What Do You Want in A Healthy Lifestyle Seminar?

My Story Quickly

Hi! About 4 years ago, I lived in the USA and was fat. Plain and simple. I was burned out in my career and eating just to eat. I weighed a whopping 285lbs. I met a wonderful woman who believed in me that I could become healthy again. I had one stroke already and could hardly walk a flight of steps. I weighed 155lbs right out of college so I believed I could get somewhere near that!

After 18 months of healthy eating and exercise, I was down just under 200lbs. 196 to be exact. I did not starve. I did not get killed on a treadmill. All I did was follow simple instructions on what to eat and how to exercise.

For a person to be overweight for over 10 years and trying every diet under the sun. I thought that the results were excellent. I have kept if off since that time and continue on the road of a healthy lifestyle.

Me - Before!
Me - Before!
Me - after
Me - after

The Next Logical Step

After having amazing results, the next logical step is to share it with others. I see so many people struggling with their health. Every day, new people are diagnosed with diseases that are 100% preventable. How many people do you know personally that have cancer? How many funerals have you attended for people under the age of 70?

In that regard, I have teamed up with Leanne Sklavenitis, the person who has helped me achieve my results. She will be putting on 2 hour free health & fitness seminars. In this time, she will explain the components of a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve them.

We need your help. 2 hours is a short time. The main objective is to provide some valuable content so that people can walk away from the seminar with a plan to become healthy. With this objective in mind, we are asking your feedback and suggestions to make this an awesome event. If you would, could you please take a very short survey? It will be much appreciated!

Thank You for taking the poll!

The number One Issue I would like information on

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My biggest health challenge is:

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I do not exercise because

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Thank You!

Thank you so very much for your participation. Our wish for everyone is to live a healthy lifestyle. We are also launching a membership site and offering a 50% discount for foundation members. If you want to take advantage of that, click here!


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