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A Wellness Lifestyle Lets You Choose to Live Where You Like

Too Many Get This Wrong

A wellness lifestyle is a life designed around keeping ourselves healthy. Some might say this is a selfish way to approach life. To that I would respond: "Whose life is it, anyway?"

My belief is we cannot be fully "there" for others unless we first have got all our own health needs taken care of. The way it usually works out is that we cannot be here at all unless we take care of the upkeep and maintenance of our own body, which includes our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual components.

To enjoy our best possible health, we need to be involved in activities that -- for the most part -- make us happy, even excited, to do them. This is where most people, I believe, begin to get off track.

Most people choose their line of work or career for external reasons -- to please Mom and Dad; to impress others; because a certain career is paid exceptionally well; or simply, because that is the only job they could get. All these reasons are a recipe for future stress and emotional dissatisfaction, and therefore, less than ideal health.

Working for someone else' business is -- in itself -- a recipe for lower pay, lower self-esteem, and worse health because we will always be paid less than we are worth and, deep down, we know it. We will be asked to do tasks that are essentially uninteresting, when we should be doing mostly work that is uniquely our work and is fascinating to us.

Most people "reward" themselves with material toys, favorite TV shows, and food or beverage treats to keep their mind off the underlying sense they have that they are wasting large portions of their time doing work that is of no importance to them. These rewards and treats often culminate in weight gain and related health problems, which cause further dissatisfaction with their life.

A Refreshingly Different Approach to Life

A wellness lifestyle makes our health and enjoyment of life the organizing principles around which a work life is chosen. An important key that makes it happen is that we choose to employ ourselves in work that is important to us.

Self-employment in one's own venture -- however big or small -- allows us to budget time each day for wellness practices such as taking time for a walk or a bike ride while mulling over a business decision, for instance. No time is wasted commuting to work, so more time can be spent on taking the time to eat healthier meals, fit exercise into our schedule, and accomplish more with less stress because our life is more efficient.

Thanks to the Internet and the personal computer, we can work pretty much wherever we choose to live if we are our own boss. This, I believe, is the healthy lifestyle of the future for those who will succeed at maintaining a middle-class or above income.

Those choosing to work for some large organization will find that they are always under pressure to produce more in less time, or they will be replaced by a worker in a Third-World country with equal or better qualifications.

The entrepreneur is the well-compensated professional of the future, who is able to call his or her shots and design a life in tune with their deepest satisfaction in mind, making possible a wellness lifestyle the average wage-slave will find it difficult to achieve.

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kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida

Paul..well written and interesting..Wellness Lifestyle is a mental and physical approach to health..Keeping all facets of our bodies healthy is the only way to eliminate issues and that includes stress...like your write....

Paul Kemp profile image

Paul Kemp 4 years ago Author

Thank you, KJ. I'm glad you found value in this Hub. We are such complex creatures, aren't we? The interplay of our work environment, our emotional fulfillment or lack of fulfillment from our work, our genetics, our diet, and more -- these all have a bearing on our health. Getting all these factors working in harmony produces better health than a doctor can bring about with a pill once a medical issue arises.

Thanks for commenting, KJ.

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