Social Responsibility for Substance Abuse

"Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of the prohibitionists at face value, marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could."
- William F. Buckley Jr. quote on Marijuana

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Wellness Is The Result of LifeStyle

Article Topic: Substance Abuse

written: 7/2009

The History of Substance Abuse: Treatment programs for substance abuse have sprung up in response to the overwhelming epidemic of behavioral disorders that where once tolerated without intervention. Drugs and alcohol have long histories of use in the development of the world. Substance abuse becomes an issue now and again when "the powers that be" find it advantageous to intervene for monetary gain.

Throughout history behavior altering substances have played a role in human social development. Here is a story about how substance use got demonized; the story does not justify the abuse but it shows how the demonization is a means to an end at any cost.

The story starts back in the late 30's when the hemp industry made a machine to harvest hemp in high volume, which threatened the fabric industry run by DuPont (rayon, nylon), financed by Mellon Bank ( sole financier was William Randolph Hearst). The Marijuana Tax Act was passed by Congress in '37 orchestrated by Henry J. Aslinger of the Senate subcommittee for illegal drugs. Aslinger was married to Mellon's daughter at the time. Usury… Its all about the money!

In other research, historians describe the 1920s as a decade of contrasts and conflicts. Freedoms in dress, behavior, and sexual attitudes clashed with a new Puritanism. The automobile was replacing the old horse and buggy. There were conflicts between the traditional small-town way of life and a new urbanism and cosmopolitanism. In the 1920s, some Americans saw life as a glorious orgy, with the popularization of Freud, songs such as "Hot Lips" and "I Need Lovin,'" and movies called "Up in Mabel's Room" and "Her Purchase Price." On the other hand, religious fundamentalism underwent a rebirth, as people tried to latch onto the traditional moral standards--either real or imagined--of bygone years. Overall, the decline of the Anglo-Saxon class as the most influential group in American society characterized this time period. Even as the power of the Anglo-Saxon establishment was on the wane, one of its final attempts at holding onto control was the passage of national Prohibition.

Substance Abuse Programs Treat Life-style Behaviors: Life-style stress from class conditioning stimulates the fight or flight behavior response in every individual. Responses to social-stimuli are manifested in our behavior all the time. The question is why are so many people having trouble coping with their social-condition. As long as people are not willing to be honest with their emotions they will continue to avoid them by masking them in altered states of consciousness that manifest itself sometimes in abusive behavior.

Substance use and abuse becomes epidemic when the reality provided by society is less appealing than the induced reality provided by drugs and alcohol. People in general not just men seek relief from the stress society creates for our emotions to handle.Humans withstanding the worst of the stress are prone to seek relief in the most economic fashion available to them; so you soon have the variety substances available to meet the spectrum of social stratification need. Once the substance market is made available the attraction, it tempts across social barriers and soon involves all who seek refuge in a particular altered state.

Why Substance Abuse Programs are Necessary: Substance Abuse Programs are needed to rehabilitate people from the conditioning that brought them to the brink of the social-intolerance caused by their emotional turmoil. More than the need for programs is the need for change in the psychosocial philosophy of the human race.  "Life is about the discovery of existence; Life is not about life's survival for life's existence is infinite when life is lived in the spectrum of existence..."  It follows that, "To understand that energy is one thing, so that all things are energy, it is then known that all things are of one energy; therefore we are all one thing, one inclusive energy..."  All the pushing and pulling to capture the lifestyle of advantage is a false reality of one's existence for All of existence is one thing...

The source and root cause of our actions and reactions are generally a social peer group pressure prompted behavior that benefits a group at the expense of the target audience. In explanation: People are conditioned like Pavlov conditioned his dog to respond to the bell stimulus - humans respond to money for and as pleasure. When the money stimulus fails to override the underlying discontent people seek escape into the illusions of behavior altering substances; when through repetition, routine and habit abuse results.

Who Should Attend Substance Abuse Programs: Abuse cause and effect is the type of understanding legislators should be required to know as decision-makers. Their poor legislative choices are what cause the impact-stresses found in our social-environment. The legislative community's current strategy is to demonize the behavior they helped create. Substance use is made to be criminal because government legislators lack the management skills to provide society with laws that curtail substance abuse by providing a reality that is more desirable than the fantasy and dissociation found in substance use behavior that leads to abuse.

What is Causing the Need for Substance Abuse Programs:
Like the manifestation of pollutants, abuse is a manifested by-product of social mismanagement. A faulty, poorly managed government is the real cause to all social issue impacts, people just react to the social pressures placed on them; When people are brought to the breaking point something needs to be done. Our society is self-serving and selfish - this is the root cause of all our societal woes. The laws are a direct result of the legislated coercion used to maintain the form of elite aristocratic hierarchy that uses the masses by subjugating them to the will of a few - this form of government stems from the type used during the Roman Empire.

The Unite Sates is using the same laws that caused the pilgrims to flee England, the same ones that fueled the French and the American Revolutions. These laws are founded and formed out of greed and selfishness; they are not inclusive, civil and selfless; they do not flow from natural law because they are not subordinate to the integrity, ethics and morals of nature. They appear that they conform; but when interpreted by the letter of the law they avoid the natural law on which they were based - it is trickery, usury for the sake of advantage and manipulation.

The subconscious recognition of this usury excites in people the emotions that trigger the death-wish stimulation of the abusive behavior drives. The emotional turmoil is the root cause for all the coping strategy abuses we all abhor. People are just reacting to the social pressures placed on them.

Types of Substance Abuse Programs: There are all kinds of health abuse programs from phobias of irrational fears and exaggerations, physical abuses, smoking addictions, anger management, eating disorders, drugs and alcohol addictions.

Substance Abuse Programs approach the conditions of behavior from lifestyle perspective that relies on the adaptability of our human nature to recondition the emotional response to a more acceptable behavior manifestation.


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