What to Expect After Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Diagram of an inguinal hernia (CC BY 3.0).
Diagram of an inguinal hernia (CC BY 3.0). | Source

An inguinal hernia is when part of the intestine protrudes through the abdominal wall. At best, it is unsightly, and at worst can be very painful.

Some people may suffer from this type of hernia for days or weeks without being sure what the problem is. They just notice that there is a lump in their groin area. The lump can come and go, in fact, depending on various factors. In fact, for some people, only paying a visit to the doctor will confirm their condition.

The surgical procedure used to correct the condition includes the insertion of a mesh-like fabric into the area around the opening, which helps hold the intestine inside the body.

Things to Expect After Inguinal Hernia Surgery

  • Post-surgery, you can expect to be sore in the area around the incision for at least a few days. Do your best to get plenty of bed rest for the first few days after surgery.
  • You'll probably be more comfortable sitting up than lying down, as lying prone puts more pressure on the abdominal wall.
  • After a few days, start walking around a bit every day. One common mistake that many recipients of inguinal hernia surgery make is resting too much after surgery. This sounds counter-intuitive, but staying in bed or on the couch for too many days after surgery without exercise hinders the body's healing process.
  • At the same time, avoid heavy lifting or hard exercise during this time.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables so as to get plenty of fiber. You want to eat regularly to keep waste moving through your intestines, so that you don't have to strain your abdominals to pass waste.
  • All told, hernia recovery time will take a few weeks. You may start to feel better after a few days, but your internal healing process will take some more time.
  • If you experience sudden or alarming pain, check with your doctor.
  • You should also consult with your doctor right away if your wound doesn't seem to be healing, continues to weep or leak, or if you develop a fever.

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Jack 6 years ago

I was in and out of the hospital in 5 hours. Once you open your eyes after surgery, they sit you in a chair, disconect your IV and even though your white as a sheet, your out the door. LOL I had inguinal surgery 3 days ago. Advice #1. Don't get a hernia. I have been through a-lot of pain in my life, this post surgery is the worst by far. I usually bounce back quickly.. this surgery is brutel on the abdomine. Try getting out of bed or a chair w/o using your stomoch muscles. You can not imagine the pain after surgery trying to get up or down. I blacked out twice. I am not a whimp and have a high tollerance for pain. This is not an easy 1,2,3 and your all better. they make you think that, but this is a serious surgery that can have many complications post op. My penis and balls are swollen and black and blue. I have area's of numbness, my balls ache. Imagine someone squeezing your nuts as hard as possible on a contiual basis. Unfortunatly hernia's need repair so there is no other way out. Good luck to all and may the lord give you the strength to survive this...

Kris 6 years ago

Hi, i've just had a laparoscopic surgery of my inguinal hernia two days ago. The whole process took about 5 hours. After the operation doctor said said it was quite large hernia but everything went fine. Next a nurse asked me if I go to toilet to pass some urine so i did. After all I don't feel much pain however I was advised to take some drugs while healing process. Few hours after surgery I noticed a lump on my groin and asked doctor to have a look at it. I was afraid of the hernia to come back. So I stayed in hospital overnight for a proper doctor's feedback. On the next day the doctor commented this as a normal post-operational process despite my scrotum looked like a navy blue sack with an enlarged testicle in it. I felt such relief in the end. I hope everything goes allright. Good luck for everyone awaiting on a surgery...Cheers!

mark 6 years ago

just had hernia repair about five day day ago ..my balls are the size of a grapefruit and bluish in color.a little pain not bad ,dr. said it was a large hernia . funny thing is the only real pain is in the large muscle at the top of my left leg [hernia side] it burned like a hot iron when i put pressure on it. and had numdness to the touch.

5 years ago

To Mark: That muscle is actually 2 muscles- The Illiacus and the Psoas and they attach to the hip hence the pain there. I have the same pain- I believe it is from over compensation. Plus I think I am externally rotating my hip out a lot (foot out like a penguin) because to do the opposite movement (abduction) or flexing the hip is painful (especially when lifting the leg to get in or out of a car.). I am post op- 8 days still have pain but not constant. Still have trouble moving from 1 position to another (for example from sitting to standing). I had the 3 in 1 Prolene product put in. This is supposed to be the best and newest procedure with the lowest recurrence rate. I still feel like I am pulling the at the incision but it could be the tape from the dressing pulling on my ball hair. Pain meds are making me constipated and I feel like I am busting a stitch when I try to go.

miked0138 5 years ago

having had a hernia "repair" myself i would strongly suggest avoiding it if at all possible, knowing what i know now, i would have chosen death over hernia "repair" i am in constant pain, red testicles and just all around miserable since being butchered, no sex. no running, have to walk bowlegged cupping my balls to avoid excruciating pain. not at all worth it.

david159 5 years ago

I had a ingunal repair on the right side and 16 days post op,things rnt getting better! ive had all the symptoms mentioned, swollen testicle, chronic pain ect... now i have been reduced to my bed as i cant put my foot on the floor. Been on antibiotics for 2 days and the pain has reduced massivly but still can put my feet to the floor cos theyres too much pain in my right testicle!!!

anythought from previous ecperinces would be much appreciated.

all the best to all suffering from a hernia and be very carefull in your choices.

jman123 5 years ago

been 7 weeks since i had a bilateral hernia repair. The first 10 days for me was pretty miserable, swallon balls, pain, difficult to sleep, hard to use the bathrroom for # 1 and 2, all text book symtoms. Still having some minor pain weeks later and even nausea. Its really imporant not to lift anything at all, 10 punds max. Even now i feel as though i may need some rehab, because i am weak. I have found daily walks very helpful, i just hope everything is ok becuase the neasua is a sign or reacurrence. Hopefully this last week of healing proves to be the differnce.

worldateam123 5 years ago

I had an inguinal repair yesterday and the post pain was excruciating like having several severe toothaches in my scrotum.

The burning pain was the worst, a severe stinging which stopped my standing upright..

I am on Dihydrocodeine and Paracetamol and this makes me constipated AS I have found using thess drugs for joint problems..

I have not passed a motion yet and although some pain is blocked by the drugs, I know that trying to pass stools will be torment as passing water stings.

Although some pain has now subsided when I am sitting - My scrotum is black on the right side with some sort of swelling - Not a testicle I believe..

horrible operation and epidurals are barbaric - i would have been happy with a local..

worldateam123 5 years ago

I had inguinal surgery with a spinal 16 days ago....

After the spinal wore of it hurt like hell..worst was the burning pain on standing upright,,TIP - Stoop when you are walking as the pain is not as bad, well at least bearable...

I was in and out in 5 hours and for that I was glad, I took narcotic painkiller which blunted the pain...Yes it hurts for the first 3 days, then it gradually settles.

16 day on - I have hardly any pain, I do have a hard long lump over the incision called the healing ridge - This is normal and will soften and flatten out within weeks..

TOP TIP - Eat lots of vegies and bran foods and take laxatives if needed - Believe me the pain in the early days would be unbearable should you have to strain..I emphasise this after bathing is probably the most important part of aftercare after inguinal surgery.

matt 5 years ago

I'm 15 had my surgery about 1 year ago and I was moving around hours after my surgery the only pain I have or had is the feeling of being punched in the testicles but only rarely so I'm good :D

worldateam123 5 years ago

To update.

Seven weeks since my inguinal surgery - I am fine and keep forgetting I had a Hernia, not good maybe as I tend to lift...

No pain, no swelling and just a tad of numbness,,,Well worth the initial pain...Have the op done if you need it it really does make a difference to my life without seeming to gave three testicles.

Jason 5 years ago

I am 3 days post op. I had pretty severe pain both in my belly button ( had one there too) and now I am having that terrible burning sensation at the top of my right thigh. Belly button is getting better but still very hard to stand up straight. I had pain pump implanted to keep pain levels down but from what I could tell it had little to no effect. (Plus pulling it out just about made me pass out).

@JASON 5 years ago

I had that burning pain in my right groin for a few days after the op...I could not stand upright without severe pain, so I walked stooped..Painful but at least I could walk..I see no point in standing upright if that results in agony you can't stand - in any case the burning pain should be gone or at least bearable after a week.

ted 5 years ago

i had surgery on my left side this past friday, now 4 days ago. I am going through much of what has been said here. I kept the area iced and experienced very little swelling. It hurt like hell the first few days but pain killers helped. I am down to one a day as of yesterday and up and around. My testicles are tender and they and my penis did turn black an blue, which what I was checking out on here when I came across this site. Hopefully, it will all be worth it when this is over.

bustedmyself 5 years ago

So I think I got mine from being out of condition while bouldering at a rock gym. lucidly the next am I bore down to fart and felt something give way... I knew what it was but had to wait two days to see a DR.

8 days post-op. took 6 aleve for "swelling" the first two days, no oxy. started moving around early on. saw the muppets 3 days post-op. laughed a lot, then realized i had purple genitals. would have been nice to have had a heads up for that. "Merry Christmas. Oh, btw, you have a purple scrotum..."

I'm still favoring my groin. Not sure why but I have the common "severe burning" when I stand up or bend over at the waist. Also, a little tugging on my vas on the left side. I'm hopeful that these symptoms go away as my body accepts the new gear. 3 inch incision that was super-glued and a laproscope hole. I went for a 3.5 mile run (7d p-o) yesterday, felt weird on my patched area, but it seems to have helped today. Might go again. follow up in a week.

Sara 5 years ago

I had my hernia surgery 4 days ago and I have never, never experienced such post-op pain! It's just downright intolerable and although the pain meds help for a very short period of time, I have had little or no relief for more than an hour at a time. Getting up and down is horrendous - I struggle with walking without holding onto my belly and am totally amazed at how awesome my surgeon was before the surgery - post op - he makes me feel like I'm just whining about my pain - and of course, no one told me I was going to experience this dreadful pain afterwards. I usually bounce back very quickly after other surgeries but this hernia surgery really is the worst ever. If I go to sleep I wake up every two hours in severe pain and then have to wait another two hours to take any more pain meds - surely, there must be an answer to all this pain. Unless it's an emergency I would never do this again - 4 childbirths, a hysterectomy and other serious surgeries never were accompanied by this much pain.

aeroscott 5 years ago

I had bilateral inguinal hernia repair about 2 1/2 years ago. Then less than a year later had to go back and have one of those re-repaired. My advice if you have an inguinal hernia is to just watch it. Don't rush off to the hospital for surgery unless needed. Post surgery my balls were literally the size of grapefruit, as one of the previous gentleman described it. If I so much as cleared my throat, it felt like I was being hit in the balls with a baseball bat. Not an exageration! That level of pain lasted 3 weeks. I could not stand up, sit down, walk, use the bathroom, shower, etc... without the assistance of my girlfriend. I walked with a cane for about 5 or 6 weeks. And this far on after surgery. I still feel considerable pain at times. I notice bruising on my scrotum occasionally. My testicles have a mind of there own now. They're like shape shifters from another planet. They change size, they hang very low, or draw up and try to disappear all together,various sorts of pain... sometimes a dull throb, sometimes a burning feeling, sometimes sharp electrical shock type feeling. Also a constant burning/muscle fatigue feeling along the incision areas. And I've even noticed a slight erectile problem too. I can always get an erection but its very difficult to maintain. I've started using a "c*#k ring" which is surprisingly effective. But once you get used to that its almost impossible to go back to not using it. So all things considered I would have much rather just monitored the situation, and waited for a time when it truly needed to be done.

Neil 4 years ago

I just had surgery yesterday, the pain is horrible, it literally takes me about 5 mins to walk to tue restroom, luckily I haven't experienced any swelling in my testicle, my wife has been helping me around,

joe 4 years ago

I had a double inguinal hernia repaired via tension free methode, no scope. Did not take any pain meds for my operation, but did take something for my 2 day headache. Maybe that's what kept my mind off my procedure. I moved very slow and careful getting out of bed. I sneezed and what a trip that was, thought I was going to blow out my nut sack or something. Just laying around in bed all day, I got to urge to MB, what a mistake that was. It really felt like I wacked it off for good, as in fall off. Even after a few weeks, it still feels like there is a knot in the middle of my shaft holding back everything. I plan to see my Dr. soon and have my groin area checked. Iam afraid to have him examine my other problem which I think he caused anyway, but I guess I will have too. My first initial visit he examined my groin too long and I started to worry. It's done now, it could have been worse.

Laroque 4 years ago

Lol reading all of these posts about so many of us in pain is kind of funny looking back. I've had TWO inguinal hernia repairs one on each side at two separate times lol. They said they couldn't do them at the same time or i wouldn't be able to go to the bathroom ( i sure as hell beleive that). The first was nice and neat, but still painful. I remember jumping right off of the post op table and bending over to tie my shoes and jumping up into the truck with my mom on the ride home. OH how i was deceived by the medicine lol. The following weeks were just as excruciating as described here. The pain in the stomache muscles is indescribable. You make yourself look like a moron just trying to roll a certain way and manuever yourself out of bed. Everything healed up eventually and don't have a single ounce of pain 5 years later. The second about 3 years ago was even more painful than the first because i had experienced severe swelling in my sack and very painful (burning) sore nerve damage on my left thigh which still remains to this day. I've just learned to deal with it. The Hernia repair was preformed by interns and it is painfully obvious. I still have chronic pain 3 years later. The mesh is about twice the size and about 3x as bulky as the frist repair. You can tell by the smooth close cut shape of the other. This one is all bulky and looks like they had trouble with it. However all of this pain aside... The worst pain i have experienced from the surgeries was when i started p90x a few months ago. I did some ab exercise that had worked those muscles that were cut into and scarred over so intense that i could barely move the next couple of days. I had no idea that the muscles had been so out of shape lol.

Laroque 4 years ago

lol i forgot to add my whole moral of my story.... Out of all of the pain even the p90x pain i realized one thing.... I did a lot of painful stuff and experienced a lot of pain, but most of the misery came from feeling like i was going to bust everything back open and seriously hurt myself. If you can just get past the pain you are really ok nothing is going to bust open as long as you dont do any lifting. Most of the pain is either from your nuts being sore or your stomache muscles. Neither of which will cause your hernia repair to come undon. Pooping hurts too, but just be careful eat lots of fiber and don't strain..... Also the longer you stay on pain meds the more likely you are to constipate so get off them asap.

Yeahman 4 years ago

I had hernia surgery yesterday on my right side. It went well. All I notice today less than 24 hours after surgery is my right testicle is not hanging down like my left one. My right one is up high

Is this ok

If someone could responded that would be great

Yeahman 4 years ago

Yeah this sucks feel like everyone here what pain can't get up it's only been 24 hours pain meds work but I hate talking them and feeling all weird

Well it least it's slowing me down

Super Bowl tomm at least I can relax while watching it!! But no beer:(((( oh and GO PATS

Undecided 4 years ago

So i need a repair but im in school i don't know if i should wait after the semester or take it now??? any suggestions

Yeahman 4 years ago

To undecided

You should have it done ASAP

Here's why

I was diagnosed with my hernia in march 2011.

I was scheduled for surgery In June 2011.

June came and I felt good no pain. I wanted a good summer did not want to be tied up with post operation (recovery) lack of swimming because I love to swim with my kids. So stubborn me cancelled surgery.

My hernia got bigger and I was in tons of pain. Just had surgery less than five days ago. My Dr said it was a big hernia and took a lot of time to repair which will make recovery process longer.

So please don't be stubborn like me and have it done so that u won't have worse problems

RichardBeijing 4 years ago

I'm an expat living in China. Had an inguinal hernia operation out here in Beijing just under 3 weeks ago. Bloody scary going under the knife in another country! I must however note that the surgeons were extremely professional.

The first 2 days post op were pretty damn painful but after 4 days I was walking around fine, and started going to work the next week. There's no pain now in the hernia area. The wound has completely healed up. No swelling of the testicles. I can walk around fine, but now the only tiny thing that's making me a little concerned is when I lightly press just to the right of my belly button there is a slight pain. Just a small sharp pain. This is odd because the hernia wasn't in the belly region but in the right hand side of the groin.

When I first noticed this pain it seemed to travel right the way down to my testicles, but now it appears to be only located in the belly area. I'm wondering if this is anything to worry about or if it is merely just tenderness in the muscle after everything was cut up?

sharp burning pain 4 years ago

hi hernia people!

i have had an inguinal hernia repair around 5 weeks ago. the operation was an afternoon one so I was in overnight, but as a whole it was very successful. Was off pain killers within a day, sneezing and coughing were better within 2 weeks.

in the last day only i have been getting a really sharp burning pain just below my pubic bone on the hernia side. it'sa little lower than the original hernia site so i have no idea if i should be worried about it. i did nothing the day before i woke up with the sharp pain, and the pain stayed with me for a whole day and then was gone when i woke up the next morning. has anyone else had a similar pain?!?! does it do away or should i be contacting my surgeon?!?!

Frank Williams 4 years ago

Hello All.

I had Inguinal Hernia surgery 9 days ago, right side groin area. Open surgery method NO MESH. So far everything is very good. First few days are hell but then everything is better. Just took of the steri strips over the incision. I feel good and the surgery site looks good- no infection. There is a slight lump at the surgery site which scares me thinking maybe the surgery was not successful and the hernia remains... but i found another post on here that says that lump is normal and will flatten out in several weeks. Part of the healing process.

I am glad the doctor decided to not use mesh. I have read lots of horror stories about mesh problems and complications, both early after the surgery and some years after the surgery. The doctor told me that he would decide to use mesh during the surgery based on the surrounding muscle wall where the sutures are placed. If the surrounding muscle is weak and the suture are tearing through or shredding through the muscle, then he will use mesh. But if the surrounding muscle is strong and no shredding occurs, then he will opt for no mesh.

I am 44 and in good health so thank God the doctor chose to not use mesh. I know that anything manmade, such as mesh, will probably eventually cause problems after being in your body for many years. My advice is to find a doctor that is a hernia specialist and does nothing but hernia surgeries every week...that is your BEST chance to get it done right and minimize complications. Think about it, anything you do over and over again for years, you are going to really know your stuff, know how to handle all different kinds of complications, know the best placement of the sutures to avoid nerve damage, be the most skilled at not aggravating the spermatic cord and all around most error free surgery. It is worth it. I found a great hernia specialist at a great price. If you want to know more, you can contact me at credit.frank@gmail.com Good luck on your surgery. Frank

michaela 4 years ago

ive read about 30 posts and only 1 has been a woman,now 2,me!!! this hurts! had my surgery 4 days ago,the 45 min. procedure took 3 hours,due to heavy scar tissuse,ive been trying to move around and walk,but man is it hard,ive had 2 c-sections,hysterectomy,gall bladder removal,and this is the worse of them all,my hernia,right ing. hernia,is not common in women? im not finding much about it,im supposed to return to work on sunday,6 days after,i just dont have any options,being a single parent,i cant afford more time off,i need the strongest otc pain meds,any suggestions?

Nakia 4 years ago

Scheduled next month to get both hernas repaired and yor right not hat many women. I just had gallbladder surgery last week now they are waiting for all the infections to clear up before my hernia repair. I'm nw worried because I've have neck surgery, hysterectomy, c section, myomectomy and some lap ovarian surgeries an from other people they all hav said this post op is the worst. Kinda funn though because m dr tod me that it would b easier than my gallbladder surgery....

Derek 4 years ago

I had a small quarter sized inguinal hernia operated on yesterday, I was in the hospital for 5 hours I left walking hunched over on obvious high from the morphine , went to my brothers for a barbecue , I've had very little complications except for it being very difficult to empty my bladder pain is tolerable using t3s I've had 7 in 12 hours but I'm waiting for myself to hit a wall here soon with pain because although it does hurt to walk , it's do able.

James 4 years ago

My testacles. Are the size of grapefruits big like a cantaloupe My penis hides inside of that cantaloupe My penis has a blood sack on the bottom side. Penis and testacles are both very black and blue testacles feel like they weigh a ton. Have to stand and walk with legs very far apart. Hard to get in and out of bed cause I sit on them. It's been 7 days today since operation and I see Sergeon in about 8 hours. I hope news is good and swelling will start going down .thank God for Carla and my grandson. Sal. They help me.

Tony Williams 4 years ago

Had my Inguinal Hernia repair 12 days ago. Brilliant!!! Apart from the first few days of pain controlled with Paracetamol I do not have any major problem apart from a bit of sensitivity around the scaring site , which hopefully will eventually go. Looking forward to playing golf again in four weeks time. Think positive everybody.

Teresa 4 years ago

I had surgery - 5 days ago, all seemed to be going well and wound has healed well - up and around quickly but now I have excruitiating pain at the top of my right leg (hernia side)everytime I try to straighten up and it burns like hell. I've looked at all your posts and it's scaring me (although not many from women)and a few of you mention burning pain but it's unclear when this goes. I'm supposed to go back to work and there's is no way I can drive hav ereally gone backwards in my recovery. Need some ary of hope - please

Jim 4 years ago

Hang in tthier Theresa. The burning will go away I know the feeling and it's not good.

Phil 4 years ago

Had my operation a double hernia repair with mess three weeks ago. It wasn't great post-opp, but it wasn't as bad as what I had read on some of the other post. The problem I am having is my right testicle. It started to hurt about 2 weeks after my operation. My testicles did not swell up or turn blue. I've been trying to find out if this is a common pain after hernia surgery.

Jim 4 years ago

Aeroscott I read your article about testa clears the size

of a grapefruit. I had surgery 9 days ago 3 days after surgery. I woke up with test ales size of grapefruit. Swelling not going down at all I was wondering how long it took for your swelling to go down and get back to normal. I have to push tentacles to get penis to come out enough to urinate please let me know how long it took for your swelling to subside. Do you know if there is anything to do to help me get back to normal. Or what might of caused it. Thanks.

Teresa 4 years ago

Thanks Jim, much appreciated. Thank fully it has started to subside a bit now and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.

Jennifer 4 years ago

Had the surgery for a left-side inguinal Hernia yesterday. It was found during an emergency appendectomy last month. On the whole I feel better than the appendectomy (think the antibiotics did a number on me) but getting out of bed is ungodly. The pain is only for a minute or two, but it is that horrible burning. I'm glad to hear it will eventually go away, but I have to lee a lot so every time I get up its hell. I also feel very hadst. Like gas pains, but when it comes down to it I'm not really farting. Has anyone else had that? I've taken a stool softener because I'm scared for when #2 is going to happen. I'm guessing the pain will be worse than after the appendectomy. Trying to eat and keep up with my pain meds. Its only been 24 hours since the procedure... can't wait for it to be a week from now where it won't be as bad. They said today will be the worst, then tomorrow and the next will be bad, then I'll start feeling better. Also lots of hiccups. At least from what the ladies posted I know childbirth won't be as bad. Yikes! Good luck to us all!

Jennifer 4 years ago

*pee and *gassy

JOE 4 years ago

I went in an open mesh procedure (ingunial hernia )at 8 in the morning and was pack at work that afternoon EXERIANCED VERY LITTLE PAIN OR DISCOMFORT as a matter of fact was walking miles on the treadmill two days later

Migel 4 years ago

It is my 19 day since inguinal hernia surgery on my left side and I still have some swelling. I also had the same question Jim had: does anyone know how long it took for their swelling near the around the operation site to go down? Thanks.

mossyoak 4 years ago

Just had Surgery.n im n pain bad

John 4 years ago

Hi, I had a hernia op 4 weeks today. I am swollen where the hernia once was (not the incision). The doctor has told me thtat it is infected and contains fluid. I am now on my second dose of antibiotics - getting very fed up with this. It couldn't b a hernia as I did nothing strenuous after op. Has anyone else expereienced this - is it normal.

Mike 4 years ago

I had inguinal hernia surgery about 16 months ago. I had no pain at all for a year. I'm 56 years old and about 4 months ago I started an exercise program. Nothing very strenuous, just stretching, toe touching and knee lifts. That sort of thing, about 15 minutes a day. I was bending at the waist in about 1/2 of the routine. After about 2 weeks I started getting a lot of gas and pureed, mushy stools - sometimes explosive bowel movements. At first I thought my metabolism was speeding up and I was burning extra fat off my body, as I was losing weight. However, this has continued for 4 months now. I have constant gas, our house smells terrible and my wife is sick of the smell. It's not funny anymore. I have an appointment to see my surgeon in three days and I hope he has some answers. It feels like I have a kink in my intestines and waste has to be digested extra fine to make it through the tight space. Also, it feels like gas has to bubble up through the kink to break the vacuum and let the waste flow down. Has this happened to anyone else. It doesn't really hurt, but last night it was throbbing down there, in my lower abdomen. I think a large, more solid than usual bowel movement needed extra churning to get pureed enough to pass through the kink. As I passed the bowel movement I had nausea and labored breathing. I felt better afterward. I will be eating very carefully the next few days before my appointment. Also, I have to clean the toilet after every time I have a bowel movement. It is disgusting. I feel like that hippo down in Florida where the manatees are. Beware of the splatter zone!

Tony Williams 4 years ago

Hi Migel. 4 weeks as of today had my op. Swelling has gone down, have to be honest, slight raised area around the scare site but nothing to worry about. Now no pain, some numbness (Consultant did warn me)but do almost anything now, back to golf next week. Even at my age 71 glad I had it done.

wobly1 4 years ago

Had an iningual hernia op (non Mesh) 4 days ago, REAL PAIN! so much pain, constipation,,scrotum and panis red and blue, cant stand up or walk properly...im 62 yrs old and had a few ops in the past, but this takes the cake for pain,,,NEVER again, sooner live with the hernia

sammy 4 years ago

I guess I got lucky.. I had a double iningual repair on Thursday. I'm sore on mid section but its been pretty easy. Yes everything is black and blue but never had any pain. I'm ready to return back to work Monday but Doc said no. So far I can't really say it was bad at all.

Mike 4 years ago

Had right side surgery last Thursday . Having all the same post op pain and"blues" that you all speak of.Im worried about infection as scar/incision site is swelling up and yellow now although pus or weeping or fever so I am waiting to see doc on this thursday.

Joe is a liar if he says he's running around or he is superman!

dude 4 years ago

I had hernia surgey back in 97` and just now its been hurting me at night when I go to sleep....I think I might have to go see a doctor and tel him about it because it`s disrupting my sleep.

Inpain 4 years ago

All. I had my hernia surgery done a year ago and as I’m typing this message I am still in pain. I don't have pain everyday, but mostly after a few hours of bending and picking things up. I start to have lots of pain .I have lost all trust in my doctor. I feel as he has really screwed me up and I feel he lies to ma at all times just to get me out of his office with medication. I've seen 2 other doctors and one has suggested that I go to a pain clinic to get a shot. Is anyone in my situation or has received any kinds of shots in the hernia area where the pain is. I would appreciate and information on this.

Thank You!!

Sergeant 4 years ago

I had bilateral inguinal open surgery 4 days ago. It's been painful but I have been able to walk around fairly normal since day 2. Hardest things to do is sit upright, bend over, and definitely poop. For the most part, I feel pretty good EXCEPT, when I pee I can't help but check out my scrotum and look for the bulges I had pre-surgery. I used to be able to lift on my sack and see a bulge separate from my testicles. Well I STILL SEE THE BULGES post-surgery. My scrotum looks no different (other than some swelling of course) than it did before surgery. Should I still have the bulges in my scrotum? Right now because I don't know if I should, it is taking a mental toll on me. I feel good but can't stop thinking bout the possibility that the hernia didn't get repaired properly. Thanks!

Mo 4 years ago

I have had inguinal hernia repair 2 days ago. I am writing because not many women have written.

I am very active, to say the least,

Pilates instructor, personal trainer, & triathlete, oh & gave birth (no drugs) to 4 children!

I did not anticipate the pain to be to this degree.

Reading all of the posts, has helped put in perspective my time frame for getting back to workouts!!

I am teaching but without demos for the classes- painful & tired from standing!

Really hoping I heal quickly!

Icing helps!

Tyler 4 years ago

i have read every single post here.. and i am terrified to get my surgery next month... from what i see, a road of pain is before me... but even being 19 yrs old i know this is what has to be done... sigh.. i hope i dont experience the pain that most of you guys did! wish me luck!

notbad 4 years ago

I had bilateral laproscopic inguinial hernia repair three days ago. I'm doing fine. No enlarged testicles. Only took 1 percocet each of the 1st two nights. No other pain medication. Yesterday I was able to move my bowels (which was a relief). Last night I slept with minor pain. My stomach is bloated from the CO2 and the incision in my belly button is bothersome. But I'm walking normally and I hope to make a full recovery in a few months.

Sergeant 4 years ago

It has been 1 week since my bilateral inguinal hernia surgery. I must say, it has been easier for me than most in this forum and even from what the Dr's made it up to be. I am walking around normally, bending over w some discomfort, and passing bowels fairly easily now. I had to stop the pain medication early on because the constipation was kicking in and pooping was an adventure. Plus the pain has been minimal since. I think my age and fitness level (28, run couple days a week, lift weight 4 days a week, play basketball) have really helped in my healing. I still have bulges in my scrotum that are wearing on me mentally. I really see the same bulges I saw before my surgery. I just don't understand. I have a Dr appt in a few days, so hopefully I'll get some answers then. If anyone has any insight to why I still have scrotum bulges, please share.

Karyn 4 years ago

My aunt went in for the lyproscopic sergery to fix her 3-5 hernias. She was in the hospital for 3 days. She now has her post surgical menstral cycle, and doesn't know why her blood is still dark. She's concerned about it being the Haparin, but we aren't sure seeing as she's been off of it since Wednesday night-Tuesday morning. Could someone please try to help out? Thank you.

My e-mail is KPerry1194@yahoo.com if you can help in any way possible.

TomDai1966 4 years ago

Hi, i am new here trying to find some answers. I am a 45 yr old male who had 3 hernias fixed on April 6 ,2012. 2 of them were bilateral inguinal and the other was an incisional hernia from a previous colon resection in which they took out 10 inches of my colon in June 2009 due to diverticulitis. I drive a truck and all day long and I would feel my incisional hernia constantly pulling or contracting, now even after the surgery I still feel the same feeling, like its tight and pulling, i know they used mesh in there too. It was supposed to be a same day surgery, but when I woke up, they told me they had to put a couple of stitches in my bladder, they said when they went in the incisional hernia was starting to get strangulated and was getting twisted, only the week before i had extreme abdominal pain in that surgery site which was relieved when i went to the bathroom. Anyway I stayed in the hospital for 3 days with a catheter and a drainage tube coming out of my abdomen. The catheter was removed after a 11 days, which i think i miss just a little, because all I do is pee. They told me that my bladder had fused together with the scar tissue and when went to move it or when they use CO2 (carbon dioxide) to blow up your abdomen, it either ripped or they poked it, I am not sure. Only 1 was done laproscopic and the other 2 weren't. 1 cut is 4 in almost in the leg crease going down to the groin, the other 1 is 3 in. I will admit that when i get up from sitting or bend down, I am still sore. Sorry if I said too much on here, but I was just looking for answers and I did read everyones post.

Sergeant 4 years ago

Ok, so my follow up went well. I learned that the bulging I see in my scrotum is caused by all the bleeding from the surgery essentially draining to my scrotum. Dr explained that "gravity is not my best friend" so the blood will flow into the scrotum. Dr said this will gradually resolve itself and suggested I wear some type of supportive underwear that will prevent the scrotum from hanging as much (I am wearing compression/althetic shorts). Dr also said to continue walking as much as I can tolerate. This is day 10 and I feel good. I have little swelling, little pain (usually only when bending, making quick sudden movements, sneezing), and have been able to walk normally for quite some time now.

Mo 4 years ago

Day 8 - po- left open mesh inguinal repair

Trying to get off Advil! I feel a great deal of pulling internally, that is quite painful!

Trying to walk with a normal upright gait, instead of hunched over.

I really envy the people that were able to get back to working out right after- I am teaching my Pilates classes but still cannot demo due to sharp tearing pain!

I truly miss a stress- reliever run!

And can't wait to get on my road bike!

Marco 4 years ago

Man! it really sounds like you guys had it bad, its now 4 days after post-surgery and i have little pain in the area not even taking the pain meds just my anti inflams...went to walk my dog today as well and eveything seems great, very little internal pressure and sometimes pulling but other than that the surgery went great i chose to be locally frozen when i got home i was already able to walk but chose to relax and since then i feel less and less pain. God bless to all those who choose the surgery, just get it over with.

TomDai1966 4 years ago

I'm glad to hear some people are doing well.

Jan 4 years ago


I had right side open inguenal hernia repair 2 weeks ago. I am only today started to feel pain free at times, but am suffering with nerve pain and numbness at top of thigh and pubic bone. Like all you blokes have said, the post pain is herendous!

There seems to be very few women out there who have had this op so am desperately trying to find a female take on how it feels after the op. Any ladies out there?!

David 4 years ago

16 days since my open inguinal surgery with mesh on left side. Rested most of the first day. After that moved and walked around as much as possible. Hardest part for the first few days was getting in and out of bed and chairs, but it got eaisier each day. Hit golf balls 10 days after surgery and with no ill effects, played a full round the next day. Felt myself kind of holding back a little but not much. I seen so many post on here saying they had to wait 4 to 6 weeks to swing a club. Not me. Almost completely pain free now, only hurts a little when I sneeze.

lilRAWlady 4 years ago

i just had double inguinal hernia repair...after having undiagnosed pain for over a YEAR..

i am 5 ft tall and 100 lbs...docs joked that my body parts are just "too small" to detect them....pain is bad..i am on day 3 post op. ADVICE?

TomDai1966 4 years ago

Take it slow and easy and dont lift up anything, i'm still having a lot of pulling or my intestines keep contracting, very annoying.

Niv 4 years ago

Hey jan,

I just had open bilateral inguinal hernia repair with mesh 10 days ago. After spending 3 days in the hospital for pain this has been one of the worst post op pains EVER!!! I too am suffering with burning pain in the upper thigh and a heaviness pain in my stomach . I can barely get up from the recliner and can hardly stand upright when walking. My dr switched my meds to hydromorphone and ibuprofen and that only takes a slight edge off for a brief time. I feel like I'm not getting better but stuck. Unfortunately all the Internet seems to have is a lot of post op responses from men so if you find anything from women please let me know.

Kourtney 4 years ago

Hey, everyone,

I have been reading through the post and don't see many at all from women. I am scheduled to have inguinial hernia repair in about two weeks. I was just wanting to find out what I should expect after the surgery. The doctor said I probably wouldn't feel any pain until about 12hrs after the procedure was done and the initial pain medication had worn off. He also said that some people don't even take pain medication afterwards because the pain may not be bad at all. Ater reading these posts (mostly men) I've come to the conclusion that the Dr. isn't speaking from experience like everyone here is. He mentioned that numbness could be a potential complication, and I don't recall him saying anything at all about the burning sensation, which seems to common from what I've been reading here. Now I'm feeling a little nervous about this. I also feel like maybe he down played the after effects. At first I thought most of the symptoms described were commmon only to men and I still wasn't sure of what I should expect as a woman. I wasn't expecting to have trouble getting up and down or in and out of bed. I'm greatful that my husband will be taking off from work to stay at home with me for atleast a week. Now i am expecting pain, burning,and the inability to stand upright comfortably. If there are any other women out there who can enlighten me on what I'm in for, please come forth! Praying for the best, but expecting the worst!

Sherry 4 years ago

I am a woman and had bilateral inguinal hernia repair three weeks ago laparascopically. The pain after the surgery was not that bad. Yes, it is painful to sit up and move around for the first few days, but I did not even have to take any painkillers and I have a low tolerance. I was not in a lot of pain before the surgery, but I had a bulge in the pubic hair line and I had to take care of it. The incisions healed up very well and I feel pretty good. My only concern is that I still feel pinching twinges in the area where the hernia was (and this is not where they make the incisions). It it tender to the touch all around. The surgeon told me that it will be for a while, but I thought this pain should have subsided once the hernia was repaired. In any case, I am hoping I made the right decision to have it repaired and that they do not recur at all.

Mramish 4 years ago

I had Laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia repair and a vasectomy three weeks ago. I was in surgery for less than an hour. After 3 hours of sleeping in recovery, I went home. I spent the first few days in a recliner including my sleeping time. I took the maximum dose of Percocet allowed. After that I went back to a regular routine. I went slow and very careful with what I did. On day 5 post-op I had some pain bad enough to complain. It lasted for several hours. Other than that, the percocet was all I needed. I probably would have been OK with just over-the-counter pain killers. I stopped taking pain killers after 10 days. I didn't have a lot of pain and the swelling was minimal. After reading some of the stories here, I'm so glad things went so well for me. I had a surgeon that has done this procedure many times. I will give him credit for my great post-op recovery.

JamesWC 4 years ago

I have an open inguinal hernia repair surgery scheduled , reading this is making me half wonder if i should cancel it, what is the point if it creates more problems than it solves?

David 4 years ago

Agreed. I too hear so many different things about mesh or no mesh open vs lap? Mesh complications or pure tissue with a higher recurrence rate? Does anyone know the actual mesh chronic pain rate? Also does anyone know the percentage of people who get this done that can never go to work again due to chronic pain. I just read so many different opinions = don't know what to believe anymore. Thank you

Nicki 4 years ago

I'm a women and had posted earlier but hit the send button too early to complete my name.

See the post from niv 5 days ago. The pain has finally lightened up a bit from my previous post but the burning nerve pain in my thigh is still pretty bad. I have gone ack to he dr for that oncern and he tells me that it's going to take time. I kinda regret now that I ad them both done only because I have to deal with pain from both sides.

Jan 4 years ago

Hy Niv and Nicki

have only just come back to this forum after deciding not to read any more about post op hernia and just wait and see what happens. My op was 3 weeks ago just this last Friday and although it is getting much easier, I still feel internal pain when bending, standing and moving around perhaps too much. The doc says this is normal, and tells me it could be some months before this goes away.

I too still have the burning and numbness in my upper thigh, but I had this develop around 2 years ago when I was rushed into hospital with excruciating groin pain but, because of a history of back trouble the doctors insisted it was nerve damage pain from my back. I believe this was when the hernia 'developed', but was not diagnosed. It took 2 years of me going to and from hospital before a 'friendly' radiologist took pity on me as I was so upset that no one believed I had that amount of pain and what I thought was a hernia. He had a eureka moment and finally found it. I just worry that this burning and numbness is totally permanent.

It would be good to hear how you two ladies are doing with recovery now? Isn't it frustrating trying to find out how this hernia repair affects women!

JamesWC 4 years ago

David 4 years ago

Saw article about mesh earlier this week. Not sure if these stories are the norm or just the exception. Mesh = chance of chronic pain or pure tissue = higher chance of recurrence? Again there are so many articles that show different outcomes? Don't know which way to go??

JamesWC 4 years ago

there is a way to do this procedure without the mesh

some guy in Las Vegas does it

the first Doctor I spoke to never mentioned that as an option

I think if you are not in immediate danger of your hernia

being a health threat and you have time to thoroughly check out all possible options it might be a wiser route

David 4 years ago

Are you having mesh? I have bilateral hernia one on each side. I was told to go laporoscopic with ultra pro ethicon lightweight mesh Johnson and Johnson. Less chance of chronic pain he said with lap. My biggest fear is to have the surgery and not being able to go back to work to support my family after.

JamesWC 4 years ago

I just had a breakthrough , I spoke to a doctor thru a family friend who said he could do my procedure lapro with

the light mesh you mentioned

The first Dr. I consulted with would not do it lapro and he said there was only one type of mesh etc, the more I thought about the things he said the more I wanted a second opinion

Now I feel better having this surgery done, there is no getting around it , it has to be done, but it sure pays to find a second opinion and a Dr that has confidence in this procedure because he or she has done it many times

David 4 years ago

Great news. What did he say about the chance of chronic pain after. Thank you.

David 4 years ago

Great news. What did he say about the chance of chronic pain after. Thank you.

JamesWC 4 years ago

he made it sound like the recovery time was quick and the chronic pain was not on the radar, I suppose every surgery carries with it a percentage of risk since nothing is

foolproof in this realm but with the advances in the procedure you can go into this with some measure of confidence. Whatever the outcome there is no possibility of avoiding the surgery, that would be a certain disaster

My takeaway from this experience in this is you have got to do your footwork prior to the surgery and gather information and multiple consults for any medical procedure

David 4 years ago

Do you know anyone who has had mesh. If so what was there experience? Thank you

JamesWC 4 years ago

I saw several testimonials on you tube where people posted about success with the mesh so do not think it is as big an issue as I thought it was and they were not having any post op pains later on, I think if you can get it sutured without the mesh that is a good option, but that would be an open procedure.

Once you have this surgery though you need to be patient with the healing process and ride it out to completion to make sure you are 100% before going back to the old routine

David 4 years ago

Thank you and good luck with everything.

Nicki 4 years ago

Hey jan ,

Niv and nicki are the same person it was just an autocorrect error lol sry for the confusion.

I'm now going on 3 weeks post op so my last post (nicki) is my current status. I can tolerate the internal pain but what's been giving me the blues is the leg pain. I'm glad to hear that ur surgery went ok. Maybe we should start a women's hernia website :)

sean 4 years ago

Anyone know the percentage rate of mesh complications???

David 4 years ago

What I found interesting is that the majority of all athletes get the repair done by this guy in PA that does not use mesh. Why wouldn't the athletes get mesh? Is this a red flag to any one else?

JamesWC 4 years ago

who is the guy in PA that does the non mesh repair?

David 4 years ago

I think his name is William Meyers. Again wonder why big time athletes aren't getting mesh if it is so great?

JamesWC 4 years ago


the mesh is effective and there are several types of it

but sometimes I think a lot depends on how the surgeon installs it

David 4 years ago

What is the best type of mesh you have heard. Also, what is the best way to install it?

JamesWC 4 years ago

there is a lighter more flexible mesh

from my point of view it is best installed laprocopically

The last Dr I spoke to also said if he were to do open procedure then he would not use the mesh and he would suture the gap

I am having more faith in going with the mesh provided the Dr is a good lapro surgeon .

David 4 years ago

When is your surgery? I have to wait until oct/nov. No bulges and only hurts once in a while. Have desk job so that helps. The FDA says that mesh is now more risky than originally thought and may be doing a more extensive study before putting on market.

JamesWC 4 years ago

I am going to talk to another Dr today so I will find out if he will do it without the mesh or not etc

Part of me wants to go without the mesh the other part of me knows that this is a very common procedure with a high rate of success with lapro mesh

But I still do not want to be the 1% that needs surgery later on to remove it and that is a risk

The other big risk are the idiot Dr.s that mess with the nerve down there and leave you with numbness

This whole thing is an epic pain in the ass LOL

david 4 years ago

I feel the same way you do (LOL). How old are you, Have you ever had a hernia before. Do you know anyone else who has had an inguinal hernia before and if so mesh or no mesh. What was the outcome? Also how long have you had the hernia? Is it painful?

JamesWC 4 years ago

54 no pain or discomfort, don't know anyone directly, a friends son had it done and is now fine. I have actually talked to tow people in the last couple of weeks that have a bump like mine but are leaving it alone, I told them that is crazy. I say that because I know of someone who did and then ended up in a world of hurt.

Yo can postpone the surgery to a more appropriate time but just pretending it is not there is not wise from what I know now.

The other interesting thing I just found a few minutes ago is to Google Hernia patch Lawsuits. it seems there was a brand of patch material on the market that was a disaster. Hopefully the newer material out there has changed that.

I will know more later today after I speak to the Dr.

JamesWC 4 years ago

the mesh in the lawsuits was called Kugel and this happened in the early 2000-2006


david 4 years ago

Please update later on what Doc say's. Also how long have you had your hernia?

Thank you

JamesWC 4 years ago

I only noticed this about ten days ago

Take a look at the first paragraph of this


It says choice of surgeon is more important than the technique or material,

More later

David 4 years ago

Thanks - just worried about the chronic pain afterwards. I am 32 yrs old.

JamesWC 4 years ago

That is why the surgeon is going to be paramount, the Doc i talked over the phone on Sunday was saying telling me about the nerve down there, a bad surgeon messing with that is worse than the mesh.

Gotta do the homework on this

At 32 I see your concern

david 4 years ago

I heard. There are actually 3 nerves that you have to worry about. Its also known as the "triangle of doom". Another important question to ask him is - "what will you do to help me if I do experience "chronic pain afterwards" See what he says.

JamesWC 4 years ago

that is why I balked at the first Dr and his open mesh procedure, if you are going to patch underneath with the lapro I think that reduces the nerve risk. I'll ask about the chronic pain

david 4 years ago

This can really drive someone crazy.

JamesWC 4 years ago

they even have an acronym for post hernia operation pain



David 4 years ago

Saw that. Anyone else on here know what the true chronic pain that is associated with inguinal hernia surgery?

JamesWC 4 years ago

Got back from the Doc

Going to go with state of the art lapro mesh sugery

I have confidence in this Dr. he has done this procedure many times and has a good pedigree. I asked his opinion regarding post operative pain and he said although there is some risk the long term picture is good

and not something to be overly concerned about

David 4 years ago

That's great to hear. What type of mesh? Also when is your surgery?

JamesWC 4 years ago

The surgery is at the end of this month, the surgeon described the mesh as state of the art and flexible. the tech in this has changed quite a bit in the past 12 years according to the Doc. So there a ray of hope

Fingers crossed I will report back here a year from now with positive results

David 4 years ago

Please let me know how you did afterwards. Hope all goes well. I look forward to see how you are doing.

JamesWC 4 years ago

Thanks, I will do that

Happy 4 years ago

I am a woman who posted earlier in this forum. I am almost five weeks post op from bilateral lapro inguinal hernia surgery. Dr. told me she put mesh on both sides from my hip to my groin. My pain has pretty much subsided. I only have some pain in my lower groin area where hernia was. Bulge is gone, but I still feel tinges of slight pain. When I orgasm I feel twinging also. Dr. said this is normal and that leg tingling and tenderness will go away. Full recovery is a couple of months.

Chris 4 years ago

I'm new to this but about 4 weeks ago I discovered a lump in my right groin area, went to doctors about 2.5 weeks later to discover it was a right inguinal hernia. I am now 4 days post op and every time I try to get up or plant my foot on the ground, there's a severe burning pain right above my penis but below and to the left of my incision site. If it wasn't for this burning I'd be fine. Can anybody help me?

david 4 years ago

it could be an injury to the ilioinguinal nerve which can result in pain similar to what you're describing. It's also still very early in your recovery and could very well go away as time goes by. Did you have mesh? If so, was it done open or lap?

Chris 4 years ago

It was open mesh. The incision site itself just feels bruised but the burning hurts so bad I can't get up and walk without cringing and tears. I feared this operation, and now I'm paying the price. I don't know If I'll ever walk normally again. I just wanna walk but I can't.

david 4 years ago

what did your doctor say? It is still early on in your recovery period. I would give it a few more days and see if it gets better. They say with open it takes 2-3 weeks to recover.

Chris 4 years ago

Okay, thanks David, I'll let you know how I'm doing in about 3 days.

TomDai1966 4 years ago

Hello Everyone, I wrote about 2 weeks ago, I had 3 hernias operated on, I went for my 2nd checkup yesterday with my surgeon and i asked him what he used in my repairs, on my incisional hernia which is on the side of my abdomen, that one was the one where my intestines were getting twisted and he said it was the most difficult, he used a Mesh plug on it. The other 2 were regular pieces of mesh. I still get a lot of intestinal pulling or tightening.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNTfUvmh5Xk

JamesWC 4 years ago

Chris what pain meds they have you on? oxycodone?

Hopefully in time it will get better

david 4 years ago

tom - are you feeling any better? Are you able to at least go back to work? Were the 2 other hernia inguinal?

Chris 4 years ago

Well guys, I'm back and glad to say that I can walk , well limp without huge problems, recovered going by nicely now. Still get that burning but it's not nearly as severe. I even walked outside today. I haven't passed stool yet but I feel it coming, should I take more softener to make it easier, at least where it just plops on out?

David 4 years ago

That's great to hear. I would keep popping the softeners and eat nothing but fiber until you are able to go. The pain should get better as the days go by. Also drink plenty of water. What ever you do. Don't push.

Chris 4 years ago

Oh yeah, I don't wanna push, that would hurt like crazy! I coughed slightly and it still kinda hurt, so I've been grunting to clear my throat instead.

TomDai1966 4 years ago

Hi David, yes, the other 2 were bilateral inguinal. I try to do a lot, i dont sit still and always moving around, but when I feel that right side tighten up , it bothers me, but right now i am off from my job as an oil truck driver.

Rjay 4 years ago

Hi fellow sufferers, I'm three days post double inguinial mesh repair surgery. Testicals the size of a blackening watermelon,black penis hiding somewhere within. Literally pot luck peeing,how can one aim 1/2inch and two wrinkles accurately? I too have concernes with the gross discomfort and excruciating pains.I am also worrying about a sheduled long haul flight scheduled over a year ago and coming up soon. My surgeon warned of post op' DVT possibilities.

David 4 years ago

Did you have open or lap? Are you able to walk? Are they really that big? Are you experiencing any pain in your testicals? Try ice on and off.

Chris 4 years ago

Ahhh, at last in not plugged up anymores, im already starting to walk more normally, the pains still there but it's bearable, next week I go back to work for light duty.

Mike 4 years ago

Hey everyone....I had surgery on Friday morning. I was released by 11am. Got home and rested in bed for a few hours and the pain brought me to tears. Went back to the ER and was admitted and given Dilaudid. That knocked the pain down a considerable ammount. I woke up yesterday morning and the pain was 1/2 of what it was. I was released yesterday and stayed in bed the rest of the day. Woke up this morning feeling even better. Walking around now with some pain but nothing like the first day. I would say ice and support the boys as much as possible has helped a lot. I hope tomorrow is even better. Although the first day was miserable, it is improving rather quickly. All of you dealing with it hang in there. Getting up and moving, as much as it may hurt circulates blood flow to the area and helps speed up the healing. Btw my surgery was open mesh on the left side. Ice...ice...ice!!

Yl 4 years ago

I had left inguinal hernia repaired a week ago. I have hardly any pain but I have still numbness and swelling. I do have some burning sensation to the top part of the thigh. I am hoping to be some kind of active soon. Dr. Said recovery was 2week! I'm beginning to wonder if that is possible.

Mike 4 years ago

The burning in the upper thigh is normal and so id the numbness. There are a lot of nerves in the general region. In time that will go away. Just take it slow.

Paul 4 years ago

Has anyone heard of the "synthetic mesh" eroding over time. Based on what the wiklepedia website states thats exactly what happens. It erodes or hardens inside of you. There has actually been a recall for synthetic mesh based on it eroding in the body?

Jason 4 years ago

I just had an open right inguinal with mesh repaired on 05/10/12. Of course I was numb all day from meds and was prescribed hydrocodone. I only took half the dosage because I have had trouble with nausia before. Today is day 5 and to be honest it's not been bad. I quit the pain killer on day two.....now just taking advil. On a scale of 1-10, my worst pain has been maybe a 3 if that. Lots of swelling which isn't the most enjoyable, but it's not really painful. I've got a 3" incision and as long as I think about what I do before I do it I'm good to go. WALK, WALK, WALK, WALK.....sitting in the chair for hours at a time will only make things worse. Walking will increase blood flow and help with pain and healing. I was going up and down stairs the first day and things just keep getting better. Ice and walk, ice and walk, ice and walk! I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to get mine done. Dr. said I had a lot of scar tissue he had to cut out, but so far (day 5) it's been a breeze.

Bill 4 years ago

I am five days post surgery for a small hernia and am experiencing very few of the problems that have been described so I feel very lucky! I have a little pain, 2 on a scale of ten maybe and my penis is the color of a beet. But I can walk, sit, eat, toilet without any problems. Today my wife took me to the babrber for a haircut even. Good luck.

Jason 4 years ago

Day 6- A little more pain today than yesterday. Still very tolerable. I switched from Aleve to ibuprofen to help with the swelling some and it seems to be helping. Both the swelling around the surgical site and the testicles are much improved. The pain (a 2 on a 1-10 scale) mostly occurs first thing in the morning after laying down for an extended period of time. I try not to sit over 30 if I can help and when I am sitting I'm icing. The more you can move the easier the whole ordeal is. You get more blood flow to the area and things stay loose. When I get up from a nights sleep, things are tight and I start getting some sharp "pulling" pains around the surgical site. Once things get warmed up and stretched out I'm good to go. I hope this helps someone. I lived with my hernia for 8 yrs mainly because I was scared to death of getting it fixed. By doing so I ended up with a lot of scar tissue. The Dr. orignally said he would have to make a 1-1.5" incision....it turned into 3" because of the scar tissue from having it so long.

JamesWC 4 years ago

Paul I think the problems with the mesh you refer to were from the early 2000's when they had not refined it. The mesh has changed quite a bit in the past 12 years from what I understand and is no long an issue with most cases

paul 4 years ago

MedicalIts most common medical use is in the synthetic, nonabsorbable suture Prolene, manufactured by Ethicon Inc.

Polypropylene has been used in hernia and pelvic organ prolapse repair operations to protect the body from new hernias in the same location. A small patch of the material is placed over the spot of the hernia, below the skin, and is painless and rarely, if ever, rejected by the body. However, a polypropylene mesh will erode over the uncertain period from days to years. Therefore, the FDA has issued several warnings on the use of polypropylene mesh medical kits for certain applications in pelvic organ prolapse, specifically when introduced in close proximity to the vaginal wall due to a continued increase in number of mesh erosions reported by patients over the past few years.[21] Most recently, on January 3, 2012, the FDA ordered 35 manufacturers of these mesh products to study the side effects of these devices.[22]


However, a polypropylene mesh will erode over the uncertain period from days to years.

gail 4 years ago

I am scared at all the comments of Post Surgery, I am female, and hope it wont be as bad,cant sit down, cant get up, cant walk, no poos, not likeing the sound of all this Dr didn't mention any of this, and nothing of choices, mesh,etc, sounds like I will never be my healthy self again!!!

Jason 4 years ago


I think most of what you are hearing on here are rare cases. Like I said before I have a 3" incision and yes you will be sore, you will swell, but all in all it's been a breeze for me. Minimal pain. I talked with several people I know that have had hernias repaired in the past and they all said it wasn't a big deal. Get off the pain meds as soon as you can, and walk as much as possible......piece of cake. Wish I would've had mine repaired sooner.

Nicki 4 years ago


Everyone's experience is different and especially the guys experience is different from is females. I had a bilateral open hernia with plug and mesh almost 4 weeks ago. I have a 3.5" and a 4" incision. I also had my gallbladder removed 3 weeks prior to this surgery so maybe that's why my pain was so intense. I ended up being in the hospital 4 days because of the level of pain (it was suppose to be same day). Everything that you read is just out experiences and who knows you may have no problems at all. I was shocked how my ordeal turned out because my doctor made it seem like it was going to be easier than my gallbladder surgery boy was he wrong. I hope it all works out for you.

paul 4 years ago


However, a polypropylene mesh will erode over the uncertain period from days to years.

Geo2 4 years ago

I had surgery 5 days ago and the first couple of days were very painful, especially getting out of bed. The first morning I got up and I broke out in a sweat and felt like I was going to pass out but once I got up I just limped along and was ok. I only took the percocet 2 times because they made me dizzy and nauseous so I just take Advil. I was able to drive the second day and I walk my dog . I have the burning pain trying to tie my shoes once in a while but the only real problem I have are my testicles are kind of big but I see that I should be wearing more of a supportive underpants so they don't hang down cause they are like heavy, lol. Not real bad now but I wish I could exercise again.Good luck to everyone.

JamesWC 4 years ago

Paul I would take you more seriously if you did not use the caps...this might sound silly but I always assume that is someones shouting if they are using them, if that is the case then it does not reinforce your point.

I know of some case where the mesh has been removed later down the line... but there have been advances in mesh and hopefully those of us getting the surgery will be getting it with new mesh.

What are the options mesh free surgery?

Postpone the surgery?

Both options =fail

robert 4 years ago

i had inguinal surgery in 07 three weeks out of hospital was in car accident i had the mesh used on me the pain after was horrid i still get pain because of back problems the muscles pull the inguinal area tight and make for some great pain i still get a cough reaction but it all checks out good with my doc it just aint the same i also ended up with half a forskin after opp because they tie up penis during surgery and strech loose skin on shaft that was 1 good thing that came out of it other than that its all good

Paul 4 years ago

There hasn't really been any advances the mesh that they are using erodes. Look it up and ask your doctor what type he is using. You will see it erodes over time. If the repair fails - I'd rather not have mesh in me. Did it ever cross your mind that sometimes doctors don't always give the truth. Remember he is a surgeon - he sells surgery. You can very easily look up all the people who have had problems with the mesh at some point.

JamesWC 4 years ago

There have been advances in mesh, some people have a problem with it, but this procedure is done quite frequently and the techniques are getting better

I did not go with the first Dr I chose, yes I would rather not have the mesh but a mesh free suture surgery can also fail

Val 4 years ago

I seem to be one of the few women on here, I am sorry to say for anybody about to have this done it HURTS.

I had a direct Inguinal Hernia op in January this year.

I have never known pain like it a terrible burning inside not from the scar . I was given Paracetamol which were useless.

I advise buying yourself some good support Briefs a walking stick and a Grabber .

Briefs for obvious reasons and it does help.

Walking Stick for helping get in and out of bed etc.

Grabber because as soon as you cannot bend you will find you drop everything and cannot pick it up.

And very strong painkillers, preferably Anti inflamatories.

I wish I had been told about the pain I would not have gone ahead with it, in fact I have one the other side but am leaving well alone.

Doctors should be more honest, mine looked at me as if I was mad when I said about the pain?

Good luck anybody about to have it done.

Chris 4 years ago

8 days out and I'm almost healed up, I can almost completely jog now! I trot around the grocery store every day, and drink plenty of fluids. Coughing and sneezing isn't horrid anymore and I can laugh now. But the recovery is so quick cuz I'm a healthy 20 year old male.

David 4 years ago

Chris - did you have open or lap? Also, did you have mesh?

montana 4 years ago

had my op 16.5.12 with the shuttlecock mesh repair...walking 1hr after coming round...eating normal..walking around even driving which you not ment to do..back at work as office job no major pains as stated on here everybody quite shocked really including my self..some blood weeping but thats normal has stopped now. some discomfort but not bad can move around easy...my hernia was small kept poping out and i just popped it back in place and held it in sometimes. so maybe the bigger the hernia or left for a long time then might be painfull.get it done as soon as if you dont want pain mine was above my groin.goodluck.oh dont forget to where your bloodclatt socks lol

David 4 years ago

Montana - did you have open or lap? That sounds pretty quick? You should take it easy for the next few weeks.

Jason 4 years ago

Day 8- Only issue now is the nerve and runs through the inguinal canal and attaches to the testical. Get a sharp pain every once in a while, especially if I've been sitting for a long time. Pain isn't bad though. Other than that I feel great! Swelling is nearly gone and pain in and around the incision is all but gone. Just taking a couple Aleve a day and icing after whenever I'm on the couch.

Chris 4 years ago

I had open. The incision is so small though.

david 4 years ago

Did you have mesh? If so, what made you go with the mesh?

Thank you

Jason 4 years ago

Day 10- Good to go! What little bit of nerve pain I was having is gone completely. Still a little swelling at the site of the incision, but everything else is good to go. Did sneeze for the first time yesterday while mowing grass and that was an experience! Hurt for a second or two but was good to go the rest of the day. Really glad I got it done and it's been a whole lot esier than I was anticipating.

kristina 4 years ago

I am a 30 yr old woman just had hernia surgery 7 days ago. This is by far the most excruciating pain I have ever had. I have had 2 c sections and 2 other laparoscopic surgeries. It hurts to move, stand, sit, lay down, pretty much anything I do. Pain meds work for about two hours. I am about to go to the ER I can't take the pain anymore. I was supposed to go back to work today and I can't even move.I feel like something is moving in my side, and it hurts even though the incisions are on my belly button and opposite side. I have left 3 messages with my surgeon and he will not return my calls. I don't know what else to do. I would have never done this had I known it would affect me this way.

david 4 years ago

Did you have mesh? Also, did you have lap or open?

david 4 years ago

Do you know what type of mesh you had? It could also be a nerve. You shouldn't be in this much pain 7 days after lap surgery.

Kyle 4 years ago

Help! In 2005 I hit a tree with my car and got a hernia on both sides. They were fixed with mesh and I recovered fairly quickly(within 2 weeks) and had no lasting pain. Early last month I tore my right side due to constipation(shouldn't of pushed), I ignored the pain and Tried to push through it. A couple hours later I fell into a coughing fit and that's when I felt both the right and left side give way. I went to the ER and they determined a definite yes on the right side and a maybe on the left. I wa referred to a surgeon who felt the same way. I went into surgery 1 month ago today to fix the right side and also the left if needed. I came to roughly 2 hours later and was informed by the nurse that they only needed to fix the right side. I could barely move the first 3 or 4 days but then the pain and soreness eased off and I felt pretty good. 2 weeks after the surgery I had my follow up appointment with no complaints and I was ok to go back to work in a week. I returned to work last Monday and worked throughout the week with no pain or soreness. Sunday morning I woke up feeling soreness on both sides, which quickly turned into intense pain above my groin on both sides and a soreness in my testicles.

So my question is does anyone know if a recovering wound on the right would cause soreness and pain on the left?

4 days ago I felt great and I have not overworked or strained myself that I know of and now I am experiencing pain as if my surgery occurred yesterday. I'm at my wits end emotionally and any advice is appreciated!

Jay 4 years ago

I just had bilateral hernia surgery(2 hernia repairs) not even 14 hours ago like most people say it hurts like hell to go from sitting to standing, climbing in and out of bed, and walking. I don't have bruising on the testicles yet or the constipation and I'm not looking forward to it.

david 4 years ago

Jay - did you have lap or open? Also are you taking any pain meds? Remember to ice !! Keep us updated.

Brandi 4 years ago

I had it done yesterday (I'm a woman) and I feel like I'm gonna die. I gave birth to two children via c-section and this pain is way worse than any c-section. I am bloated to the point I look pregnant...my crotch and stomach are so bruised and swollen. It takes me literally 10-15 minutes to walk what it took me a minute to walk before. I have crazy gas, but can't poop. I have a horrible anesthesia headache. The pain meds aren't taking the pain away...the only thing that seems to help is the ice. They ended up removing a bunch of scar tissue and strange looking lymph nodes near my cervix while they were in there...so that could be why my pain sucks...I dunno. But I have a big z across my crotch :-)

David 4 years ago

I hope you feel better soon. Remember it's still early and you should feel a little better with each passing day.

JamesWC 4 years ago

I wonder what the best foods are to eat after hernia surgery? I am going to start the stool softener a day or two ahead of the surgery, I am thinking mostly salads and fruit the days right after...

David 4 years ago

Anything high in fiber. Let us know how you do James.

JamesWC 4 years ago

Thanks I'm stockin up on rice and beans and a case of sparkling water

4 years ago

After reading all of the comments here I was scared shitless about my surgery. I understand that if you have a bad experience you wanna tell the world but you dont leave any details like what type of surgery/repair you had, whether you are overweight, the drs. skill etc. I now wish to list my experience to counteract the negativity that may discourage others from having hernia surgery.

I am a 50 years old and in good general health and was diagnosed with inguinal hernias on both sides (one small and not noticeable and one that I noticed a bulge). I had laporoscopic mesh repair only hernia surgery on both sides Wednesday. None of the horrible pain or side effects listed in these comments happened to me. No blue balls and no swelling at the site of the hernia or my genitals. As far as the pain, not even close to the extremes reported here. The pain I felt was more of a “strong muscle soreness” than an acute pain. The pain can be best described as follows: Think of going to the gym after a not going for a year and you do a whole bunch of sit ups and ab exercises. The subsequent soreness you feel after such a workout is what I felt around my intestinal area. Yeah I needed the pain meds for comfort but they easily took care of the pain. I was able to urinate but the stream wasn’t as fluid as normal and was a “start and stop, start and stop” kind of thing but that got better each time and normalized by Friday. I was not able to defecate until Friday, but after that, the pressure felt off and a lot of the pain went away. Defecating was pressure free due to the prescribed stool softener. Saturday, I am pain free and no longer need the pain meds.

As far as walking, I was able to work my way up from day 1 and now Saturday I can walk relatively pain free and unencumbered. I had my surgery at northwestern hospital in Chicago with Dr. Mark Toyama. He is highly rated and I highly recommend him.

Natalie 4 years ago

32 year old female. Had right side inguinal hernia repair six days ago. Open surgery, no mesh. I just wanted to put a positive story out for those who have not had surgery yet. My incision is about an inch and a half long from what I can see (still have the steri-strip on). I have really not had pain. Some discomfort when standing or sitting, especially the first few days. But I did not take a single prescription pain killer post-surgery. My best advice is to find the best surgeon you can. Mine prefers open surgery because she says the mesh can cause problem, rub up against the nerve, etc. I suspect she used the Shouldice method although I didn't ask. The incision was higher than I expected it to be, and I wonder if she did that to avoid the nerve. I've had the slightest burning sensation at the top of my thigh, and see that it seems to be a common complaint. My only real fear is the swelling/lump. But I see that is somewhat common too. Just hard not to worry about whether I made it come back (I did have a cough the first few days post-surgery which is not good...)

RichardLG 4 years ago

I just had left side inguinal hernia repair 11 days ago. I too experienced the black and blue severe swelling of the scrotum and penis just a day after surgery. It was horrifying to me to say the least! What made it worse, was my doc never mentioned that it couild possibly happen! My wife referred to the appearance of my penis as an oversized pig-in-a-blanket...only purple! Maybe funny to her...but not me! Fortunately, that part of the ordeal has subsided and the "privates" are pretty much back to normal. The worst problem I'm having now is the intense burning which is right of the incision, directly above the penis. I was never told by my doc that this would happen either. I'm not sure how long the burning will last, or if I should see the doc about it. For some reason, I assumed this surgery would be something very minor, and back to my normal routine within a week. That's certainly NOT the case!

Frank 4 years ago

Hi, I had a hernia operation as a young child but I can't remember a lot about it. Now though I'm 27 and for the last few weeks I've been feeling this thing, I wouldn't call it pain but discomfort, where the operation was. It comes and goes but seems to be more frequent now and worse if I'm wearing tightish clothes. Does this sound like the dreaded hernia has returned??

dp blogger 4 years ago

Today is day twenty-seven after my double open inguinal hernia surgery. Please see my blog: http://hernia-man.blogspot.com/ for more details than you probably care to read about.

To say that I've had complications is an understatement. Because my pain was intolerable on the days following the surgery and I couldn't stretch flat on a bed, I was reduced to a recliner sofa.

Being immobile for five full days, hardly getting up, only to use the bathroom very infrequently, I developed Pulmonary Embolism(fancy, for blood clots in your lungs!), a potentially lethal condition.

BY FAR, the most dreadful and painful experience I've ever endured; and this is coming from someone who's had numerous skiing and mountain cycling accidents that resulted in broken bones and herniated discs in neck and back.

I was hospitalized for five days and now need to be on anticoagulant(Coumadin) therapy for the next six months. Although I'm OK now, and my lungs are perfectly fine(I didn't have any serious lung damage), needless to say that the pulmonary embolism has thrown a wrench into my recovery from hernia surgery(which in and of itself is painful enough).

I thought I had researched my hernia operation to the Nth degree, but I didn't read ANYTHING about potential blood clots shooting up to your heart or lungs. That's why I've created my blog, to share my experience with those that are not aware of this VERY DANGEROUS condition called Pulmonary Embolism: http://hernia-man.blogspot.com

I admit that I was completely ignorant when, after leaving the operating room, a nurse told me to move around to avoid clots in my legs. I thought: "clots in my legs will probably hurt a little bit, but that's about it". I had NO IDEA how dangerous they could be.

In defense of my ignorance, neither the doctor or the handful of nurses that attended to me during the hernia operation HIGHLIGHTED the potential dangers of "blood clots in the legs".

Their approach was like telling new drivers to wear a seat belt but not highlighting to them the dangers and results of not wearing one!

If you're going to have your hernia/s repaired, or have done so recently, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, heed the warning given at the end of this hub. It will save your life or keep you out of the hospital!

You MUST MOVE, even if it's painful. If the pain is too great, ask your doctor for more meds. But, don't be like me and sit around and let blood clots clog your lungs. You will NOT be happy during your recovery.

*Things to Expect After Inguinal Hernia Surgery*

One common mistake that many recipients of inguinal hernia surgery make is to try to rest too much after surgery. This sounds counter-intuitive, but staying in bed or on the couch for too many days after surgery without exercise fails to help the body heal after surgery. In other words: you need to get up and walk around a bit each day in the days and weeks following surgery.

JamesWC 4 years ago

I had lapro/mesh right inguinal hernia repair with open umbilical repair on Tues AM

I was lucky to find a Doc that did a successful procedure

Right now what I would like to bring to this forum is the

importance of starting your laxatives prior so you go into recovery "loose" It is common knowledge the pain meds will knot you up and dry you up. I have also been hydrating and moving around like previous poster mentioned.

My sympathies to everyone else going thru this hell

David 4 years ago

James - how are you feeling? Was the pain excruciating? Were you able to walk the next day? Is the pain worse than you expected? I hope your doing well!!

JamesWC 4 years ago

Thanks David, yes was able to walk and the pain was not as bad as I thought it would be, I have been walking around in a kind of shuffle , I think that is def a key part of the recovery

Also I can not stress enough getting your bowels loose going into the operation so that it will be easier, I was bound up for a while and then took the biggest crap of my life tonight, I can't tell you what a relief that was...

David 4 years ago

James - please keep us updated on how you are doing. I'm glad you are doing well !! Also do you have ant swelling down there and where does it hurt the most?

JamesWC 4 years ago

So far none of the swelling in the joy department the way others have described, having that massive bowel movement last night was a big relief. I think another key thing is making the transition off the oxycodone as soon as the pain abates enough. Surgery was Tues, today Thurs so I will see if I can hang through that today

Bert 4 years ago

I'm two weeks post-laparoscopic surgery with mesh for a right inguinal hernia. Was "under" for 2 hours, but the actual surgery time was ~25 min. Early morning surgery, but had a heck of a time urinating. I was about an hour from having a cath put in when I finally eeked out enough to permit me to be discharged. Never needed or took a pain pill. Have experienced some pain in right testicle, which seems to be the norm. Was driving the next day (not far from home), resumed my walkingbregimen

Bert 4 years ago

...walking regimen within a few days, and am now up to 5 miles. I'm a Taekwondo Instructor, and am going back to mild workouts and teaching, although I'm not planning on any contact sparring for at least 2 months. I feel pretty lucky considering some of the posts above. Like the suggestion about more supportive underwear. Oh...at age 64, I can't complain!!!

gavin 4 years ago

im 14 and im scared to tell my parents that i have a hernia and im a drummer and im in a marching band and i have carriers tht go on my back and when i put a 30 lb. drum on my hernia it hurts so if i have surgery will i ever be able to pick a drum up ever again????

edward 4 years ago

i had inguinal hernia on my rightside is small when i sleep it gone inside me when i walk then it cumz to my testacles....dr said i should cum for operation nextweek 7june....what procedure is good for me? i hate pain.

david 4 years ago

James - how are you feeling? Also where did the pain hurt the most? On a scale 1-10 10 being the worst - what would you say the worst pain has been and what day? Wish you a speedy recovery !!

gavin 4 years ago

im to scared to tell my parents that i have a hernia plz guys!!!!

david 4 years ago

Gavin - I would advise you to tell your parents. Hernia's (rarely) can become strangulated and cut off the blood supply. Hernia's never get better they only get worse. I would absolutley tell them if I were you.

Chris 4 years ago

Hey guys, just about 100% healed, only thing I have now is a scar and some tenderness once in a while, glad I had it done, working full hours now too. It's worth it in the long run folks!

david 4 years ago

Great news Chris !!

gavin 4 years ago

david-how should i tell them!!! like in what words exact???

David 4 years ago

Gavin - tell them mom or dad I think I might have a hernia and think a doctor should take a look at it. You should tell them though.

JamesWC 4 years ago

David the pain was never "over the top"... when I woke from the surgery it felt bad but the meds they give you shortly there after did the trick

Two days of the pain pills and I was off them.

The first couple of days are tricky especially getting in and out of bed. Getting out of bed you bring your knees up and bend then gradually throw a leg over the bed

and use your arms so you don't twist, Coughing is not wonderful either LOL But stay optimistic time flies and soon its just a memory

gavin 4 years ago

david-if i do have a hernia and get surgery about how long would it take to feel normal again

David 4 years ago

James - I am so happy that everything went well for you. Please continue to keep us updated.

Gavin- if you have the surgery you are not allowed to lift anything heavier then 10 pounds the first 6 weeks. You should start feeling better w/in a week or 2. Like James said soon it will be a memory.

daniel 4 years ago

had open hernia surgery three days ago in vancouver it turned out to be two hernias very slight burn close to scrotum after i tried to hard to have a stool movement otherwise i walk get up and down with no pain at all perhaps i had an excellent surgeon best thing after waiting so long thanks to my surgeon as i have so much relief,i am 66 years old

Simon 4 years ago

Im 30 years old and I'm on the 6th day after having inguinal hernia surgery on the right side. I had open surgery as my hernia was fairly big.

I've suffered all the symptoms as mentioned above. 6 days after surgery and the swelling / bruising has gone down a little but my right testicle is still very painful (feels like someone is constantly squeezing it and aches) I also have the burning sensation where the incision site is and my testicles. I'm trying to keep a little active as recommended but it's painful when I stand up straight and when I walk, I've been taking pain killers regularly since leaving hospital.

Reading the comments above it seems I'm just going to have to ride it out and hopefully things will get better over the coming week. I'm glad I came across this page though as it has reassured me that the after surgery symptoms are all normal. All the best to everyone suffering with this.

david 4 years ago

Simon - are you feeling any better today?

david 4 years ago

Simon - how are you feeling today?

Simon 4 years ago

David - I'm feeling a little better today thank you, the buising / swelling and pain seems to be gradually lessening, the burning sensation isn't as bad as it has been and I'm feeling a bit more comfortable moving around. It's now a whole week since my operation. Hopefully as the week goes on things will keep improving :)

david 4 years ago

Simon - keep us posted. I am glad to hear you are doing better today.

gavin 4 years ago

if i have a hernia surgery will i have a scar from it

David 4 years ago

Gavin- yes

david 4 years ago

James - how are you feeling?

JamesWC 4 years ago

Doing incredibly well, this coming tues will make it 2 weeks out from the surgery and i am walking around , sleeping etc with no pain or complications, never had any numbness or the blue balls like the other folks talked about.

My body is having no problem with the mesh repair, I am also glad it was done lapro for the faster healing time, I am walking 3 miles a day right now to help with the healing

My takeaway from this thread is this surgery will vary greatly from individual to individual due to the extent of the repair and the skill and technique employed by the surgeon, your miles may vary etc

I recommend REX Surgery of Cary North Carolina

david 4 years ago

James - thank you for sharing your story with all of us. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that. It is so nice to hear that this was a success for you. If anything should change please keep us updated.

Thanks again James !!

Alex 4 years ago

I had a ingunial hernia repair in October 2010 it took them 5 months to discover it was a hernia many doctors told me it was a pulled muscle or and I should be fine. After surgery

I had the same swollen testicles horrible pain getting up and sitting down using the restroom. Coughing was also in my situation not a good feeling at all. So it's about a year and a half an I still feel pain after my surgery.like as if something is pulling. It wasn't till about a month in a half ago the pain got worse after intercourse one night i rolled out of bed and walked down stairs and suddenly I fell down with an enormous amount of pain it last about 10 minutes and then faded since then I haven't been able to walk correctly I can't put to much pressure on my left leg with out having to stop and adjust. Sleeping also is hard so is driving staying in one position for long periods of time Hurt so I constantly move to readjust nothing helps. I started feeling shooting pain through my left testical as well and noticed a lump along my groin it happens to apprear and go away I'm not sure why that is. Ever since I got this hernia it made my life so much harder. Pain all the time and the doctors tell me it's normal or to come back in a week to see if the pain is still there. They are sending me to get another ultrasound to see what's going on but that's not until another 3 weeks. I'm 22 and I got my hernia when I was 20 I don't know why I got this I was a fit guy always worked out stayed in shape then this happens. My job requires me to be fit since I'm a soldier in the USARMY. I just wanna know will this ever go away or am I going to have to be constantly in and out of the doctors office. I just wanna live a normal healthy life. And I pray that the bulge I have on my left side goes away. I don't know how much longer i can take this.

If someone is having the same problem let me know I feel as if it's just me.

David 4 years ago

Alex - is this the same side as the original hernia surgery. It sounds like another hernia or recurrence. Did you have open or lap? How did you feel a few days after surgery?

Alex 4 years ago

David - yes it's the same side it was on my left side. I was really hoping I wouldn't read that the first surgery was very painful. I dont wanna have to go through that again. And it was open I have a pretty decent size scar as well I saw about 6 to 7 inches going from the bottom of my pelvic area all the way up to my close to my abs. And I felt horrible constant pain. Constipated when I pushed it hurt coughing as well this lasted about the entire month it was just really bad it felt like I was constantly being stabbed and it feels like that now. But the pain never went away it wasn't as bad as it was in the beginning but bad enough to make me feel lots of discomfort the I got deployed to Afghanistan so idk if that had to do anything with it although I was in pain my surgeon said I should have been fine. Idk if walking or having to carry all my bags is what ruined me more but I haven't been able to get rid of this pain since I got it.

David 4 years ago

Did you have mesh? Also if it is a recurrence they will most likely do it lap. Lap is MUCH easier than open.

Thank you for serving our country!!

worldateam123 4 years ago

It's 11 month since my hernia op. The operation was worse, because the hernia had gone into the right side of my testicles.

I had a spinal which i did not like, due to the size of the hernia - I could not have a local..I also could not and did not want a general, because of existing medical conditions. I had the mesh.

I was in pain excruciating at first, but withing a week the pain was bearable with less painkillers.

Eleven months on I am fine. getting rid of that hernia was worth a few days of pain.

I am left with a little numbness, but to be honest that;s a small price to pay to rid the pesky hernia.

Advice - have a hernia op early, had I had mine before it dropped in my testicles - i could have had a local..Good luck all, I have read horror stories about this op..I am fine, and other who have had this op are fine.

Make sure you are not constipated - take laxatives if need be..Opioid painkillers unfortunately cause constipation, straining is not advisable - so ask GP for appropriate laxatives.

John62 4 years ago

I am 50 and in fairly good shape. I had lapo and the mesh put in 2 weeks ago for a left side inguinal hernia. I had the surgery in the morning and was discharged that afternoon. When I got out of the operation, they told me I had a hernia on the right side also, so they put in the full mesh. In retrospect wish I had stayed in overnight at the hospital -- It was very painful to move around the first 24 hours. I took the pain pills for the first 24 hours then stopped. It was easier to endure the pain, than the dehydration and constipation that the pain pills caused. There was no black and blue, just a lot of swelling of the stomach and groin area. Now that the swelling is down, the left hernia appears to still be there. I am afraid my intestines are going to fuse to the mesh. I saw the doctor last Friday, and he explained that the mesh is smooth on the side towards my hernia and it won't fuse to the intestines. He also told me that it was just swelling and not the hernia. It has been several days since then, and The hernia is still there,only now I cannot work it back into place. I wish I had the traditional surgery.

Simon 4 years ago

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery, the worst of the symptoms have died down now, but I still get discomfort when I'm walking around. My right testicle (the side of the hernia repair) is still quite enlarged and painful. I too keep thinking its the hernia come back but I think it's just swelling as my right testicle is hard to touch where as when I had a hernia it wasn't. Anyone else had this? Think I might haw to see the doctor again just to double check

Dave 4 years ago

I am 3 weeks post bilateral open inguinal hernia repair. 2 three inch incision. The pain was manageable with percoset. Took emetrol for nasia I was experiencing from the perks also took miralax for constipation I knew would happen. Day 1 was getting up to use the bathroom and sitting on the couch to watch tv needed help getting up. Peeing was no problem. Day 2 balls swelled to the size of an orange with bruising on scrotum and penis that was the worst part I though the doctor stood over me with a baseball and beat me while I was out. :) needless to say I feel ok now just have this lump on my left side and it's long and runs into my testickles it dosent really hurt just uncomfortable.

Kathy22 4 years ago from Australia

I am 55, female. I exercise regularly - running and boxing, eat well, I am carrying no excess weight.

I am 5 days post right side open mesh indirect inguinal hernia repair. A 3 inch incision with swelling and bruising above it now turning yellow, I have dissolving sutures, no leakage so far. Numbness below the incision, occasional burning pain at the incision, no pain in my thigh to speak of.

The only pain relief I have had is paracetamol and I probably could have managed well enough without it. I do feel discomfort if I sit upright (say here at my PC) for too long.

I have gone out for ten minute walks since day 2. Standing straight is pain free, bowel movements okay (no narcotic pain relief). The worst thing of all of this was post-op nausea due to the anaesthetic and I get that no matter what I am having done.

Although I haven't spent much time in actual bed rest I have slept a couple of hours longer per day than normal. My appetite has been poor and I've dropped some weight.

Having the repair has gone far better than I expected after reading some of the experiences here - I was thinking of calling off the whole thing as I thought the discomfort would be better than the agony so many have gone through, but it was affecting my running so I went ahead with it. Clearly I have been fortunate so far and I wish anyone else going through this my best.

Jon 4 years ago

I am 4 days out of a right open inguinal hernia surgery with mesh. Pain hasn't been too bad so far and hopefully it doesn't get any worse. Some swelling and very numb around the incision site. Took the pain killers for 2 days and just taking Advil now.

Ted 4 years ago

Had my surgery (inguinal hernia repair) on the 19th of June 1 wk 2 days ago. I did not have too much pain other than when I switched positions. My issue is that the day after the proceedure I noticed that the hernia still seemed to be there. Not being a doctor I called the surgeon and he tried to waylay my concerns with a bunch of hoowie so I thought I would give it some time and him the benefit of the doubt. Now a week into recovery (still no major pain), I still believe that the surgery was not done correctly. The surgeon wont see me before my scheduled followup in mid July (weird by itself) so I am heading to the local ER in the hospital where the proceedure was done. If they say I still have a hernia... someone's going to have some shplaining to do!! Will let you know.

Tina - P mom 4 years ago

My 6 year old son is

6 days post op he is doing great still limited activity wise. Pain was very bad when he woke up. Moms out there worried about the surgery it is very standard they do inguinal hernia repairs all the time. P dances and plays just hard to bend and jump we are going to start swimming soon to help with recovery but all over a successful surgery! Hope everyone else's experience is a good one! There is a knot at incision area but after reading other post sounds like just scar tissue! Good luck to all!

Leigh 4 years ago

Had hernia op 5 days ago

Lots of pain in abs.

Testicles no swelling or bruising

All went well

Jenny 4 years ago

Hello all - thanks for everyone's input, it's nice to hear from other people & especially women as this problem seems to mostly happen to men.

I've had 3 C-sections & and then an abdominal hysterectomy a little less than a year ago. Honestly after the hyster the left side never felt right, and it turned out it was an indirect inguinal hernia. I had an open repair (3.5 inch using part of my C-section incision), with a Marlex PerFix plug. I'm 3 weeks out today and still a little worried because the pain I have is about the same as the pain that I've had since the hyster so it may well be the chronic nerve irritation and makes me wonder if the surgery to fix the hernia was much help at all, other than the original lump isn't noticeable anymore. But now to the side of that it feels quite hard and it seems like I can feel something in there, but maybe it's still inflamed and/or scar tissue. Also about 5 days ago I was just standing at the sink washing my hands and felt a splash on my foot. I first thought the sink had sprung a leak or something until I looked down and realized it was blood, or at least watered down blood. I was really scared and almost went to the ER, but it stopped draining shortly after and the Steri-Strips were mostly still in place so I just went to bed and the next morning it looked pretty much normal. But now that it seems to be a little more tender again and getting the hard bulge back, I'm worried what's going on down there (don't we wish we all had personal ultrasound machines to look under our skin LOL) and debating on whether to make an app w/the surgeon or if it will just be a waste of a copay and he'll say it's normal postop stuff...

Kathy22 4 years ago from Australia

Hi Jenny - re the watery blood, I would have it checked, I had no post op bleeding of any kind even on the first day.

david 4 years ago

James - how are you feeling? I know it's been a few weeks now. Just wondering?

Jenny 4 years ago

Hello again - I'm glad to report the last week it has felt a lot better, almost didn't even need to take ibuprofen except for a headache. I called the surgeon about the drainage and he said he had debated about leaving a drain postop because it was deep down and they took down a lot of scar tissue, but ended up not, and it was probably serosanguineous fluid that would have drained out if they had. The hard lump I felt is getting less and less as times goes on so it's probably the "healing ridge." Well good luck to all the hernia recoverees!

Red 4 years ago

29 year old male. Had open inguinal surgery with mesh in mid-April. First 10 days was the worst, but after I got past the tremendous post-op pain and began walking normally I felt encouraged in my recovery. Went to the doctor for a check up after 3 weeks and he gave the okay to go back to work after 4 1/2 weeks. I explained that I have a very physical job (reason for hernia in the first place) and he still said I was good to go. Now almost 4 months later and I'm still having what I call "annoying pain". Nothing excruciating, but just enough to know that I had surgery. I'm always checking the incision area to make sure everything's still in place, and of course it is, so maybe it's the mesh adjusting??? I'm just wondering when I'm gonna feel normal again.

Ern 4 years ago

I had the same op 12 months ago..The hernia was so big, it dropped into the testicles.

The pain at first is bad, standing upright is impossible..But in a few days the pain is bearable..I am no doctor, but IMO pain relief will be provided, and is best used at the beginnings.

@ Red - I still get small amounts of pain after 12 months..It's where the is a little nerve damage...not painful at all..and better than a big lump.

If you have a physical job, make sure you lift properly - Get advice on safe lifting.

groulg 4 years ago

hi all, had my op 3 weeks ago..was up and walking 2 hours after i woke up. they put a mesh in as it was large. it was nice to look down and not see a large lump and 3 nads. went home next day, ok so its sore but please just get on with it, and it is a bit awkward to get up from sitting, and in and out of bed..now the scar (6inches) is getting like im trying to hide a small cuccumber under my skin, but a lot of this is normal, and will go down again after the healing process..please move around as much as possible, ..sod the pain killers, and eat plenty of fibre...take fibre jel or something, and drink plenty of water...hope you all mend well, and good luck in the future.

Pk 4 years ago

It's been 8 months since my repair with the plug and mesh. Pain never subsided after surgery - it felt as is the surgeon left a scalpel inside me. I couldn't work or drive and had a hard time walking. The surgeon didn't acknowledge my pain level and even suggested anti-depressants suggesting that the pain was "in my head.". I found another surgeon that removed the plug and cut some nerves 4 months ago. That helped with the worst pain but I am still having problems - cant do anything more then walk, sex hurts like hell, and urination is still a problem.

Rather frustrating considering I did not have any pain prior to the surgery. Make sure you talk to your doctor about side effects - none of this was ever discussed prior to the initial surgery.

RMH 4 years ago

I just wanted to add to this because the comments on here are so negative and fearmongering, I wanted to tell my experience. If I had paid attention to the comments on here I never would have had the surgery. I had inguinal surgery a month ago. Was not exactly pleasant but I had very minor and bearable pain. Was walking around the next day and back to work 4 days later. I am now back at full force at the gym and there is a little soreness by almost none. So glad I did it and was lucky to have a great surgeon and great nurses and staff!

4 years ago

just testing

4 years ago

Hi everyone. Wish these surgeries would be easier on everyone...

i'm an active 53 year old female in good health, not overweight. had 3 previous Cesarian sections while in my 20's.

last Nov. 2011 went to ER with abdomen/right groin pain beyond belief & nausea from another planet. Doc thought kidney stone at 1st but CT confirmed a STRANGULATED FEMORAL Hernia.

Open emergency hernia surgery performed immediately. not much time before you croak. Small bowel was strangulated. Per surgeon small bowel was black as S**T. He was able to release it. It "pinked back up" & he was able to save it. Plug & patch put in.

Doc said Femoral hernias - quite rare. If they do occur it's usually in WOMEN and they are much more prone to strangulate. Terribly painful - 4 day hospital stay. would have preferred another C-section.

Recovered for the most part but still a hard knot size of an egg at surgery area. never went away. knot larger when standing than lying down. Went back to 1st surgeon - had no answers... Went to Primary care doc - ordered another CT. results - No abnormalities.

June 2012. Still large knot ... So met with another surgeon (Chief Surgeon) & schedule surgery 7/25/12. ordered an ultrasound in standing up & laying down positions - results, again No abnormalities! Met with this surgeon again few days prior to surgery. So what is it? He said it's DEFINITELY another FEMORAL Hernia. Ultrasound study was garbage! I asked him, ever seen one like this before? YEP. Ever fixed one like this? YEP. Can you fix this one? YEP. Will I be better? YEP, you'll be PERFECT.

5 days post op and have to say, this 2nd surgery was so much easier than the first. In-Out, home in afternoon. Had a slight problem urinating right after surgery - said bladder was still asleep and IF sphincter had closed shut, they'd have to catheterize if i couldn't go. Thank God i did. About PERFECT??? Not sure yet...

For all women out there - watch out for that one. Not quite sure if Femoral can happen in Guys. Mine was in the groin area & bowel had popped thru "the very tight femoral space". This last surgeon thought initially he'd put in Pig Skin instead of mesh depending on what he saw when he got in. The femoral artery, which supplies all the blood to the right leg is very close and he definitely didn't want that damaged. He wound up putting in more mesh (not sure why or what kind but will find out at post op appt).

GUYS - I truly respect the fact that everyone's situation is very different. Something to consider maybe ... My Physical Therapist, (treating unrelated back problem) is male. He recently had left & right inguinal repair. He had his Urologist perform the surgery. He thought his urologist would be more fine tuned about specifics of the male area, and had more faith in him versus a general surgeon. His surgery went very well and he did not speak of any problems or lasting pain. i'll check back with him & keep you posted if i learn anything different.

A few things i've learned from these experiences...

If taking narcotic pain killers - Definitely take stool softener starting Day ONE (or even before). Don't strain - it needs to FALL OUT.

I was cautioned STRONGLY by last surgeon - DO NOT COUGH.

Personal thoughts... i'm not lifting anything heavy AGAIN!

Question for anyone out there? 5 days out and yes, still some swelling & another hard knot in surgery area, but not quite like last time. Anyone know, does it really ever go away?

4 years ago

Please check following link for hernia repair without mesh.


owch 4 years ago

JACK - Bang on the money! Couldn't of put it any better!!

Karl 4 years ago

Hi, I'm now on my 3rd day since open Inguinal hernia.

First day was pain-free as I'm guessing I was still charged with anaesthetics/painkillers.

Day 2 was similar, although

previously numbed areas slowly came back to sensation as feeling a little bruised. But later in the day I started experiencing severe burning pain below my incision, running down to the left side of the scrotum - which intensifies when walking or applying pressure onto that side. Please tell me this is normal as the pain is so intense and unpredictable and I'm worried that it may not fade/heal over time.

The burning pain happens occasionally whilst lying down, but although still piercing, is not as severe as when standing. The area of incission is mainly comfortable whilst lay down.

In the toilet scenario Im having no trouble with #1's, but I'm yet to experience the need for #2 although I do feel quite bloated at the moment.

Since surgery, I've realised just how much of everyday movement revolves from stomach muscles. Simply clearing my throat or blowing my nose becomes such a strain. Getting out of bed becomes an unwelcome fight with myself that I'm hoping I'll be able to look back and laugh at!!

Overall I'm starting to regret surgery as I was coping fairly well with my small hernia. Just beggining to get worried about this searing burning pain in the groin? Can anyone tell me if this was a case for themselves and how long i should expect it to last? Thanks

Jim 4 years ago

My story sounds exactly like yours Karl. I had a left Inguinal Hernia repaired on 6/12/12. Even though my surgeon is well known for his laporoscopic procedures, he wanted to use the open procedure with mesh since the stats show less complications and repeats. As the nerves started to come back to life, I experienced off and on burning that ranged from mild to extreme (neuropathic pain)... like a red-hot knife or the sting of a wasp. The pain seemed to move to different places below the incision area and even would "light up" my inner, upper left thigh once in a while. After my first week I noticed the burning started to slowly subside and it took about 4 to 5 weeks to stop. The only thing that was left was some numbness below the incision and I would get a heavy feeling in the inguinal area once in a while if I exerted myself. It is now almost 8 weeks out and I have to say I feel about 90% back to normal. Still a little numbness below the incision but I don't notice it. I worked out with dumbells (up to 25lb) today, 20 reps per set, and had no problems. So hang in there... and don't rush anything. After all that you went thru, you don't want to re-injure the area. They say it heals back stronger than when it was healthy muscle. Now I am focusing on MILD core exercises, like planks, to strengthen my abs and "maybe" prevent the right side from blowing out. I really don't want to go thru that again. Remember, sneeze and cough gently and no straining on the pot : )

Kathy22 4 years ago from Australia

Update . Seven weeks post-op now after open mesh inguinal repair. Very slight residual burning at site of hernia, occasional pain down my thigh. Spent the last few days at work lifting boxes of files as we moved offices, a lot of lifting, no problems in groin (my back is another story). I am back to running most days. In my case having the repair was a good move and has worked well.

Karl 4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Jim. Still early days but the burning seems to be happening less frequent, but still at times just as severe. Just getting a little more comfortable on my feet. Struggling to believe that my surgeon believes I should be fit to return to heavy duty lifting/twisting/digging work within 4weeks??? I'm thinking I'm gonna need to challenge my Doc for some more time to heal.

Ernie 4 years ago

I had an open inguinal hernia with strangulation of the left testicle and the testicle had to be removed. It is now 8 days since the operation, and all in all it could be much worse. My problem was I had an infection in the scrotum area before the surgery , that was unknown to myself or the doctor, but since it was an emergency the doctor did what he had to do. On the third day after surgery I started to pee blood. Lots of blood! I am still passing a little blood and it's starting to freak me out! I am on antibiotics and the doctor says to stay on the for two weeks and he will then test my urine. Has any one else had this problem? I 63 years old and don't need any more surgerys, I've already had my share.

grusilag 4 years ago

Wanted to share my experience so folks could get as many viewpoints as possible. I had TEP laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery with mesh yesterday (Aug 16th). TEP seems to be the currently favored way of doing laparoscopic surgery. I spoke to my doctor about possible complications and especially the chronic pain that a large percentage of people feel after hernia repair. He told me that he had not encountered those issues with his patients and that the high percentage numbers reflected open surgery rather than TEP. Anyway, he made me feel confident enough to go through with it.

I was out of the hospital in about 4 hrs. I had no problems peeing which is what they want you to do before discharging you. Came home and the hardest part was dealing with the after effects of general anesthesia. Felt groggy and nauseated which made it hard to eat and stand and I felt extremely weak and exhausted. Each walk to the bathroom completely winded me and made me dizzy and I felt like vomiting. But the good part is, while the anasthesia is still in you, the abdominal pain is fairly minimal. I didn't even take the prescribed pain killers yesterday.

Today, day 2, is a different story. Around 5 am the anasthesia had completely left my body - I know this because I was woken up by the pain in my abdomen. Good news is that the nausea is gone and my hunger came back. Ate a full breakfast which strengthened me. But the pain is pretty bad. Had to start taking the pain killers (Hydrocodon). Its totally bearable while I'm lying down or reclining but the problem is that you need to walk fairly often and slowly ramp up the activity. Right now even a short walk to the bathroom is so painful that I start sweating and feeling feverish. I think I'll take much shorter walks but more often and see how that goes.

More updates to come.

David 4 years ago

How many hernias did you have. Please continue to post updates. On a Scale from 1-10 10 being the worst what would you say the worst pain felt so far is? Thank you and feel better!!

Jay 4 years ago

I just had a herni operation on Wednesday. This is my second one I had in my life, i had one about 15 to 20 years ago. The operation went well but what comes after is not pleasant. The pain comes and goes, I can hardly move or walk, getting up out of a chair is close to impossible because you don't even realize that you use your stomach muscles to get out of a chair until you have an operation like this. I have to pee but can't and when I finally do it will start and stop and come out very slow just a bit faster than a trickle and it will almost spray out in different directions. even though I have eaten a lot since I got home I can not poop, I feel like I have to a few times but I sat there for so long my legs fell a sleep. Woke up this morning and had to take a wicked pee and when I stood there nothing came out. Still feel like I gotta poop and pee but I am scared to get up because of the pain I might cause myself. If your one of those guys that goes by the rule "No pain no gain" Ha-Ha-Ha. you will have a different opinion when or if this ever happens to you.

david 4 years ago

Jay- did you have open or lap?

worldateam123 4 years ago

@jay - I had all this 14 months ago..Yes standing up is so hard, that brings the pulling pains,,If you wanna use the toilet, make sure you have got a suitable laxative from your doctor..They know the best laxative for you..Help your doctor and eat high fibre foods..Don't know why you can't pee...If it's the pain you are bothered about, then peeing is not that bad. If you just can't pee. Contact your doctor..The pain is at it;s worst in the 1st three says, it hurts after all you have been cut..The pain does not last that long, getting better with every day after the first week, I had open surgery and after reading this thread, I am glad I did..

Musere profile image

Musere 4 years ago from West Los Angeles, California

The first three days after the surgery are the most challenging. I had to crawl out of bed and walk slowly with those sharp pains where the incision was made. The pain then gradually subsides over the days. I gt the surgery 5 days ago; and today I walked six miles and I did not any of the prescribed hydrocodone/ acetaminophen. The pain is subsiding, the bandages are still there. I wonder when they should be removed. I am scheduled to see the surgeon again (post-op) in two weeks time. But before that I will likely visit the surgery section to see about the bandage getting removed. But it is water-proofed, so I can shower as usual.

Robby 4 years ago

32 year old male. Had bilateral open inguinal surgery with mesh Friday morning. It is now 6:30 AM Sunday morning and I have just finished reading every post on this site as I have been walking laps around my kitchen island since waking up in tears at 4:30 to use the restroom (#1 of course). I want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences as it has made the last 2 hours pass by but also make it comforting to know there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

I have experienced all the same symptoms as most of you; swollen/discolored testicles, severe abdomen pain(especially when getting out of bed in the AM), and incision pain. I only remember one post talking about the pain balls. I was equipped with a man-purse(aka satchel) carrying 72 hours of numbing meds for my incisions. They will be pulled from my body on Monday AM by my very loving wife.

Oh btw…my wife is a CRNA, so that has been a blessing due to the fact she has been involved many times with this type of surgery and handpicked my surgeon. Although I'm only 2 days in the pain seems to only subside as I walk. I am very worried about the size/discoloring of my testies, but after reading everything I have been comforted, and for that I thank you all. I feel I have been rambling but it has been very therapeutic to walk in circles and type about my experience. Thanks for the open forum. I will update in a few days. Thank you.

David 4 years ago

Robby - please keep us updated on how your doing. On a 1-10 pain scale what would you say the most pain you have been. I am suppose to get lap tep 1 hernia on each side. Is there a reason why you didn't get lap. Get well soon!

Robby 4 years ago

David- This was my first surgery and first time in a hospital for any procedure. I would say pain is a 3 walking around. 10 when I have to get out of bed. I don't consider myself to be a hardass, pain-taking, SOB so it may be closer to a 7 for others.

There wasn't any particular reason I didn't do lap, just the fact the Dr. didn't offer it. We had discussed it but the main difference in recovery time wasn't even brought up. My wife had described the difference in the 2 procedures but has no knowledge of post-op differences.

Robby 4 years ago

By the way, thank you for your concern.

Ernest 4 years ago

@Robby. Given a choice now..Would you still have open surgery?..I did and reading on the Internet open groin hernia surgery although painful at first, seems to have less complications.

I am not a doctor or a nurse..But IMO with open surgery the surgeon has more room to work..I also was not given a choice, glad I was not as I am satisfied with my op.

The worst pain in the first day or so is standing up straight..Not possible IMO as the pain is so burning, does not last many days though. After 13 0r 14 months I get a small amount of numb pain...Does not bother me as it is only damaged nerve pain. I still take care lifting, I don't carry weights that two should carry..I get a lift..

Robby 4 years ago

Sorry Ernest. I replied yesterday but it didn't post. I would do the open surgery again. The idea of them blowing my insides up does not sound appealing. I mostly just went with what my wife recommended. She said she felt the open would be better so that's the route I took.

David 4 years ago

Robby - I am surprised about your surgeon recommending open vs lap. With lap they can look for other hernia and repair with one inscision rather than 2 separate. Also almost everywhere I look on the Internet says there is considerable less risk of complications with lap vs open. I am glad yours went well.

David 4 years ago

I was also told to look at it like patching a leak. It's better to patch from inside rather than the outside so the pressure of the water holds the patch in place. Just a different perspective.

Ernest 4 years ago

@David - Robby was not given a choice, and neither was I. Like I have said I am not a doctor, but I do know that if you have open, they can spot other problems just like they can with a Lap..Also with a lap they are cramped for room, with open everything is there before the doctors..Both Robby and i are sine of open, lots of people who have had Laps have complained the most on nets sites like this...I watches a u tube on both procedures, and that made me glad I was give pen without choice.Just my opinion David, fact is though apart from first week..Pain was not that bad. @ Robby..I agree with your reasons, and glad you are fine,,

Musere profile image

Musere 4 years ago from West Los Angeles, California

Open vs. laparoscopic? With me tehre was no debate about that when they gave me the surgery appointment. All I wanted was a competent specialist to heal me. At the pre-op appointment, the surgeon said they would apply the mesh. Maybe only open inguinals are done at Kaiser Permanente in West Los Angeles. But in retrospect, about 10 years ago an appendectomy was performed on me--and that was laparoscopic. Comparatively, at least in my case, the appendix cuts heal quite faster than the inguinal surgery. As for the inguinal, it is now 7 days since I had it; and the pain eases down as the days go by. But I know that with such cuts and procedures, scar tissue heals only gradually; and the surgeons discourage strenuous and heavy-lifting activity for at least 4-6 weeks. I plan to walk six miles, this evening. Seems that being moderately active and eating nutritious foods speeds up the healing process.

ben 4 years ago

Hey im gettibg a hernia repaired and im worried about the pain after my cousin said it dnt hurt abd he was fine after surgery but reading all theses makes me want to cancell surgery it sounds horrible after surgery and i have to use my abs to get up and down and i dont like the idea of my balld being sore and swallen and blue

david 4 years ago

Ben - are you having lap or open?

Musere profile image

Musere 4 years ago from West Los Angeles, California

Ben, go ahead and get the surgery. It is said that hernias get worse over time. Also, every hernia has it's characteristics. Some or mild, some are in-between, some are extreme emergency cases. Mine was not an emergency case, but it became more irritating over time. Well, after getting cut expect some pain during the first couple of days to a week. But the painkillers help. I was on hydrocodone, but I stopped taking it less than a week aftr the surgery. Yes, as this forum shows, some hernia repairs were much less tolerable than others.

Ernest 4 years ago

Ben..As Muses says, get the op over and done with..i just had a lump, I left it and it dropped into me testicles..Making the op that bit bigger..It could have strangulated, but i understand this is not the norm..It's an emergency if it does.

The pain is real,,but look it's only when moving..Standing is hard for the 1st three days, by then the worsts is over and I take painkillers for another complaint, so that never was a problem..when not moving, I found it easy and pain free to get in a comfy almost pain free position. I never had blue or swollen testicles, but it seems some have. My pain was in the groin only, we are all different..But tell you what..I am typing now with no hernia, pain free..In a month or so, you will wonder what the fuss was about.

Robby 4 years ago

@ Ben. I agree with not waiting. I noticed the bump on Tuesday and had my surgery Friday. It is now 7 days later and I am 1000 times better. I still have a little pain but nothing compared to the first few days. It is gonna hurt afterwards, that's a guarantee. It's just a few days though. As long as you have someone that will help you while you are home with getting out of bed and other things it's that much easier. I had a great surgeon so maybe that's why I'm feeling better so quickly. My wife has babied the shit out of me and that was a plus too. Bottom line is don't wait.

ben 4 years ago

I had my lap op and if i may sy f#&% it hurts im day 3 and ppppain kille arein

t workinl

worldateam123 4 years ago


Three days ain't long..If painkiller are not working..Phone doctors for some that are stronger. Not long before the pain starts to fade..first three days are the worst. Gets better slowly, but surely.

david 4 years ago

3 days after lap you shouldn't be feeling severe pain. Maybe the first day but certainly not after 3 days. I agree in calling the doctor. Please keep us updated.

Robby 4 years ago

@ Ben

Well it's been a week now so if you still have pain then I would definitely call your doctor tomorrow.

Robby 4 years ago

It's day 16 for me and all is better. My testicles are still a little enlarged but there is no pain there anymore so yay for me. I did discover today that the crease where my leg meets my groin is still a little numb. Has anyone else experienced this? I haven't read anything about this being normal. Just curious to know when to expect the feeling to come back.

worldateam123 4 years ago


It's normal for areas near your groin to be numb..Just down to nerve damage during the op..I had it, and still do even after more than a years lapse..Although it's now negligible.

I am not a doctor or nurse, just a person who has had a hernia op, like the rest on this thread.

Goes without saying, that any extreme pain or excessive numbness, go to your docs.

Personally you are just experiencing the same symptoms as i did.

grusilag 4 years ago

I posted a little over 6 weeks ago about the results of my TEP lap surgery (right inguinal hernia only). Wanted to give some updates. To keep it brief I was on pain killers for about 3-4 days. Most of it was spent in bed with some short walks here and there. It was definitely painful but the pain decreased with each day. I was also constipated.. didn't have a motion until day 4 and constipation continued until day 6 or so. After that it wasn't too bad. I avoided pushing at all costs and that helped.

After reading so many reviews about quick recoveries I thought I should attempt to go to work on day 5 (I have a desk job). That was a mistake. I was clearly not ready. The usual 5 min walk from the parking garage to the office took nearly 20 min. Normal bumps and shakes in the car really hurt. About 2 hours after being at work I really wanted to go home. I spent the rest of the week working from home, getting better each day. The real breakthrough came on day 12. I was able to start walking far distances - over 45 min walks each day.

About 5 weeks later I was cleared for all physical activity. The surgeon warned me that I may still feel a bit sore depending on what I do. I currently go on light jogs and do some light stretching. I have not really done any weight lifting though I plan on starting. I have only one visible scar just under my belly button - about half an inch long. The other scar has healed completely and cannot be seen at all.

One thing I will say in favor of TEP lap surgery - I had no swollen testicles and really only minimal swelling in the lower abdominal area. I don't know if this is because of the difference in surgical method or simply a peculiarity of my own situation but thought I'd share.

My one complaint is this - I still have some pain/discomfort near the top of my hip bone... far away from where my hernia was. I asked the surgeon what this could be and he explained that the mesh goes all the way up and to the side to my right hip bone. This soreness (it almost feels like I walked too close to a door and the doorknob accidentally hit my hip bone as I was walking by) comes and goes. Its really not a big deal but I am hoping to be completely pain free at some point. I'll keep increasing the physical activity and hope that this soreness goes away completely.

Mark 4 years ago

Had mesh installed 5 days ago done in miami at a hernia specialist

The procedure itself was great I think the key is pain meds and useing

As needed for a few days, get up a few times a day light walks etc etc,

I still have discomfort around scar area and sharp pains once in a while

And I will discuss with my doctor but I lived With a huge bilge for 3 years and glad I went through it.. If anyone knows what the sharp pain with a burn is at the scar area let me know , Good luck..

Anthony Binks profile image

Anthony Binks 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

Oh brilliant.

I am due in for my inguinal hernia surgery in two weeks but am regretting it after reading all you comments.

Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones that won't have much pain....

I have already had a Vescotemy and it wasn't too bad so I am hoping this will be similar but I have a bad feeling it won't.

David 4 years ago

After any surgery you will experience some type of pain. Remember the majority of the people who have this surgery will go on to be fine. Make sure you have an experienced surgeon and you should be fine. Please keep us updated as to how you are doing. Are you having open or lap?

Anthony Binks profile image

Anthony Binks 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

Not sure David, I think it is open but will come back once I have it done and let you kow how I am getting on.

To tell you the truth, the bulge is getting bigger and I can constantly feel it pushing out when I cough or sneeze so I will be glad to see it fixed.

david 4 years ago

Anthony - how are you doing?

Anthony Binks profile image

Anthony Binks 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

3 and half weeks in David and I have to admit it wasn't too bad.

I was a bit swore for a few days after it and in reality the worst was over after the first day, Doc told me that I wasn't to lift anything for at least four weeks and I should be 90% healed by the sixth week.

I had open surgery and the scar isn't too bad but I have keloid which means it will protude out a bit.

I have to say the worst part for me is not being able to do some sort of exercise, I like to be very active and finding not being able to go to the gym, out for a run or mountain biking to be the hardest part.

david 4 years ago

Was the pain ever excruciating? Also, did you ever have the " black and blue" testicals that everyone on here has had? I am glad you are doing well !! Please continue to keep us updated.

Anthony Binks profile image

Anthony Binks 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

I wouldn't say it was ever excruciating. At the worst it was sore...

No black and blue testicals either but my penis was bruised at the bottom of the shaft and there was mild pain in my testicals. I am going to try a bit of light swimming tomorrow and will let you know how it goes.

SteveQld 4 years ago

Hi I had my surgery only 3 days ago and I thought I better add a good news story as well, mine was done laparoscopically with mesh and it is great. Sure it hurts a bit after the operation but the pain was well controlled with ibuprofen and indocide I don't even have to worry about the dressings for 7 days as they used waterproof and I just take them off then no stiches either. I am no longer using any pain medication and walking ok, not running of course but can drive. It's a bit painful getting up or down but sitting, standing or lying down are fine, sure I know something has been done to my body but I think it will all be good in a few days. I could have gone to work 2 days after but I will go back on Monday 5 days after the op. The only issue I had was passing out after the operation a couple of times but that is normal for me as I am phobic about doctors and hospitals etc. My surgeon specialises in this process and does 5 or 6 every Wednesday so I guess he's had lots of pratice. In fact we just had a bit tropical storm here and I had to run around closing up the house upstairs and down and no problems, just running a bit hunched and a bit of brusing on the top of my testicals and bottom of my penis. All good so far and I hope op will be a success long term because I have had the pain for a few years and didn't do anything about it.

Brad 4 years ago

Had right inguinal hernia repair almost 2 months ago. I had my hernia for 6 years. I was never so ready to have surgery in my life. Boy how I was wrong to wish for it. The first week was hell! Never felt more helpless in my life, big thanks to my wife for everything! Pain eventually subsided, went back to work about a week and a half later, been getting better and better since. However, I have a small grape sized lump in my scrotum above my right testicle. Not really painful but definitely know its there. I have read some things on it and it sounds like it will go away after time but anyone know what this is and have a little more info to offer me to possibly help ease my mind?

Bruce 4 years ago

guys im in 5 weeks now after sugery...feeling some numbness near in my scar it is normal??? if i touch it ..it hurts a little bit

Robby 4 years ago

Hey guys. Been trying to find some info regarding my latest post-op pain. I'm almost at 5 mths post-op and I went back to my dr yesterday due to a stinging pain just above my incision on one side. Hurts like hell. He told me everything is in place and that its just strained. Gave me a muscle relaxer for a week and told me to ice it down. Has anyone else experienced this type of pain so long after their surgery and if so what did you do to fix it?

Robby 3 years ago

Well after 2 more visits he seems to think that I may have damaged the muscle that he stitched the mesh to. I have one more week of "taking it easy" and will return. If the pain is still there he will schedule a surgery to see what's going on. I'm so excited about that possibility I could just chew nails right now.

Anthony Binks profile image

Anthony Binks 3 years ago from Northern Ireland

Oh christ, that sounds real bad.

I hope they sort it out for you with as little pain as possible.

Joe 3 years ago

Am worried I have a hernia so I'm going in soon to have it checked out. The comments on here have made me feel better about the whole thing so I wanted to leave a comment. Will let you know how it goes.

Been_There_Done_That_Twice 3 years ago

I am 59 and had inguinal hernia repair done on both sides (once each) during the course of six months of 2012. Both were non-laporoscopic. No major problems so far, and I was away from work for 2 weeks each time. I was scared the first time around because I had black and blue and swollen testicles the first time, the third night . It was most alarming but what was galling was that the (on-call) surgeon did not think it was anything to worry about! Luckily I found this site and was re-assured. I lay down on the recliner or bed too much the first time, though. Should have been on my feet most of the time, like the surgeon said. So, the second time I stayed on my feet a lot by taking up a new hobby - cooking. The recovery was much better. Also, the testicles were pretty normal the second time. I did not use anything beyond strong doses of Advil (4 caplets = 800 mg at a time) because I dislike the after effects of narcotics. But the Advil was enough to deal with the pain. So, good luck to all who are contemplating this; hope this helps.

Tim 3 years ago

On day 6 after laproscopic bi-lateral inguinal hernia repair. It hurts, yes, but is bearable and very worth it. My doctor gave me some awesome advice: buy 3 or 4 pairs of under armour (or other compression shorts) and wear them all the time for 4-6 weeks. For me, the only time I'm in any real pain is when I don't have them on, like in the shower.

rob 3 years ago

I have burning sensation in left testicle after open ligunial hernia poat op. Its been 4days. I pray it goes away. I'm off work as a PT n need 2 b able 2 lift beyond 50lbs

rob 3 years ago

So my question: is this normal and how long b4 it goes away. I have no b/blue testicles, slight swelling at opsite, no other pain other than sharp stabbing pain from my left nut. Takes my breath away n makes me yell out.

Judy 3 years ago

I had inguinal hernia about 5 years ago, and had to surgically remove it.

The pain was horrible. I was afraid to sneeze because the pain was extreme the first few days. After the 5th day, I went back to school and went on to my everyday life. It has been many years that I had my surgery, but I still feel the mesh very uncomfortable and hot. I know a mesh inside my body is not suppose to feel very normal, but this hot sensation and mild pain worries me. The doctor told me that the mesh was for life, but I was able to take it out whenever I wanted to through surgery of course. Is that pain and hot sensation common? Which type of doctor can really help me? Are there any specific tests or post surgery check ups that I could take? Please advise.

Judy 3 years ago

Having rt. inguinal surgery tomorrow.....

75yr.old healthy female....

Before I read comments, I was not worried about surgery or pain.

Now I am concerned.....But needs to be repaired so I guess will just hope for the best.....

Stuartb260599 3 years ago

I had bi-lateral inguinal hernia surgery 3 weeks ago. Walking much better but still mild pain. 4 or 5 days after the operation I some how managed to slip coming down the carpeted stairs, did not go head over heels, legs were in front of me and backside bounced off couple of steps, slipped down 4 or 5 steps. Didn't think much of it at the time Now wondering if I caused any damage or if hernia reoccured. Anyone???

Chris 3 years ago

Hey everyone,

Sorry to read all of these posts AFTER choosing surgery, but hopefully everything will work out. I wasn't really even having pain, just went in for a checkup, and knew that insurance might be changing soon, so was recommended to have the surgery. My right side was medium and left side was small.

I am on day 13 after having bilateral inguinal laparoscopy. I feel like I've taken some steps backward. The first day was nausea, throwing up, from the hydrocodone and 12 intense hours trying to urinate. After day 1, I just took ibuprofen and Tylenol, with pain but not unbearable.

The second day was an intense 12 hours trying to have a BM. I am glad I did that by day 2 btw, heard stories of problems waiting any longer, but I had to take miralax and a suppository.

By day 3, I was moving about well, just painful mostly from changing position. I didn't have any swelling, lumps, or bruising anywhere. I was walking around slowly every few hours.

Day 7, I went back to work, but had a severe panic attack or some kind of episode where I couldn't breathe well, and got very dizzy, after eating lunch. Day 8, at post op, the surgeon tried to convince me it was from the remains of the anesthesia. I figured blood clots. 3 more days and 3 less severe but similar episodes followed by an intense episode of dizziness sent me to the ER on day 11. They did a chest CT and found no clots, but the dr said they could have been really small but big enough to cause loss of breath.

I also started to notice that the spot I was having burning pain in seemed to be getting worse each morning instead of better after about day 8. Since day 1, my waste on right side just below my stomach can burn intensely, or feels like ripping, when I twist too fast, get up too fast, or even just brush my finger across the area lightly over the skin, leading me to believe it is a nerve thing. Some days went by, and this area didn't hurt at all, other days it hurt all day long. Then again, it hurts when I cough or use the bathroom.

Finally, after visiting the ER, I started taking aspirin daily, and I've had no episodes since (2 days now), but intense nausea. I also had leg pain in my thigh that was starting to form that subsided since taking the aspirin. I am entirely convinced I am having clots.

I had the mesh as well. Hoping this will resolve by week 3...but I do understand the entire healing process takes over a year. Frustrating, because now I question whether I should have even done this!

Angie 3 years ago

OMGosh this is the worse pain I have every felt. I had a hysterectomy 8/15/13 where they found bilateral inguinal hernias. I had lap hernia repair w/ mesh on 9/25/13. 4 days out and it hurts to move. I have been moving to the bathroom w/ stair trips 2 x a day (getting kids to school) but am still very nauseous and sore :( I feel the need to go to the bathroom but nothing happens bowel wise and I am NOT pushing anything!!! send hubs for some prunes and spinach so we will see how that goes. After the hysterectomy I was up and about 3 days after surgery with no major or minor problems, sent my mother home, who was helping me...and man do I want her back (that should speak VOLUMES on how bad this pain is!!! )

Nickie 3 years ago

I had hernia repair with a mesh two months ago. I was ok but for the past few days I have been having bubbling gas pain in the area. Can someone please share similarexperience.

Nickie 3 years ago

I had hernia repair with a mesh two months ago. I was ok but for the past few days I have been having bubbling gas pain in the area. Can someone please share similarexperience.

Fish plaps 3 years ago

Had both hernias repaired ( one on each side of my groin) 4 days on I am still in as much pain as I was when I woke up from the surgery. Trying to get out of bed is like being a turtle on its back. I cant believe how sore my tummy muscles are. I feel like I have done 200 sit ups. i have constant pain even when lying down my incisions hurt like hell. And had to get movicol from the doctor yesterday to try help me do an number two still waiting for that to kick in. Yup got the sharp stinging pain that takes your breath away when I try to stand up and walk. Its all pretty depressing and nothing could have set me up for the pain.

Jonnyd 3 years ago

I had my first surgery ever 48 hours ago, laproscopic and apparently had both a direct and indirect hernia. I have taken a couple Percocet per day, and advil, haven't had a BM yet but otherwise am on the laptop and walking around the house. It hurts when I cough and when I stand, but I'm moving. No nightmares yet like many of the posts on the forum. I was walking around same day, thankfully.

Jonnyd 3 years ago

Just thought I'd add-- after 36 hours I feel little pain, just taking some advil. Walked about 8000 steps the last two days. Finally went to bathroom.... all is good for me right now.

Angela S 3 years ago

Omg! I am literally in tears after reading all the reviews. I añ a 25 year old female.. Never had any surgeries and after reading all this.. I really hope its not as bad as everyones saying! Im scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning and am scared shitless now! I will let everyone know how it went after. :(

Angela S 3 years ago

Also id like to add since their arent as many females.with Ingunal.Hernias. That apparently i was born with a weak spot or hernia.They said more common to happen to people who were born premature. Which i was about 9 weeks early. The hernia wasnt really detected until more recently when working out at the gym more and afyer feeling pain at the site of the hernia (my right side) after running for 6 miles. Ingunal hernias are harder to diagnose in women apparently. Ahh well wish me.luck tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions on what will help recover faster or help with the pain, please let me know. Im such a baby when it comes to pain as it is.. Little lone reading all your horrifying stories :/ Thank You

Angela S 3 years ago

So Its Day 1. Had Surgery At Abt 9:20AM. I was super scared.. They gave me.a versitile "cocktail" to calm my nerves. Rolled.me into the operating.room gave ne the Propofol and I was out.. Not even remembering i fell asleep next thing you know i wake up in recovery . Everything went well. The only thing i had was when i stood up or moved around i had nausea after for about 4 hours from the anastesia. Had them.give.me.two doses of Zofran and i was.out by 12:45pm and on my way home.

Angela S 3 years ago

Had the Right Ingunal Hernia Repair Done. No Mesh Was Needed.The size of the hernia hole was about the size.of a.dime.the surgeon had said. And that it was present since.birth. And that when i was a baby a small piece of intestine mush have gotten caught in the hole not allowing the stomache wall to completely close. It is now abt 6:30 PM. Still not alot of pain. Havent had to take.any meds yet. They did say they.gave me sone type of pain meds after the surgery and i dont know.if the meds.have fully worn off yet. In hoping the pain.level which feels like just alittle.pressure or

Angela S 3 years ago

Or alittle discomfort but nothing that ive had to tske the narcs for yet. Im hopung if i wake uo feeling like this tomorrow i wont even need the norcos they gave me and that tylenol would.work just fine :) i also have little.to no swelling at the site and its just barely bruised at the incision. So far i can ealk aroubd with alittle discomfort when getting up and down but movibg slowly i am.fine. Deffinately feels good to look.down and not see a.small lump! Just alittle paranoid and hope it never comes bacj! Which is only a.10% chance anyways. Well there you go. So far so good. And pretty satusfyed. Deffinately nit.like.what all the other.posts are saying abt pain so far.:) was super scared but.either i got really.lucky l, had a good.surgeon or both :) ill post.later or.tomorrow if the pain gets.bad. If nor then assune.all.went well. Good Luck :)

Darren 3 years ago

I got left side Inguinal Hernia repaired with open surgery and mesh. The first 2 days I had some pain. Now on day 5 and most of the pain is now gone. But I need to pee like every 30minutes.

Has anyone else experienced this after surgery?

If,yes did it pass over time?


James 3 years ago

I had open femoral hernia surgery 3 weeks ago. The first day after was awful. I didn't want to move, peed bottles. Day two was significantly better, I forced my self to go on a fort walk, walking helps blood flow and healing. Pain got progressively better each day but the area was still kind of numb, until this morning. I woke up and noticed the numbness gone but also noticed a strange burning pain similar to the pain I was in before surgery. Just hoping everything is fine and this is normal

Louis 3 years ago

Had my r inguinal surgery 1 week ago, doing better but still painful, all these posts are great, i havent laughed so much in years cause unless u have it its hard to tell others how u really feel

jim 3 years ago

had a double bi lateral hernia surgery Tuesday November 12 , 2013 the first day i could stand walk around with out pain, Wednesday 13 all the swelling pain came forth, my testicles have swollen up to the size of a baseball, my left one hurts so bad, and still no bowel movement today is Thursday 14 , trying to get up from a chair or couch, or your bed is horrible, ( i need one of those lift a chairs) but the pain is doable. Once you get up, trying to stand totally up straight is very Difficult . it just takes time, once I stand up Completely i'm in pain still but its doable the only thing i fearing is the bowel movement .cause i may have to STRAIN . And I was told by the doctor not to strain when i'm having a bowel movement, get up a walk around it does HELP A LOT.

scott 3 years ago

2 days ago I had laparoscopic repairs on 2 inguinal hernias and an open surgery on an epigastric hernia. All 3 were gaused.

the epigastric was a recurrence and the recovery from the 1st was painful, but I can honestly say the recovery so far has the worst experience of my life. As an ex thaiboxer and competitive sportsman I have experienced a fair amount of pain, but I feel like I have had somebody attacking my balls with a mallet for tue last week. Going for a wee changes the pressure in your abdomen and causes excruciating pain in the groin.

Its a shame there is no option apart from surgery as its a truely unpleasant experience.

I can still feel a lump that feels lile the left inguinal hernia, but the surgeon has assured me that it is normal to still feel it until recovered

Mrs.long legs 3 years ago

I had rt inguinal hernia repair on nov13th.. The procedure went well and all but the pain is a killer. Thank God for Family that comes when u call.

I had hysterctomy in aug 2011 that I believe weakened my abdominal wall. The pain in rt side alerted to me keep loking then finally saw lump that did go in at push of it. The post pain has been uncomfortable and yes I ues my narcotics upon resting. sharp pains in rt thigh and pain in right side also but yes paranoid of hernia returning.. will not lift or pull anything yet .. More females need to share.. It helps others.. Rest and let your body heal thats my advice.. one body..

Martin C 3 years ago

Hi I had a right inguinal hernia on the 12th nov 13 with mesh repair , it ended up being a triple hernia, all done while I was awake , which I felt being cut & stitched up , my question is is it normal to have very bad burning sensation around my scar 12 days later ? It's not to bad when I'm sitting down but when I stand ohh my god it burns like hell

ralfy 3 years ago

Had inguinal hernia on right side 5months ago and feel some discomfort near my scar and hurts if I touch it is it normal?

Holly321 3 years ago

I had my second inguinal surgery, yesterday. They both were on the left side. My first at age 5 and second age 38. I had no idea it could come back. The pain from the incision is manageable and walking around seems easier than I remember at age 5. I am not overweight and have not lifted anything heavy . Maybe I coughed one too many times ? I would recommend eating only soup for the first day.. I was really nauseous and no diet was mentioned ( holding your groin sick was awful). It is a challenge to sit up or Iie down . I do have to hold my groin while walking, coughing or laughing. The worst pain I'm experiencing is a burning sensation from my left hip into my foot. I did have a mesh put in this time. I'm hoping the burning is from the way I was positioned on the table during surgery. I've been sleeping on my side with a pillow between my legs or on my back with my feet elevated. I think "us" girls have an advantage there. Best of luck to all!

Holly123 3 years ago

It's been 48 hrs since surgery and the pain is pretty much gone. A tiny bit of burning in my groin/ incision. I figured I would update with positive feedback. I was able to take ibuprofen today. I have not needed the oxycodone at all. The ibuprofen helped with my sore muscles. My surgeon assured me I would be down for at least two weeks. It's been two days and I'm pretty much fine.He will not allow me to drive for a week. I personally find this more inconvenient than the surgery. Again, Best to all!

A.davies 3 years ago

Hi, I'm a 24 year old female, had open inguinal repair with mesh 8 months ago. Recovery was horrific. Was feeling great for a while, however, the past 4-6 weeks iv had 'pulling' pain where I had the surgery done. The pain isn't on the scar, it's inside. It's been getting to a point where when I have the pain I can't stand up straight. Back taking strong meds :-( going back to see surgeon end of this month. Anyone else had this problem and can maybe shed some light on what it is?

Martin Lappin 3 years ago

I had double hernia done 3 days ago (keyhole surgery) After reading some of these comments I think I've been very lucky. It is painful post operation but it does subside within 3 days. I'm not going to be running a half marathon this month but hope to be up on my feet within a week or two. Think my best advice is keep the medication down and only eat/drink /veg/fruit soup etc as going the loo for a number 2 can be tricky post operation. Good luck

Hernia Painer 3 years ago

Been 2 weeks since my Inguinal Hernia surgery on my right side, first two days were HORRIBLE excruciating pain somewhat subsided by the Oxy. Getting up, sitting, and just moving in general were painful. Twisting my leg in weird ways just to be able to get up, walking hunched over and grabbing everything in sight to sit down. Drank LOTS of water, ate TINY portions of food and liquid food (I.E. Smoothies), and downed some Miralax to be able to use the bathroom. After one week pain had subsided greatly, still took medication as it hurt to move around. Burning and sometimes stabbing pain was present as well as some inner thigh pain. After two weeks I am able to walk around with considerably less pain and discomfort, though standing straight up causes a pulling feeling in the incision site. Burning comes and goes, painful but tolerable. Taking medication as needed, no longer every 6 hours. Lump can be seen around the incision site, underneath skin is pulled inward slightly. Healing very well with some scattered pain, with the constant pain of the hernia, the operation is well worth scheduling.

Happy Hernia Healing!

Ron 3 years ago

just had groin hernia repair.. open surgery and also umbilical hernia AND gall bladder removed at same time... yup..all at once out patient..

had both hernia done in groin abt 10 yr ago.

i learned the first time from the excruciating pain that i could get more help this round.... i had a consult with anaesthethyst.... and doc was also aware of my previous pain level..

they hit me with major post op iv pain meds... and that meant i stayed in recovery longer... Do This if you can.. i was pain free in recovery after they gave me enough meds..

second best piece of advice...once you go home.. take 2 percs every 6 hrs... especially important day one..and day 2 i learned that adding ibuprofin at half time is like magic

for pain relief.. adding the ibuprofin works so well its almost unbelievable..

i hate meds.. but i listened this time... and it payed off!!

i hate being down and doing nothin..but i plan to lay low 6-10 weeks... dont want a repeat op... hope this helps

Philip 2 years ago

Right sided-inguinal repair done 4 days ago. The procedure went well and I was moved to the chair as soon as my eyes opened. They made me go pee and I did not notice anything painful-I was still doped up. Getting home, I kept thinking of Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart where they were carving him up! The pain became unbearable. Couldn't stand, sit, or use the toilet. Some of the comments above are dead on concerning pain! it is not worth it. Had I known the outcome I would have rented a hernia first before getting one for real; little humor there. I am in excruciating pain...

Humly 2 years ago

My teenage daughter has just had right sided inguinal hernia surgery. We are now on day 5 and I am worried that she is still in pain as I was told that she would be up and about in a few days. She has pain in the area of the cut and at the top of her leg, worse when moving around so obviously she is reluctant to move which I know is a bad thing but you try telling a stroppy teenager that! She says the pain is not getting any better and seems worse than when she came out of hospital but that could have been because of the residual pain meds given there. I am wondering if they maybe irritated the nerve during surgery and whether things will settle down. I know it is early days yet but I am starting to panic a bit and would appreciate some advice.

TR 2 years ago

I had open no mesh hernia surg yest. Terrible pain, can't walk, this is bad. They gave me Percocet. It's helping a little. I will post an update in a few days. The pain is much worse than after a bowel resection 10/10 for colon cancer.

Jon 2 years ago

I am 37, 127lbs and 5'6. No other underlying medical conditions.

Little short of two weeks ago I had a right sided inguinal open surgery with mesh. 2 hrs after waking up I was able to get out of the hospital bed, go to the toilet and by 3 I could get dressed and walk to the car to go home. I was still obviously recovering from the anaesthetic, and was probably a 7 out of 10 on the pain scale. Walking up the stairs at that evening at home slowly and one step at a time wasn't too much trouble, neither was getting out of bed in the morning although I made sure I planted my left foot first so that took all my weight.

I was given Co-codomal & Ibuprofen for pain relief but stopped the C0codomal after day 2 as that does nothing to aid your constipation and stopped the Ibuprofen after 5 as was no longer needed. I only took these to aid mobility as the only pain was when I attempted to walk.

Post Op day 12 and the wound appears to be fine, although the dissolvable stitches haven't yet fallen off. There is some bruising and swelling but I am taking this as normal and that it will eventually dispurse given enough time. It doesn't hurt or feel tender when touched.

I do feel a slight twinge sometimes but also think this is no more than the stitches pulling against the skin as they start to fall out. I also keep wanting to scratch an itch, but as they shaved the groin pre surgery then this is just the stubble trying to grow back in that area. The same thing happens to me whenever I grow or shave facial hair.

Some tips:

1) Eat plenty of fibre, fruit, vegetables, nuts and pulses. They will help, but not stop constipation.

2) Gents, make sure you wear briefs or boxer briefs. Do not let your testicles dangle - they need to be supported!!

3) Walk and move about, even if for the first couple of days it is only round the house.

4) Have faith in God and pray that he will help you through the post operation pain, stresses and trauma.

Joe 2 years ago

open mesh right inguinal surgery 2 days ago, i feel blessed that my privates did not swell. Definitely hurts like hell and still waiting for the first BM, stopped taking pain meds yesterday because i'd rather be in pain than constipated. Each day has gotten less painful, I can almost stand up straight today. have quite a crease and bulge under the surgical tape. Lots of ice and arnica seem to help, less swelling = less pain moving around.

john h aged 66 2 years ago

I now 4 weeks since my right side open hernia op I am still in some discomfort and burning sensation on that side ,a hard ridge runs along where the scar is ,and still in some slight pain ,I will give it a couple .more weeks if no better I will have to go to docs to be checked out

Carl 2 years ago

I had Inguinal surgery on Dec 9th seems a foot of colon had made its way into my scrotum ( 2 is company on that area 3 is a crowd) This is a repair of a failed repair from a few years ago. First find a surgeon who specializes in hernia repair. They should do an ultrasound and have a game plan for repair and the surgeon that did my repair has done approx 25,000 so I was in good hands. I suggest a couple days before surgery start the stool softners you will be glad you did. I had the repair on the right side he placed a 6 in x 3 in of mesh in my open repair. I quickly figured out getting up with my feet pointing to the left made the task less painful. After the pain meds from the hospital wore off the oxy did not help my abdominal cramps called the surgeon he filled a perscription for Valum a god send. I had to sleep sitting up and leaning to the left for 3 nights. I used a cane to help get up and it was a great choice for sure as using your abs getting up ain't happening. Now, one week removed from surgery and I am walking without a cane and even drove be careful as you do not want to have to slam on the brakes. I have to wear a jock for 6 weeks this gives you extra support. I also have some leg tingling on my left leg which should go away in time. When getting out of bed I suggest a modified side plank using your forearm and not ab muscles. I hope I do not have to go through this again and good luck to all that have to experience this.

B W 24 months ago

Soaking the groin in very hot bathtub water helped a lot

jordan 22 months ago

I just had a lapascopic surgery to repair a ingenial hernia on my left side. Just 16 hours ago. Now im no stranger to pain as ive broken 15 bone in total and had two other surgerys on other things. This is by far the worst pain i have ever felt. And my balls and penis are still numb and navy blueish color which is apparently normal. My hernia was larger than originally thought and they had to use a 5in. Long by 61/4in. Wide mesh. Sounds small but think of that inside your 180 pound body in the groin. All i can say is use proper lifting techniques to avoid getting one and if you do get one follow the doctors orders.good luck .

Tomas 21 months ago

Its been 1 year 6 months since i had lapascopic surgery had mesh put in on both sides ..my left ball is still big like a apple size is this normal ? Or should it have done went down to the regular size of my right ball ?

DML 21 months ago

Okay ladies, since we are in the 3% of women who get hernias, we need to share. I am on day 6 of recovery from right side inginual hernia repair. First off-it was the most painful thing I've experienced to date and I have 4 kids. Be prepared! Use your arm muscles to move and lever yourself up and think strong legs. I almost passed out after surgery when I sat up to go use the bathroom. Thought someone had stabbed me repeatedly. Remember to breathe through the pain. Second day was worse due to bruising and muscles stiffening. Walking holding your abdomen helps. Experiencing leg pain (burning and aching) in upper thigh now and I can't sleep even with pain meds. Calling the Doctor tomorrow just to check. Surgeon removed my round ligament and a nerve too to prevent chronic pain. I think the ligament removal is making it harder to stand upright and the nerve was unexpected. I don't like the numb sensation, but I also don't want chronic pain. Good luck everyone. This surgery is brutal!

Abb 21 months ago

I a female had inguinal mesh surgery about 10 days ago (laparoscopic). My stomach is STILL bloated and I look pregnant. I was very thin before this operation and am really depressed that I look like this... Is this gas or fluid?? I have my post-op today, but wanted to see how long it took others to get back to a flat stomach after this operation.

max 10 months ago

Guys you are mostly all youg. I am 73, I am getting the repair next week. My questions is, no one ever mentioned marguana, are you like all conservatives. I'd anyone used marguana to help with the nausea and the pain, ps. , answer fast

Stephen 7 months ago

Ive had sergury and i have a bulge in one of my testiculs and ive herd thats its supposed to be fluid. Well for 3 months i have waited and its still a bulge. How can i fix this??? Sanspaugh@msn.com love to hear some responses

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