Weight Loss: The Best Decision To Improve Your Life

Weight Loss: The Best Decision To Improve Your Life



As Americans are sometime perceived as Over Weight, Not all of us are. Weight loss, for those who legitimately need it, can prove to be the single best decision, to improve your life.  Weight loss is a “double edged sword”, as it is perceived today. There are those whom are not over weight are being told by others and perceive themselves as overweight, when they are not.


There is a great benefit acquired from losing weight. Although losing weight is not easy, long term benefits drastically out shin not doing anything at all.  Losing necessary weight can bring benefit by reducing chances of such diseases as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke; not to mention diabetes. Not only are these diseases difficult to manage, but they are also expensive to live with financially.

Benefits of Weight loss

There are multiple effects, which occurs upon a body, when excessive weight is shed off of the body. By shedding excessive weight one can expect to experience a possible increase in energy, increased metabolism rate (which burns fat faster, ability to allow the body to absorb oxygen in the body and the increased benefit of feeling better about one’s self.

Financial benefits are also gained in not only long term, but also in short term gains as well. By shedding weight a simple thing as reducing doctor visits, or having a medical issue resolved, can save hundreds of dollars in co-pays, medications, and possibly the reduction of other services. Since insurance coverage costs are based on risk assessments, weight reduction can ultimately increase medical benefits or reduce premiums of health and life insurances.


Ask anyone whom has been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, among the top 25 percent of cancer and diabetic patients, is a multitude of overweight persons, whom probably would have curbed their chances of being ill, had they lost the excess pounds.  Both types of diabetes, type one and type two are linked with being overweight.  To those who already have diabetes, regular exercise and losing weight could help in controlling your blood sugar levels as well as the medication you may be currently taking.


If we begin speaking on Cancer patients, a number of cancer ailments are associated directly with persons being overweight, prior to their diagnosis. Most of which, are still over weight. In Women, it obesity has been linked directly to cancers of the uterus, gallbladder, ovaries, breasts and colon.


For men, whom are overweight, they are typically at risk of such cancer of the colon, prostate, and rectum. Now simply losing weight will not put you into remission, but it will go a long way in prevention and towards controlling the cancer.  In some cases, it can lead towards the ability to fight certain cancers. 

Planning Your Weight loss Method:

The best way to achieve any goal is through planning how to get to your goal.  Weight loss is no different!  Among those tools you will need, in order to ensure your goals are achievable, is your Doctor. The doctor can assist you through discussions and supportive group options, which may be available to you, in your quest.  S/he can inform you of the consequences of “fad” diets and the self proclaimed “miracle” pills, offered by so many supplemental sales pitches.  Your Doctor should be consulted before undertaking any weight loss/gain programs, you wish to participate in.


Whether you are considering surgery, or methodical weight loss programs like Jenny Craig’s Weight loss programs, dietary pills and exercise programs and the like, it is best to compare and consider all of them on their own merits, and for what they will actually assist you with.


Planning for weight loss, should also include a regiment of physical activity, which strives to increase muscular and cardio activity, to increase metabolism.  Planning this into your weight loss program, as your doctor will probably be supportive of, is as much for your plan to include as watching food intake. However, planning will take some time, going to gyms or fitness programs, to find out how each of these programs will help and what their inherent short comings are, in realization of your goals.


Of course there is not “Sure Fired Way” to lose weight, all of these programs and resources will go a long way, in how you decide to pursue your goals of losing weight.  The only other thing, which will assist you in your decision, to lose weight, is to develop the resolve that “nothing is going to stop you, from losing weight”, and that your goal is realistic to what you really want.




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