What Would You Say....

What Would You Say....

 It's been 5 months that my son Steven died. Why? We may never know. Why? Because those who know won't talk.

Someone, Somewhere knows who did it. Why won't you talk? Why won't you take a stand? What if it was your sister, brother, daughter, son? What if it was you who Steven saw laying there dying after seeing who did it? My Son, Steven, would come forth. Why not yours?

Whether you're scared, afraid. You saw something that will affect you for the rest of your life. Somehow, Somewhere, It Will. Why not talk and get it dealt with now. Now that you have a chance, set yourself free from any guilt and shame that lies within you. Don't listen to others, what do they know what you're feeling? Listen to your gut instinct. What do you have to say? What would you say?

It's been 5 months that my son Steven died.


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