Weathering the Storm

On a beautiful blue-sky day...

The tidal motion of the sea of life on a clear calm day is nothing more than high tide, low tide, crashing waves, and the surf rolling in and out off of the shore. The white sugarery sand glisten in the sun. Maybe a soft breeze blows and the scent of salt is in the air. Yes, maybe there is a slight under current, but it is gentle. And all the cares and worries in the world seem so small when you look out at the vastness of the endless crystal blue waters. Everything seems to melt away as the tide rolls back out. Sweet peace and validation...things suddenly seem as small as the sand granules between toes.

But sometimes there is a storming brewing past the horizon, far beyond the scope of the eye. You know its there building strength, and growing stronger though you can not see it for yourself..but it's out there nine the less. The anger of the gale force winds, the fury of the storm coming closer to the shores every second. Do you hope or do you know that your shelter is on a strong enough foundation to protect you from the on coming storm? Do you ask for help and give help to others to board up the fragile glass windows that will let the storm into your shelter, if broken through? Do you work hard to place sandbags around your shelter from the storm, to keep the rising waters from seeping in? Do you invite friends who may not have safe shelter in, and help them survive the impending storm?

It is amazing how a perfect blue sky day, without a care in the world, can change to a dark threatening day, without notice, without warning. Suddenly you find yourself trying to gather your loved ones, friends and family from the impending storm.

You know, there is a point where the storm will pass. Maybe the storm misses you. Maybe the disbands and only becomes the gentle rain. Regardless if you are prepared and have a plan that includes shelter built upon a firm foundation, you can make it through the storm. Yes, there could be some damage, but that can be repaired with a little hard work and maybe with the help of good friends and family who have survived the storm just like you did. Together they all could help one other fix and mend what as been broken, blown away, and damaged.

...On another beautiful blue day

Otis Redding

Life on the Gulf of Mexico on an average day

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