What Happens If You Cheat On The HCG Diet


What happens if you cheat on the HCG diet really depends on how and when you cheat.

If you go way overboard and eat a tone of pizza, beer, candy, cookies, or anything else not on the HCG diet then you will blow your calories for the day way out of proportion. Once you do the calories sky high, then you will most likely suffer a slight weight gain of a pound or two.

Substituting some foods that aren’t typically allowed on the diet in place of other foods allowed on the diet may give you that sensation of cheating without such harsh consequences.

If you substitute, something really bad like brownies, but remain within the calorie limit, then you may only stall your weight loss for a day which isn’t bad considering that the average stall is 3 days according to the protocol.

If you substitute with a healthy item not allowed on the diet like a pear, then I found that you will most likely still lose weight.

So you can see that what happens if you cheat on the hcg diet really depends on how you cheat.

Getting back on track after a cheat can be very easy if you plan on how you wanna cheating. Once of the worst things that happen if you cheat on the HCG diet is a long stall in weight loss after a cheat. A planned cheating event can prevent or reduce a stall in weight loss.

There are also plenty of ways to prevent cheating on the HCG diet if that is your main goal. There are ways to deal with cravings and hunger so that you aren’t struggling. HCG dieting, in my opinion, was never meant to be a struggle. One of the best things you can do to deal with cheating on the HCG diet is to learn how to deal with your emotional eating.

Take the time, plan ahead and invest in learning about the HCG diet and cheating. We are all human and HCG diet cheating is a normal reality. In fact, it’s a normal reality in any diet. So it doesn’t matter whether you are cheating on this diet or the next, coming to a place of peace with your cravings is a positive way to go.

It won’t solve anything to hate yourself for wanting to do something completely normal. Just educate yourself first and do the best you can.

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Lillie Simpson 2 years ago

Thanks, for the encouraging words. I have gotten off course at times.

I feel I can continue .

Lillie Simpson 18 months ago

If you cheat you get fatter!

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