Weight Lost 4!


 The "Weight Lost" hubs started on August 2nd 2009. Please Go to the first hub "Weight Lost", then follow" Weight Lost 1!, 2!, and 3!", By following this sequence you will get the idea of these hubs.

This Hub is Weight Lost 4. This day 5 and my fifth hub. After hanging out some cloths, I checked the web news on Yahoo; I found this jewel: http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20090806/hl_time/08599191485700 -"Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin". I read the entire article.  The article points to something very important ; to lose weight you must be in a specific and well thought out weight loss program  not just an exercise program.   The following quote is from the above mentioned yahoo/time article "Says Church: "I don't think most people would appreciate that, wow, you only burned 200 or 300 calories, which you're going to neutralize with just half that muffin." "  This very point is alluded to in my article "Weight Lost 1!" :  it takes 20 minutes walking to burn 100 Calories (note a large apple is about 100 Calories)  therefore don't eat the apple if you don't want to worry about the extra calories.  I also mention that it takes about 12 hours of walking to lose one pound.  The idea in a well crafted weight loss program is to keep watch on what you ingest and the amount of calories you consume.  You also  exercise modestly with the oversight of your medical provider. Exercise gives a very modest loss of calories and aerobic exercise (walking) helps with the cardiovascular tree of your body. Exercise that is anaerobic (weight-lifting) helps with producing muscles;  muscles burn calories at a much faster rate than fat. The better your exercise fitness the more efficient your body become at using the calories you intake.

Too early to tell you how much I have exercised and my total caloric intake today.

I have not received the two: T-Factor 2000 Diet Book, and Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution.  More information to follow when I get those books!

Always consult with your personal physician about your diet,dieting, and exercise. None of the information provided in any of these hub articles are to replace the advice of your physician.

All the written material is copyrighted.

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