that month. Because I had a 3 month supply through Medco and a some left over from my mother after she passed away, the insurance company says I haven't taken the medication for 120 days so now they won't pay for it! I got a Rx from my doc for the 20 mg tabs to help me titrate it down and it was a bloody fortune- $550.00! After reading what people are going through getting off this med, I'm glad that all this came to be and it is definitely the right time to cleanse myself of this poison. Thank you for all your support.

Stephanie 6 years ago

Like the majority of people on here, I am sooo glad i came across this site! I don't feel alone anymore. I don't wish any of this on anyone, but i have to admit its nice to know I'm not the only one going through this. I was on 60mg and weaned down to 30mg for a week and then nothing. Today is my fourth day completely off Cymbalta. Hell on earth is a perfect way to put it. Until i found this site, i thought i was crazy and that something was seriously wrong with me. The withdrawl are horrible! Ive been having nausea, acid reflux, severe headaches, the "brain zaps" everyone has been talking about, body jerks, crying episodes, neck and back pain, the list just goes on and on. I don't feel like myself at all. My husband keeps trying to remind me that its withdrawls and that these things will go away, but when your experiencing it, i must say it is very discouraging and hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully he is there to root me on. I'm very stubborn so i WILL push through,i just wish i knew exactly when all of this will stop. I know there is a finish line somewhere, but i hate not knowing exactly how long i have to go through all of this to get there. I am glad to learn about the "brain zaps or shakes". I have them ALL the time, but i didn't know what they were called. They happen so frequently and when they do they shoot down my left arm. Another weird thing that happens is my certain parts of my body like my arms or legs or hands will "twitch" uncontrollably.I just hope all of this goes away sooner than later. I am trying the Omega-3 fish oil and i heard Benadryl works good for the "brain zaps" so I am trying that also. i just want to feel normal again. Where is that damn finish line?

Good luck to all of you! Stay strong!

Stephanie 6 years ago

CHEWIE- just to share with you, i wanted off this drug for the same reason! I just recently got married and we want to get pregnant within the next year, but this stuff has made me have NO sex drive what so ever the entire time ive been on it (almost a year)! Besides us wanting a baby, i feel bad for my husband having a wife that doesn't want sex, so i decided to go off of the drug. Its not fair to me either. I deserve a healthy sex drive. When the symptoms seem get to be too much to bear, it helps me a little to think that im not just doing it for me, but for him too. Good luck to you!

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Klezsinger 6 years ago

Anybody have the shin itching that you basically tear your skin off? Now that's fun! My dermatologist also suggested I get off the Cymbalta because of the excessive itching I've had. I really feel like lowering the dose faster. I can't think, I'm combative. Does anyone have any experience how long the side effects last when you finally stop?

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Klezsinger 6 years ago

My daughter is also a user (of Cymbalta) and talked her MD into getting her off. She's starting at 90 and will be going to 60 for a week. At least we can drive my husband crazy together!

Joey 6 years ago

THANK GOD FOR THIS HUB!!!! I'm coming off Cymbalta right now(3rd day) and it's pretty bad. I have MS and I'm a little more dizzy and bump into things than regurlar! It's a great drug for pain, I'll give it props but after 3 years of being on auto-pilot and numb to the world I want my life back!!!

Joey 6 years ago


Carmen 6 years ago

I am so thankful for this website. I literally thought I was going crazy. I was on Cymbalta for only 4 months when I started experiencing excessive constant sweating, which is one of the side effects. I decided to get off Cymbalta and my dr. had me weaning off of it but it was not working at all so I went cold turkey! Thanks to this website I now know what I am feeling is "brain shivers", extreme dizziness and total disorientation. It is very painful to even use my eyes to look from side to side. I have also been extremely nauscious and took 8 oz. of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and that took my nausea away. This has been an absolute nightmare!!!! I will never ever get on this medication again. Thanks for all the valuable info on this site.

Carmen 6 years ago

This is a "P.S." to my previous post. While taking Cymbalta, not only did I experience excessive sweating but I also lost my sex drive completely, which ironically enough I felt I was recuperating after going through post partum depression. I also gained about 15 lbs. and the initial 2 weeks of taking Cymbalta were brutal. I was very nauseous all the time and I had severe constipation.

I think I have read all the previous posts, but can't seem to find out how long will the withdrawal effects take? It has been about 3 days for me so far.

Thanks again for this hub!!! I have learned so much and feel better knowing I am not going crazy. Good luck to all of us!

Stephanie 6 years ago

I'm just curious if anyone has any stories of coming off of Cymbalta successfully. I have now been completely off the drug for 10 days. Withdrawal symptoms are getting better, but they are not at all gone. While i am comforted by the stories that i can relate to, it would be helpful to hear that it does end. That one day, all of these symptoms are gone and life can be back to normal. I have to admit its a little discouraging to hear everyone going through the same thing i am (which is comforting at the same time)but no stories on how anyone has successfully come off. Do the withdrawals go away or do you just "get used" to them and they are here forever? please someone give me some positive reinforcement. Thanks so much and good luck to all.

Michael 6 years ago

I've been off Cymbalta now for 2 months. I spent about 2 years on it. It did help initially, but after a while I got nothing from it. Some of the symptoms described by others here coincide with what I've been through and what I am still experiencing. I came off a 60mg dose to a 30 then cold turkey within a week. I knew it would be difficult. I drank to self-medicate during that time. Sex drive was gone. No motivation (apart from fear of losing my job, etc.) My girlfriend is sick of me and we fight a lot ... or at least until I get fed up. I've gained weight and I did lose total interest in my appearance my apartment. I'm still in some of those states, though the actual physical stress of withdrawl is gone ...

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has noticed a longer, subtler period of withdrawl after the immediate crisis point. Does any of this sound familiar?

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Klezsinger 6 years ago

after being on about 7-10 mg daily, i decided to get the inevitable over. I stopped 3 days ago and am in the throws of all the withdrawal symptoms. my pharmacist said that days 3-5 are the worse. i do feel a bit weepy and the vertigo is pretty intense. Only could sleep 4 hours last night even though im exhausted. Michael you sound like you have symptoms of depression. Get thee to a doctor. There must be another medication you can take that isn't so toxic. In the meantime you can take 5 HTP and St. Johns Wort. When do all the physical withdrawal symptoms go away completely????

Joey 6 years ago

UPDATE: 2nd full day of completely stopping the drug after 3weeks of weening from 60mg to prob 1-5mg. Woke up this morning feeling great although I was suffering from diarreah!! Chocolate and strangely masturbation helps with the brain shakes!! (Hey dont judge..I dont have a girlfriend at the moment!) My appetite is all but gone but thankfully!! I've put on about 30lbs over the last 4 years and look forward to losing it!

MSKitty 6 years ago

I am so glad I found this website. I have been on cymbalta for about a year and a half and everytime I try to get off I feel like I am dying. I tried cutting from 60 to 30 but that was terrible. I am now going to try what byee did, weaning down 10 mg every two weeks. I PRAY that it will work for me as it did for her. Thank you so much for your story.

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Klezsinger 6 years ago

6th day off and starting to feel like myself again- very slight dizziness but able to drive without feeling dangerous! No nausea today and crickets in my ears are not as prominent. Taking my omega 3 and 5 htp as well as co q 10 and vitamins. I'm going to try to stay in touch to let people know when it is completely out of my system without side effects.

JOEY 6 years ago

OK people,,day 3 without anything and after 4 years of that drug I dont really know what to do with all of my emotions I have! The other night was the CMA awards I must of cried through every performance,,whether it's how great it was or that I was so proud! I'm worse than an EMO teen girl!! Anyway,,I have NO appetite whatsoever, but I made it to the gym 2day and had a decent workout! Brain shakes and fizzes are diminishing thank god, but I heard that it would be like a month b4 they're completely gone..I'll try to keep this updated cause I know that there are not that many posts about actually going through coming off!

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Klezsinger 6 years ago

Day eight started out ok then by the early evening the vertigo and nausea were bad. I do have the weeps- I usually sing with my choir at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and did all I could to hold myself together during some of the touching speeches! Today is day 9 and was over all pretty good. Still have trouble moving my head too fast with the dizziness and my husband thinks I am not appropriate at times talking to people. So what else is new? The rage is getting better. At one point I was ready to strangle the painter because he wants to paint my walls with semi gloss and I want flat. I WANT FLAT! AND THAT'S THAT! I still have occasional brain buzzing. I really want this weight to come off now.

MSKitty 6 years ago

Hello, this is day 5 of going down from 60mg to 50mg. I've had no side effects whatsoever. I will be going down to 40mg next week. I don't want to speak too soon, but I think this method of weaning may work (fingers crossed). I will be so thankful!

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Klezsinger 6 years ago

Day 10 and 11- no sig vertigo- not biting off anyone's head. I think I'm beginning to remember this person from 5 years ago. Still taking the omega 3 and 5 htp. Able to exercise and enjoy the work out. Food's not that important to me anymore.

1 Year Out 6 years ago

I'm one year off and I feel great. I weaned off and don't recall any really bad withdrawl but I would also say it was probably the most unhappy year I've had out of 40 so far. After a few weeks, you start to feel emotions again and its so nice. It actually feels good to feel sad because its better than numb. I was very emotional for many months and would cry easily at even minor triggers. Now I feel like myself again and I'm happy. The emotional instability is gone. You can stop the meds and recover but just be ready for the journey. Exercise often and set up a plan to keep yourself happy until your brain returns to pre-med normal levels.

Linda 6 years ago

Dr. put me on zoloff as I could put up with cymbalta side effects any longer. I'd been on it for 3 yrs. Even with zoloff headache, nausa has been terrible. I was taking it for anxiety and fibromyalgia. Not worth it.

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Klezsinger 6 years ago

day 17 or 18 - I'm loosing count. Still a bit inappropriately argumentative- emotions coming back- I love crying at TV shows again. No vertigo, some GI problems- I just noticed that my chronic itching is gone. Weight is not coming off yet- I'm also 5 years older than when I started- oh well.

JOEY 6 years ago


MSKitty 6 years ago

I am now down to 40mg from 60mg. I am so happy that this is working out. I thought I was going to be on this for the rest of my life, only because I could not stand the withdrawals of getting off. Things are going good. I have two more days then I am down to 30mg. I had two days of withdrawal effects when I went down to 40 but nothing I couldn't handle, after that I was fine. If I could find the lady that started this hub I would give her a great big kiss! She has freed me from this drug.

LF 6 years ago

I've been on 60 mg Cymbalta for about 3 years. I tried to come off once and was unsuccessful. Now, I'm trying again, right now the tingling is intense, I feel like there are fireworks going off in my body. I'm on 30mg right now, but also am taking Zoloff (sp?) to try and help and I hope that has less side effects when getting off it.

Shannon 6 years ago

I am so glad I found this hub regarding the weaning of Cymbalta. I started Cymbalta January 2010 along with Adderal. I was diagnosed Bipolar I and ADD. Pryor to starting the Cymbalta I had come off Affexor and that was hell for me. The side affects were horrible. I had terrible anxiety. My neck was constantly stiff and I was nauseated. It sucked. After about a week I was finally OK. I was actually off my meds for about two months but my husband insisted I get back on them because he couldn't deal with my moods.

So I did research on Cymbalta and all was suppose to be good. The med helps with moods and so forth and also was suppose to help with pain management. I told my Dr. I wanted to try it but they didn't tell me the side affects starting the medication was going to be hell. It took my body 8 days to adjust to the Cymbalta.

Well within the past few months my Dr. had me try Geodon for a mood stabilizer. Being bipolar you need one I know I did and probably still do. Well I had a bad reaction with the Geodon. The Dr. thinks it was reacting with the Adderall when it's suppose to be compatible with Adderall. My head got really hot mainly on the left side of my head. I had severe burning in my throat and stomach. It happened three times and I stopped the Geodon.

We waited a while and tried another medication that's in the same category with Topamax. I can't remember the name of the med but I took it for about 4 days and stopped. It made me tired and unable to concentrate even though I was taking Adderall. It was working against the adderall. This has been recently.

So then I asked my Dr. if we could increase my cymbalta and at the time I was taking 60mg. He said to double to dose. I was scared to do that since the side affects were so bad when I started the med so I started the extra dose at 30mg for about 4 days and then on the 5th day I added the second dose of 60mg. on top of that I took 60mg adderall xr and later 20mg immediate release adderall. For one I was suppose to space out the 30mg adderall xr which I would have but on that day I just took the total 60mg because I was traveling and I was worried about getting sleepy while driving. The cocktail messed me up.

I was picking my sister up to visit me for a few days and when she saw me she thought I was high. The double dose of cymbalta reacted badly with the adderall. I've never had problems with the adderall whether I took the two 30mg's together or spaced them out or the immediate release but that day was bad. Before this happened I noticed just with the extra 30mg of Cymbalta it was starting to dry me out even more and extremely bad.

I told my dr and he said it was probably the cymbalta. Now this has been in the last 3 weeks. I ended up getting a sinus infection and my throat and stomach was burning bad and it was becoming a daily thing. I can tell you starting around Nov.30 I was having burning in my throat and stomach every day. My dr. decided to lower the cymbalta 60mg to 30mg and he also lowered my adderall to 25mg twice a day. He told me to take the 30mg of cymbalta for a week and then the second week take it every other day. I took the 30mg for about 4 days and stopped cold turkey. I had to my throat and stomach was burning so bad. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Today is Dec.14th 2010 and this is day 3 w/o cymbalta and it has been rough. The first day wasn't to bad nor the second and I'm still taking the adderall to help me at least stay awake. Today being day three has been the hardest so far. I had to force myself to get up this morning. I immediately took my adderall. I had to get up. I have a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old to take care of. The past three days I've been crying a lot, I've went off on my husband a few times. Screaming I hate him. He doesn't understand what I am going thru but I think after reading some of what you all have posted to him he see's things a little more clear. I am having a pain in my chest where my heart is and that really bothers me. I feel totally lethargic like I just can't function. I can't seem to find anything. I am misplacing everything and for getting everything. I have been dizzy and lighted headed to the point I feel I may blackout. I've been nauseated. I can say the burning in my throat and stomach has eased up a lot. I have no motivation and the last two nights of sleeping I've had very vivid dreams and night sweats. I would wake up and my jama pants would be damp from sweating. I know that is a withdrawal from the cymbalta. It's happened before when I tried to come off of it but this time I AM NOT going back. If my family loves me they will have to be strong and help me through this. I really need their support. My husband is military and we have no family near and my so called friends who live here aren't there either. You learn who your friends are and the ones who are not and those who are not u let them go!! I want to Thank everyone who has posted their experience with cymbalta because it has definitely help me understand what I have been and still am going through. I have been a little G Pig for 10 yrs now. No more. I'm done. I will fix me the healthy way. It's going to be hard and a long road to travel but I hope that I can do it. I'm tired of crying and tired of being angry. I just want to be happy for me and mostly for my children. Thanks to u all!!

Adrianna 6 years ago

I have been on a 20 mg dose of Cymbalta for 2 months. I am on my first skipped day, and plan to do the every other day, every 2 days, etc. I am taking flaxseed oil(omega 3s), and vitamin D-3. So far so good. Feel a little off and tired. Anyone have a good experience coming off the low dose after a short time??

Craig 6 years ago

I have a plan for all you folks trying to wean off of Cymbalta. You will be on your own when you do this the doctor will probably not approve. 1st read all the documentation on the drug and you will find out the pellets inside the capsule are enteric coated. The drug comes in 60, 40, 20 mg. It is going to be a big step going down 20 mg depending how long you have been on the drug. You may get headaches, blurred vision, anxiety, etc. Surely if you do what the doctors usually say and take the drug every other day this will happen. There will not be enough of the drug in your system on the 2nd day and you will be felling like crap. (I know because I have done it.) Back to the enteric coated pellets. I opened the capsule and counted all the tiny white enteric coated pellets from a 60mg pill. A total of between 192 to 195. I take 10 pellets out the 1st week, 20 the second week and so on. This may seem slow to you and the doctor will probably tell you this is not allowed but I can assure you it is a better way. You won't get the withdrawls nearly as bad as if you skip days. Skipping days is the worst. Doctors don't even really know because the plan from the drug company is just to stay on the drug. If you don't believe me go to your pharmacy and tell them you are going to have stomach surgery and need to be on a liquid diet for a while and can you open the capsule and take pellets with liquid. So plan how many weeks you want to take and divide into the number of pellets. I like to go slow myself because I know the withdrawls are really hard to deal with. When you get down to a low number of pellets say 60 or less you can try the every other day dose. I haven't gotten there yet so I can't tell you. To get you through the episodes (if you have any) you may need to have a few tranquilizers on hand. Only take them if absolutely needed. Good luck folks.

craig 6 years ago

Hello again. I just read some posts that said some capsules vary in the number of beads they have in them so you may have to count them every time. It makes sense because the tiny beads may vary in size a little. Anyway good luck.

MSKitty 6 years ago

The easier way to wean off is to go down 10mg every two weeks. That is what the lady who started this hub did and she was successful. I have followed her advice and I am down to 20mg. I have been on 60mg for 2 years. If you wean down by 10mg every two weeks it works. I only had trouble with the swimming head for a couple of days then it passed. The only side affect I experienced the most was irritability.

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Klezsinger 6 years ago

Please don't go cold turkey from 20 mg- too big a jump and the every other day method doesn't work either. Listen to what others have said- go from 20 to 10- count the pellets and divide by half. You can use an old med container to keep the granuals in and buy gelatin capsules at the drug store. Stay at 10 until the symptoms have subsided- omega 3 really helps. Then go to 5 mg for a week or 2 then 2.5 for another 1 to 2 weeks then try 1 mg for a week then may be you can go cold turkey. I have been off now for about 2 months- I think time goes so quickly. I don't have the brain fog any more no more side effects TG. Unfortunately my Fibromyalgia came back full force as well as mild depression ?? from the constant pain, don't know. I just tried for the past 2 days SAM-E. mood is better as is the pain. Any one else ever try this?

MSKitty 6 years ago

I hate this medicine.I have been able to go from 60 to 20 mg, which I am happy about. When I tried to go to 10 mg of prozac I thought I was going to die. I went back to 20mg of cymbalta. I am going to try dividing the capsules. I hope that works.

vicki 6 years ago

I have just started to slowly wein myself off of this BS drug....When I wanted to take my son off of Prozac the doc said to one a day, skip a day, then one a day, etc and it worked. So I am trying this, so far so good I am taking 60mg. I have experienced some of the symptoms as everyone at times when I either could not afford them. so I am trying this way, so far so good, slight headaches but with positive thinking and knowing this is all part of it I am going to beat this. Its all part of the process plus I have God on my side helping me. Everyone experiences something different as our bodies are all different, hang in there everyone as we are all on this boat together and we will all make it. Its all of the process of withdrawal from any addicting drug. Stay focus and fight for your right to be off this drug. I do agree that a class action suit would be well suited for this, but it wont help us all now. Stay strong everyone this to shall all pass and we will look back and be thankful that we no longer contribute to the pocketbooks of the manufactures gain...lets give it to them to try and see how they like it...lol...There is light at the end of this dark tunnel...there is...

kevin 6 years ago

So my story with cymbalta is my docter had me up to a dose of 120 mgs

eventually the drug changed if i even took 30 mgs i would be up for at least 50 hours so i had no choice but to stop entirelly

120 to 0 mgs i cant even function

I'm having trouble articulating my thoughts to even reply to this

Is there any way to reduce to zaps at all? Or has any 1 figured out a way to reduce symntems?

Leah 6 years ago

I've finally come to a point in my life where I feel ready to quit taking Cymbalta. While it helped with my depression it made me feel kind of "dull" and I have NO sex drive. I quit cold turkey (along with my BC) and I'm dizzy, I almost feel stoned except I can think pretty good. I do have problems remembering things like the names of stores ect. I'm hopeful this will go away in time. After 2.5 days off my sex drive is back! And no problems with orgasm! While I know weening would probably be better I knew from missing a few pills before that the side effects of cold turkey were tolarable for me. Good luck to others out there and I have to say that I'm greatful Cymbalta was there when I needed it, I might be dead from my own hand otherwise. It's not perfect but then neither am I. God Bless!

Frustrated in minnesota 6 years ago

I too, am trying to get off this drug. I have the brain zaps and nausea especially at night. I was on 60mg for a year. The doc tried to have me on 120mg but I would have uncontrollable jerking/twitching. I am week 3 and the nausea is getting better. Brain function is questionable.

To make matters worse I am 5 days late. I have taken several home pregnancy test, all negative. I feel pregnant, but I know its very possible its the cymbalta is messing me up.

I am dividing 30mg caps in half. Ihope to half then again next week. Wish me luck. I hope to be over this soon.

To all my fellow fibromyalgia sufferers out there, get tested for food allergies. I had the skin test and the allergist said that my slight reaction to corn, wheat, and almonds did not mean I didn't consume them. He was SO wrong. I cut out all products containing these products and I noticed a difference in 24 hours. Also I am doing weight like crazy (I gained 28 pounds on cymbalta). I am a week into my new lifestyle and feeling pretty good (except withdrawl symptoms).

Acupuncture helps too!

Ally 6 years ago

Hi everyone, thanks so much for this forum. I too have just gone off Cymbalta and feel nauseas, excruciating headaches, ringing in the ears and these brain shivers. I was today so scared that I was going to fall into another psychosis from me panicking. I am so worried now the effects this has had on my brain. I'm going up the street tomorrow and buying Omega 3, this is a huge wake up call for me. I've tried Lovan and never did I experience anything like this after coming of that particular medicine. Cheers again everyone and here's to good health!!

Vicky 6 years ago

Cymbalta is horrible, 3 days off and brain fog feel like in a zone. Found this site and took the Omega 3 fish oil and within 30 min helped. Going to try every other day, and count pellets each day, take less. I only have 17 pills left and do not want to buy anymore. I have been 60 mg for about 3 years, for hormones and muscoskeletal pain. Found a little help with pain, but discovered when I ran out of my estrogen and still on Cymbalta, I still got depressed. Got back on estrogen and no longer depressed. The decision was easy for me, but the withdraw has not been. I broke down this morning and took one, and will skip tomorrow. I realize it can be done but not fun feeling like this. Achy, and tight muscles in my neck and back. My eyes are very heavy, ears ringing, migraine headaches. Hard to believe that this drug was approved for human consumption. Either way I hope to be free when the pills run out. My estrogen only costs four dollars a month, that is easy and affordable. Pray for help with symptoms it has helped me stop the panic attacks. Stay strong and get off. Glad to have this site, has helped me. Thanks

Hayley 6 years ago

Thank you so much for this page. I am so relieved to know that I'm not alone. I've been experiencing brain zaps for months while slowly coming off cymbalta, but has no idea they had a name!

I've had tears and mood swings everytime I drop down my dose a little bit.

I've been taking it as easy as possible and dropping about 10mg every 3 weeks or so, but still have the swimming head, moodiness and brain zaps.

Thanks so much for posting about your experiences! It's really given me a lot of strength to keep going weening myself off.

Jean 6 years ago

I stopped Cymbalta cold turkey because of weight gain. I was only on 30 mg for fibromyalgia, but I too have a constant sore throat, body aches, sweats and chills. Does anyone know how long it takes to clear your system?

Lynn 6 years ago

I was on 60 mg of Cymbalta for fibromyalgia and it really helped the neuropathy but I gained 25 pounds and didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. Also had constant sweats like a hot flash that just doesn't stop, but then at other times I'd have chills. Also had itching all over especially towards evening and eye twitching. I went down to 30 mg and then went off it cold turkey 4 days ago. Why doesn't anyone tell you about all the side effects? How long till you fel like normal again? Has anyone successfully lost all the weight?

Danielle 6 years ago

I have been on cymbalta for almost three years after being put on for postpardom deppression the 1st year was great started at 30 then went to 60 mgs then i started reading what this stuff can do to you and wanted to get off... i totally went off and was having sucidal thoughts and othder bad side effects! so after a week went back on! hen i found a doctor who does orthomolecure med so i wanted to try that.. so went down to 30mgs no problem next i tried every other day with 30 it was terrible! found 20 mgs and want to totally go off so for 2 weeks been doing every oyther day terriblr side effects i get angry fast,anxiety,dizzyness,terrible thoughts i might hurt myself i cant stand it cause this is not me! will try the taking little pebbles out to see if it will work! so glad others have been through it too! anyone else have any suggestions?!

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daniellentravis 6 years ago

i would love to feel normal again!

MSKitty 6 years ago

I have finally weaned myself off this crazy drug. I was on 60mg. I went down 10mg every two weeks. When I needed to go down to 10mg, I took half of the pebbles out of the 20mg, did that for about 3 weeks then took another half out to go down to 5mg. I did 5 for 1 week then stopped. Today is the 3rd day without any. Its not that bad now. I had a little nausea the second day, now I am just overly irritated and anxious. I hope this goes away soon. But I am so happy not to be dependent on this drug any longer.

queenslander 6 years ago

Thank you all for your posts. I have just been prescribed the big 'C' and after taking only one 60mg dose (my doctor gave me 3 free packs to get started!) i was so physically sick and disoriented i passed out for 4 hours. My doctor agreed that this was most likely due to the cymbalta and gave me a script for a 30mg dose. I filled it today, then i read this. There is no way i will be taking it. Ever. I would rather feel like a 90yo in 25yos body than risk putting my family through that. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and be sure my GP will be getting a bit of an education when i see him next week!

halo 5 years ago

thank you so much to all the people who have contributed to this hub so that people like me know they are not turning into psychotic freaks because they have come off the cymbalta. After discussion with an uncooperative GP and the input of two mental health Nazis (who seemed interested only in turning side effects tomyown mental decline, despite my protests)I found this hub and took the perhaps foolish decision to quit both cymbalta and amytriptiline(sp?)cold turkey, one day apart...currently day eight and having many of the symptoms listed.I went for 42hrs without being able to sleep and when i did, the nightmares were horrifying. I read in another posting where one man described them as the "Freddy Krugers" and that is right! Only they are so realistic and frequent that you become afraid to sleep which is why i'm typing this, to delay the horror for a while. I too have the brain shivers but no zaps yet, although the twice daily migraines maybe blot them out...how's that for the most rubbish silver lining yet? As to withdrawal time, I will revisit this hub to give progress as it seems we all need to hear that it does end and I pray that many of the previous posters are now having peace and less trauma. Also, the fact that I am cold-turkeying my way out of two drugs may be of interest to others who are debating a similar clean sweep...I felt it was an extreme step, but had gotten to a place where with the exception of helping me sleep, neither drug was helping my mood, nerve pain, or depression or M.E. symptoms . At day 8 , I would have to say that the physical symptoms the drugs were meant to address have not worsened, in amongst the mayhem of the withdrawal symptoms. symptoms so far include the spectacular bloating, which would have panicked me had i not read this hub, migraine, hot spots on arms, eyelids, shoulders,suicidal urges over a very grim third night, where I spoke to people of this but have little recollection of it. Similarly, feeling hysterical and lost and again reaching out to loved ones for support but not remembering much of the conversation. This lack of memory is quite alarming but I have since read of others with this dissociation. I can honestly say, this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, and trust me, before this I wasn't sipping mojitos in maui! Stay strong people,I am encouraged to keep going by the positive words here and hope to add some of my own in the days/weeks to come.

Mr M 5 years ago

My psychiatrist did not cover any of the possible side effects of Cymbalta. I did my own web research and was very hesitant to take the drug but the Dr was very dismissive of the results I found about side effects that made it seem like they were ignorably small.

I took 20mg / day for a month and started having the ringing ears and brain shocks. I immediately stopped. It's been a couple weeks now and I still get the ringing - much more noticeable at night. The brain shocks have lessened and almost gone. I hope this ringing goes away. Please take heed. These are very real side effects.


greenwitchlove13 5 years ago

Doctors still act like they have no idea this drug has such horrible side effects for so many people. They claim it's "rare" yea i'm seeing at least 5 years of posts from people with the same withdrawls or even just side effects of taking this stuff. Money is the root of so much evil that is done to so many innocent people.

Lindsay 5 years ago

I am still wheeling from my 4 month adventure with Cymbalta. It was absolutely wonderful. I felt like myself again and could jump out of bed in the morning not in pain and happy. Well after my husband wasn't in the military anymore and it was costing us $200 a month USD, I couldn't take it anymore. Well I've been "Crazy" ever since. Go into mean, violent rages, can't remember a lot of things. Shake almost all the time. I have so many horrible dreams that I can't really sleep at night anymore. Plus all my muscles hurt in my body all the time. It's horrible. But for those 4 months, it was heaven. I was happy again finally. Too bad it's so freakin expensive.

Victoria Dubois profile image

Victoria Dubois 5 years ago from Temple Terrace, Florida

Thanks for this wonderful hub. I was put on this med by an idiot shrink because I was SAD because I lost my job at age 56 due to the biz closing...DUH I asked him wouldn't he be sad? Yes, he replied, but I don't want you to end up like the 20 inpatients who tried to kill themselves because they lost their jobs!! Basically he manipulated me to go on it. I told him I had been on Prozac & Zoloft for similar bouts with situational sadness & that I did NOT EVER want to have to try to get off another drug when my "depression..in his words" is gone. He assured me that is was NOT habit forming. Here, he said...just take it if you WANT to. Man, was he good. Within a few hours I took one...what a fool! I should have listened to my boyfriend, a former drug addition counselor who told me NOT TO EVER GET ON THAT STUFF!! Now he's trying to help me wean off, since Eli Lilly has CUT ME OFF FROM MY FREE SUPPLY & the Country has CUT ME OFF OF MY HEALTH INSURANCE!! NOW WHAT? This is total BS! I just might call our local attorneys who advertise "for the people" Morgan & Morgan. Maybe they would like a chance to deal with a drug company who are really messing with people's heads.I too am mad as hell! But, actually all we can do is complain to each other, since we can't afford to go to the Dr. OR pay for the poison they prescribed to us. Oh & let's not forget...you have to have the money to go back every month or so for a refill. What a racket!!! To all of you shrinks out there....SHAME ON YOU FOR TAKIN THE EASY WAY OUT! All I needed was a little bit of therapy & a refill of my .5mg of Xanax for my situational anxiety. I agree that Xanax is a super drug when taken as needed & NOT every day. BUT I CANNOT find a Dr. to prescribe, unless they are a skrink & they want to put you on Cymbalta or other similar drug. What happened to the good old days when the Dr. would say: Oh, you're just high strung & need a mild tranq. to help you out. I never heard of these nightmares from that. Of course there are people who abuse it, but why should those of us who don't abuse it be denied? I also had to wean myself of this. Not because of the price, but can't find a Dr. to prescribe.

JoeiOlivia 5 years ago

Wow. I have been experiencing what I have called the eternal hangover. I'm in my 4th week of weaning from 60mg to 30mg. I have had headaches every day and thought, surely those two glasses of wine last night could not make me this hungover. I have been going to bed at 8pm every night, sleeping long enough and still headaches and nausea all day. I was trying to explain to my mum what my head was doing, like my face was coming forward or my head was moving without moving. Brain shiver is the perfect word!!! I thought, could I be pregnant, even though I have just had my period. I have also been teary about happy or sad things, feeling bouts of rage and just plain lack of wellbeing. at least I know nothing is drastically wrong with me and I can get through this, although I'm still on 30mg, I can't begin to imagine what the lesser/no dose will be like!!!

Micheline 5 years ago

Dear Cymbalta takers and non-takers of the world,

After three and a half years of long time use at 60 mg daily, it is time to wean off. I was advised to come down to 30mg daily for two weeks, then to take one 30mg capsule every other day and so forth as most of you probably know or have been told. I feel that this might not be the best way to come off Cymbalta and after reading blurbs on this site, and many others, I see that others agree. I had accidently run out of 60mg and had to miss a day until my prescription was renewed – this sucked big time and was something I was not looking forward to experience again. The withdrawal symptoms kick in so fast, it’s downright scary. Today was also my first day of taking 30mg. Here’s what I’ve experienced so far: the so called ‘brain zaps or shivers’, sore throat, some leg joint pains, a heartburn like pain in chest, headaches, nausea, dizziness, scary nightmares, shivers and sweats and some mood swings. I’m sure most of you are familiar or have heard of these – some might be new. I’m trying to figure out the best way of reducing my dosage but also minimizing the affects of withdrawal at the same time. I’ve read on other sites that taking Omega 3 (fish oils) helped some people with symptoms, while others swear by taking Prozac or Benadryl (which is normally taken for allergies). Has anyone heard similar stories, or does anyone find these products actually work? I’m considering asking my pharmacy to reduce some of my 30mg capsules into 15mg to help with the weaning process – either that or I’ll make my own somehow. Does anyone have any tips for me? I’ll be starting a new job within the next couple weeks (this is why my doc thought it would be good to come off...that and the good weather coming) so I’m slightly worried this will affect my job performance.

It’s going to be a hellish couple of weeks, isn’t it?

ndavis107 5 years ago

Thank you soooo much for sharing your story! I have been going in and out of depression for the last 51/2 years. When my doctor put me on Cymbalta back in July of 2008, like you it made evrything ok, but you weren't the only one feeling those painful side effects, when I could not afford my meds, my body went into withdraw after the second day off of the Cymbalta. Most reccently, my dosage was changed and I waited almost 7-days for my insurance to authorize the new dosage, I was at church service, sweating, chills, nausea, dizzy, vomiting, etc. I am ready to be weaned off of the Cymbalta, but I am afraid I have been on it so long that if I slipped back into a depression I would be some crazy woman who leaves her family to live on the streets or something. How is your depression? Do you take anything? How do you cope?

Sarah 5 years ago

I have been on Cymbalta for about a year. I was on 60mg and my doctor cut it down to 30 mg for one week and then 30mg every other day. Then i was suppose to completely come off of it. I did for about three days and felt so horrible I had to take a pill. I was vomiting, migraine headaches, felt like cotton in my head, dizzy when i moved my head to fast. I am now trying to come off of it again and I am on day 3 of not taking it and I am starting to feel bad once again. I am trying to tough it out. I must say drammine and benadryl do help some. This is the worst drug I have ever been on. I am trying to stay positive and be strong and come off this. I know if i ever want to be without it, I'm going to have to go through it sometime or another so i'm choosing now. I have been asking God for guidance and I pray this feeling subsides. For anyone else hang in there. This too shall pass. God will never give us more then we can handle. Glad to know i'm the only one experiencing these awful withdrawal symptoms. God Bless

Casey 5 years ago

Thank you all heaps for your comments and suggestions, I am 2 weeks into reducing my Cymbalta from 60mg to 30mg aiming to go off it all together. My doctor says after 4 weeks of the 30mg to have nothing! What a joke, they have no idea how awful the side effects are. My worst was the nausea...absolutely bed ridden for a couple of weeks last time I tried to go off it. I am taking on the advic of dividing the capsules myself and will see how I go. Thanks heaps everyone.

Kim 5 years ago

Ditto! I don't even know how many years I was on Cymbalta. I was the first one on it when the rep brought samples in to my psych doc. 6 weeks ago she upped it from 60 mg's to 120. Now last week we are weening to start something new. HELLO she gave me 6 days to drop from 120mg's to ZERO. I call them brain zaps but I see most of you call them shivers. Whatever they are I don't like them. They even go all the way to my toes and disrupt my walking when it happens. 6 days folks. Help!

Peter 5 years ago

I'm sorry for anybody who has suffered the effects of trying to get off an SSRI. I have been on Zoloft for 10 years for panic disorder at 150mg. It worked very well for about 3 years but then not so good. I started to feel like my emotions were all numb, and I didn't like not really feeling myself. I also ended up with this constant anxiety I never had. I tried to taper off zoloft slowly but when I got down to a very low dose, about 12.5 mg, I was in a living hell. Constant panic, fear of dying, dizzy, and severe clinical depression which I never had. The frustrating part is I know this was a direct result from a medication withdrawal, but most doctors told me it was my illness coming back. Only one doc said I was in accute withdrawal and my brain was starving for seratonin. They didn't listen to me and it was very frustrating, so I ended up back on Zoloft. I know myself better than doctors know me. I know how the med affects me better than docs know how it affects me. Truth be told, most doctors just tell you what the pharmaceutical company told them, and I'm guessing, most of this info is positive for marketing purposes. What angers me is my doctor told me before I took Zoloft that the great thing about it is that it is not addictive, like the benzos. What a crock that was. Had I known what I would go through to get off it, I would have never taken it. I have read many taper down schedules doctors advise, and these are way more drastic than what I originally did, which is more proof the docs do not understand this medication. It is easy for them to just say it is your illness because the drug isn't addictive, then try to get you to take it again, or take another one. I want to say, listen to me dammit, I know what this is, and it is not all my illness, I feel worse than I ever did before I took medication. I read, if you want to get off an SSRI, make sure to do it with your doctor, which is laughable to me. I am not suggesting playing doctor, everyone is different, but in my case, I know myself better than the doctor. I am attempting to wean off again, and very very slowly, as in at least a year. I am determined to get off this crap and never get on it again. I would suggest, whatever a docs taper off schedule is, go at it much much slower. The fact that the doctors and pharm companies originally said these SSRIs were not addictive, and now we are finding out they are, is proof they don't know what they are talking about. We are guinea pigs. They still won't admit it is addictive. They have a cute little catchy phrase they now use called "SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome". They don't want to admit they were wrong and it is addictive, so they try to spin it saying addiction is when you crave a drug, SSRI you don't crave. I'm sorry, but this argument is very weak. In my mind, if you crave something, it is a mental addiction, if you have to take something to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and sickness, that is a physical addiction. They can call it what they want, but there is no doubt that SSRIs are physically addictive. I hope that if you desire to get off these drugs, make sure it is in your best interest. If it is, make sure to be very patient and do it very very slowly to minimize the negative affects. Give your body time to readjust and don't rush it. These drugs mess with the brain chemistry and the mechanisms with the chemistry. Better to go very slow and be successful, than try to rush it and end up back where you started. Good luck to all!!!

Peter 5 years ago

Very interesting article from an MD who obviously understands the withdrawal effects of SSRIs. Some good tips on how to supplement to ease withdrawal symptoms.


Katy 5 years ago

OMG finally a place that I can share exactly what I am going thru. I want off this evil, demon drug so bad. It was supposed to have made my life "wonderful" but has only made it a living hell. I have tried to come off before but get the brain zaps like crazy, i feel like hell!! I am on 30mg now and plan on emptying half of the balls out and trying that way. I am a nanny and I just hate to know I will be going thru that around the kids. Please if you are considering taking this drug..DONT!! The symptoms are real and the withdraw is even worse.

Nancy 5 years ago

I agree..this is an evil drug and there should be a class action suit!!! I am trying to wean off..been doing 30 mg every other day and now..every two days. I've been battling nausea, and feeling constantly hung over. My husband is fed up with my moodiness..but I will not give up!!!

Michelle 5 years ago

I've been on Cymbalta for depression for 4 years and have had horrible muscle tension, fibromyalgic symptoms, headache, nausea, you name it since I've been on it. I had been telling my prescribing psychiatrist it wasn't working and managed to get myself down from 90mg to 20mg. I wanted off it. He told me to take it every other day for a week and stop it and gave me a tricyclic med to "help." It was HELL and was all these posts describe! He didn't think it was withdrawal (yeah right!) and told me to consider which to choose - depression or muscle tension and pain. Well I want NEITHER!!!

I finally found a doctor who takes the time (he doesn't deal with insurance), listens, agrees with me that Cymbalta is bad, and he is having me wean off very gradually. I cut my capsule and pour off a 1/4 of the contents and take 3/4 of the capsule contents for five days in yogurt, then I take 1/2 of the contents for five days, and then I take 1/4 of the contents for five days.

This is day one. I pray this will work.

Stacy 5 years ago

Very Interesting. I have been on Cymbalta for about 2 years for Fibro. My Dr. had me taking 60 mg 2 x daily. I've recently switched Dr.'s and am weaning off. The first 2 days I started having sever heart burn and the nausea is horrible!! As I sit her and type the room spins. My hubby and I are wanting to have another baby but looks like it could take a while for the meds to get out of my body. Has anyone ever done a detox program while weaning. Wondering if this could make symptoms worse??

Rosita Ledet 5 years ago

I had no ideA so many people are going through this, I am weaning myself off of cymbalta after about a year and a half. Taking for Fibro, I feel terrible. My hands are shaking,I feel feverish, my head is having a fuzzy feeling. I feel like an addict (I was told that is how they feel)..I just feel like a person I dont know..Oh yes,weight gain-unbelievable. I have never been this big. I feel TERRIBLE... HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST????

Rosita Ledet 5 years ago

ps..I am so happy (not for your pain)but to know Iam not going crazy...People don t understand because they are not going through this. Most comment, I relate to and totally feel for you..Yes, we will get through this, but it is so D-- HARD. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND KEEP YOU SAFE.

Graeme 5 years ago

Thanks for this as I am 3 days in off no Cymbalta. Dropping from 120mg over 2 weeks.

After day one the things you discrbed are spot on. I had no name to call the brain shivers which I get every 1 to 3 mins for 5s and having a name to call it helps so much. I will now keep looking at the info and hopefully get this fixt just a bought cant handle any more and its only 3 days in

graeme 5 years ago

after reading more ( I which I hadn't lol) and spending more than 4 an a hafe hour's up at the emergency (to be told we cant help and have know idea what a Brain shiver is. love that word) my gp cant or wont see me for 3 weeks just as well as I may rip them a new one.I'm not even meant to be on this as I have ADHA an other story but thanks to you all I see I have the same prob getting off it as you do. regardless as to why we are on it getting off it is the problem . I see that most side affect's are covered here so maybe only saloushans from here on in. as for me 3 days in and I will never put one of the pils in my mouth a gen and with every headaches, brain "shivers" (slight disorientation), CONSTANT NAUSEA, and flu-like symptoms (vomiting, fever chills, sore throat, diarrhea I will know that im not the first or will be the last and there will be an end and you all know lol because. you to have or will be there to and in that knowledge I have no problem telling people I FEEL LIKE SH#$ BECAUSE OF A DRUG THAT'S side-affects drag you to hell and back and if you laph I will spik your drink and you 2 will feel what a brain shiver is lol. thanks to you all for your post as this is what will get me to the end not the doctors or other pills. knowing what the prob is then you can work on the fix. don't hide it get it out. and the fact that you are reading this means you still got some fight in you. Im brace the side affects knowing at the end you will be a better person and will be able to incorage others

Graeme 5 years ago

day 4 got to bed 3.30 got up at 7 ripped in to kids for the noise ( not warranted my bad) realized that felt not to bad considering. An then 730= brain zaps and NAUSEA emotional not agen. Went for shower and thought of you people(i'm not the only one) had a shave put a smile on told kids i loved them an then jumped off a bridge lol ok not quite. It will get better. not so many brain zaps still the sickness That's some thing

Graeme 5 years ago

Half way in to evening taken omega3 one tab at 1pm brain shivers not as often and Nausea better to going for second tab now if this gets better from hear on in then that's good

Graeme 5 years ago

day 7 not as intense but defiantly not there the omega3 3times a day may be working on the brain zaps or maybe I'm just getting used to feeling crap lol Thanks for that suggestion as its not as often, But the nausea is still hanging round + The Intense headaches (killing me), sore throats and guncked up nose. the last 2 were over night and there you go wake up to fool blown flue (yea ha)

I am on dexinfetamen for ADHD 11 tabs a day Think that helps(will aim to drop that after lol one drug at a time) + not that It should be regular but a couple of bottles of wine slipped in now and then especially in the first couple of days I think helps :-)

I did drugs of all kinds apart from the very hard core which I only dabbled in once or twice thankfully but over a span of 15y fished in rehab (all good now). This is the same. Face it strait on take at least the first 7 day of work DONT Hide it. Its Not Your Fault You Are Sick. It suck but hay what you going to do. Make your life as happy as you can Eat the food you want,Spend the day In bed ect but this is only for a short period. Then get up and get on with it. O or get on a form and tell of your ups and downs getting off it lol. its not that people need to lisen but that you may help and at least get it off your chest :-) progresses

Rosita Leset 5 years ago

FINALLY---------------FEELING HUMAN AGAIN---I know it helped my fibromyalgia,however,the side effects are horrible. I will never get on cymbalta again. I would just like to say to all of you who are weaning off of cymbalta, youmwill feel better again, but believe me, it seems lke forever..Thank God and this web site to let me know I was normal...Hang in there, my friends, there is an end..GOD BLESS YOU AND KEP YOU STRONG..

Graeme 5 years ago

Just as the above post. There is a God and an end to the withdrawals. Last two days relay getting back to my self think that's it over. Still taking the omga 3 as think this is a good thing. As you can see in my older post that in middle of it I didn't think i was going to make it YOU will :-D. Good luck. All I can say is for 2 weeks hide in a hole with every indulgence you can think of worry a bought the cals etc later. Head down bum up no messing, dragging it out, drop kick it and hold on tight for the ride knowing you are in control (lol or will be soon ) One life, One run and you are on it NOW take it back. MAKE it happen. May god bless you all with a speedy return to health. you control your mind it doesn't control you GOD BLESS

Ann Shirley 5 years ago

Boy, oh boy!! I have been on cymbalta for almost 3 years. I started taking due to depression, my husband had fought cancer for 6 yrs. with 3 surgeries, feeding tube, radiation, on and on. I was wore out stressed out. My husband has now been cancer free for 3 years. Wonderful, all good results so far. Now comes me. I am a month in getting off this awful stuff. I told my dr. that I was going to try to get off of it. He never told me anything but good. I just started taking it ever other day at first. I felt like I was dying. I have not taken a pill for a month. I still feel awful I was on the 30 mg. all the time. I am still having head aches two to three times a day. My whole body hurts, pains, aching. The bottom of my feet burn like fire. While I felt great on the medication, I am not paying the price for it. My additude while on the medication was I never got really upset about anything. Now everyone and everthing makes me mad. I do not know how much longer I will feel this way hopefully after the body pains and aches quit and the head aches stop. I have gained weight during the 3 years about 75lbs. all I wanted to do is eat. I really have no want to do anything right now but just sleep. When I am a sleep I am not hurting. I also have had the dreams each and ever night since I started the cymbalta. Please do not take this even if you believe it might help the years of good days can not make up for how I feel right now.

Ann Shirley 5 years ago

I forgot to add the only one problem I had while taking Cymbalta was, sweating. I sweated all the time and was soaking wet most of the time.

Carolyn 5 years ago

I am stuck on 20mg for 3 weeks now. If I go lower I will miss work due to vertigo. I think this drug will be in the news someday....too late for the people that are prescribed this now & must discontinue later.

peg 5 years ago

I missed 2 days... felt like crap today... brain zaps, nausea, etc. I'm getting off ASAP!!

Cassie 5 years ago

I was on Lexapro for 4+ years, tried to quit cold turkey but needed SOMETHING so I went on cymbalta...I started at 60mg, went down to 30mg with no problem and my doctor suggested I take one pill every other day then every two days etc... I am having really irritating nasea & mood swings! I have read something about splitting the pill and taking the beads out...if I am on 30mg how many "beads" do i take if I want to make it equivalent it 10mg then 5 mg etc... I'm starting a new job this Friday and need to be off of this drug completely before Next Tuesday, HELP!

bex 5 years ago

I took prozac to help me come off cymbalta which definitely helped. I was experiencing extreme nausea, headaches and dizziness after a couple of days of not taking cymbalta (I'd decided to come off it myself). Thought my head was going to fall off!! Luckily I had some prozac left from a previous prescription (probably not the best thing to do but I was desperate)it helped to wean me off the cymbalta as it has a longer half life. Hope this helps xx

ann shirley 5 years ago

I am still not feeling good. It has been 5 weeks since I took my last cymbalta pill. I am still having headaches, my body is still aching like I have the flu. It is deep in my bones one day my legs, hips and ankle will hurts so bad I can not hardly walk. The bottom of my feet hurt and burn like fire. The next day my shoulders will hurt me deep down into the bones. It has been 5 long misable weeks. I am still not feeling like a human should feel. If anyone out there is listening do not every take cymbalta, it is not worth it. Since I am hurting all the time I am so moody and hateful. I can not help it. I know how it must feel to have a terrible sickness and dying because of it. I simply feel like crap all the time. I hope in the next few weeks the aching and hurting will stop. I will never again take a medication for depression...... Has anyone out there been on cymbalta for aleast 3 yrs and got off of it? If you have how long did it take for you to start feeling normal again. Or atleast half way ok. thanks

Mamat0pz 5 years ago

OMG, hearing other people's experiences coming off of this drug has really helped me feel less alone. I went from 2 a day to 1 a day to 1 every other day and then 1 ever 3 days, and have since decided to come off completely. I am taking Xanax to deal with the side effects/withdrawals and that helps a little, but Xanax are addictive as well so I only allow myself a quarter pill every other day. I firmly believe that Cymbalta caused my miscarriage and that has devastated me. I am done with Cymbalta and I hope that others who read these stories will say away from it, unless you want to stay on it for the rest of your life DON'T TAKE IT!.


Graeme 5 years ago

5 weeks free most effects gone now. but cant help wondering what the drug has did permanently eg to moodswings,snapper grumpier more sine-cal . Not to mention all the people who now aviode me because They met me in the middle of the night mare, when I wasn't my self. BUT I'M %100 better now,Then I was. you will do it keep going

Winkler 5 years ago

I've gone through withdrawal from Morphine/Vicodin addiction thanks to certain doctors/nurses handling my surgery being absolute retards. Now, I get to enjoy the withdrawal from Cymbalta. However, unlike a lot of people, I'm going cold turkey. To hell with pharmaceuticals.

Ellen 5 years ago

I feel like my daughter has personality changes since she started taking Cymbalta. Can anyone comment on that?

Melanie 5 years ago

In the middle if 2nd week of tapering off Cymbalta and not doing so great. Intense mood swings, starting to cry and overreact to even he smallest thing. The topper tonight was my blow up at my 5 year old

grandson, who my husband and I have had custody of since birth.

Tonight I completely devastated this little boy's heart by a fit of rage over him not wanting dinner. Couldn't control it or stop myself! This is the sweetest,

most gentle and loving child I have ever known and his 'Nanny' has broken his heart! Calling the doctor in the morning to see what to do. I'm sick with what I've done to him. I'm so depressed and Cymbalta was prescribed in the first place to help with pain I had from fibromyalgia - I didn't suffer from depression before! Wish I'd never been given this drug!

Lavalamp50@gmail.com 5 years ago

I have been trying to find the person who had researched and said to open the capsules and count out 7 grains per day until they were gone. It has been a pain in the the ass but has worked so well. I wish I could thank you for the advice. I am so happy to be drug free and not feeling "flat" anymore .. Thank you who ever you are!!

VICKIE Denny 5 years ago

I am so glad to here others going through the withdrawls that I too am having to deal with, on top of taking care of my 5 children. The saddest part is my doctor is one of the main people that have developed this drug. I will not longer be seeing him as I quit this drug cold turkey. I am determined to beat this drug and yes it sucks. I have read hundred of post all over. I just want to share a couple of things that have helped me, I have used chamomile drops, as soon as my head starts spinning, the omeg 3 helps, and butchers broom, which you have to do your research on that before you take it. I have also started B3 . I am on day 4 of cold turkey my stomach is very bloated which I hate, hate, but every day I am feeling a little better. Today I can at least function, cooked dinner and went to kids soccer game. I agree to I would of never taken this if I would of known. Good luck to all of you.

Missy 5 years ago

I ran out of my cymbalta during a sunny holiday abroad last week; I was in good form so decided not to buy anymore. I have been taking this drug about 3 years to treat depression (60mg) Today is Day 5 without cymbalta and I feel so bad! Experiencing those brain zaps, nausea headaches and crying. Im dizzy and cant think straight! It's a Sunday so I eventually located a pharmacy that was open and purchased more cymbalta. In the past I have missed the odd tablet but the next day after a few brain zaps and tingling in my finger tips I would be quickly reminded to take it! I would love to feel normal without this tablet! I just spent €60 on my months supply! I can't even afford this! I am so scared of my future! I am 30 in a long term relationship, no sex drive, scared of what the future holds for me! hate my life, hate the way this drug controls me 100% - I was never warned of side effects of how impossible they were to come off. How can we all be prescribed such a lethal drug? 

Charlie 5 years ago

I am 32. I've been on Cymbalta for 4 years (along with other stuff) for a rare total body neuropathic pain disorder.

I find if I miss a dose I can tell after 24 hours but before then do not notice. However during this 24 hour period I find if I have an argument with my partner it is likely to get out of control very easily and I can't stop it.

After an uncontrolled fight I always find the previous days pills still in my pill box. So there is definitely a connection. I don't know if it is just a guy thing but missing a dose definitely increased aggression.

When I have to taper down for tests I switch to 30mg for one week then take 1 after two days, for two days, then 1 after 3 days, 1 after 4 days then stop. I get sick as a dog and warn my partner in advance but its the quickest way down. If I get really sick I take an extra 30mg to relieve symptoms.

I can speak for people who take it for depression but it still works (combined with other meds especially neurontin) for neuropathic pain after 4 years. Despite its negative effects esp. on relationships, killing sex drive and performance it definitely has a place in neuropathic pain control. Maybe the company should concentrate on that side and leave depression to be treated by a more suitable medication.

Matthew 5 years ago

Thank you so much, i have been on Cymbalta 60mg now for 3 months I am offen very sleepy even after a full nights sleep 2 hours later i feel like i have not slept at all but that comes and goes. In the last 3 weeks i am getting alot of headaces I feel that the 60mg is just to strong for me, I am 38 healthy 90kg Male. I spoke to my doctor last week and she wants me to stay on the meds for another month, I also have fibromyalgia I asked the doctor if there maybe a better medication for this, if anyone no's of one please help thank you Matt :)

Kerri 5 years ago

please someone tell me im going to be ok , i have ben on this drug cymbalta /poison for 9 months i feel like i have lost control of my life and never feel rested i dream all night every night , i am 40 years old and feel like i have aged so much since taking this drug, i tried to reachout to my doctor to say i didnt think it was agreed with me and he snapped at me and said what so you want off it , do you think your better !! i said i didnt think i was better but i just dont feel in control of my life, he gave me sleeping pills and said come back in a month they should stop the dreaming !! they didnt !! ive had enough im five days down and going clod turkey, i feel like shit vomiting , hot flushes, headaches , itchy, dry mouth, but i need to do this i want my life back !! im so happy i found this site and now no im not crazy !! can someone please assure me there is a happy ending to this 9 month nightmare, if only i wasnt so sick when first prescibed this drug , i would of asked more about side effects and withdrawl process, i was on 60mg i feel for others on higher doses and how they will ever get off this terrible drug !!

fuzz1961 5 years ago

I have been of Cymbalta now for 3 plus years. During most of that time I was taking 120 mg daily. I have tried multiple times over the past 6 months to get myself off the crap but cannot handle the 'zings' (as I call the brain thing you all have described). Over that time I have gained over 40 lbs and now all I want to do is sleep. I'm down to one 30mg capsule every 2nd or 3rd day but cannot seem to shake the zings and other crappy feelings. I am so glad to have found this site as now I can show my wife that I'm not really crazy and what I'm experiencing is real. In addition to the zings, I also am experiencing the extreme bouts of anger that come out of nowhere - yelling and screaming at my family over the smallest things. I figured it was a by-product of lingering depression. Which, by-the-way, I don't feel like I have at all. I look forward to adding the Omega 3 and will reach out to my Doc to see if I can get a 30 day prescription for the prozac. I empathize with all of you and what you have, and are, going through. I am grateful for what I have learned from those of you that have gone before me and hopefully I can return the favor to those that come after me.

Becwants off 5 years ago

Omg:....thanks for all the comments! I'm lying on my bed feeling like the room is spinning......I went away and forgot to take medication with me.....3 days missed and thought maybe now. Might as well go cold turkey....but I feel like a drug addict coming down. (not that I have ever been one). I get all the symptoms people have mentioned when missing a day........it's horrible. I have never put on weight and I have put on 15 kilos in the year I've been on them. I'm scared to come off as I was so depressed(now I can look back and see), I don't want to go back there. I hope I can do this and be happy am healthy for me and for my family.

Emma 5 years ago

I was on Citalopram for 3 years and felt they were not working. Came off slowly - fine and no problems.

Gp tried me on Duloxetine - Disgusting and horrific drug. I wanted to get off them after 1 month.

Gp suggests tapering and then going for the take 1 tablet every other day, every 2 days and every 3 days withdrawal.

I am going through hell and this is only after 4 weeks of taking them. I feel constantly sick, I have been sick, I feel dizzy, I have stomach pains, I feel like I need to use the bathroom constantly, I am hungry but when I eat I feel worse, I ache all over especially in my legs, my anxiety is back some of the time, I just want to sleep constantly. The worst part is the sickness.

This drug should be taken off the market. I was only on it for 4 weeks too!

Melissa 5 years ago

Thank god for this site. I would never usually post things on the internet but I feel compelled to add my peice. I was taking 60mg Cymbalta for 6 months. I felt fine so I went down to 30mg. At that stage I started to have small brain snaps or brain shivers but I didn't know what they were. A few days ago I came off the drug completey and the brain shivers got so much worse. I didn't know it was coming off the drug that was causing them. I went to the doctor and told him I had electrical currents and 'thumps'running through my body he just ordered blood tests! Thanks to this site I feel like I am not crazy. I'll try the Omega 3 and see if I can come off the drug more slowly. I would never have started the drug if I had of known. I am going to write to the National Health and Medical Research Council to inform them.

Lisa 5 years ago

Cymbalta has to be the most frightening anti-depressant on the market and I have tried many throughout the years. Regular Medical Doctors have no right prescribing these, should be done only by Psychiatrists and monitored closely. But to mention the side-effects of weening off and how your body reacts and the poisen it puts in your body and liver! Never again!

jeana 5 years ago

It is really scary to read all about Cymbalta.....I am on 120mg.......I can't imagine trying to come off of it now...I have wondered why all the horrible headaches and problems I've had since being on this drug , now I know!!!!

Thank you, Jeana F.

ncbubbles profile image

ncbubbles 5 years ago from Lexington, North Carolina

All I can say is Thank you. I left work crying today because of the nausea, brain shocks, ringing in the ears. When I got home I just sit down and typed in "coming off symbalta" and found your Hub. I am encouraged to find out I am not having a seizure or stroke. My doctor told me to take one every other day for a week or so and that was all he told me. So I did and its been 9 days since I took one and I am in the same tortured state many of you spoke of, including the crazy dreams. I can't believe that doctors don't give you more instructions and warnings of how you will feel. It sickens me also. All I can say is that if any of you ever decide to file a suit against the makers of Cymbalta, I'll back you up. The FDA needs to step in and do something or give people better warnings. Can anyone tell me how long these feelings will last. I know some of you said you lowered the doseage. I was only on 30m and I don't want to go back on it after its been 7 days or should I try to get a 20? I came off because my husband and I are trying to have a baby.

Boss 5 years ago

After 3 days I'm stopping Cymbalta, I can't stop sleeping... impossible to do work. Also constipated, I don't normally have problems with that either.

Fran 5 years ago

I am so dismayed to read about all this suffering. I came on here to read about cymbalta because my teen is feeling so bad on it and wants to stop it ASAP. I myself am having similar problems with Effexor,which is a drug I would warn anyone against taking.i have been told by several doctors how bad it is. Seems like cymbalta is almost exactly the same. Just wanted to say,check out a website called The road back. It has great info on natural remedies and the process of quitting and it could be very useful to those who have decided to do it by themselves. Good luck to all.

Climber333 5 years ago

Going off Cymbalta you should plan on a very long-term endeavor. When I went off successfully, I allowed myself 3 months to completely wean off and it was the right thing to do. Don't skip dosages at all (no on one day and off another), instead drop the amount you're taking by tiny amounts and give yourself weeks to adjust. You want off the drug, you don't want to go through hell or end up dead.

Susan 5 years ago

I am so madden by all these stories and doctors acting like this should not be happening. It has been eight weeks for me and I truly feel like I'm losing my mind. It does help to hear everyone stories, but does not take the pain away for any of us. Nor does it help our children and family for what they are going through watching us with these horrible withdraw symptom. This drug needs to be taken off the market!!!

dariannao 5 years ago

17 days for me now and I still have the ringing in ears, the nausea and at times the brain zaps. I can say, it has gotten a little better. This is crazy, what does the FDA allow such drugs to be on the market? Why are physicians so ignorant as to the side effects and if they are not, whey don't they tell us? My doctor never told me one thing about these side effect.

Rose 5 years ago

I had been taking Cymbalta 60mg for about ten years. About two months ago I stopped taking it cold turkey. My brain felt like it was sizzling. It was hard to function in everyday activities, sleepless nights, difficult to relax & left me with a very short fuse. Out of desperation I went to a health food store whom suggested trying a liquid supplement called "Distress Remedy" 10-15 drops under the tongue four times daily. After four days I felt relaxed, my brain feels more soothing & am sleeping much better. It's not a cure but it sure is helping me cope with the withdraw. (Note: If you are taking other medications please consult your doctor first before trying this or any other supplements.)

Angela 5 years ago

I have been taking this for 2.5 yrs, going from 60mg per day to 30 mg one day and 60mg the next- so that I would not be tired everyday of the week. I have tried severak times to come off, but went back on due to the unpleasant withdrawls. I am on day 6 and the brain zaps are awful. I dont feel "in my body". I feel dizzy alot and have a burning feeling in my tummy. I have reduced to 30 mg every day, there is no lower dose here in canada. I have started taking Wellbutrin, as I have read and heard this is a good thing to do to prevent severe withdawls. Two good things that have happened- 1- I have a sex drive again! 2- I am not so tired that I want to go to bed by 7pm. I work in the social work field and some people say that getting off cymbalta and effexor has more withdawls symptoms then getting off herion and oxy's. I feel upset that- if this is the case- why is it perscribe with little to no information given to doctors about this. I want to thank everyone that has posted!

anne 5 years ago

My last day on 60 mg of cymbalta was Jan. 16. I gradually weaned myself off, a few grains at a time, over 3 months. No problem during that time.

However now I feel nervous and I fly off the handle. I cry (yea!) I have my emotions back.

I am taking 4000 mgs of fish oil a day, vit. D, I am exercising every day.

Any suggestions on getting to sleep/getting to relaxation without drugs?


ncbubbles 5 years ago

Susan, I can't imageine that I am going to have to endure this for 8 weeks. It's going on three weeks for me and I still have th brain zaps, ringing in the ears and I am so emotional I want to cry or scream and it comes on me all at once then goes. I am taking Wellbutrin but it doesn't help any of the cymbalta side effects. I can guarentee once this stops I am coming off the wellbutrin too and getting off all this medicine. I am going organic and natural!

WS 5 years ago

I'm Off this medicine since JAN. I feel so dizzy everyday. I' feel so emotional all bad mood comes back. I don't know what i should doing? I think this medicine should take off the market...

Mercedes 5 years ago

my partner has been living a nightmare of hell since coming of cymbalta, all the side effects mentioned he is experiencing, its terrible to watch, difficult to support and draining on those who love him.

Has anyone come off it successfully? if so how long did it take to feel half normal again? Have you any long time side effects? does cymbalta make you implusive?

I would love to hear from someone asap


Anna 5 years ago

can I post without signing up?

Steve 5 years ago

Amazing to read these remarks. I have been experiencing these symptoms for the past seven months... Brain zaps, nausea, headaches, irritation and argumentative, tinnitus, etc. started taking Cymbalta a bit over a year ago to take advantage of the "side effects" to control urinary tract issues post-prostate cancer surgery... It worked great at the low dose. But as it was prescribed for the urinary symptoms I did not worry about missing a dose here and there. Now if I miss, the pain and brain shivers are nearly incapacitating. A fellow employee missed two days of work last week, and explained her doctor described the Cymbalta link... WOW! The information presented here is both enlightening and nearly terrifying. I have been to doctors to check for symptoms of concussion, eyes, ENT, neurologist etc before finding this site. Sorry so many are experiencing the pain, but thank you all for your thoughts and hints. Time to get off this junk!!!

Kaj 5 years ago

Do not take cymalta all I can say. I weened myself off quickly and started taking remeron which is Im now im my 7th day or so without the cymcrapta and the withdrawals have reached thered peak as of today luckily im a fit 28 yr old male i couldnt imagine coming off this drug if your were unfit and a little weak. Brain zaps numbness kind of feelings, anger at times and today got my first feeling of the flu cold flushes and that crap another week and I should be back to feeling normal again. Whatever you do dont take this drug its total crap.

DeeDee 5 years ago

Today I forgot to take Cymbalta and boy am I feeling nauseated and my ears have a high pitched ringing. I felt so bad, I decided to seek out info on withdrawal symptoms hence the discovery of this hub. Glad to know I'm not crazy! I have been on this med for years and I always questioned my doc about the possibility of this drug causing my drastic weight gain. The answer given was no the meds are not causing the weight gain, the weight gain is due to your feeling better and eating more. That's certainly not the case; I was feeling nothing, numb, zippo emotions, zombie-like. I guess over the years it may have helped me to cope with the deaths of my parents and marriage; however, I am going to start the process of weaning this week. I am so ready to feel some other emotions other than numb. Thanks for this hub; it is insightful.

Rhiannon 5 years ago

Thankyou for creating this hub first of all n all u wonderful, strong people who are sharing their experiences and giving me the information to want to now end what I did not know is a terrible prescription drug. When my depression started 5 years ago I went to my naturopath first looking for natural help. Unfortunately, this did not work for me. So I went to my gp n was prescribed an anti depressant I can't recall the name of. I felt like a zombie, couldn't even talk and ate like a horse. I went back to my gp and prescribed cymbalta. I have been on cymbalta now for 4years and after reading everyone's personal experience it has scared the pants off me and I will b ready to go to my doctor Monday to start coming off them. I have been on 60mg for those 4yrs. The 1st two weeks I suffered severe headaches and positional vertigo leaving me basically bed ridden for a fortnight. I have gained 25kgs in that 4yrs but in the last two months decided to do something about it. I started taking African mango combined with metaburn to speed up my metabolism, a one hour session of Pilates everyday n healthier eating choices. I have now lost 10kgs whilst still on the 60mg of cymbalta. Its been a slow process but I just want u to know it can be done with a lot of hard work! I'm thankful to those of you who have suggested for the weening process things to take like omega 3 n such-thankyou to all for your shared knowledge. I'm not happy for those of you going through the withdrawals but grateful to now know-what the doctors didn't tell me. The cymbalta has helped my depression immensely. I was abducted n terrorized for 3yrs and with the help of a great psychiatrist and these tablets I am now definately head strong to join the rest of you in the weening process. I'm scared but atleast now i have this knowledge. I thought I was going crazy with the memory loss, hallucinations and hope omega3 can contribute to regaining my sanity. I would sometimes forget if I'd taken my pill for the day within minutes of reaching for the box bringing me to double dose for if I missed a day my upper lip and mouth would tingle and my hearing would feel like echoing constantly until I took the pill. I also take Xanax for my panic attacks everyday and found a hub on that also. Anyone taking Xanax please search for the hub, it's just as frightening as this one! I will come off them both now thanks to all you wonderful people who have shared and will be checking in on the weening process for more comments for anyone doing the same at this present time. So please keep sharing and I wish the best to you all in this process!

everwot 5 years ago


How angry am I?


try thinking about this hell compounded with the positive pregnancy test.

Now, what are the effects to the unborn child?


F**KERS anything for a buck right shyt cymbalta?



EVERWOT 5 years ago


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Tj 5 years ago

I have been on cymbalta 60mg for over three years for depression

Jenn 5 years ago

I had major back surgery this past August & while it went great, I now have associated hip pain that would keep me up @ night. My dr put me on Cymbalta & Lyrica. I took it up thru last week, but then ran out & the cost is a shocking $297 which I cannot afford. So I stopped. I had NO idea of the withdrawals, which I'm currently experiencing. I was awakened last Thurs by a severe headache @ 3am; it absolutely incompacitated me. I've had severe fatigue, jitters, diahrrea and those dang brain shivers. Thanks to all who were able to articulate that; I had a hard time describing it! I cannot sleep @ night. I've been a horrible witch and have a very short fuse. Will try omegas, but the benedryl has NOT helped. I REFUSE to go back on this pill, period. Will just fight thru it, so wish me well. Oh, and I've gained 20 lbs too since starting Cymbalta. I plan on switching Drs.

Joe 5 years ago

As a drug that pushes more serotonin into your brain, it would make sense that the brain gets upset when you take it away. Similar to what cocain users undergo during withdrawl. Try going off coffee or soda. People get headaches from that too. I understand the headaches are not equivelent to the shocks you all are mentioning and sympathize for sure. What i dont understand is why are people going off the drug? If you feel so good and can handle life once again, then isnt that a result of the drug doing its job? My wife was on this and it worked great. Her dr took her off it and every drug since seems to be useless in comparison to the cymbalta. Drugs like prozak, seraquil, and others that made her gain weight. So my questions is, if its working, why go off it? Are there long term affects of being on Cymbalta? Or can you take it your whole life if you need it? Thanks!

Susanna 5 years ago

I took Cymbalta for three weeks. During those three weeks I became suicidal and at one point, homicidal. I went into a deep depression, locked myself in my room wouldn't talk to anyone unless I was screaming at them. Absolutely nowhere near who I am as a human being.

This is a wicked drug.

Thank god my family realized it was the new med and forced me off of it. It's now been a month since I had my last dose and I'm just starting to feel I have my brain back. Never again.

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taniha24 5 years ago

I am so glad I found this site. I am having such a hard time. I have been on Cymbalta for almost 8 years. I have successfully weaned myself down to the 30mg dose but stuch there. I felt great after only about a week of withdrawl from the 60mg dose. My fiance and I are getting married in May and are planning on having another child. We had our daughter in 2007 and I was taking 60mg daily throughout the whole pregnancy. Now research is suggesting a link between anti-depressants, Cymbalta specifically, and birth defects. My daughter was born 2 full months premature, I had acute renal failure and a blood clot on my liver for no apparent reason. I blame Cymbalta. Now I want off it. I want it out of my body. But I cant seem to kick it. I feel nauseated, dizzy, tired, everything BUT depressed of moody! The only thing that makes me depressed is the fact that I cant seem to kick the habit!When my body got used to being on the 30mg dose, I felt like a person again. I had emotion and felt alive. For the last 7 and a half years I have been in this pretend euphoria and didn't care about anything. Nothing bothered me. I am a woman, I am a human, I NEED emotion in my life! But right now I need off this crap! I don't want to start taking another anti-depressant, I don't want to take anything. I am going to try some of these tips and hopefully make it through this soon!

ronnie 5 years ago

i been having aches like running an breathing cold air that gives me aches in legs an upper body an have cut my mg from 60- to30 mg of cymbalta is this a side effect

Luana 5 years ago

Hi,thank you so much for all your stories.First I apologize for my English. Finally after 2 years of denied that I have depression I broke down at the doctors office. She put me on Cymbalta 30 mg last August and now I am taking 60. I have to say that everything is true. I forgot the pills a few times and it was hell. I had insomnia and when I finally fell asleep I had terrible nightmares..you just feel that you are missing something..is a bad feeling... Thank you for your comment..I realize I'm not crazy!

martha 5 years ago

help...i have taken cymbalta for anxiety and depression for over 3 years (90mg). i am being weaned off and now taking zoloft. i have had issues with the withdrawals before when i missed a dose. i am feeling the typical nausea, diarrhea, and exhaustion and wanting to sleep all day and be awake all night. the new symptom i have never had is this pain in the middle of my chest and it feels horrible...like pressure and i have to remind myself that i am not having a heart attack, that it's this stupid cymbalta crap...is this normal or should i go to the hospital??

Ed 5 years ago

and this drug was passed by the FDA and yet safer drugs and treatments are not!! I guess the Doctors get a HUGE kick back!!

Michelle 4 years ago

I came off Cymbalta 60mg a month ago and had no problems at all I started by taking D,B and Omega 3 vitamins in prep for it then dropped to 30 then just stopped taking it and had maybe 2 days with headaches and that was it haven't had any problems other then some weight gain I put on maybe 15kgs more in the first fortnight after coming off Cymbalta so now my only problem is the weight loss.

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wingzeronine 4 years ago

i feel for anyone who has had to take this drug. for half of 2011 i had chronic back pain and towards the end of the year i tried to stop taking my seizures med epitol to see if it was the cause, preying i wouldnt have anymore seizures since i had been a long time, well watching my 3 month old baby at night and working during the night, i had 6 in one day at 4 am with my wife at work one month later still had the same horrible back pain so doctors said i had Fibromyalgia, slaped me on 60 mg a day, it did help my back pain to some point after 1 month, but then started the migraines and cluster headaches, so i reduced with permission of doc down to 30 a day. and couldnt sleep at night still and no relief from headaches, so i quit taking it 3 weeks ago, for the first 3-4 days without it i felt great, like a normal person and no attitude problems or back pain or trouble sleeping, after that short week i found it harder and hard to sleep. today 3 weeks i guess cold turkey compared to the way everyone else has cut down bead by bead. i find myself with an attitude and temper of a bipolar with a rapid cycling mixed state of hypomanic, manic and depressive seems like happening everyday. this drug is a trip. but i feel like i did last year which is the odd thing which makes me feel just like i did when in 2011 when i experienced anxiety attacks from stress then i was only on epitol. i would not advise any to take this medication and if they did only if you exhausted other treatments. i think i rather do street drugs than experiment the starting affects and the very serious withdraw affects of this medication.

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wingzeronine 4 years ago

but would anyone have any advice, as soon as i started taking this medication in early jan taking two 30mg in the morning. it became harder and harder for me to want to sleep on 60 mg. and it is very expensive. so in the middle of febuary i talked to my doctor he reminded me not to take it at night, and took me down to 30 mg a day to help with the insomnia. by this appointment i had missed 3 days, but i dont remember noticing any withdraw affects during this time. because he wanted to give me 60mg capsules and i didnt want to take them cause of trouble sleeping and made me seem to not want to do anything, less production at work, i would come home and not feel like doing anything cleaning or cooking, or even sleeping, its like i would randomly pass out for a few hours. so a week after that appointment i went cold turkey on the 25th of febuary. for 5 days after quiting it i felt great, my mood had improved, production at work was better and i slept great woke up on time for work more productive around the house. but then the first of march for three days straight i had these horrible headaches that were similar to cluster headaches that you get behind your eyes feels like someone is drilling through your temples and your neck aches like hell at the same time and the insomnia has come back. and now i am starting to feel like i have bi polar disorder. having feelings of anxiety, doing random things, bad temper, and whenever i do finally go to sleep i start to laugh uncontrollably for absolutely no reason. wow after writing this really does make me feel crazy, which i why i havent called my doctor who persribed cymbalta to me on the first appointment i met him and after a 15 min exam saying i have fibromyalga or called my neurologist who deals with my epilepsy.

Harleygirl54 4 years ago

Ok, here I sit, day 8 of withdrawing from the meds my so called medical professional gave me to help with depression caused by chronic pain. I have brain buzzing all day long, worse in the evening and when I turn my head left. I haven`t slept for more than an hour a night for 5 days and I am feeling murderous anger and some self harm, that I will not give in to. I am dizzy, I have fallen twice (don`t tell Dave) and I bounce between insane laughter and crying. This is not the hardass bitch I usually am and I don`t like it. The meds actually started to worsen my pain, so I decided to take my health into my own hands and withdraw from all of the poison that has added to my pain, depression and the loss of wages due to a huge amount of sick time. But, the worst was, I just about lost sight of me. The one that can laugh at silly jokes, smile with warmth and sincerity, have compassion for others because in reality I have a good life. This drug made me so self absorbed it was sickening. Well I am done, the effects of withdrawal are horrific and I have no idea how long they will last but I am determined not to become a slave to any chemical that just doesn`t belong in our world. I cannot imagine how many people have lost the people they love as a result of some `professional`saying, `here, take this, it will help.`Well it doesn`t fucking help, it masks the reality of a persons life. I takes away who they are and makes them into a self serving zombie. It should be banned it should be withdrawn from the pharmaceutical books, oh wait I forgot, don`t those pharmaceutical companes give this shit to Dr.s to hand out...why not find the cause and fix it people....!!! Okay, I am done my rant, however, think twice and research any drug your medical professional gives you before you fill that script. I don`t mean going to their websites because that is just mellow bullshit they tell you, go to the ones who know first hand and have experienced the good and the bad that comes with taking these drugs. Arm yourself with information and do NOT back down to some pro who in their arrogance think they know better. We know how we feel, we know the effects and we know when to stop the madness. Have a great day people

Chris 4 years ago

I am a college student and have been taking cymbalta for almost a year now. The drug cost about 35 dollars as a co pay so after I lost my job, it was difficult to pay for. So instead of completely stop taking it, I decided to take breaks from it on weekends because for some reason, the drug wore off after taking it for more than 5 days a week. One weekend, I decided to take a three days break from the drug. OH MY GOD, I started to get what felt like pressure inside my brain. I also started to get these trimmers in my head that made it hard to balance. Don't get me wrong, the drug works great and improves my social life 10fold. but don't go off 30 mg for more than 2 days without expected some side effects. probably way less for 60 mg. I've never taken 60 before.

Inahaze 4 years ago

I went on 60mg of Cymbalta for post partum depression. I was on it for about a year and decided I'd just stop taking it. Yikers! After the brain zaps, headaches, etc., I started taking it again like there was no tomorrow. I went back on for several months just to feel normal again. With my doctor's suggestion, I continued to take the 60 til they were gone. Then went down to 30 mg for a month. Then down to 20mg for 2 weeks...mind you, I was okay up until now which is me taking the 20mg every other day. Dizziness, flu like symptoms, tired all the time, just feeling awful! Uuugh. I'll keep you posted. I'm going to try to Omega and see how that goes.

Terri 4 years ago


I have been taking Cymbalta for my fibro. I stopped taking my 30 mg of Cymbalta 'cold turkey' and the only side effect I've had was a little light headedness. My medication came in a capsule that you could open. I've stopped taking it because it isn't helping me anymore and I hate to take drugs. It's also incredibly expensive even with insurance. I would not recommend this drug. One only has to look at the side effects to see how dangerous it is. I want to do more research in dealing with my fibro naturally.

Allison Wheeler 4 years ago

I have been weaning my self off of Cymbalta for the last 3 weeks with much success. I open the capsules and pour out the beads inside. There are 200 beads in the 30 mg capsules. I started taking 10 beads out each day. I throw away the extra beads and then put the remaining beads back in the original capsule. I am down to 45 beads and for the first time I am experiencing a little dizziness. Not enough to make me want to stop. You can adjust how many beads you remove based on how you feel. I am going to try 5 for the next few days and see if I can fix the dizziness. It is a much slower progress then cutting your dosage in half. It a bit of a pain in the rump, but I feel this is a much better approach for me than cold turkey. I am a bit more weepy then I was, but Cymbalta made me feel numb so its kind of nice to feel emotion again. I was prescribe cymbalta for joint pain 8 months ago. I was still having pain and thought what is the point of taking something that doesn't do what I hoped. I decided to wean my self after I forgot to take it one day and was sick in bed all day even after I remembered to take it. I don't want to be dependent on a drug that powerful. Good luck to all of you. I am 4 days away from being Cymbalta free:)

Tracy 4 years ago

Thank you for this hub. I have been on Cymbalta for 6 months and ran out over the weekend. I went to my doc Monday morning and discussed going off this med. I am now 3 days without this drug and feel horrible! I am so glad I found this site to help me understand that what I am experiencing is "normal" when going off this drug. It is awful!!

Tania 4 years ago

I've been on Cymbalta for 4yrs for depression and ran out of my script a week ago....I'm at the point now of severe dizziness and migraines not being able to keep any food down for 3 days now...how long will I have to go through this? it took me 2 weeks to get used to this drug in the first place and my Dr congratulated me for hanging in there :o btw it's Easter and I can't get to a Dr atm :(

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cookiesrg00d4u 4 years ago

I was put on Cymbalta for depression. I have been taking it since February or March of 2012. I have noticed feeling zoned out and very very fatigued. So I did what any thirty-something would do... I drank an energy drink. I noticed that I began seeing spots like looking at a bright light within 10 minutes of consuming the energy drink. Then my fingers went numb. Then the whole left side of my body went numb. I got increasingly exhausted and finally had to leave work. It took eight hours to be seen by a doctor and by then, my symptoms had totally subsided. The doctor had little to say other than to get a complete physical and " drank an energy drink, huh?" So I guess that the combination of the energy drink with the medications had spiked my blood pressure to a dangerous level. The last time I remember feeling this sensation was when I experienced pre-eclampsia with my first born. The symptoms were identical. I have never felt so tired in my life nor foggy headed. I do not see any appreciable good changes to my mood and still think of an exit strategy. Yay! Now I get to experience the wonderful world of withdrawls!

kim 4 years ago

Thank you everyone for all you shared. I have been trying to go off Cymbalta 60mg on my own (down to every second day) and what I call the "brain bzzzt" has been really bothering me. I am a nurse and guessed it was related to withdrawl but it's still pretty debilitating. Now that I'm sure it's from that I can just put up with it til it's over. My 'problem' with Cymbalta (prescribed for FM) is not that it doesn't work - it does. It's that I feel 'flat' on it. No more ups and downs. Maybe that's a good thing for some but I don't feel like me. No real interior life. So I want off. Thanks for helping everyone!

stella 4 years ago

Wow this was great to find out. I am weaning off Cymbalta and actually on my last 2 30 mg pills taking every other day.I was put on this for back pain and anxiety. This past week I felt like I had the flu...aches chills, headaches and dirreaha and vomitting. I have an appt tomorrow morning to see my Dr. and discuss what now..I actually do not want to be on anything but maybe occasionally a m others little helper. I also gained at least 20 something pounds. Refused to go on scale. I have never had so much weight on me. I am hating myself right now. Hopefully going off this cymbalta and some exercise I will go back to myself. In the meantime I am very thankful for finding this hub.

Wayne 4 years ago

I tried to go off of 30mg 6 months ago and after 2 days got horrible brains zaps and decided to wait till everything calmed down in my life before trying again.

What a horrible drug, never thought about it when I started taking it for perferal neuropathy in my legs. I will say it worked much better than 600mg of gabapentin I was on. That drug caused me to be blaa, and didn't know it but lost my sense of smell.

Anyway I am going off again, this time cutting it down to 1/2 (cut it, dissolve in water, and drink 1./2 the glass) for 1 week, and 1/4 for a week, then cold turkey.

I expect this will work.

I decided this crap isn't worth making the shooting pains I get in my feet and legs less.

jeena 4 years ago


Wayne 4 years ago

Follow up. I am now off this awful drug. The 1st week was the worst. I'm pretty sure my putting it in water and drinking was only getting me a short dose, 1/4-1/2. By night, sever ringing ears, etc.

At the end of week one I also started strength training with a personal trainer. Never done before, but since I couldn't walk hardly, I didn't even this about Cymbalta withdrawals. I'm sure that really helped flush it out of my system.

I'm still having ringing ears a tad bit at night, but from the posts above, I expect it will get better in 1-2 months.

Lindsay 4 years ago

I can't remember how long I've been on Cymbalta but I would say ~2 years. I'm on my second day off the drug. I stopped taking it cold turkey because I was down to 2 pills and at the moment I don't have a psychiatrist because I haven't been able to find one since I was let go off my child psychiatrist because I am 19 years old now. Also, I just don't think this medicine is that great. I've been diagnosed with depression/anxiety since I was 9 and I've been on Zoloft and Prozac before. On Prozac I had very suicidal thoughts. I'm thinking about going back on Zoloft because I haven't been on it for many years and maybe it will work. What I'm worried about stopping cold turkey is that I will push away my boyfriend. Right now my symptoms are mostly kind of fuzzy head and really bad nausea. How long should these symptoms last? And is it possible that I will be a worse person since I stopped taking the drug? Like I will go crazy or something? Please reply with any help you can offer. Thank you...

Pumpkin5 4 years ago

I've been on 60mg of Cymbalta for about 6 months and it definitely did a wonder of good when I was in a really low place emotionally. However, things have since turned around and I'd like to begin the weaning off process. I made the mistake of trying the every other day approach, but by day 3 I am already feeling the extreme dizziness everyone has been talking about. My emotional state has already seemed quite erratic as well. I was completely resistant to being prescribed an antidepressant in the first place and am now in great fear that I could plunge back into a deep depression without the drug. Can anyone share their emotional experience shortly after weaning off the medication, please? Thank you so much.

Wayne 4 years ago

3 weeks off it, and all is well! My legs get tingly pains now and then, but not worth putting up with this horrible drug. Still shocked how much it affected me to stop a 30mg dose. The stuipd maker of this drug needs to make a 60,30,20,10mg versions. that would make it way easier to ween off it.

Paula77 4 years ago

Wow, am I glad I found this site!! At least I know now I haven't lost my mind... This is unbelievable what everyone is going thru. I'm getting ready to start my journey as well. Have an appt. with the Dr. tomorrow to get the ball rolling on getting off of this "crap". I started out years ago on Lexapro for anxiety and ended up on Cymbalta.

Funny thing is, I would like to hear from anyone else on this issue. When I started the Cymbalta it was all good, then issues started arising that the Dr. felt we needed to "up" the dosage. I started out on (I believe) 30 mg. and approx. a year later it was bumped up to 60 mg. Now, starting to feel the same things again... Dizziness, lighted headed, light fatigue.. and have NOT missed a dosage! This is the same thing that happened last time that caused my Dr. to up it to 60 mg.

Reading these comments it seems almost like the body is MAYBE craving more?? That is DEFINITELY not gonna happen! I have to work everyday and this REALLY scares me with the side effects. And my husband doesn't get it.

I can't explain to him what it feels like. I will definitely be using this site to help me thru!



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wjsinga 4 years ago

I am thinking about getting off Cymbalta but I am really afraid. When ever I miss or forget a dose I cry uncontrollably about everything. I was already "soft hearted" before I started the Cymbalta and cried real easy but just the thought of not taking it freaks me out. My Dr. also told me to skip every other day for a week then go to 30mg and a do the same then skip 2 days, then 3 days until I can stop taking altogether. But like a lot of people I work for a living and cannot afford to not go to work. I have a bi-polar boss and just the thought of him going off on me without my Cymbalta scares me to death. It happened once before and I cried for days everytime I thought about him screaming at me. I still don't know why he was screaming at me, smh,but he did and I had not taken Cymbalta in a couple of days and I don't ever want that to happen again. So I am torn on what to do, get off or stay on but I really don't like the person I have become on Cymbalta.

Paula77 4 years ago

Ok, its been 7 days tomorrow! So far so good. Have seen conflicting thoughts on opening capsules and counting beads...

open, don't open, open, don't open... In one of the remarks above they gave a website to email for help. "The Road Back" program. They discourage just counting the "beads" BECAUSE not every bead in the capsule is medication!! Some of them are fillers and you won't get the same amount each time! So, I'm doing the dissolving method. Use a container that you know the exact fluid amount, break open the capsule and dump it in the water. They don't want to completely dissolve and it does take awhile. So, when I take my dose in the morning I set it up and leave the next days dose sit 24 hrs to dissolve. I work at an Environ. Lab and we have disposable plastic syringes so, that's what I'm using.

You can probably get something similar at a pharmacy.

Whatever you have that you know the exact ounces or ml.

Subtract 10% fluid each day.

I'm going from 60 mg. to 50 mg. for 7 days and then down 10 mg. every week there after. I have a glass beaker that holds

140 ml. (you can go to metric-conversions.org) if you have something you need to convert. I've been taking out 14 ml. each day with a syringe. Tomorrow I'm going to 40 gr. which will be 28 ml taken out. I pour the amount left into a disp. water bottle and then fill it with more water or you can add what you want to try and disguise the taste, it is a little bitter to drink but, hey its worth it. So, far it hasn't been to bad. I tried to skip a dosage before and I can tell you it DID NOT WORK! Theres no way I could work and try to do that! Hopefully this helps for anyone researching... I'll post more as I get further into this to say how it goes..

Shaun 4 years ago

I recently stopped using Cybmalta. I was taking 60mg a day. I quit cold turkey which probably wasn't a good idea. My symptoms were dizziness, brain shivers, nightmares and trouble sleeping. I started smoking canibis right before bed and it did wonders for me. I slept great and the nightmares went away. I'm on day 9 without cymbalta and I feel great! I feel like my body is back to normal.

Amie 4 years ago

I also stopped taking Cymbalta after two years because my husband and I are trying to have a child and was told that Cymbalta could cause birth defects. These last 2 months have been a living hell. I've experienced the brain zaps which is the worst. Severe mood swings and everything makes me very irritable. I'm am seriously contemplating on going back on it. The IDE effects from coming off of the drug is horrible. I was taking 120 mg daily for anxiety. Does the withdrawals ever go away??

Shannon 4 years ago

You're going through major withdrawls. I've been there with other anti-depressents. I got off the drug effexor, by weaning myself off. I know they say not to break open the capsule, but I did, and just took the pelets. I would split it in half, and then do that like I was supposed to, every other day and so on. I ended up not needing them anymore within two weeks. Try it

Sean 4 years ago

Coming off of 60 milligrams cymbalta. feel terrible. "Brain zaps" are the absolute worst. What exactly are they? The only other time I've experienced brain zaps was after taking mushrooms (usually for a few days after taking a larger amount). Does anyone know the connection? I can also attest to having terrible dreams all of the time. I've been exorcised (in my dreams), have had a little girl with a changing face mess with me, the works. Anyway, thought I'd contribute.

Paula77 4 years ago

Its been two months since I posted and started weaning off Cymbalta...

Did really well deducting 10 mg per week and didn't have to many issues.

UNTIL the last several weeks.. I guess its what everyone is calling the "brain zaps?" To me its more like a severe case of dizziness, or inner ear infection.. you go to turn and move a certain way and just "inside" lose your balance... so once or twice a week I'm still taking 10 mg. when it gets reallly bad. I figure I've been on this for approx. 6 yrs. so I think my brain it stills craving it... kinda like cigarettes. I feel 100 times better than I used to!!! I have my concentration, and memory back too!! Good luck to everyone!

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sunshine38 4 years ago

I am so thankful for finding this site!!!! I thought I was going crazy. I have been on antidepressants for about 5 years. I am coming off 60mg of Cymbalta cold turkey and feel like living hell. Having the horrible brain zaps, headaches, chills, sweats, extreme crying, nightmares, sick to my stomach, throwing up, tingling in arms and fingertips, it feels like my head is going to explode. This is day 7 and I just want to know how long is this going to go on. I can not function at all like this, my brain is fuzzy and can not get words out or think of the word I want to say. I have been taking vitamins and fish oil and drinking lots of vitamin water but it does not seem to be helping. I am furious that they give out this drug with all these crazy side effects it should be ILLEGAL. I pray for the day this hell is over. Thank you again for this site so I do not feel so alone and crazy anymore. Good luck to everyone going through this because I know how bad it is but it sure does make me feel better knowing I am not alone. This drug should be taken off the market period. They give it to you to make you feel better but do not tell you that coming off of it is going to make you feel crazier than you were to begin with. This drug has ruined the past couple years of my life and I just want my life back.

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Foggy92012 4 years ago

I want to stop taking Cymbalta but I am getting very worried after reading this. I have dropped from 60 to 30 for a week. I am having the most frightening night mares, sweats, funny pain sensation in heart ( maybe like heartburn but I have never really had it so I dont know. ) Foggy head , aches and pains and ringing in ears seem to be worsening. I am absolutely shattered but probably from lack of sleep. I purchased omega 3 today so I will be taking that. The worse thing is after my horrific night last night... ( my husband said ,when I woke him in my panic from the nightmares and weird sensations , that he thought I sounded like Someone who was having a bad drug "trip" ??) ...I went to the doctors today and I was told to just stop taking it. I told doctor of my fear of having more severe withdrawal symptoms. Doc said it will all be out of your system in a few days. Basically I guess I was told to just go cold turkey from 30 to zero. I f I am going to get awful symptoms anyway, doing it slowly, shoulds I just prepare for a few days of hell and get on with it and hope it will all be out of my system in the next week or so and I will be back to my "normal- albeit " moody" self?

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sunshine38 4 years ago

Okay it is day 9 now and it is getting better but still having the brain zaps/shocks a lot. Been taking Benadryl to sleep and it has helped so much...I actually have slept the past 2 nights without nightmares but still weird dreams. My body feels exhausted though and I do not have much energy at all. I am crossing my fingers the worst part is over because it truly was a living hell. My extreme crying binges have lessened along with the extreme sweating and everything else that was going on. Just looking for the light at the end of this tunnel. Stay strong everyone we will all get through this and feel so much better!!!

Ratkity 4 years ago

Felt all the above plus some auditory haullcinations. Klonapin helped with the symptoms (self medicated). I went from 120mg of cymbalta to zero in 5 days. OMG, never do that. That was on the advice of pyschopharmocologist MD. After I told him I wanted to punch him out, he basically, fired me for being difficult. I told him he wasn't worth the assault change anyhow and I couldn't focus enough to drive to his office. Geesh, I didn't threaten him with a gun or anything. I'm a 49 yo woman and he's a fit cyclist. What a jerk. I hope someone with $ sues him for incompetence. His only response was to call 911 or go back on cymbalta. Really? I've used all my annual leave getting off this crap. Now he has the balls to fire me.

Foggy92012 4 years ago

I am glad to read that sunshine38 is getting better. I went down to 15 mg for 2 days and now have not had any Cymbalta since Monday morning. I do not plan to have anymore now. I took a Temazepam to help sleep last night and no nightmares..slept for seven hours straight. Yipee :) Had today off work -too foggy headed. I have also had ringing in ears and just this evening have had weird sensation in throat/ neck ( left side) like some sort of muscle . I am staying away from others in the house as I fear I am too irritable for my poor family. I can't deal with all the noises and can't concentrate much or keep my train of thought well when talking. Appetite ok and I haven't had the brain zaps , thank goodness .." touch wood" . They sound awful. I am really hoping that because i was only on this for 5 months and only ever went to taking 60mg then it won't be too hard for me to go through this .

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sunshine38 4 years ago

Day 11 I think the worst is over!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting some energy back and been sleeping still thanks to benedryl and Klopapin!!!! Still have some brain zaps/shocks but no where near as intense as they were. My head is becoming less foggy and able to think a little more clearly. Thank GOD....that was truly the worst experience I have ever had and never been that sick or felt that crazy in my whole 38 years. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there everyone it does get better it just takes time to get that horrible mess out. I am not saying I am back to normal but it is sure better than it was. Good luck to everyone and I will keep posting every couple of days to let people know how long it took me to feel completely normal again because that was the answer I was looking for but I know it is different for everyone.

Foggy92012 4 years ago

Day 6 off totally . Only seem to have vivid dreams and fewer waking, sweating nightmares now. Able to work and function ok. Feeling pretty good and exercising again. Loving laughing hysterically and tearing up at sad tv. Good luck to others. That was scary and horrible at its worst!

Joe 4 years ago

Day 3 of cold turkey. Feel more sexual. Will update.

Joe 4 years ago

Day 4 - Insomnia for two days now. Need sleep.

Joe 4 years ago

Night sickness and light headedness. Wild dream about having a conversation with a 13 year old girl about depression.

Day 6 comes to end.

Joe 4 years ago

All this is just a guessing game isn;t it? Doctors, others, yourself.....

sunshine38 4 years ago

Tomorrow will be a month and AMEN that hell is over!! I am feeling like myself again...no more head zaps, I can sleep, more energy, I have feelings again and it is awesome. CYMBALTA sucks period. Please do not take this crap it is horrible and if you are on it get off!! The withdraws were seriously the worst thing I have ever experienced and thought I was going crazy at the same time. It will get better ONLY with time. I have been taking tons of vitamins, fish oil, drinking tons of water, started Herbalife (which my freind works for and I told him ALL my symptoms and he made me a care package full of different vitamins and herbs to help me out), he sent me a 21 day detox to clean all the chemicals out of my body. Hope that anyone else going through this SHIT realizes you will get better I know it does not feel like it but it takes time. I am fortunate that I work for myself from home because there is NO way I could have gone to work and functioned. Good luck Everyone!! Please if you need to ask a question or chat about this feel free to ask I know I felt completely helpless and alone but your not!!

Joe 4 years ago

What is a head zap?

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rufustl 4 years ago

im on day 4 cold turkey , it feels like i'm in lala land i don't like it . i'm afraid to drive to the grocery store , or leave my house in fear of getting dizzy and having a reck. in 4 days it feels like i do not have blotting in my stomach and face.i want to sleep all the time can't hardly keep my eyes open .other than that i feel great LOL can't wait to be off this crap !!!

Joe 4 years ago

Only real lingering symptom is light headedness. Need to check blood pressure as that is a symptom of LOW blood pressure.

Joe 4 years ago

Actually thought a woman was flirting with me and laughed a good deal today. Are anti-depressants just a necessary evil or better than suicide?

Long term=no good?

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rufustl 4 years ago

day seven , and i want to kill the doctor who put me on this sh$t, they should tell you all this stuff before they put you on it . i am sooo mean to my husband i would not want to be with me if i was him , im very short tempered and wanting to cry or fight all the time NOT GOOD! any suggestions PLEASE

Joe 4 years ago

almost two weeks and doing well. Hope it continues.

Joe 4 years ago

I think I am done with that crap. hopefully the rest of my life.

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warmheart22 4 years ago

ween slowly taking 10 beads out of 30 mg capsule a day for a week, if ok keep taking out 10 more each week. If not slower...worked for me ..no side effects...did the authorized way and hell broke loose trust me slow works


Joe 4 years ago

It has been a month. Am I done with this crap for good?

Donna 4 years ago


I know what hell everyone is going through trying to get off the drug. I had to do it and figured out myself the best way. It sounds strange but it worked for me and the only dizziness I experienced was after I stopped taking it - the dizziness lasted a day and half. Try the following:

1 Week - 60 MG pills

2nd Week - 2 - 30 Mg Pills (it will equal the 60mg pill dose)

3rd week - 1 - 30 mg pill

4th week - stop the pill

Again, everyone is different, but this worked for me. Your doctor should be able to give you a sample of the 30mg pills if you are on the 60mg.

Good luck - I really hope this helps.

Joe 4 years ago

Only trouble now, is sex. I am now over 50, want it but women don't. When i was on meds, no sex drive.

Leslie 4 years ago

Soo happy to have found this sight! I'm happy to see that I am not crazy & what I am going through, going off of this medicine is not going to be me forever. I have been on it roughly 4 years & decided it was time to go off. After gradually cutting back, a lot slower than what my doctor recommended, I am now no longer on it. It has been 5 days & horrible. I wish I had known how to count the little things to cut back slower. I started to notice when I was doing every other day, 30mg, I was more irritable on those days. So I decided that I was done. To help with side effects, I have been taking flaxseed, Virgin coconut oil, cod liver, & neuro-feedback. I know they have all helped, but symptoms are still there. :(

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Msinewick 4 years ago

I was put on cymbalta 7 years ago. I started on 30mg and over the years eventually ended up on 120mg.

I had a complete mental breakdown and was put in a crisis stabilization unit for a week. They told me they couldn't believe my doctors had me on such a high dose for so long. Which was making me act even more crazy and felt completely out of control. The psychiatrist told me that the cymbalta was giving me way too much energy to my brain which was making me irritable and having so many mood swings. She started weening me off the cymbalta and put me on Zoloft as well.

This has been the worst 2 months of my life. The center sent me merrily on my way with no guidance of what was going to happen but to try to force me to go to an outpatient program.

My pcp said its out of her expertise. And you basically have to be the president of the United States to get seen by a psychiatrist regularly.

I have also had horrible brain Zaps and it happens all over my body. I get dizzy and disoriented. I don't even know where I am half the time. I'm nauseous all day long and have the chills constantly.

I have no guidance and its scaring me because I'm home alone all day and am afraid something is going to happen to me.

I'm so angry and frustrated with the lack of appropriate care for mental health patients. It's ridiculous.

lucy0100 4 years ago

Just got out of inpatient care for taking cymbalta. I was taking 90mg for over 5 months and started having suicidal thoughts. My pcp thought I needed to go into a treatment facility to get med change quickly. When I was in group, there was a lady who was on cymbalta and had asthma. She was taking a large amount of steroids when she got in her head to take some pills to go to sleep. Her pcp thinks it was related. That also happened to me. I had bronchitus and had taken some predisone and then started down this dark path. Doctors just let that go over their heads, because I was on depression meds for a reason, so that couldn't have anything to do with it. So they decrease me 30mg a day and added 100mg of pristiq. Any thoughts At this point I was to get off everything and see how I do with some cognitive therapy.

Joe 4 years ago

Most of this shit is bogus. We talk about extending mental health help for violent people. So bogus, there is no effective network for most. This whole field is really just guessing, placebos, might work, might stop working, consult your doctor, what BS!!!!!!! Good comment on the difficulty of seeing a mental health professional, and most of the time they are more screwed up than their patients.

It is all a guessing game. Good luck.

jen 4 years ago

I took it for extreme pain a couple times. Last time I had some difficulty with the withdrawal- very, very dizzy and landed in the hospital once with dizziness. Eventually the withdrawal went away. It is hard to say whether it affected my sleep positively or negatively- net net, it did help with pain, though. I was considering going back on it, but have been avoiding it for fear of the withdrawal. The first time it was effective for extreme pain. The second time-- not as much. I am trying to treat my pain with holistic means, but if you are desperate and out of other options, it may be worth a try. I, too, fear side effects and distrust big pharma's reporting of side effects (for good reason), but only the people who have a negative view will wind up on this blog generally and it is hard to gauge the number of people it has really been a net benefit for.

Anon 4 years ago

It helps to know I'm not alone.

Being a confident young man (read: arrogant as f-) I decided to just stop taking Cymbalta since my life has become quite pleasant and I didn't feel it necessary anymore.

Great idea me.

I've been having intense 'brain shivers' as you put it, as well as pretty nasty dizziness for the last day or so.

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SRD14 4 years ago

I was on 60mg of Cymbalta for 4 years due to depression/anxiety problems. I began having migraines about 2 years ago. My neurologist wanted to me to first get off all meds so we might could eliminate my meds being the cause of my chronic migraines. He wrote me out a 2 month plan... Take 40mg (2-20's) for 2 weeks, take 30mg for 2 weeks, take 20 mg for 2 weeks, then take a 20mg every other day for two weeks. This whole process has been pure hell for me and my family! I took my last pill 2weeks ago. I had 2 days last week with the brain zaps, nauseous, freezing, crying none stop, basically felt like death. Once I got to feeling better I hoped that maybe that was my last time to go through that. But I was wrong, again this week. I am on my 2nd day of having all these side effects. My brain zaps are so intense I can not function. I have tried the Omega3 and do not see that it has helped any. I have to miss work at least 1-2 days a week because of all this. I don't know what else to do!!! When I am having these symptoms, I feel I have no control over my body! I am such an emotional basket case. I need advice!!! It is not fair to my family or my job. I just want to feel normal again!! I need help!

R.E. 3 years ago

I found an easy method to come off of Cymbalta.

R.E. 3 years ago

I found an easy method to come off of Cymbalta.

joe 3 years ago

Deep anxiety and depression is back. insurance changes in a month. Can't do anything until then. Wish we could help each other.

Jillian 3 years ago

Try taking a more holistic approach.

I've been messing around with mental illness, psychiatry, and psychotropic drugs for 10 years. I agree that there is no clear way of getting off these medicines. Everyone is different. But, tapering off in a [prolonged] every other day or decrease in milligrams is just about as good as it is going to get.

Make sure to keep hydrated, be cautious of what foods you are putting in your body, and get some exercise. Pharmaceutical drugs are temporary fixes - NOT - solutions. You have to understand that there is a lot of business and marketing being promoted by "BIG-PHARMA". A lot of it is over-exaggeration. How many of you have worked in retail and seen the same type of marketing?

What I am saying is - the mind is so powerful. You can change it. But you have to be willing to put in the hard work that takes into "retraining your mind". This is something doctors DO NOT tell you.

Pharmaceuticals do not create long term solutions - they only create customers. That is the cold hard truth.

There are no tests for serotonin. So how does a doctor know if truly your serotonin levels are off? They don't.

Good luck.

Joe 3 years ago

Back on Cymbalta........ my goodness gracious.

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NoLikey 3 years ago


Now that you're back on it, have you improved?

Would like to know, as I quit all meds 5 mo. ago and it left me so depressed that I've been considering going back on as well...

Joe 3 years ago

I have had a few good days but today was a relapse. I have GAD and depression. GAD causes stomach issues. I just need help and will take meds if it helps. I have had 3 major bouts of anxiety in 1997, 2006, and this year.

Cymbalta had the least side affects. Will report back.

lisa 3 years ago

I dont have regular health insurance at the moment, so I dont have just one doctor that im under thr care of. I decided once and for all that I couldnt be on cymbalta any longer. I decided to go into the clinic and see if the doctor there could help me get off. I was taking 60 mg, so she told me to do 30 mg for 14 days. I was fine until the 15th day. I started getting all the withdrawal symptoms people talk about here. I have a refill of about 30 days worth of 30 mg of cymbalta and need suggestions on how to taper off . I started taking out 10 pellets from the capsule, and taking that. Each day I was going to decrease 10 more . So today I took out 20 pellets from the 30 mg capsule. Could I take out 30 pellets tomorrow, and keep decreasing until im at zero pellets? Im so worried and it seems any doctor I talk to doesnt have much advice or understand the withdrawals that we experience. Any advice would be appreciated. I am also wondering if decreasing by 10 each day is safe, and, or is it better to decrease by week?

Judy 3 years ago

I have read this entire blog. I've followed people's journeys. It is so nice to learn from others. Joe, your story really got to me. Thank you for baring your soul and being clear and honest about deciding to back on the cymbalta. Kind of sucks to have to choose which kind of hell to live in.

I've have an extensive pysch history along with medical problems esp fibromyalgia. Adding cymbalta to my other psych meds put me over the top to finally not think of suicide and death wishes every min. Won't go into long details. I'm not recommending anything for anyone. Not even encouraging someone to try anything. Personally i feel to get relief we have to be in the right place at the right time with the right healers.

My life was really unmanabable last sept, that i up and liquidated my apt, friends, and almost family to live in arizona with a friend. Trust me, it wasn't good after her mother, who had a stroke moved in with us. I went to a chiropractor who uses the Palmer method for adjustments. He did this toggle adjustment and my energy flowed the first day. I could even hear in my left ear. After four months of adjustments and her mother's subsequent problems, i got my act together, left az and returned to wisconsin.

My head was on straight. I moved to a new apt building and so on. The cymbalta was constant before and after AZ. The change was the chiro adjustments. I felt and feel whatever he did fixed the problem not symptoms. So it stands to reason, if i'm no longer incapcitated by depression why not go off the cymbalta, which i cant afford anyway.

After discussing it with my psychiatrist we started to wean down the cymbalta. Dr ben was my doc before i went to az too. I was on 120mg. It's taken three months and last monday i stopped the med. i thought i was having a free ride. My brain thinking has cleared. Like someone else said, i had the moment of clarity to see the conditions of my apt. I've been able to do something about the mess.

Like Joe, my fibro symptoms have flared up. What good is being awke and alert off the cymbalta if my body physically can't do anything with the exta energy. I had decided that being off the cymbalta was more important than having pain. I could be macho. It's been almost a week since the last pill and just today i am having every withdrawl symptom that's been listed. Took a while to sort everything out. I was down to 30mg/day. About two hr ago i took 60mgs. It doesn't make logical sense that the symptoms should flare up.

But they have. I'm able to walk now. The brain and body freezes or shivers are lessening. I may need to be open to keeping on low dose of cymbalta. Maybe being in a little lower ambition and so on AND less pain and fibro fog is the trade off and staying on the cymbalta. The expense, my general want to be off meds period may have to give way to rational thinking.

There was a woman up the list who blew up at her wonderful grandson because he didn't want to eat dinner. She was devastated. This past week i've been thinking that my cat would be better off without me or me without her. Scary. I didnt see that coming either. Thank you for sharing that story too, nana. My cat, sunshine is very, very grateful. She is a rescue too.

Obviously i just found this hub today. I'm glad i read it to the end. Not sure if it is still active. Thanks to you i have a name for the brain shivers. That falling on the floor isn't because i'm clumbsy and need to exercise more. That wanting my cat to go to heaven is a sign of irrational thinking. That it is ok to rethink my position and not stay in black and white mentality. That Omegas can help...not sure why that was a new revalation, but it was, and i have it in the house. What is odd is that i've gained 15# in a month while weaning down.

Be that as it may, football season is here. I love watching strength and agility plus the Green Bay Packers win. Thanks for all of your stories. I'll be calling dr ben and my psychologist tomorrow. Hope that you are feeling better. Hope i do too.

Joe 3 years ago

Judy, Best to you. If I was a prayer i would pray for you. My anxiety is so f***ing bad. Especially weekends. I have no psych doc right now and am contemplating seeing one. Cymbalta doesn't seem to be helping the anxiety. i have not felt comfortable in 9 months. Enjoy the football if you can. My Pirates have given me one of my few distractions. I used to love a lot of sports and music but it takes everything not to completely fall apart. I still have hope but...... Hopefully someone loves you Judy and you love someone. It makes a difference.

Linda Albers profile image

Linda Albers 3 years ago from Reston, Virginia

I have been on Cymbalta for about 5 years. I am currently taking 120 mgs nightly. Cymbalta has been a miracle drug for me. However, it is so expensive, even with insurance, I can't afford to be on it any longer. I have fibromyalgia, have osteoarthritis in my hands, back and neck with disk problems, I'm a Type 2 insulin dependant Diabetic, and have suffered from Agoraphobia with panic attacks for 30 years. I am also on Tramadol and Flexeril for pain. Since taking the Cymbalta, I am a changed woman as far as the agoraphobia. I am able to go just about anywhere I want, even took a trip to Florida to see my granddaughter when she was born, went to see my inlaws that I have never seen their house, and was able to see my granddaughter graduate from high school in North Carolina. These things were precious to me, as I had not been able to see my children's homes before Cymbalta. My panic attacks are completely gone now and I wish I had found it sooner. The only real side effect that I have is I am tired all the time, but I also have hypothryoidsm and take meds for that too. I had to retire from my awesome job in 2007 because of my fibro pain. I am now on Medicare for disability. I have met my prescription benefit max and have to pay for the Cymbalta out of pocket. Even with insurance, it costs me $95 a month. My family doctor and my rhematologist both have been giving me samples so that I can continue with the 120 mg dosage. I have decided to cut back to 60 mgs a day just so I can be covered for the entire year in 2014. I read all I could on weaning off of this high dosage and was almost scared to even try it. I got some 30 mg samples from the doctor and started taking 90 mgs last week. So far, I have not had ANY side affects whatsoever. No dizziness, no nausea, brain zaps or any of the horrible things I've read about. I plan to drop the 90 down to 60 in the next 3 weeks. I was given even of the 30's to last a month and my doctor suggested I wait that long to go to the 60 mg. I am not as tired and don't have to take such long naps in the afternoon. I go to bed earlier but that's a good thing. I hope to lose some weight on the lower dose as well. I hope that all of you trying to get off of this medication has lots of luck and few symptoms so that you can be free to try something else that works but doesn't have the side affects.

sa 3 years ago

Thank you for all this help, I was misdiognosed with depression when in fact l have Bipolar and black dog said l am bipolar 2 and private phychiatrist said l am bipolar 1- get it together- is what l thought-after going to black dog they saw me once and that was all it took to say no you havnt got depression you have bipolar-was diognosed prev after spending 1,000 on seeing another well to do doctor who said l have depression- my symptons never changed but all three docs opinion did-so to hell with them all-l have now been told l need to go of cymbalta and get on lithium,since being on cymbalta l have no imagination now have an irregular heart beat ,dropped from 60 to 30mg and taking it every second day- no more shit into my body ,have changed diet and excersise this is the best medicine and laughter-good luck -

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imdisgusted 3 years ago

i might as well add my 2 cents. i went from 90 mg. to 60 mg with no problem. when i went from 60 mg to 50, 50 to 40 and 40 to 30 was an entirely other story. i was violently sick with nausea and severe headaches that were debilitating. no brain zaps thankfully. i then did something different, determined to get off this poison. i emptied 30 mg capsules into an empty pill box at approximately 1/2 dose, making it 15 mgs for 7 days. i did not bother trying to count the beads, i went by how even the doses looked. also i had people pray for me specifically for those problems. i just finished the week and had no problems. i am now emptying 20 mg capsules into equivalents of 5 mgs for one more week and then be done. i tried diluting them in OJ but they clumped so i just dump the beads directly onto my tongue and drink something. i will post again if i have any problems, but if not consider all has gone well. good luck to all trying to get off this poison.

profile image

imdisgusted 3 years ago

normally i would not share such personal info. publicly but if this can help someone else suffering as i have/am, i am willing to do it. i have been totally off cymbalta for approx. 1 month (not sure of exact day). i have read that it can take up to 3 months to fully get it out of your system. the initial symptoms are gone, much less - extreme nausea, extreme headache, not sleeping and/or vivid nightmares when i did sleep. however now i am crying at the drop of a hat, very emotional, suffering severe leg/muscle pain, possibly similar to RLS (restless leg snydrome), and angry, sometimes hostile feelings. NOT suicidal, but alot of despair, anxiety and fearfulness. my therapist still supports me staying of any other type of drug until the 3 months are up at least. i was on the antidepressants for years and years, so it could be reasonable that the W/D symptoms are not going to disappear overnight. i do cry and scream into my pillow nearly daily. i take NO alcohol or illegal drugs. i do recommend the actual weaning method i used (above), with as much time in between as you need in lowering the doses. i have done extreme, thorough reading on this subject and will attach a link that my be helpful to some of you. i pray the worst is over and that the emotional stability i hope for will come. i do take xanax for my anxiety, that is all. also use heat paks, heating pad, cold paks, hot baths, etc. i will report back around April with an update. here is a link, http://www.theroadback.org/cymbaltawithdrawal.aspx Good luck and God bless. P.S. - also i am having mouth sores/irritation that could or could not be related, jaw tension and working with dentist on the matters.

terrified 3 years ago

I have been on Cymbalta for 7 year. Yesterday when I went to my chiropractor he informed me that Cymbalta is very addicting. I came home and started my research. Now I think I have a-lot of symptoms from being on this drug. After read these post I am terrified to detox. But know I have to do this. God please help me.

Joe 2 years ago

Back down to 30 mg. Still have not seen a psychiatrist, i called one 2 months ago and they have not taken me as a patient and I have insurance.

Reluctant to choose a different one who I don't know a thing about.\\

How youse guys doin?

Kathryn 2 years ago

I started talking Cymbalta back in November 13. It was amazing for stopping the heavy back pressure and leg pains. Three weeks ago I had back surgery and decided to go off the cymbalta because the surgery should have corrected the need of this pill. So I stopped it cold turkey. Wow what a roller coaster. I am glad I found this site. I have never had any bad experiencing stopping any medications before. I started searching the internet about the side effects after experiencing the vertigo in the face and lips. (This scared me the most) I have also had the dizzy spells, blurred vision, loss of appetite (which I thought was related to all the morphine) and WAY TOO EMOTIONAL (which was the second BIG trigger). If someone said boo I would fall apart. It has been 3 weeks off and I am hoping to tame these emotions soon. I undergo neck surgery tomorrow. Luckily I have not experienced any of the other symptoms, but I also take Trazadone, Zanaflex and currently Norco, which may subside some of the others. Thank you so much everyone for your experiences. Hopefully we all get through this!

profile image

underland 2 years ago

You folk have all gone before me and no doubt many will come after..... About to begin journey of rediscovering myself as over the years, using Cymbalta for Depression and Fybromyalgia, tiny pieces of self have disappeared. No longer enjoy exercise,interaction,sexlife,love,topical conversation,coking,reading,gardening. Should have read all this sooner. Thank you to all above contributors for advice and hope to beat this evil that seems worse than our original evils we were hoping to attend to....Wishing us all life! Passion,love! The ups and downs are normal. Better to feel than be a "bot" as my daughters call them.Best wishes to all....

profile image

caligirl69 2 years ago

My experience with Cymbalta: I started taking it 5 months ago because my Psychiatrist recommended it due to acute depression over my Son being killed in accident. I started noticing side effects that I didn't like, 1st was I wanted to drink alcohol and actually craved it which is so not me. I'm usually the designated driver. 2nd was that I couldn't stop eating sugary foods to the point regular foods no longer sounded good to me and wasn't worth the calories to eat because nothing satisfied me until I ate something sugary, so I gained 25 pounds on Cymbalta in 5 months. 3rd is I realized one day I wasn't having very many emotions, I couldn't remember the last time I laughed, everything seemed a little dumbed down & I had absolutely no motivation to do anything or see anyone. So anyhow I started on 60mg and then decided to wean myself down to 30mg because I didn't like all these side effects I was having. I started feeling better after about a week of feeling very emotional and not sleeping & having heachaches, but at least I was feeling "something". I started doing research online about the withdrawals and see this is highly addictive, people described it worse than them coming off Heroine, that's crazy. It made me realize I don't want this poison in my body anymore, who knows what kind of damage it's doing if it's this addictive. I decided on my own to take 30mgs every other day for about 1.5 weeks which seems fine at first, then I stopped all together about 5 days ago. Wow now I know what "brain zaps" are, I get them all the time, like 10 every hour, even if I just move my eyes. I get jolts of electricity through my body (like when you get a rush of adrenaline from being scared). If they didn't last 1-2 seconds then I would be worried about falling. I'm having crazy weird vivid dreams (and I'm not normally a dreamer), and even though I'm tired at night, once I get into bed, I can't sleep for more than a few hours at a time. I do find some positive in this. I feel like I'm thinking a little more clearly in between my brain zaps, my alcohol craving totally went away, I started craving real food like hamburgers and salad, not just sweets anymore, and I have happy and sad emotions. I'm starting to feel like "me" again. Just waiting for the side effects to go away. Man this is no joke this drug, I can't believe they aren't required to tell patients of how addicting it is, and I wasn't even on it as long as most of the people out there.

Marc 2 years ago

I got this evil drug as replacement for venlafaxine (effexor). Effexor allegedly helps with depression in 80% patients. For me it didn't. I couldn't tolerate the high dosage (over 150mg) so I was on 37.5mg, as I was unable to quit this drug that didn't help me.

After four years I got a bad episode of major depression. My doc prescribed CYMBALTA 60mg to replace the low dose venlafaxine.

The drug helped to calm down my panic anxiety, but for unbearable cost. Going off Effexor 'awarded' me with anorgasmia (inablity to reach orgasm) and CYMBALTA caused my blood pressure go over the roof - to point that I actually felt painful pressure in my head. It took away my will power, made me super lazy and tired, and killed my libido completely. Now doc told me to quit and get back on Effexor. I hate the fact I have to get bad of Effexor which i hate too - but compared to Cymbalta it's a happy island. So I will temporarily take it.

I feel deceived and harmed. I agreed to Cymbalta cause I felt very very depressed. I wouldn't agreed to another SNRI with clear state of mind. (while Effexor in doses over 75 is norephinegenic to serotogenic 1:30, Cymbalta is 1:30, which makes it 3 times stronger on norepinephrine inhibition (equivance rate is 60mg cymbalta = 150 venlafaxine). I guess NSRI doesn't mix with my SSRI's well. I thought my doc is aware of interaction, but apparently, it's up to my experience to tell, that is, horrible.

I can't believe I'm going to withdrawal from this poison. I make no plans for the upcoming weeks. I'm expecting nightmares, brain zaps, agitation, but most importantly depression and anxiety - which is, the reason why I even come to see the doc.

After 17 years of treatment I am losing faith in this trial-and-error "science".

Joe 2 years ago

I hear what everyone is saying but why did everybody start to take it? Pain, depression, anxiety. Depression is hard work. I don't have answers, I have waves of emotions every day. Still no psychiatrist visit. (not for lack of trying, 3 Docs contacted and no one sees new patients) Are we looking for help that is not there? Are any drugs part of the answer? I don't know and neither does anyone else. I still never experienced the brain zaps.

There are no easy answers and sometimes the answer changes, such is life.

Lauren 2 years ago

Ok so I cut cold turkey 4 days ago. I had major crying spells, anger, mad depression, nightmares along with those horrific brain/body zaps. Here's what I've done and this has saved my life tremendously!!!!! HGH dopa 400, GABA 750 mg, flax steel oil 1000mg, ultimate woman vitamin, ginseng complex, fish oil 1400mg, B-complex 50, evening primrose 1000mg, St. John's wort, vitamin d 3 10,000 IU, Happy Pills by SAMe, B12, 5-HTP, ginko biloba 120 mg....I taken a Xanax as needed when I'm emotional. I know this seems like too much but it's all supplements and today I feel back to my old self. I will never taken cymbalta again and just want my life back. Try going to a vitamin shop and they can tell you what supplements will help to increase your serotonin levels. Good luck!!!!

profile image

imdisgusted 2 years ago

To Lauren, I would lay off those supplements. If you look on your prescription bottles, it warns against "herbal products" and these, even in the form of herbal tea, can cause side effects and reap havoc in your body. Also your doses are very high, be Very Careful. If you must, do it with the approval of your doctor.

Joe 2 years ago

I don't give or take unsolicited advice. I would not rush into taking a bunch of supplements.

maybe you need to consult a higher power.

SPD1 2 years ago

Paxil withdrawal was beyond dangerous! Skipping my details, I've only been on cymbalta 21 days at 60mg. I've read enough and refuse to go into another trap! I have become completely lathargic and cant motivate to do anything, not convinced it was required to begin with but assured it had to withdrawals, right. I had started back on Prozac after years of no depression meds because I 'knew' Prozac & feared Paxil like concerns from anything else. Short of: I'm finished w/it at only 21 days. I have 20mg Prozac, given short dosing time cold turkey, reduce and thus stretch out time in my system or Prozac for a period and walk away?

Joe 2 years ago

Have not taken anything in 6 months now. If I can make it without taking anything I will, If not I will probably die,

Pisces 2 years ago

before I take any drug I go to people's pharmacy.com. Because they know all the side effects. Lots of dangerous drugs including over the counter ones like Benadryl. Tremendous amount of information. They are not big fans of big pharma but they know their stuff.

Unhappy As No Clam 23 months ago

Almost 10 years ago, I went through an ordeal where I was unreasonably put into a mental hospital following a VERY invasive spinal surgery, and because they claimed I was "suicidal" (wasn't though) and because I happened to be a minor at the time, I had no say. I knew that I had to cooperate with them & placate them while I was there, but was pretty pissed off when they basically forced me to go on Cymbalta. I say force, because I knew if I did not comply, they would keep me longer. Even though I explained my reasons & they were very logical & reasonable ones. Mostly I did not want chemicals in my system, especially on top of the massive amounts of pain killers I was on for the surgery (this was literally immediately after the surgery, as in I was taken to the mental hospital directly from the other hospital). They didn't really listen or care.

Anyways, long story short & hopping to a while later, I'd been home for a little while, probably a few weeks or so. Can't remember. Decided to just stop taking it because I was completely & utterly unaware of any resulting hell I would suffer from abruptly stopping. Oh, did I mention that the "doctor" didn't bother to give me all that much information about this horrible drug? Yeah, well, I'll tell you this.... I think any doctor who prescribes that medication should lose his/her license unless it is 100% absolutely necessary for the patient to take it. Especially if a single one of those doctors receives ANY compensation for pushing the medications onto patients. By that I mean how drug companies tend to give special bonuses & incentives to doctors who promote their specific drugs. Those people not only should lose their license for something so PLAINLY evil & wrong & untrustworthy, but they should go to jail & subsequently be forced to take said medications for an undetermined period of time, then abruptly stop. If that's not enough, we could hope maybe someone just beats them up daily. I think any less would be an injustice. These people do not deserve to be called doctors. Doctors want to help people, to cure what ails people. They are not drug dealers who push extremely dangerous, horrible drugs on people under the lie of them being "medicine". Last time I checked, medicine helped people. They didn't kill them or destroy them, unless they were fighting something extremely fatal like cancer. I just can't respect any jerkoff who pretends to be a healer & instead does this.

Joe 21 months ago

Is this the end? I tied Cymbalta again for two weeks and abruptly stopped. Almost died but made it. I did this with Wellbutrin also last year. These drugs made my anxiety worse. Wife says turn to God. I am still anxious. If it works for you whether it be god, drugs, meditation, yoga, just do it.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 20 months ago from the short journey

I started looking at this topic due to a useful post from "Dr. Manny" on violence and antidepressants: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/06/19/dr-manny-... I still do not know whether Roof had a prescription or used the drugs illegally, but I remembered reading of "unexplainable" violent crimes committed by otherwise decent people. (To be clear, I am not saying that Roof's crime was unexplainable or excusable on any level.)

Anyway, when I came across this hub I was glad to see another person sharing their horrific experiences with the drug(s) and thought I would read through all the comments because they were so consistently similar. Wow. That will not happen today. What a lot of trouble people have had--it's heartbreaking.

After agonizingly watching a relative give herself to antidepressants and all the unbelievable-in-this-case ensuing consequences I've done a lot of thinking about this topic and continue to support posts that at least give everyone a heads up about the side-effects that too many doctors avoid talking to patients and/or their families about.

Again, glad to see this opportunity for people to examine the issues. As one commenter put it, "It helps to know I'm not alone."

To see reports on the connections just search "violent crime antidepressants" to get more info than you'll have time to read.

Joe 15 months ago

Been on Prozac for two months now and anxiety is way down. Don't feel great but at least the horrors are not with me now.

Charles Taylor 3 months ago

Have gone from 60 to 30 to 20 mg. My Dr did not tell me about the withdrawal issues and i have went through almost everything except brain zaps. Anxiety and anger are the worst so far and it got so bad he wanted to increaxe my dosage. I opted for an increase in my mirtaxapine and he agreed. So far much better. Hope it works when i go cold turkey in 25 days.

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