How to Plan Your Own Weight Lose Program

We all have heard that most diets just don't work. The reason is because most of them are unrealistic and can not be maintained.So people usually go off their diet and gain back all the weight they lost. So what is realistic? This hub called Weight Loss Plan: What really works attempts to answer that questions. Here you will find tips on how to plan and implement diet that is healthy and realistic. This kind of weight loss diet is not something you are going to quit after you loose weight. It is a healthy diet that is well balanced that you are going to follow the rest of your life and keep the weight off

The weight loss program should not be” lose weight quick” deal, or any of the hundreds food restriction diet some expert keeps coming up with. It seems almost every month there is a new diet that for sure is going to make you look like a runway model in a month and it is all healthy and good for you. I can confidently say those food restriction diets do not work most of the time and if you keep trying these kinds of diets you could harm your health.

Reasons Why Food Restriction Diets Don't work

In their book “The Body myth: adult Women and the Pressure to be perfect” Margo Maine and Joe Kelly explain this very well. Let us say someone is on a calorie restriction diet and they reach their goal of the amount they want to lose. They usually then go back to less restrictive diet. But then the person’s metabolism has slowed down because of the low calorie diet they have been on. So their body cannot metabolize the extra food that it is getting now. The nonmetabolized food gets stored in new fat cells and the person gains back their weight. Our bodies have evolved this mechanism to help us survive famines and could not tell the difference between famine and dieting.


To top this since we have been depriving our body of many nutrients we will be craving for them and end up eating more food than we did before we embarked on any diet. So we end up gaining more weight we than we started with. This starts the cycle of dieting and binging.

Here is what Margo Maine and Joe Kelly say about this. These diets which they call yo yo dieting almost always never work. So women feel very happy and high when they lose weight using one of these diets but sure enough most will gain it back as soon as they get off the diet. Not only do they gain back what they have lost they gain even more weight. At which time they get depressed and go searching for another easier and faster diet. So just like a yo yo the cycle of going up and down continues. Maine and Kelly write that women who continue this kind of dieting for a prolonged period of time are at a much higher risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, eating disorders, and some cancers.

Here is another point they make. "We think being on a diet is a good thing if we are over weight and that they are going to help us lose weight and help us be more healthy. But paradoxically they do the opposite. These diets are the number one cause of obesity not binging."

The Diversity of Shapes, Sizes, attitudes, and Physiology

Humans come different body shapes and sizes. Some of us are big boned and short, others big boned and tall, some have delicate frame and are short and others are tall with the same delicate frame. Then there are the shapes. Some women are shaped like pears. Some have the coke bottle shape that is small waist and healthy sized hips. And there are women that are just thin and their shape seems straight as pencil, large breasted women etc... Men’s shapes vary as much. I think you get the idea. Some tend to gain weight easily others can eat all day and they do not gain an ounce. Not only do we differ physically, we differ mentally and emotionally on how we relate to food.

Does One Weight Loss Plan Fits All?

So is there one size fits all weight loss program that is going to work for all these diverse human population? It seems obvious to me that there isn’t. Another question to ask is is there anybody out there who knows your body and mind and what it needs? Do any of those nutrition experts, doctors, and fitness experts who are coming up with these lose weight programs know your, body and your feelings and thoughts about food? The answer is, they do not. So you need to know yourself and your body. Here is a survey by consumer reports on this subject.


Consumer Reports Survey

Consumer Reports did a survey of 32,213 dieters who tried to deliberately lose weight to find out on how well average people do on their diets. Of the 32,214 dieters, 8,000 succeeded in losing at least 10% of their stating weight and were able to keep it off for a year. Of the 8,000, 13% or 3,877 were able to keep it off for 5 years and more. So what is the secret of their success? You ask. Other than the fact that exercise was an important component of their weight loss program, there was no one size fits all miracle diet. Eighty percent of the 3,877 lost weight entirely on their own. They didn’t use any diet program or diet products. The only outside help that was useful was counseling from professionals such as psychologists or nutritionist. Of those who failed at losing weight a lot more of them were using expensive commercial weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig, other diet programs, and diet supplements. From these survey consumer reports concludes that diets that work match an individual’s personal needs and preferences.


Starting to Plan your Diet

To start planning your own unique weight loss diet begin by asking yourself these questions.

What is your attitude towards food? Do you like it and enjoy it? Or is it the enemy that keeps you fat?

Do you use food for comfort? Do you eat when you feel depressed, angry or sad?

Do you gain weight easily? What foods do you think make you gain weight?

Do you crave sugar?

In general do you eat a well rounded healthy diet? If not what needs to change?

Do you exercise?

If you think food is something you have to fight with constantly to keep yourself thin and attractive, then one of the best things you can do is change your attitude. Natural whole food is something that sustains you and helps you live a fuller life. Eat every meal seated at a table. Take time to chew the food and appreciate it. Food is one of the pleasures of life. Eating this way you will know when you are full and will help you not to overeat.


If you use food to comfort yourself then do not have high fat, high sugar foods such as ice cream, candy chips etc… available in your house. Instead have plain yogurt sweetened with natural fruits, dried berries, trail mix made of various nuts etc. available. Use other distractions instead of food to comfort yourself such as taking a nice walk in a park, chatting with a friend, treating yourself to a nice movie or theater etc.


If you are the type who gains weight easily then one of the best solutions will be to exercise more and to do it regularly. Minimizing your intake of high fat, high sugar foods and not eating after a certain time in the evening is another solution.


These are some examples of how knowing about your eating habits will help you plan a weight lose plan for yourself. You can see that if you plan it well you will succeed in losing weight and can keep it off.


If you need to be on a diet get to know your body and your attitude towards it, listen to it, observe it closely. Observe closely your attitude towards food also. Then design your diet and exercise program yourself. If you can consult a nutritionist it will be a plus. You can also consult the better diet books to get ideas and tips. It should be a well balanced diet. No extremes. No one knows your body better than you. This is not a quick fix. It takes time and it is a process. You make adjustments as you go along. You are making a life style change.

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