What Is Quercetin?

Doesn't quercetin sound like some super exotic thing? Just what is quercetin?

A Flavonoid

It is a flavonoid which is a group of plant pigments that give many fruits and vegetables and even flowers their color. Some of the foods that contain a good amount of quercetin are capers, apples, red onions, red grapes, broccoli, cherry, and cranberry. You'll notice that these foods are also very rich in color. These same foods also have many health benefits and medical studies have found that quercetin is the most active of the flavonoids providing the most benefit.


Although there is no concrete proof of this, quercetin is associated with cancer prevention. in laboratory tests, it was shown to stop the growth of cancer cells. They tested cancerous cells from the breast, colon, prostate, and the lung and all showed evidence that quercetin had inhibited the further growth of the cancerous cells.

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What Else Does Quercetin Do?

It also acts as an antihistamine, an anti-inflammatory agent, and an anti-oxidant. If you have allergies, quercetin's antihistamine properties will help. If you have arthritis, its anti-inflammatory properties will help. And if you have free radicals in your body, its antioxidant property will help clean that up.

And also, a surprising aspect of quercetin is that it was found to actually decrease the size of a tumor in a few patients.

What Is It In?

You can get quercetin in powder or capsule form. And also, there is this energy drink from FRS that contains quercetin.

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