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There are many different supplements out there but I want to share one with you that has worked wonders, well really it seems as though it has worked a real miracle for a friend of mine. My friend had suffered his whole adult life with horrible flatulence as well as weight gain.

Once he reached 50 pounds over his ideal weight he became increasingly uncomfortable and it was to the point it was unbearable for him.

Having used everything he could get his hands on and paying untold amounts of money just trying to get a moments relief my friend asked me on day if I knew of anything that might help his flatulence problem. 

Having never really dealt with much gas or bloating myself I really didn't know what to say to my friend. That afternoon a friend of mine told me she was going to be getting into the sale of some different products. I didn't pay much attention to the conversation at first but I heard her say there was this product for gas and bloating. I was immediately interested in what it was and how much it cost, better yet did it work. I decided to buy it for my friend to try it just really to see if it would mainly. I just wanted to help get him out of his misery honestly.

Once the order came in I imienatly gave it to him and said here try this it says only one pill a day. So he tried it for about 30 days I think it was because he called me and said hey you need to order me some more ofthat stuff it worked. I was like really well how well did it work? He said great, I feel so much better and I lost a few pounds too. 

What was the product you ask, well it was VitAdvance. I am still shocked that it really worked and he is even more shocked than I am but better yet he is very happy. He tells me to order more every time he runs out so it must be working for him. I think I might just try this stuff myself for the flat stomach affect he keeps talking about.

New and improved formula Now in easy-to-swallow capsules.
Supports: Digestive balance to help relieve the discomforts of bloating & gas.*
With: Special probiotic blend that provides intestinal health benefits.
30 capsules.

Read complete label information before use.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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