How to use Weight Watchers weight loss systems by yourself for free (or almost free)

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Tina Fey says her career took off after she used Weight Watchers to drop 30 lbs. before Saturday Night Live.Jennifer Hudson, Weight Watchers spokespersonDuchess of York, Weight Watchers spokespersonJenny McCarthy was a Weight Watchers spokeswoman in 2006 after she used the program to lose 60 lbs. of post-baby weight
Tina Fey says her career took off after she used Weight Watchers to drop 30 lbs. before Saturday Night Live.
Tina Fey says her career took off after she used Weight Watchers to drop 30 lbs. before Saturday Night Live. | Source
Jennifer Hudson, Weight Watchers spokesperson
Jennifer Hudson, Weight Watchers spokesperson
Duchess of York, Weight Watchers spokesperson
Duchess of York, Weight Watchers spokesperson | Source
Jenny McCarthy was a Weight Watchers spokeswoman in 2006 after she used the program to lose 60 lbs. of post-baby weight
Jenny McCarthy was a Weight Watchers spokeswoman in 2006 after she used the program to lose 60 lbs. of post-baby weight | Source

So you think you want to follow the Weight Watchers points plus system, but don’t feel you can afford it. You are not alone. Can you do Weight Watchers for free?

There are sign up costs. There are weekly and monthly costs. There are costs getting the accessories that help a dieter find weight loss with WW. With the faltering economy adding more stress on tight family budgets, any new expense can seem impossible to handle.

In order to lose weight a person has to do some necessary things and do them properly. Many of these necessary things are more easily done with better tools, and typically those tools involve spending cash:

$ Attending WW meetings helps you stay focused and committed. Many dieters thrive on the weekly weigh in and sharing ideas and motivation with other members.

$$ Prepackaged WW points friendly meals and snacks are an easy fall back menu option, especially for those who don't want to spend the time planning and cooking.

$$$ Accessories like calculators, cook books, scales, etc. can be a big help in navigating the grocery aisles and the kitchen cupboards.

$$$$ Exercise is necessary. It can be easier to get that exercise in a well equipped gym with a personal trainer.

Many dieters claim to be following the Weight Watchers plan successfully on their own rather than go to meetings or use the online program. Does it work for them? How can they do it? How can you do it?

Why Weight Watchers?

In two words - it works.

There is a reason that Weight Watchers is the leading weight loss program. Weight Watchers plan helps dieters lose weight. No question.

It also helps dieters stay on track. When WW users fall off the wagon, they go back to the Weight Watchers plan to bounce back.

Of course, the dieter actually loses the weight. The dieter has to have the commitment to start and stay on any plan.

Weight Watchers has created a plan that gives the dieter a sound structure, great support infrastructure, and leads to a maintenance plan.

Poll shows that more people do weight watchers on their own...
Poll shows that more people do weight watchers on their own...

Do many dieters use WW alone? (no meetings, no online)

The idea for this article came from the results of an ongoing, online, informal poll running in an article about Weight Watchers new program, Points Plus. The readers were asked what kind of Weight Watcher they were and offered five choices:

  • I go to WW meetings.
  • I do the Weight Watchers Online Program.
  • I follow the WW program but do it alone now – no meetings, no online.
  • I’m thinking about WW, but haven’t committed.
  • I’m no Weight Watcher!

The leading choice has been the third option, “I follow the WW program but do it alone now…” Anybody who has attended WW meetings knows that members come and go from meeting to meeting. The meetings are a touchstone, to get on track, and keep on track. Some who skip meetings are falling off-track; some are continuing the program on their own and saving the weekly fee costs.

Why does the Weight Watchers weight loss program work?

There are several keys to WW success and to the success of plan followers:

The WW points system works for many dieters. Dieting is a challenge, no matter the plan; the WW plan has proven itself with countless success stories.

  • It’s very accessible. There is a meeting in most neighborhoods.
  • If you can’t attend meetings, they have a great online program.
  • There is an enormous wealth of recipes that are tailored to the WW points system.
  • There are many convenience foods that offer nutritious meals, are quick and easy to prepare, and show points totals.
  • The WW program makes each member accountable for their actions and encourage tracking.

But wait, don’t these things cost money?

Weight Watchers for free or almost free? Getting started.

In order to follow any plan you have to understand that plan. Then you have to figure out how to fit the plan to your lifestyle, or adjust your lifestyle to fit the plan.

The best way to do this is to join WW and attend some meetings. That carries a cost that is hard to avoid. To avoid the basic start-up costs you need a proxy member. A proxy member would be family member or a friend that can attend the meetings and train you in the plan.

Of course, If you have previously learned the plan, you can re-start yourself without going to any meetings. Make no mistake, using a proxy or relying on you memory are poorer substitutes to joining and attending for a while.

Free substitutes for the other WW plan elements

It's harder, but a dieter can follow the WW plan on their own by replacing other costly diet support items with free alternatives.

Substitute for attending meetings

You need to replace the social support of the meeting with an alternative support and motivation structure. Do the plan with a friend, or better yet, with several friends or family members.

The other benefit of attending meetings is the educational component. The meeting leader is trained and supported by Weight Watchers International. You will have to work harder to get good information on your own, but the Internet offers thousands of pages of WW information.

There are also free weight loss tracking sites, like SparkPeople, that have active forums where you can find support and information.

Substitute for WW accessories

You don’t need a lot of WW branded items, but there are two accessories that you really want to have:

  • Weight Watch Points Plus calculator – if you are doing a weight watchers points system, you need to be able to calculate points! Tip – attend a meeting, or have a friend pick up a weight watchers points calculator. You will generally get the calculator at a very good price there.
  • WW Recipe book – there are lots of WW recipes on the Internet. A good WW cookbook will offer you a great base of recipes, points information, and much more. Tip – Amazon generally has very good prices on the latest WW points plus cook book.

Substitute for WW Online

The WW online program is the perfect resource. If that isn't in your budget, there are several great online weight loss sites. These sites provide you with a great support community, a weight loss tracking process, that is essential, recipes, tips, ...

Substitute for WW pre-packaged food items

For a lot of dieters, filling the grocery cart with SmartOnes, and other pre-made entrees and snacks is an easy way out. If these convenience foods stretch your budget too much, then the best solution is to cook! Plan out your menu for a week in advance, watch for coupons and specials. Spend part of one day or evening prepping a few meals. Then cook yourself and your family some great, nutritious meals.

Good luck!

After all is said and done, it isn't Weight Watchers that takes off the pounds. The credit goes to the dieter for: picking a healthy plan, committing to the plan, persevering as inevitable obstacles arise, and enjoying the results!

If you found this article helpful, please consider voting up!, sharing, leaving a comment... thank you!
If you found this article helpful, please consider voting up!, sharing, leaving a comment... thank you!

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What weight loss tips do you have? 24 comments

dianetrotter profile image

dianetrotter 8 months ago from Fontana

I've wondered about the online program. There are no meetings close to where I live. This Hub is incentive to try the online program. Thank you!

suejanet profile image

suejanet 5 years ago

Some really good tips.

togetherwedare profile image

togetherwedare 5 years ago

Smart hub! I have been following WW without attending meetings for about 2 years now. I track faithfully, drink water and have created a small circle of supporters that are also looking for support in return.

jennifercriston profile image

jennifercriston 5 years ago from Oxford Road

Interesting hub, your great effort is showing in it.

munirahmadmughal 5 years ago

"Weight Watchers On Your Own"

The hub is rich in contents, useful and beautiful.

Weight also has its weight. Hence balance is the main thing. "Too weightless and too heavy" are dangerous.

The recipe by controlling diet and speaking honestly in all dealings is the best recipe. Overdoing or under doing is to be avoided. To remain natural throughout the conduct brings soundness of health and thinking.

May God bless all.

syliconsystems profile image

syliconsystems 5 years ago from United State

Good Work

Lucey Knight profile image

Lucey Knight 5 years ago from North Richland Hills, Texas

Great hub. A lot of useful and valuable information. This will help those with financial issues be able to participate from home to help promote a food lifestyle change that can be very benefiting. Weight Watchers is a great program.

Jenny Calender profile image

Jenny Calender 5 years ago

Good tips! I use a lot of their freebie stuff - -find plenty of info on the points and tips, etc. here in articles and at the library. Put them to use, though, or it doesn't work. Like talk with your spouse, if you don't attend WW meetings..

JohnBarret profile image

JohnBarret 5 years ago

Good compilation. It really help more people to involve in weight watchers. Thanks.

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States

This answered my question. Sometimes attending meetings just doesn't work out in my schedule. Thanks!

iKarly 5 years ago

Great hub....but is there anything out there tht can help with the switch from the old points plan to the point plus. How does one goes from one to the other without blowing what you've got now?

Maria Harris profile image

Maria Harris 5 years ago from Houston

Great hub. I agree that you can successfully follow the Weight Watchers plan at home.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Superb and comprehensive info that went directly to the points needed.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Nice hub. What if you want to shed weight at your breast? What do the person do?

Weight Loss Systems 5 years ago

My mom uses Weight Watchers and has had pretty good luck with it. She likes the fact that the WW system holds her accountable to her wegiht loss goals. It's kind of funny, but sometimes paying some money is the only way to make yourself stick with a weight loss plan of any sort.

SJKSJK profile image

SJKSJK 5 years ago from delray beach, florida

I have been doing weight watchers on my own for years. I hate the meetings.

shygirl2 5 years ago

Great hub...good to know hints, etc. : )Marked up and useful.

speedbird profile image

speedbird 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Nice hub..hope this will helpful for people who want to shed the excessive fat and lose extra pounds

Neil Butterfiled  5 years ago

People must realize that any weight loss regime is for life. One can gain weight just as fast as losing it when they stop the regime whatever that might be.

ichibanarky 5 years ago

I think all things in moderation is the key...denying yourself the things you love only results in binge eating later on, so have a cookie if you want it (the key word is "a" cookie)

bfeaver profile image

bfeaver 5 years ago from Central California

I am a lifetime member. Weight control is very important to health. The cost is not significant, if your health is at risk. Interesting hub.

Peter Owen profile image

Peter Owen 5 years ago from West Hempstead, NY

I agree. my wife going thru this now and finds the meetings a waste.

cathylynn99 profile image

cathylynn99 5 years ago from northeastern US

i'm a lifetime member. before WW i counted calories (see my hub about sure fire weight loss) successfully, so had only 10# to lose with WW - not too expensive that way.

Genna East profile image

Genna East 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Excellent hub. I used Weight Watchers, and it works for me. Diets don't work; changing your lfestyle does, which Weight Watchers proves.

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