Weight Lost 5!


This is day six. August 7th, 2009 Friday. I walked 1/4 of a mile. Did a lot of financial work. My caloric intake was 1800 Calories.

Did you know that your body requires about 13 to 16 Calories per pound to maintain your current weight? (This converts to 30 to 35 Calories per kilogram.)

I went to the library and checked the following books: THE ALL-NEW ATKINS ADVANTAGE by Stuart L. Trager, M.D. with Colette Heimowitz, M. Sc.. The book is about a "12-week low-carb program to lose weight...".

Book two: MAYO CLINIC HEALTHY WEIGHT FOR EVERYBODY by a team of contributors with the Editor in Chief : Donald D. Hensrud, M.D. This book is 14 chapters and 319 pages long. It is an excellent book it explores several topics of weight loss and features the Mayo Clinic 12 week weight loss program.

Always consult with your personal physician about your diet,dieting, and exercise. None of the information provided in any of these hub articles are to replace the advice of your physician.

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