Weight Lost 1!

Day 2. Hub 2.

This is Hub 2 Day 2. For exercise I mowed two lawns 30x60 feet each and weeded two vegetable beds. Today I ingested 800 Calories for breakfast.

While in active medical practice I participated in a diabetic self help group where members discussed their management of their diabetes. Everyone learned a lot of new information and everyone's problems were addressed. Also anyone that found themselves not taking care of themselves were fully encouraged to get back to taking care of themselves. The verbal encouragement was always non-judgemental and always positive.

My hope is that this weight loss hub will do the same.

Did you know one kilogram of fat equals about 2.2 pounds of fat?

Did you know that one kilocalorie (kcal) equals 1000 calories?

Did you know that to rid your body of one kilogram of fat you need to burn off 7,700 kcal?

To lose one pound of fat you need to burn off 3,500 kcal.

7,700 kcal equals 7,700,000 calories. 7,700,000 calories equals 7,700 Calories.

A normal three meal caloric diet in 24 hours can be between 1,500-2,400 Calories.

If you walk for 20 minutes you will burn up 100 Calories.

When you do some calculations you find that it takes about 12 hours walking to lose one lb.

I have eaten 400 Calories for lunch and 800 Calories for dinner.  Total 2000 Calories.

Always consult with your personal physician about your diet,dieting, and exercise. None of the information provided in any of these hub articles are to replace the advice of your physician.

All the written information is copyrighted.

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